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Articles from International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (September 1, 2009)

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A novel approach to read values from graph. Saggarla, Murali; Yadavalli, Bhaskar Rao Report 890
Analyzing of technical feasibility in Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) engine operating at different fuel conditions using a secondary injector. Mohanamurugan, S.; Sendilvelan, S.; Kumar, M.Dinesh Report 2276
Development of economic water tower systems using graphical method. Kareem, B. Report 3165
Effect of environmental conditions on okra fiber: flexural and impact properties of okra fiber reinforced polyester composites. Srinivasababu, N.; Rao, K. Murali Mohan; Kumar, J. Suresh Report 4193
Effect of thermal diffusion on an oscillatory MHD convective flow with mass transfer through a porous medium. Ahmed, N.; Goswami, J.K. Report 3802
Effect of winding wire insulation on the reliability of squirrel cage submersible induction motor for inverter duty operation--a case study. Subramanian, R.; Sivanandam, S.N.; Rani, C. Vimala Report 2977
Fuelwood shortage and forest waste in Nigeria. Odia, O. Osadolor Report 1815
Fuzzy expert system application to under voltage load shedding. Kumar, M. Rathina; Suganesh, R. Report 5892
Handwriting Arabic segmentation: the all operation. Djamel, Melaab; Noureddine, Athamena Report 4399
Numerical analysis of a plate-fin cross flow heat exchanger having plane triangular secondary fins and inline arrangement of rectangular wing vortex generator. Sachdeva, Gulshan; Kasana, K.S.; Vasudevan, R. Report 2394
Numerical simulation model to study the dynamic behavior of railway single wheelset on tangent tracks with single-point and two-point wheel-rail contact. Abood, Karim H. Ali; Khan, R.A. Report 4726
Optimal reconfiguration algorithm for radial distribution system feasible under normal and abnormal conditions. Thiruvenkadam, S.; Nirmalkumar, A.; Sakthivel, A. Report 4587
Performance evaluation of modified solar pond. Sharma, S.C.; Tiwari, Ashesh Report 2462
Power system contingency analysis using complex valued neural networks. Chary, D. Venu Madhava; Amarnath, J. Report 4946
Preliminary studies on recovery of total heavy minerals from Konark-Ramchandi beach. Routray, Sunita; Rao, D.S.; Rao, R. Bhima Report 1833
Robust sliding mode controller design for practical buck converter using initial conditions based approach. R., Anasraj; Thomas, Susy Report 3379
Selected coding and modulation techniques for reliable power line communications. Obeed, Adnan S.; Kulkarni, Nitin M.; Shaligram, Arvind D. Report 2730
Softsynth of inharmonic tones of piano using limited memory resources. Shah, Varsha; Patil, Rekha S. Report 1806
Stability of diesohol using biodiesel as additive and its performance and emission characteristics in a compression ignition engine under various compression ratios. Selvan, V. Arul Mozhi; Anand, R.B.; Udayakumar, M. Report 4858
The mixing of multiple identical nozzles. Odia, O. Osadolor Report 4215
To study the performance of E-Glass fibre composite cladding on the shear and flexure zones of reinforced concrete beams. Govindarajan, S.; Muthuramu, K.L.; Chandran, A. Report 1900

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