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Articles from International Journal of Antennas and Propagation (April 30, 2019)

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A Combined Antijamming and Antispoofing Algorithm for GPS Arrays. Yang, Qiong; Zhang, Yi; Tang, Chengkai; Lian, Jie 5143
A Compact Dual-Band CPW-Fed MIMO Antenna for Indoor Applications. Morsy, Mohamed M. 2747
A Fast Algorithm for Electromagnetic Scattering from One-Dimensional Rough Surface. Wang, Jing Jing; Wang, An Qi; Huang, Zhi Xiang; Jiang, Tie Zhen 3686
A Statistical Channel Model for Stochastic Antenna Inclination Angles. Liu, Gang; Zhang, Ming; Bo, Yaming 6265
Ambiguity Analysis and Resolution for Phase-Based 3D Source Localization under Given UCA. Liu, Zhen; Chen, Xin; Wei, Zhenhua; Liu, Tianpeng; Li, Linlin; Peng, Bo 5553
Antenna Array Calibration for a General Linear Transformation of the Array Manifold. Friedlander, Benjamin 7757
Compact Microstrip-Based Textile Antenna for 802.15.6 WBAN-UWB with Full Ground Plane. Samal, Purna B.; Soh, Ping Jack; Zakaria, Zahriladha 7530
Comparison of the Microwave Absorption Properties of Opuntia ficus-indica, Agave atrovirens, and Cocos nucifera L. Huso. Simon, Jorge; Villanueva-Maldonado, J.; Castillo-Soria, Francisco R.; Cardenas-Juarez, Marco; Brione 3281
Covariance Matrix Reconstruction for Direction Finding with Nested Arrays Using Iterative Reweighted Nuclear Norm Minimization. Tan, Weijie; Feng, Xi'an 6985
Cross Validation Based Distributed Greedy Sparse Recovery for Multiview Through-the-Wall Radar Imaging. Qu, Lele; An, Shimiao; Sun, Yanpeng 4993
Design and Implementation of Single-Layer 4 x 4 and 8 x 8 Butler Matrices for Multibeam Antenna Arrays. Adamidis, George A.; Vardiambasis, Ioannis O.; Ioannidou, Melina P.; Kapetanakis, Theodoros N. 6315
Design of a Dual-Band Frequency Reconfigurable Patch Antenna Based on Characteristic Modes. Mahlaoui, Zakaria; Antonino-Daviu, Eva; Latif, Adnane; Ferrando-Bataller, Miguel 3882
Double Loop Inductive Feed Patch Antenna Design for Antimetal UHF RFID Tag. Mo, Lingfei; Li, Chenyang 4281
Dual-Frequency Miniaturized Substrate Integrated Waveguide Quarter-Mode Cavity-Backed Antenna Based on Minkowski Fractal Gap with Orthogonal Polarization Radiation Characteristics. Fu, Zihao; Zhang, Tianliang; Lan, You; Wu, Tianhai; Huang, Wenxing; He, Leilei 3297
Electromagnetic Scattering of Rough Ground Surface Covered by Multilayers Vegetation. Yang, Yuqi; Luo, Wei; Yin, Bo; Ren, Yi 5437
Fast Phased Array Calibration by Power-Only Measurements Twice for Each Antenna Element. He, Guolong; Gao, Xin; Zhou, Hui 3625
High-Gain Quad Array of Nonuniform Helical Antennas. Dinkic, Jelena Lj.; Olcan, Dragan I.; Djordjevic, Antonije R.; Zajic, Alenka G. 5053
ISAR Autofocus Imaging Algorithm for Maneuvering Targets Based on Phase Retrieval and Keystone Transform. Shi, Hongyin; Yang, Ting; Liu, Yue; Si, Jingjing 5131
Measurement Stand and Methodology for Research of the Off-Body and Body-to-Body Radio channels in WBANs with Different Diversity Schemes. Ambroziak, Slawomir J. 9453
Microwave Tomography System for Methodical Testing of Human Brain Stroke Detection Approaches. Merunka, Ilja; Massa, Andrea; Vrba, David; Fiser, Ondrej; Salucci, Marco; Vrba, Jan 4314
Multilayer Full Polarization Conversion Transpolarizing Structures. Khosronejad, Misagh; Gentili, Gian Guido; Macchiarella, Giuseppe 1929
Rain Attenuation Study over an 18 GHz Terrestrial Microwave Link in South Korea. Shrestha, Sujan; Choi, Dong-You 10366
Site Prediction Model for the over Rooftop Path in a Suburban Environment at Millimeter Wave. Yoon, Young Keun; Kim, Kyung Won; Chong, Young Jun 7876
Sub-THz Antenna for High-Speed Wireless Communication Systems. Vettikalladi, Hamsakutty; Sethi, Waleed Tariq; Abas, Ahmad Fauzi Bin; Ko, Wonsuk; Alkanhal, Majeed A 3210
Through-Wall Radar Classification of Human Posture Using Convolutional Neural Networks. Kilic, Alper; Babaoglu, Ismail; Babalik, Ahmet; Arslan, Ahmet 5931
Ultra-Wideband Dielectric Resonator Antenna Design Based on Multilayer Form. Wang, Fan; Zhang, Chuanfang; Sun, Houjun; Xiao, Yu 2853
Uncertainty Quantification for the Transient Response of Human Equivalent Antenna Using the Stochastic Collocation Approach. Susnjara, Anna; Poljak, Dragan 4254
Zero-Forcing Precoding in the Measured Massive MIMO Downlink: How Many Antennas Are Needed? Zheng, Zhe; Zhang, Jianhua; Wu, Xiaoyong; Liu, Danpu; Tian, Lei 6236

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