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Articles from International Journal of Biomaterials (January 1, 2018)

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Application of Synthetic Polymeric Scaffolds in Breast Cancer 3D Tissue Cultures and Animal Tumor Models. Rijal, Girdhari; Bathula, Chandra; Li, Weimin 5905
Debridement of Bacterial Biofilms with Ti[O.sub.2]/[H.sub.2][O.sub.2] Solutions and Visible Light Irradiation. Janson, Oscar; Stramme, Maria; Engqvist, Hakan; Welch, Ken 4875
Early Biofilm Formation on UV Light Activated Nanoporous Ti[O.sub.2] Surfaces In Vivo. Areid, Nagat; Soderling, Eva; Tanner, Johanna; Kangasniemi, Ilkka; Narhi, Timo O. 5916
Efficient Self-Assembly of mPEG End-Capped Porous Silica as a Redox-Sensitive Nanocarrier for Controlled Doxorubicin Delivery. Nguyen, Anh Khoa; Nguyen, Thi Hiep; Bao, Bui Quoc; Bach, Long Giang; Nguyen, Dai Hai 5047
Emulsion Cross-Linking Technique for Human Fibroblast Encapsulation. Chaemsawang, Watcharaphong; Prasongchean, Weerapong; Papadopoulos, Konstantinos I.; Sukrong, Suchada 2715
Enhancement of the Mechanical Properties of Hydroxyapatite/Sulphonated Poly Ether Ether Ketone Treated Layer for Orthopaedic and Dental Implant Application. Sharifi, Roohollah; Almasife, Davood; Sudin, Izman Bin; Kadir, Mohammed Rafiq Abdul; Jamshidy, Ladan 4808
Evaluation of Sterilisation Techniques for Regenerative Medicine Scaffolds Fabricated with Polyurethane Nonbiodegradable and Bioabsorbable Nanocomposite Materials. Griffin, Michelle; Naderi, Naghmeh; Kalaskar, Deepak M.; Malins, Edward; Becer, Remzi; Thornton, Cat 8171
Experimental Investigations into the Mechanical, Tribological, and Corrosion Properties of Hybrid Polymer Matrix Composites Comprising Ceramic Reinforcement for Biomedical Applications. Yunus, Mohammed; Alsoufi, Mohammad S. 4846
Extracts of Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) Potentiate FMSP-Nanoparticles Induced Cell Death in MCF-7 Cells. Khan, Firdos Alam; Akhtar, Sultan; Almohazey, Dana; Alomari, Munthar; Almofty, Sarah Ameen 5304
Graphene Family Nanomaterials: Properties and Potential Applications in Dentistry. Ge, Ziyu; Yang, Luming; Xiao, Fang; Wu, Yani; Yu, Tingting; Chen, Jing; Lin, Jiexin; Zhang, Yanzhen 8724
Gypsum-Based Material for Dental Pulp Capping: Effect of Chitosan and BMP-2 on Physical, Mechanical, and Cellular Properties. Subhi, Hasan; Reza, Fazal; Husein, Adam; Nurul, Saaid Ayesh Al Shehadaand Asma-Abdullah 4620
Improvement of Physicomechanical Properties of Pineapple Leaf Fiber Reinforced Composite. Motaleb, K.Z.M. Abdul; Islam, Shariful; Hoque, Mohammad B. 3928
In Vitro and In Vivo Characterization of N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine Loaded Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Scaffolds. Jang, Yong-Seok; Manivong, Phonelavanh; Kim, Yu-Kyoung; Kim, Kyung-Seon; Lee, Sook-Jeong; Bae, Tae-S 7341
In Vitro Culture of Single Bovine Embryos with Microwell Plates Made of Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Cured under Low Pressure. Iwamoto, Daisaku; Kato, Nobuhiro; Taniguchi, Shunji; Taguchi, Yoshitomo; Kishi, Masao; Saeki, Kazuhi 3579
Injectable Hydrogel versus Plastically Compressed Collagen Scaffold for Central Nervous System Applications. Tsintou, Magdalini; Dalamagkas, Kyriakos; Seifalian, Alexander 7495
Metabolic Engineered Biocatalyst: A Solution for PLA Based Problems. Riaz, Sundus; Fatima, Nosheen; Rasheed, Ahmed; Riaz, Mehvish; Anwar, Faiza; Khatoon, Yamna 5201
Modeling and Synthesis of Ag and Ag/Ni Allied Bimetallic Nanoparticles by Green Method: Optical and Biological Properties. Akinsiku, Anuoluwa Abimbola; Dare, Enock Olugbenga; Ajanaku, Kolawole Oluseyi; Ajani, Olayinka Oyewa 7785
Nano-Ti[O.sub.2] Doped Chitosan Scaffold for the Bone Tissue Engineering Applications. Kumar, Pawan 4297
Natural Composite Reinforced by Lontar (Borassus flabellifer) Fiber: An Experimental Study on Open-Hole Tensile Strength. Bale, Jefri; Boimau, Kristomus; Nenobesi, Marselinus Report 3694
Preparation and Characterization of Polyelectrolyte Complexes of Hibiscus esculentus (Okra) Gum and Chitosan. Brar, Vivekjot; Kaur, Gurpreet 4270
Push-Out Bond Strength of Experimental Apatite Calcium Phosphate Based Coated Gutta-Percha. Haddad, Afaf Y. Al-; Kutty, Muralithran G.; Aziz, Zeti Adura Che Ab 3540
Recent Progress of Fabrication of Cell Scaffold by Electrospinning Technique for Articular Cartilage Tissue Engineering. Zhou, Yingge; Chyu, Joanna; Zumwalt, Mimi 6922
Scaffolds for Pelvic Floor Prolapse: Logical Pathways. Bissoli, Julio; Bruschini, Homero 4523
Strain and Vibration in Mesenchymal Stem Cells. McClarren, Brooke; Olabisi, Ronke 8598
Synthesis and Catalytic and Biological Activities of Silver and Copper Nanoparticles Using Cassia occidentalis. Gondwal, Manjul; Pant, Geeta Joshi nee 5602
Synthetic Polymers for Biomedical Applications. Wei, Qiang; Deng, Nan-Nan; Guo, Junling; Deng, Jie 664
The Use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to Promote Bone Responses to Biomaterials In Vitro and In Vivo. Galli, Carlo; Pedrazzi, Giuseppe; Mattioli-Belmonte, Monica; Guizzardi, Stefano 13035
Toughening of Poly(L-lactide) with Blends of Poly([epsilon]-caprolactone-co-L-lactide) in the Presence of Chain Extender. Srisuwan, Yaowalak; Baimark, Yodthong; Suttiruengwong, Supakij 5560

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