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Articles from International Journal of Antennas and Propagation (May 31, 2019)

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A 3D Non-Stationary Channel Model with Moving Mobile Station in Rectangular Tunnel. Ren, Zhicheng; Zhang, Fangqi; Zheng, Guoxin; Saleem, Asad; Guan, Ke 4972
A Novel Compact CP Antenna with Wide Axial Ratio Bandwidth for Worldwide UHF RFID Handheld Reader. Ahmed, Waleed Abdelrahim; Quanyuan, Feng 4066
Analysis of the Calculation of a Plasma Sheath Using the Parallel SO-DGTD Method. Yang, Qian; Wei, Bing; Li, Linqian; Ge, Debiao 3622
Application of Compressive Sensing to Asymptotic Waveform Evaluation for Fast Frequency-Sweep Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering Problems. Kong, Meng; Chen, Ming-Sheng; Cao, Xin-Yuan; Wu, Xian-Liang 3441
Compact Microwave Components with Harmonic Suppression Based on Artificial Transmission Lines. Huang, Wen; Li, Jia; Li, Ping; Guo, Xi 7719
Design and Experimental Assessment of a 2D Microwave Imaging System for Brain Stroke Monitoring. Vasquez, Jorge A. Tobon; Scapaticci, Rosa; Turvani, Giovanna; Bellizzi, Gennaro; Joachimowicz, Nadin 7196
Design and Optimization of a Coherent Beamforming Network for an Aperiodic Concentric Ring Array. Arce, Armando; Stevens-Navarro, Enrique; Cardenas-Juarez, Marco; Pineda-Rico, Ulises; Simon, Jorge; 6810
Design and Validation of an Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna with Additional Slots. Dvorsky, Marek; Ganesh, Harihara S.; Prabhu, S. Sadhish 3819
Downlink Multiuser Hybrid Beamforming for MmWave Massive MIMO-NOMA System with Imperfect CSI. Jiang, Jing; Lei, Ming; Hou, Huanhuan 6922
Effect of Surface Error Distribution and Aberration on Electromagnetic Performance of a Reflector Antenna. Xiang, Binbin; Wang, Congsi; Lian, Peiyuan 6682
Energy-Efficient Hybrid Precoding Scheme Based on Antenna Selection Technology in Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Systems. Ding, Jian Jun; Jiang, Jing 7625
High Isolation Millimeter-Wave Wideband MIMO Antenna for 5G Communication. Wang, Fei; Duan, Zhaoyun; Wang, Xin; Zhou, Qing; Gong, Yubin 3586
Ionospheric Clutter Model for HF Sky-Wave Path Propagation with an FMCW Source. Yang, Xuguang; Liu, Aijun; Yu, Changjun; Wang, Linwei 5346
Microwave Imaging of 3D Dielectric Structures by Means of a Newton-CG Method in [l.sup.p] Spaces. Estatico, Claudio; Fedeli, Alessandro; Pastorino, Matteo; Randazzo, Andrea; Tavanti, Emanuele 7666
Miniaturization of a Microstrip Patch Antenna with a Koch Fractal Contour Using a Social Spider Algorithm to Optimize Shorting Post Position and Inset Feeding. Souza, Eduardo A.M.; Oliveira, Phelipe S.; D'Assuncao, Adaildo G.; Mendonca, Laercio M.; Peixeiro, C 5010
On the Implementation of a Dynamic Direction Modulation System with Vector Modulators. Cabrera-Hernandez, Edith Annette; Parron, Josep; Tennant, Alan 3824
Pattern Synthesis of Time-Modulated Array Antenna Based on an Improved Invasive Weed Optimization Method. Zhang, Zhenkai; Liu, Xinxing; Zhang, Bing; Li, Hailin 3650
Planar Beam Steerable Parasitic Array Antenna System Design Based on the Yagi-Uda Design Method. Lee, Seok-Jae; Yoon, Won-Sang; Han, Sang-Min 3828
Spatial Characteristics of Wideband Channels Using Leaky Coaxial Cables in Tunnel Scenario. Saleem, Asad; Wang, Min; Zheng, Guoxin; Yin, Xiaoyu 5565
Testing an Arduino-Based Approach for Full-Duplex Voice Communication and Body-Parameter Sensing Electronics for Use with Smart Clothing. Joler, Miroslav; Berkaric, Andrej; Klen, Valentin 4403
The Unbiased Characteristic of Doppler Frequency in GNSS Antenna Array Processing. Xie, Yuchen; Li, Zhengrong; Chen, Feiqiang; Chen, Huaming; Wang, Feixue 5344
Three-Mode Vortex Wave Generator with Double-Layer Patch Antennas. Hu, Jun; Qiu, Tong-Tong; Lan, Xue; Xu, Wei; Qian, Song-Song 2564
Ultra-Wideband Antennas for Wireless Communication Applications. Saeidi, Tale; Ismail, Idris; Wen, Wong Peng; Alhawari, Adam R.H.; Mohammadi, Ahmad 19521
Wide-Angle Frequency Scanning Leaky Wave Antenna Loaded CSRR Patch Based on SSPP Transmission Line. Fu, Zihao; Zhang, Tianliang; Wu, Tianhai; Lan, You; Huang, Wenxing; He, Leilei 3956
Wideband Rectangular Foldable and Non-foldable Antenna for Internet of Things Applications. Mung, Steve W.Y.; Cheung, Cheuk Yin; Wu, Ka Ming; Yuen, Joseph S.M. 1722

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