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Articles from International Journal of Arts and Humanities (December 31, 2010)

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A Comparative Study of Students' Level of English Language Anxiety in Single Sex and Co-educational Schools. Hussain, Safdar Report 2579
A Comparative Study of the Language Learning Strategies Used by the Students of Formal and Non-Formal Systems of Education. Gujjar, Aijaz Ahmed; Choudhry, Bushra Naoreen; Choudhry, Amtul Hafeez Report 4187
A Critique of Postmodernism. 7725
A Marxist Approach to Shaikh Ayaz's Selected Poetry. 3965
A Post-Colonialist before Post-Colonialism: A Study of Ahmad Ali's Twilight in Delhi. 4555
A Prologue to the Theory of Translation and Its Practical Implications. 7746
A Survey of Strategies used in Teaching Speaking Skills by English Language Teachers at Higher Secondary Level. Report 5209
A View of Mir, Sobdar Khan Talpur's Mathnawi Judai Nama with a New Dimension. 1878
American Dream and Its Fallibility in Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie". 3476
Analysis of SMS Lexis and Vernacular Varieties: Ways to Mark Gender Boundaries. 1804
Analysis of the Preservation of Sindhi Language in the Poetry of Shah Latif. 1564
Asokan inscriptions of Pakistan A study in socio-economic perspective. Babu, Vijaya Kumar 1463
Blogs: The Language of Opinions. 2658
Challenges in Sindhi Computing. Mutee-U-Rahman Report 2760
Code-Mixing in Pakistani Newspapers: A Socio-Linguistic Analysis. 6720
Code-Switching in Hima Raza's Poetry: A Critical Study of "Us in Two Tones" and "In Translation". 4714
Comparative Literature in Multilingual Societies: A Tool to Promote Unity in Diversity and Global Understanding. 2772
Criticism - Meaning and Function. 4838
Culturally Distant Discoursal and Linguistic Patterns Experienced and Learned through Museums. Shehzad, Wasima; Awan, Muhammad Safeer Report 4237
Depiction of Women: Gender Analysis of Manik's Literary Work. 2987
Developing Reading Skills through Task-based Activities at University level. Report 8808
Discourse Strategies and Representation in Henry James: A Psychostylistic Study of the Matrix of Daisy Miller. 7678
Domestic or International Hotels: The Frontrunner of Service Innovation and Customer Choice in Pakistan. Ellahi, Abida Report 4386
Educating the Uprooted: Education, Language and Politics in Sindh: 1947-2007. 7193
Effects of L1 on the Development of L2 in High School Students. Sarwar, Khalida Report 3870
Electronic Discourse: Merging The Features of Speech and Writing. 6368
Focus on Methods and Importance of Teaching English in Pakistani Institutions. Panhwar, Abdul Hameed Report 1677
Ghost Characters Atomization- Combination Theory. 10044
Ghost Characters Theory: Urdu and Other Pakistani Languages Data Compression. 1486
Historicizing the Clash between the West and the Muslim World: A study of Tariq Ali's Islam Quintet. 5806
Human Perversion and Environmental Space: An Ecocritical reading of Mohsin Hamid's Moth Smoke. 3450
Institutionalizing Comparative Literature in Pakistan: Issues and Prospects. 2103
Language and Politics in Sindh: A Case of Sindhi Language. 4209
Language Countroversy and its Impact on politics of Pakistan. 9438
Language Ethnicity and Polarization in Pakistan: An Appraisal. 3602
Languages in Contact: Concept of Cose Switching. 3179
Maps for Lost Lovers. Book review 759
MISSION SINDHI - Reinforcing Cultural Bondages Among Sindhis Vishwa Braadirii - A World Community. 4922
Mohsin Hamid's Novels as a Political Discourse in Post-cold War Perspective. 5427
Morphological and Syntactic Facts About Noun Diin in the Holy Quran. 1461
Multilingual Online Examination System. 2579
Pausing preceding and following prepositions in prepositional phrases of Obama's inaugural speech. Bada, Erdogan; Genc, Bilal; Ozkan, Yonca Report 3918
Performance and Instructional Outcomes of Feminist Pedagogy in Boys' ELT Classrooms. Lodhi, Arfan Report 6387
Planning A Viable Language Policy for Teaching of ESL in Pakistan. Cheema, Kaneez Report 4487
Possibilities to Use and Choose Vernacular Language Burushaski in Education: A Case Study of Three Primary Schools in Hunza Vally. Karim, Piar Case study 2485
Poverty and Poetry of Shaikh Ayaz. 1935
Power and Ideology in Political Discourse. Zubair, Shirin Report 7517
Power of Linguistic Privilege: Critical Discourse Analysis of the Narratives of Pakistani Immigrant Students in American Schools. Rauf, Sadaf Report 5671
Prose of Sheikh Ayaz and Its Impact on Rural Life. 1568
Scope of Urdu Data House In the perspective of international and Pakistani languages. 3126
Script for Survival: The Case of Indian Sindhi. 4949
Season of Migration to the North and Heart of Darkness African Mimicry of European Stereotypes. 5454
Semantic Information in Monolingual General Purpose Dictionaries: A Study of Urdu Dictionaries. 4263
Semiotic Representations of Islam in the Guardian Weekly: A Critique. 4782
Survival of Pashto Language and the Challenges of 21st Century. 6811
Tackling Oral Communication Skills' Enigma Through Presentations at Higher Education. Nadeem, Mubasher Report 2904
Teaching English-Some Stigmas. Larik, K.M. Report 1606
Tendencies in the Contemporary Ukrainian Literary Process: Diachronic Aspect. 4444
The Global Spread of English and its Pedagogical Concerns for English Teaching in Pakistan. Report 5543
The Impact of Diversity in Language in EFL Classrooms. Aziz, Ayesha Report 5086
The Influence of the Prose and Poetry of Shaikh Ayaz on our Youth. 3469
The Lexus and The Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization. Book review 525
The Media Boom, Local Languages and Self-Help in Pakistan. 2802
The Strain of Romanticism in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot. 4369
The Three Language Formula for Pakistan (A Case Study). Allana, G.A. Case study 10457
The women's role in Literature in British Era. 3738
Transcending the 'Self'?: Appropriation of Eastern Mystical Thought in Kipling's Work with Focus on Kim. 6007
Travel of 'R' Pronunciation in Some Words of Sindhi From North to South in Sindh. 7007
Universal Grammar of Code Switching. 7005
Using Proper Pronunciation. 3119
Using Urdu in the Business English Class Room. Nagra, Iftikhar Haider Report 3485
Various Conceptualization of Teaching Reading. Ansari, Sanaullah Report 2895
VSESVIT Magazine as a Chronicle of Epresentation of the Contemporary World Literary Process. 4398
Women's Empowerment: A Sociological Analysis of Women in Households. Wassan, Aijaz Ali; Agha, Nadia Report 2048

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