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Articles from International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems (July 1, 2020)

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A Comparative Study Among Different Mathematical Sequences in 3D Image Steganography. Alexan, Wassim; Beheiry, Mazen El; Gamal-Eldin, Omar 5523
A Comprehensive Vehicle-Detection-and-Tracking Technique for Autonomous Driving. Farag, Wael 8734
A Hybrid Face Identification System using a Compressed CNN in a Big Data Environment for Embedded Devices. Meddad, Majdouline; Moujahdi, Chouaib; Mikram, Mounia; Rziza, Mohammed 8488
A New Hybrid Image Segmentation Method Based on Fuzzy C-Mean and Modified Bat Algorithm. Boulanouar, Souhil Larbi; Lamiche, Chaabane 5659
A Survey on Security Enhancements in the Internet of Things Using Software-Defined-Networking (SDN). Yousuf, Omerah; Mir, Roohie Naaz 9769
An Automatic Arabic Sign Language Recognition System based on Deep CNN: An Assistive System for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Latif, Ghazanfar; Mohammad, Nazeeruddin; AlKhalaf, Roaa; AlKhalaf, Rawan; Alghazo, Jaafar; Khan, Maj 7263
An Employment of Neural Network Classifiers to evaluate the Performance of Color Feature Descriptors in an Image Retrieval System: An Experimental Survey. Bhardwaj, Shikha; Pandove, Gitanjali; Dahiya, Pawan Kumar 7082
CHIMES: Chemical Identification By Magneto Elastic Sensing. Dabels, Yeshak; Ismail, Yasser; Lacy, Fred Report 7959
Design and Analysis of Dual band Microstrip Antenna for Millimeter Wave Communication Applications. Farooq, Umar; Rather, Ghulam Mohammad 3075
Development of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines and Solar Power Generation Hybrid System. Al-Asbahi, Mahmoud Mustafa Yaseen Mohammed; San, Low Yee Report 6116
Dynamic UL LTE Scheduler for Supporting Smart Grid Applications. Hassebo, Ahmed; Chaudhary, Sumeet 6205
Enhanced Clustering Algorithm for Efficient Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network. AL-Asadi, Hamid Ali Abed 4456
Issues and Challenges in Management related to Information Technology. Vandana; Purkayastha, Bornali; Kumar, Anil 7748
Machine Learning Based Psychological Disease Support Model Assisting Psychoanalysts and Individuals in Clinical Decision Ministration. Kamra, Vikas; Kumar, Praveen; Mohammadian, Masoud 8318
Multilayer Software Defined Networking Architecture for the Internet of Things. Kar, Hushmat Amin; Rather, G.M. 5473
Power Efficient Multiply Accumulate Architectures using Modified Parallel Prefix Adders for Low Power Applications. S., Rakesh; Grace, K.S. Vijula 4953
Qualitative and Quantitative Performance Comparison of ECG Noise Reduction and Signal Enhancement Method based on Various Digital Filter Designs and Discrete Wavelet Transform. Chieng, Thion Ming; Hau, Yuan Wen; Omar, Zaid Bin; Lim, Chiao Wen 7395
S3: A Study on the Efficiency of Current Power-Saving Approaches Used Among Android-Application Development & Usage Stages. Almasri, Abdullah Mahmoud; Gouveia, Luis Borges 7080
Statistical DNA Sequence Modeling and Exon Detection Using Non-Parametric Methods. Dessouky, Ahmed M.; El-Samie, Fathi E. Abd; Fathi, Hesham; Salama, Gerges M. 5208
Testing Approaches for Web and Mobile Applications: An Overview. Hamza, Zahra AbdulKarim; Hammad, Mustafa 5590

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