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Articles from International Journal of Antennas and Propagation (July 1, 2019)

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A 2D Nested Array Based DOA Estimator for Incoherently Distributed Sources via Sparse Representation Utilizing [L.sub.1]-Norm. Wufe, Tao; Li, Yiwen; Li, Zhengxin; Huang, Yijie; Xu, Jiwei 6549
A Combined ESPRIT-MUSIC Method for FDA-MIMO Radar with Extended Range Ambiguity Using Staggered Frequency Increment. Song, Yuwei; Zheng, Guimei; Hu, Guoping 3702
A Discrete Dipole Approximation Solver Based on the COCG-FFT Algorithm and Its Application to Microwave Breast Imaging. Hosseinzadegan, Samar; Fhager, Andreas; Persson, Mikael; Meaney, Paul 7792
A Dual-Broadband Printed Dipole Antenna for 2G/3G/4G Base Station Applications. Zhu, XiongZhi; Zhang, JinLing; Cui, Tong; Zheng, ZhanQi 2775
A New High-Performance Monopulse Feed with a Simple Comparator Network. Jargalsaikhan, Nyambayar; Bang, Jae-Hoon; Choi, Seong-Gon; Ahn, Bierng-Chearl; Gorshkov, Andrii 2767
Antennas for Emerging 5G Systems. Sayidmarie, Khalil H.; McEwan, Neil J.; Excell, Peter S.; Abd-Alhameed, Raed A.; See, Chan H. 2449
Beamforming for Rotated 3D Multipanel Array Structures for 5G NR MIMO Transmission. Lee, Hyukjun; Ryu, Wonjae; Sung, Wonjin; Park, Jonghyun 6003
Constraint Sparse Maximum Correntropy Beamforming Algorithm against Impulsive Noise to Improve the Performance of GNSS Signal Acquisition. Zhang, Haichuan; Zeng, Fangling 5797
Determining the Effective Electromagnetic Parameters of Photonic Crystal by Phase Unwrapping and Denoising Method. Lu, Guizhen; Duan, Zhonghang; Yin, Hongcheng; Xiao, Zhihe; Zhang, Jing 3840
DOA Estimation Method in Multipath Environment for Passive Bistatic Radar. Hu, Panhe; Bao, Qinglong; Chen, Zengping 5474
Dual-Mode Circular Polarization Selective Surface Cell for Single-Layer Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Reflectarray. Zheng, Liu; Lei, Xue; Wu, Jun-Mo; Xu, Zhi-Jian 2530
Electromagnetic Model of a SPR Sensor Coupled to Array of Nanoparticles by Periodic Green's Function. Cruz, Andre; Dmitriev, Victor; Del Rosso, Tommaso; Costa, Karlo Report 8121
Imaging Internal Defects with Synthetic and Experimental Data. Zhou, Hongwei; Hu, Guanghui; Ma, Ling 5820
Modeling of Electromagnetic Wave Coupling to Thin-Wire Structures in Terrain Environments Using Hybrid PE/TPIE Method. Zhang, Dongmin; Liao, Cheng; Feng, Ju; Deng, Xiaochuan; Cheng, Youfeng 4073
Newmark-FDTD Formulation for Modified Lorentz Dispersive Medium and Its Equivalence to Auxiliary Differential Equation-FDTD with Bilinear Transformation. Choi, Hongjin; Cho, Jeahoon; Park, Yong Bae; Jung, Kyung-Young 3863
On Calibration and Direction Finding with Uniform Circular Arrays. Hafner, Stephan; Kaske, Martin; Thoma, Reiner 6647
Propagation Model in Indoor and Outdoor for the LTE Communications. Noh, Sun-Kuk; Choi, DongYou 3535
Time-Varying Ocean-Like Surface Scattering at Grazing Incidence: Numerical Analysis of Doppler Spectrum at HF/VHF/UHF Bands. Hou, Yidong; Wen, Biyang; Wang, Caijun; Yang, Yonghuai 8993

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