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Articles from International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (July 1, 2009)

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A semi-empirical approach in predicting oxides of nitrogen from C.I. engine using diesel--biodiesel blends. Pawar, Abhay. A.; Kulkarni, Ratnakar. R. Report 2107
Algorithms for design feature data extraction from DXF files. Srikanth, P.; Rao, C.S.P.; Janardhan, G. Ranga Report 2487
Analysis and optimal design of a producer gas carburetor. Anil, T.R.; Tewari, P.G.; Rajan, N.K.S. Report 3283
Analysis of failure in boiler industry--a case study. Danalakshmi, C. Sowmya; Mohankumar, G. Report 2780
Application of reverse engineering using vision-based data. Kindi, Ghassan A. Al-; Abdul-Kareem, Luma I. Report 4328
Application of Taguchi and response surface methodology for biodiesel production from alkali catalysed transesterification of waste cooking oil. Reddy, B. Sidda; Kumar, J. Suresh; Reddy, K. Vijaya Kumar; Kumari, A. Aruna Report 4884
CFD modelling for parametric investigation of flow through the inlet valve of a four-stroke engine. Thirumalini, S.; Lakshmikanthan, C.; Dhandapani, S. Report 4261
Design, manufacture and performance evaluation of a welding electrode coating machine. Achebo, Joseph I.; Dagwa, Ishaya M. Report 2220
Experimental investigation on diesel engine using fish oil biodiesel and its diesel blends. Karthikeyan, A.; Prasad, B. Durga Report 2612
Experimental studies in a single cylinder diesel engine using palm oil as alternate fuel. Basha, M. Shameer; Reddy, B.G. Krishna; Reddy, K. Vijaya Kumar; Kumar, P. Ravi; Kumar, B. Sudheer Pr Report 1367
Flow and turbulence inside an electrostatic precipitator using CFD. Swaminathan, M.R.; Mahalakshmi, N.V.; Subramani, J. Report 3016
Laboratory studies on unconfined compressive strength of solid waste landfill liner material. Venkatesan, G.; Swaminathan, G. Report 2543
Locating partially captured objects for eye-in-hand-robot systems. Kindi, Ghassan A. Al-; Abdul-Ameer, Hussam K.; Sa'id, Waladin K. Report 5407
Modeling & analysis of connecting rod of four stroke single cylinder engine for optimization of cost & material. Jaju, S.B.; Charkha, P.G. Report 2545
Modified Space Vector Modulated Z Source inverters with wide modulation range and lowest switching stress. Thangaprakash, S.; Krishnan, A. Report 3970
Numerical approach for determining critical flow velocity of suspended particles in pipelines. Achebo, Joseph I. Report 1652
Optimization of burnishing parameters by the application of design of experiments. Ravuri, Murali Krishna; Koorapati, Eshwara Prasad; Srinivas, G.K. Report 3384
Performance analysis of a single cylinder diesel engine using cotton seed oil. Basha, M. Shameer; Reddy, B.G. Krishna; Reddy, K. Vijaya Kumar; Kumar, P. Ravi; Kumar, B. Sudheer Pr Report 1471
Sensorless methods for brushless DC motor with trapezoidal back EMF--a survey. Muruganantham, N.; Palani, S. Report 7010
Statistical modeling of high and low volume of fly ash high compressive strength concrete. Padmanaban, I.; Kandasamy, S.; Natesan, S.C. Report 1957
The refuge area anti-sismic in the urban design. Kechebour, Boualem El; Nechnech, Ammar Report 2676
Thermophoretic deposition of particles in natural convection flow through a parallel plate channel with variable properties. Dinesh, K.K.; Jayaraj, S. Report 3467
Turmeric FRP composites: experimental determination of flexural and impact properties. Srinivasababu, N.; Rao, K. Murali Mohan; Kumar, J. Suresh Report 2688
Vehicular emissions: estimation, future prediction and control strategies for the capital city of India. Pal, Amit; Maji, S.; Sharma, O.P.; Babu, M.K.G. Report 7395

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