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Articles from International Journal of Antennas and Propagation (January 1, 2017)

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3D Printed and Photonically Cured Graphene UHF RFID Tags on Textile, Wood, and Cardboard Substrates. Akbari, M.; He, H.; Juuti, J.; Tentzeris, M.M.; Virkki, J.; Ukkonen, L. 3258
3D-Printed Graphene Antennas and Interconnections for Textile RFID Tags: Fabrication and Reliability towards Humidity. He, Han; Akbari, Mitra; Sydanheimo, Lauri; Ukkonen, Leena; Virkki, Johanna 2510
60 GHz Modular Antenna Array Link Budget Estimation with WiGig Baseband and Millimeter-Wave Specific Attenuation. Kim, Joongheon; Xian, Liang; Sadri, Ali S. 6595
A Broadband Left-Handed Metamaterial Microstrip Antenna with Double-Fractal Layers. Kubacki, Roman; Lamari, Salim; Czyzewski, Miroslaw; Laskowski, Dariusz 3239
A Circularly Polarized HTS Microstrip Antenna Array with Controllable Cryostat. Zeng, Xiaoyong; Huang, Kama; Hu, Zhongxia; Chen, Qian; Xiao, Wei 2262
A Compact Frequency Reconfigurable Hybrid DRA for LTE/Wimax Applications. Aqeel, Sajid; Kamarudin, M.R.; Khan, Aftab Ahmad; Saleem, Jawad; Nasir, Jamal; Kazim, Jalil-ur-Rehma 4134
A Compact Triple-Band Negative Permittivity Metamaterial for C, X-Band Applications. Marathe, Dushyant; Kulat, Kishore 7293
A Compact Wide-Band Hybrid Dielectric Resonator Antenna with Enhanced Gain and Low Cross-Polarization. Dong, Feibiao; Xu, Limei; Lin, Wenbin; Zhang, Tianhong 3095
A Design of Vertical Polarized Conformal Antenna and Its Array Based on UAV Structure. Wei, Zhang; Junfeng, Yang 4128
A Fast Finite-Difference Time Domain Simulation Method for the Source-Stirring Reverberation Chamber. Li, Wenxing; Yue, Chongyi; Elsherbeni, Atef 4254
A Frequency-Tracking and Impedance-Matching Combined System for Robust Wireless Power Transfer. Luo, Yanting; Yang, Yongmin; Chen, Suiyu; Wen, Xisen 7533
A Frequency-Tunable SRR-Adopted Two-Pole Waveguide Filter Operating below the Cutoff Frequency. Park, Wook-Ki; Lim, Hyun-Yong; Kim, Dong-Woo; Oh, Soon-Soo 2031
A High Selectivity, Miniaturized, Low Profile Dual-Band Bandpass FSS with a Controllable Transmission Zero. Li, Wenxing; Li, Yuanyuan 5143
A High-Efficiency Compact Planar Antenna for ISM Wireless Systems. Zhou, Tao; Cao, Yazi; Cheng, Zhiqun; Berre, Martine Le; Calmon, Francis 2391
A Low Profile Ultrawide Band Monopole Antenna for Wearable Applications. Doddipalli, Srinivas; Kothari, Ashwin; Peshwe, Paritosh 3949
A Low-Profile Reflector-Enhanced Drop-Shaped Printed Antenna for Wide-Band Wireless Communications. Cappelletti, Giovanni; Caratelli, Diego; Cicchetti, Renato; Gennarelli, Claudio; Simeoni, Massimilia 5386
A Method against Interrupted-Sampling Repeater Jamming Based on Energy Function Detection and Band-Pass Filtering. Yuan, Hui; Wang, Chun-yang; Li, Xin; An, Lei 4904
A Microstrip Second-Iteration Square Koch Dipole Antenna for TT&C Downlink Applications in Small Satellites. Simon, Jorge; Alvarez-Flores, Jose Luis; Villanueva-Maldonado, Juvenal; Castillo-Topete, Victor Hugo 4483
A Miniaturized 4:1 Unequal Wilkinson Power Divider Using Artificial Transmission Lines and Double-Sided Parallel-Strip Lines. Huang, Wen; Ruan, Wei; Tan, Fei Report 3264
A Model to Determine the Propagation Losses Based on the Integration of Hata-Okumura and Wavelet Neural Models. Pedraza, Luis F.; Hernandez, Cesar A.; Lopez, Danilo A. 4856
A Novel Ancient Coin-Like Fractal Multiband Antenna for Wireless Applications. Yu, Zhen; Yu, Jianguo; Ran, Xiaoying; Zhu, Chenhua 3068
A Novel Dual-Band Left-Handed Metamaterial Design Method. Li, Si; Yu, Wenhua; Elsherbeni, Atef Z.; Li, Wenxing; Mao, Yunlong Report 3224
A Novel Scheme with FG-FFT for Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering from Large Objects. Xie, Jia-Ye; Yu, Guang; Pang, Li-Li; Kong, Wei-Bin; Huang, Zhi-Xiang 3745
A Novel Tunable Triple-Band Left-Handed Metamaterial. Li, Si; Elsherbeni, Atef Z.; Yu, Wenhua; Li, Wenxing; Mao, Yunlong 4490
A Printed LPDA Antenna Fed by a Microstrip Line to Double Sided Parallel Strip Line from Backside. Yang, Zhou; Jingjian, Huang; Weiwei, Wu; Naichang, Yuan 2654
A Review of Antennas for Picosatellite Applications. Lokman, Abdul Halim; Soh, Ping Jack; Azemi, Saidatul Norlyana; Lago, Herwansyah; Podilchak, Symon K. 11286
A Review of Sensing Strategies for Microwave Sensors Based on Metamaterial-Inspired Resonators: Dielectric Characterization, Displacement, and Angular Velocity Measurements for Health Diagnosis, Telecommunication, and Space Applications. Su, Lijuan; Mata-Contreras, Javier; Velez, Paris; Martin, Ferran 7314
A Robust Method to Suppress Jamming for GNSS Array Antenna Based on Reconstruction of Sample Covariance Matrix. Gong, Yanyun; Wang, Ling; Yao, Rugui; Zhang, Zhaolin 6722
A Time Modulated Printed Dipole Antenna Array for Beam Steering Application. Gahley, Ruchi; Basu, Banani 4038
A Truncated Singular Value Decomposition Enhanced Nested Complex Source Beam Method. Song, Lianning; Nie, Zaiping 4698
A Wave Splitter with Simple Structure Based on Biaxial Anisotropic Medium. Zhang, Chushun; Huang, Hui; Huang, Luchen; Dong, Yaru; Liu, Xiaoyu 3566
A Wide-Band Test Fixture for Analyzing Parasitic Effects of RF Passive SMD Components. Cao, Xin; Tang, Zongxi 2541
Acceleration of Augmented EFIE Using Multilevel Complex Source Beam Method. Song, Lianning; Chen, Yongpin; Jiang, Ming; Hu, Jun; Nie, Zaiping 4360
Accurate 2-D AOA Estimation and Ambiguity Resolution for a Single Source under Fixed Uniform Circular Arrays. Zuo, Le; Pan, Jin 3549
Adaptive Antenna Null Broadening Beamforming against Array Calibration Error Based on Adaptive Variable Diagonal Loading. Li, Wenxing; Zhao, Yu; Ye, Qiubo; Yang, Bin 6114
Adaptive Countering Technique for Angle Deception Based on Dual Polarization Radar Seeker. Zhang, Qiang; Pan, Weijun 4265
Advanced Modeling and Simulation Methods for Multiphysics and Multiscale Problems. Yan, Su; Wu, Yumao; Zhao, Huapeng; Guo, Han 624
Advances in Coastal HF and Microwave (S- or X-Band) Radars. Huang, Weimin; Wu, Xiongbin; Lund, Bjorn; El-Darymli, Khalid 905
Advances in DOA Estimation and Source Localization. Aboutanios, Elias; Hassanien, Aboulnasr; Keyi, Amr El-; Nasser, Youssef; Vorobyov, Sergiy A. 1731
An Efficient GPU-Based Out-of-Core LU Solver of Parallel Higher-Order Method of Moments for Solving Airborne Array Problems. Lin, Zhongchao; Chen, Yan; Zhang, Yu; Zhao, Xunwang; Zhang, Huanhuan Report 4917
An Efficient Hybrid Method for 3D Scattering from Inhomogeneous Object Buried beneath a Dielectric Randomly Rough Surface. He, Hong-Jie; Guo, Li-Xin; Liu, Wei 4507
An X-Band Dual-Polarized Vivaldi Antenna with High Isolation. Huang, Denghui; Yang, Hu; Wu, Yuqing; Zhao, Fei 3070
Analysis of Ship RCS Detected by Multifrequency HFGWR. Sun, Ke; Wen, Biyang; Wang, Ruokun 2874
Analysis on Human Blockage Path Loss and Shadow Fading in Millimeter-Wave Band. Zhao, Hongmei; Wang, Qian; Shi, Kunfeng 3273
Anisotropic Scattering Characteristics of a Radially Multilayered Gyrotropic Sphere. Cao, Lei; Chen, Yongpin; Kang, Kai 3991
Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna to Detect UHF Signals That Leaked Out of the Joint of a Transformer. Zhang, Jian; Zhang, Xiaoxing; Xiao, Song 4959
Application of a Sparsity Pattern and Region Clustering for Near Field Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioners in Method of Moments Simulations. Delgado, Carlos; Moreno, Javier; Catedra, Felipe 5251
Application of Genetic Algorithm to Estimation of Function Parameters in Lightning Currents Approximations. Javor, V.; Lundengard, K.; Rancic, M.; Silvestrov, S. 6288
Application of HF Radar in Hazard Management. Heron, Mal; Gomez, Roberto; Weber, Bernd; Dzvonkovskaya, Anna; Helzel, Thomas; Thomas, Nicolas; Wyat 7393
Assessment Method of Multipath Mitigation Performance for GNSS Antenna with Receiver Algorithms. Yuan, Muzi; Li, Du; Li, Baiyu; Chen, Huaming; Ou, Gang Report 6315
Attenuation by a Human Body and Trees as well as Material Penetration Loss in 26 and 39 GHz Millimeter Wave Bands. Wang, Qi; Zhao, Xiongwen; Li, Shu; Wang, Mengjun; Sun, Shaohui; Hong, Wei 4967
Bandwidth Extension of a Printed Square Monopole Antenna Loaded with Periodic Parallel-Plate Lines. Meng, Linglong; Wang, Weimin; Su, Ming; Gao, Jinchun; Liu, Yuanan Report 2974
Bandwidth-Enhanced Low-Profile Antenna with Parasitic Patches. Ta, Son Xuat; Kedze, Kam Eucharist; Chien, Dao Ngoc; Park, Ikmo 4974
Beam Expansion of Blind Spot Detection Radar Antennas Using a Radome with Defected Corrugated Inner Wall. Kim, Hayeon; Lee, Haengseon; Cho, Jeonghoon; Kim, Cheolbok 3196
Beam-Steering Performance of Flat Luneburg Lens at 60 GHz for Future Wireless Communications. Foster, Robert; Nagarkoti, Deepak; Gao, Ju; Vial, Benjamin; Nicholls, Felix; Spooner, Chris; Haq, Sa 3821
Broadband Circular Polarizer Based on Plasmon Hybridizations. Shi, Hong-Yu; Li, Wei; Zhu, Shi-Tao; Dong, Xiao-Li; Zhang, An-Xue; Xia, Song; Xu, Zhuo 3301
Broadband Dipole-Loop Combined Nanoantenna Fed by Two-Wire Optical Transmission Line. de Souza, Janilson L.; Costa, Karlo Q. da; Dmitriev, Victor; Bamberg, Felipe 6915
Broadband RCS Reduction of Antenna with AMC Using Gradually Concentric Ring Arrangement. Wang, Fuwei; Ren, Yuhui; Li, Ke 2276
Broadband Vertically/Horizontally Dual-Polarized Antenna for Base Stations. Cui, YueHui; Gao, XiaoNa; Li, RongLin 2515
Calculation Algorithm for Diffraction Losses of Multiple Obstacles Based on Epstein-Peterson Approach. Abdulrasool, Ahmad S.; Aziz, Jabir S.; Abou-Loukh, Sadiq J. 3415
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer with Shredded Fibers: Quasi-Isotropic Material Properties and Antenna Performance. Artner, Gerald; Gentner, Philipp K.; Nicolics, Johann; Mecklenbrauker, Christoph F. 6478
Cardiorespiratory Frequency Monitoring Using the Principal Component Analysis Technique on UWB Radar Signal. Pittella, Erika; Bottiglieri, Anna; Pisa, Stefano; Cavagnaro, Marta 3921
Cascaded Multitype Interferences Suppression Method Using Sparse Representation and Array Processing for GNSS Receiver. Guo, Qiang; Qi, Liangang 6586
Channel Measurements and Modeling at 6 GHz in the Tunnel Environments for 5G Wireless Systems. Li, Shuang-De; Liu, Yuan-Jian; Lin, Le-Ke; Sheng, Zhong; Sun, Xiang-Chen; Chen, Zhi-Peng; Zhang, Xia 6535
Characterization of Rain Specific Attenuation and Frequency Scaling Method for Satellite Communication in South Korea. Shrestha, Sujan; Choi, Dong-You Report 11166
Circularly Polarized Antenna Array Fed by Air-Bridge Free CPW-Slotline Network. Liu, Yilin; Huang, Kama; Luo, Xia Report 3478
Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna Arrays with Fractal Cross-Slot-Coupled DRA Elements. Lin, Jia-Hong; Shen, Wen-Hui; Shi, Zhi-Dong; Zhong, Shun-Shi 5931
Combination of the Improved Diffraction Nonlocal Boundary Condition and Three-Dimensional Wide-Angle Parabolic Equation Decomposition Model for Predicting Radio Wave Propagation. Wang, Ruidong; Lu, Guizhen; Zhang, Rongshu; Xu, Weizhang 4898
Compact Broadband Dual ZOR Antenna for Multiband Smart Mobile Phone Applications. Ji, Jeong Keun 2910
Compact Dual-Band Coupler for Vehicular Beam-Forming Array. Wu, Dakui; Zheng, Guoxin 2481
Compact Liquid Crystal Based Tunable Band-Stop Filter with an Ultra-Wide Stopband by Using Wave Interference Technique. Cai, Longzhu; Xu, Huan; Chu, Daping 4901
Compact Multiband Interdigital-Coupled-Fed Planar Antenna with Stepped-Impedance Structures for Mobile Handsets. Zhou, Tao; Cao, Yazi; Cheng, Zhiqun 1775
Corrigendum to (Cylindrical Three-Dimensional Millimeter-Wave Imaging via Compressive Sensing". Zhao, Guoqiang; Li, Shiyong; Ren, Bailing; Qiu, Qingwei; Sun, Houjun Correction notice 131
CPW-Fed Wideband Circular Polarized Antenna for UHF RFID Applications. Kim, Sun-Woong; Kim, Guen-Sik; Choi, Dong-You 2237
CRLH Transmission Lines for Telecommunications: Fast and Effective Modeling. Gao, Juanjuan; Lu, Guizhen 2337
Cross Spectral Analysis of CODAR-SeaSonde Echoes from Sea Surface and Ionosphere at Taiwan. Wang, Chien-Ya; Su, Ching-Lun; Wu, Kang-Hung; Chu, Yen-Hsyang 8037
Defected Ground Structure: Fundamentals, Analysis, and Applications in Modern Wireless Trends. Khandelwal, Mukesh Kumar; Kanaujia, Binod Kumar; Kumar, Sachin 10350
Design and Simulation of an Antenna-Coupled Microbolometer at 30 THz. Colin, Angel; Perez-Tijerina, Eduardo; Solis-Pomar, Francisco 3201
Design of a Compact Passband Frequency Selective Surface with Stable Resonance. Peddakrishna, Samineni; Khan, Taimoor; Kanaujia, Binod Kumar; Nasimuddin, N. 2293
Design of a Coupler with Three Reconfigurable Output Ports and a Beamwidth Reconfigurable Antenna. Kim, Dong-Woo; Oh, Soon-Soo 2551
Design of a Microstrip Series Power Divider for Sequentially Rotated Nonuniform Antenna Array. Inserra, Daniele; Hu, Wei; Wen, Guangjun 4089
Design of Active Frequency Selective Surface with Curved Composite Structures and Tunable Frequency Response. Lee, In-Gon; Park, Yong Bae; Chun, Heung-Jae; Kim, Yoon-Jae; Hong, Ic-Pyo 4488
Design of an Edge Slotted Waveguide Antenna Array Based on T-Shaped Cross-Section Waveguide. Li, Teng; Dou, Wenbin 2866
Design of Dual Mode RFID Antenna for Inventory Management and IV Fluid Level Warning System. Ting, Ssu-Han; Wu, Chih-Kuang; Luo, Ching-Hsing 2763
Design of Optically Transparent Antenna with Directional Radiation Patterns. Yao, Yuan; Chen, Wanzhong; Chen, Xiaodong; Yu, Junsheng 3012
Design of Yagi Antenna with Slow-Wave Half-Mode SIW Feeding Technique for Ku Band Applications. Han, Bo; Wang, Shibing; Zhao, Jia; Shi, Xiaofeng 2563
Design, Fabrication, and Testing of Active Skin Antenna with 3D Printing Array Framework. Zhou, Jinzhu; Li, Haitao; Kang, Le; Tang, Baofu; Huang, Jin; Cai, Zhiheng 6583
Design, Simulation, and Optimization of an Irregularly Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna for Air-to-Ground Communications. Ramirez, L.A.R.; Santos, J.C.A. Report 4259
Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Coprime Array Using Compressive Sensing Based Array Interpolation. Liu, Aihua; Yang, Qiang; Zhang, Xin; Deng, Weibo Report 7091
DOA Estimation of Noncircular Signals Using Quaternions. Meng, Tianzhen; Wu, Minjie; Yuan, Naichang 3275
Dual Polarized Dual Fed Vivaldi Antenna for Cellular Base Station Operating at 1.7-2.7 GHz. Sonkki, Marko; Myllymaki, Sami; Putaala, Jussi; Heikkinen, Eero; Haapala, Tomi; Posti, Harri; Jantun 3133
Dual-Band RFID Antenna for 0.92 GHz Near-Field and 2.45 GHz Far-Field Applications. Xing, Zijian; Wei, Kun; Wang, Ling; Li, Jianying 4198
Dual-Polarized On-Chip Antenna for 300 GHz Full-Duplex Communication System. Guo, Linyan; Deng, Ming; Zhang, Qisheng; Zhang, Xinyue; Yuan, Zhenzhong 3202
Effect of Quasi-Isotropic Antenna Orientation on Indoor Multipath Propagation Characteristics in RSN Applications. Bou-El-Harmel, Abdelhamid; Benbassou, Ali; Belkadid, Jamal; Mechatte, Nadia 6486
Efficient Design Methodology for a Complex DRA-SIW Filter-Antenna Subsystem. Naeem, Umair; Iqbal, Amjad; Shafique, Muhammad Farhan; Bila, Stephane Report 2922
Electromagnetic Scattering by Multiple Columns Partially Buried in a Ground Plane. Ren, Xin-Cheng; Zhao, Ye; Yang, Peng-Ju; Zhu, Xiao-Min 4311
Electromagnetic Scattering of Electrically Large Ship above Sea Surface with SBR-SDFM Method. Guo, Lixin; Feng, Tiantian 3056
Electromagnetic Shielding Characteristics of Eco-Friendly Foamed Concrete Wall. Cho, Sung-Sil; Kim, Jin-Man; Hong, Ic-Pyo 3744
Estimating Direction of Arrival by Using Two-Dimensional State-Space Balance Method. Wang, Jun; Xiang, Hong; Wei, Shaoming; Sun, Zhongsheng 2760
Experimental Results of Network-Assisted Interference Suppression Scheme Using Adaptive Beam-Tilt Switching. Murakami, Tomoki; Kudo, Riichi; Ishihara, Koichi; Mizoguchi, Masato; Honma, Naoki 4135
Experimental Results of Novel DoA Estimation Algorithms for Compact Reconfigurable Antennas. Paaso, Henna; Hakkarainen, Aki; Gulati, Nikhil; Patron, Damiano; Dandekar, Kapil R.; Valkama, Mikko; Report 7612
Exploiting Microwave Imaging Methods for Real-Time Monitoring of Thermal Ablation. Scapaticci, Rosa; Bellizzi, Gennaro G.; Cavagnaro, Marta; Lopresto, Vanni; Crocco, Lorenzo 6899
Extraction of Weak Scatterer Features Based on Multipath Exploitation in Radar Imagery. Almutiry, Muhannad; Monte, Lorenzo Lo; Wicks, Michael C. 6317
Frequency Reconfigurable Circular Patch Antenna with an Arc-Shaped Slot Ground Controlled by PIN Diodes. Chen, Yao; Ye, Longfang; Zhuo, Jianliang; Liu, Yanhui; Zhang, Liang; Zhang, Miao; Liu, Qing Huo 3107
Full Wave Modeling of Array Structures Using Generalized Single-Source Tangential Equivalence Principle Algorithm. Shao, Hanru; Dong, Jianfeng; Hu, Jun 5164
Full-Wave Analysis of the Shielding Effectiveness of Thin Graphene Sheets with the 3D Unidirectionally Collocated HIE-FDTD Method. Van Londersele, Arne; de Zutter, Daniel; Ginste, Dries Vande 3670
High Isolation Dual-Polarized Patch Antenna with Hybrid Ring Feeding. Lin, Xian-Jing; Xie, Ze-Ming; Zhang, Pei-Sheng 2796
High Performance Computing of Complex Electromagnetic Algorithms Based on GPU/CPU Heterogeneous Platform and Its Applications to EM Scattering and Multilayered Medium Structure. Song, Zhe; Mu, Xing; Zhou, Hou-Xing 6289
High Precise Scattering Centers Models for Cone-Shaped Targets Based on Induced Currents. Li, Qi-Feng; Guo, Kun-Yi; Sheng, Xin-Qing; Liu, Tian-Shu 5429
High-Resolution ISAR Imaging with Wideband V-FM Waveforms. Feng, Dejun; Pan, Xiaoyi; Wang, Guoyu 3546
Hybrid Microstrip/Slotline Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filter with a Controllable Notch Band. Guan, Xuehui; Gui, Ping; Xiong, Tao; Ren, Baoping; Zhu, Lei 2778
Impact on Antijamming Performance of Channel Mismatch in GNSS Antenna Arrays Receivers. Lu, Zukun; Nie, Junwei; Chen, Feiqiang; Ou, Gang 4021
Impacts of Absorber Loadings on Simulating the Multipath Channel in a Reverberation Chamber. Zhou, Xin; Zhong, Zhangdui; Bian, Xin; He, Ruisi; Guan, Ke; Sun, Ruoyu; Liu, Ke; Guo, Xiaotao 4182
Improved QRD-M Detection Algorithm for Generalized Spatial Modulation Scheme. Jing, Xiaorong; Wang, Mingyue; Zhou, Wei; Liu, Hongqing 6337
Improved Reflectarray Phase-Only Synthesis Using the Generalized Intersection Approach with Dielectric Frame and First Principle of Equivalence. Prado, Daniel R.; Arrebola, Manuel; Pino, Marcos R.; Las-Heras, Fernando 6614
Integrated Filtering Microstrip Duplex Antenna Array with High Isolation. Lin, Xian-Jing; Xie, Ze-Ming; Zhang, Pei-Sheng Report 3037
Investigation of a Random-Fractal Antenna Based on A Natural Tree-Leaf Geometry. Rmili, Hatem; Oueslati, Donia; Trad, Imen Ben; Floch, Jean Marie; Dobaie, Abdullah; Mittra, Raj 2862
Investigation of MIMO Channel Characteristics in a Two-Section Tunnel at 1.4725 GHz. Sun, Rongchen; Matolak, David W.; Tao, Cheng; Liu, Liu; Tan, Zhenhui; Zhou, Tao 5864
Iterative Full-Wave Analysis of Mandelbrot-Inspired Fractal Patch Antenna on Textile Substrate for UWB Applications. Neto, V.P. Silva; D'Assuncao, A.G. 2914
Joint Antenna Selection and Precoding Optimization for Small-Cell Network with Minimum Power Consumption. Sun, Qiang; Wang, Xin; Wang, Jue; Xu, Chen 5725
KBNN Based on Coarse Mesh to Optimize the EBG Structures. Chen, Yi; Tian, Yu-Bo; Sun, Fei-Yan Report 4781
Localization of Near-Field Sources Based on Sparse Signal Reconstruction with Regularization Parameter Selection. Li, Shuang; Liu, Wei; Zheng, Daqing; Hu, Shunren; He, Wei 4464
Low Cross-Polarization Gaussian Tapered Post-Wall Slotline Antenna for Short Pulse Applications. Zhao, Hongxin; Li, Yufu; Yin, Xiaoxing 2619
Maximum Likelihood Time Delay Estimation Based on Monte Carlo Importance Sampling in Multipath Environment. Ba, Bin; Cui, Weijia; Wang, Daming; Wang, Jianhui 3649
Measured Performance Comparisons between Spatial Multiplexing and Beamforming Arrays in the 28 GHz Band. Piao, Dazhi; Jia, Xingning; Ma, Xiaochuan; Guo, Qingxin; Li, Zengrui 3906
Metamaterials for Microwave Radomes and the Concept of a Metaradome: Review of the Literature. Ozis, E.; Osipov, A.V.; Eibert, T.F. 7965
Metamaterials, Metasurfaces, and Artificial Dielectrics: Theory and Applications to the Next-Generation Telecommunication Platforms. Ramaccia, Davide; Epstein, Ariel; Barbuto, Mirko; Rudolph, Scott 1002
Method for Estimating Optimum Free Resonant Frequencies in Overcoupled WPT System. Seo, Dong-Wook; Lee, Jae-Ho 3673
Microwave Imaging Using CMOS Integrated Circuits with Rotating 4 x 4 Antenna Array on a Breast Phantom. Song, Hang; Azhari, Afreen; Xiao, Xia; Suematsu, Eiji; Watanabe, Hiromasa; Kikkawa, Takamaro 4630
Millimeter-Wave Microstrip Antenna Array Design and an Adaptive Algorithm for Future 5G Wireless Communication Systems. Hu, Cheng-Nan; Chang, Dau-Chyrh; Yu, Chung-Hang; Hsaio, Tsai-Wen; Lin, Der-Phone 4008
Millimeter-Wave Single-Layer Dual-Frequency Reflectarray Antenna. Ren, Jinjing; Menzel, Wolfgang 1949
Millimetre-Wave Antennas and Systems for the Future 5G. Ur-Rehman, Masood; Abbasi, Qammer Hussain; Rahman, Atiqur; Khan, Imdad; Chattha, Hassan Tariq; Matin 1155
MIMO Antenna Polynomial Weighted Average Design Method of Downward-Looking Array SAR. Liu, Hui; Xu, Qing; Jin, Guowang; Zhang, Hongmin 6514
MIMO Fading Emulator Development with FPGA and Its Application to Performance Evaluation of Mobile Radio Systems. Karasawa, Yoshio; Nakada, Katsuhiro; Sun, Guijiang; Kotani, Rikako 8562
MIMO High Frequency Surface Wave Radar Using Sparse Frequency FMCW Signals. Pan, Mengguan; Chen, Baixiao 9221
Miniature Coplanar Implantable Antenna on Thin and Flexible Platform for Fully Wireless Intracranial Pressure Monitoring System. Khan, M. Waqas A.; Moradi, Elham; Sydanheimo, Lauri; Bjorninen, Toni; Rahmat-Samii, Yahya; Ukkonen, 4735
Miniaturized Circularly Polarized Implantable Antenna for ISM-Band Biomedical Devices. Zhang, Ke; Liu, Changrong; Liu, Xueguan; Guo, Huiping; Yang, Xinmi 4041
Minimized Low-Profile Wideband Antennas Using High Impedance Surface. Shen, Yizhu 4668
Modeling and Characterization of the Uplink and Downlink Exposure in Wireless Networks. Krayni, Anis; Hadjem, Abdelhamid; Vermeeren, Gunter; Sibille, Alain; Roblin, Christophe; Joseph, Wou 8859
Modelling of Electromagnetic Scattering by a Hypersonic Cone-Like Body in Near Space. Qian, Ji-Wei; Zhang, Hai-Li; Xia, Ming-Yao 5716
Modelling Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves in Layered Media: An Up-to-Date Perspective. Imperatore, Pasquale; Iodice, Antonio; Pastorino, Matteo; Pinel, Nicolas 12024
Multiband Planar Inverted-F Antenna with Independent Operating Bands Control for Mobile Handset Applications. Halaoui, Mustapha El; Kaabal, Abdelmoumen; Asselman, Hassan; Ahyoud, Saida; Asselman, Adel 5953
Multiband Radar Signal Coherent Processing Algorithm for Motion Target. Wang, Tingjing; Zhang, Ying; Zhao, Hua; Zhang, Yanxin 3851
Multiband Split-Ring Resonator Based Planar Inverted-F Antenna for 5G Applications. Ishfaq, Muhammad Kamran; Rahman, Tharek Abd; Chattha, Hassan Tariq; Rehman, Masood Ur 2937
NLOS Signal Detection Based on Single Orthogonal Dual-Polarized GNSS Antenna. Zhang, Ke; Li, Baiyu; Zhu, Xiangwei; Chen, Huaming; Sun, Guangfu Report 4354
Non-Foster Matching Circuit Design via Tunable Inductor for VLF Receive Loop Antennas. Yan, Yalong; Liu, Chao; Wu, Huaning; Dong, Yinghui 5265
Novel Method for 5G Systems NLOS Channels Parameter Estimation. Milenkovic, Vladeta; Panic, Stefan; Denic, Dragan; Radenkovic, Dragan 3157
Novel Method for Optimal Synthesis of 5G Millimeter Wave Linear Antenna Array. Rosic, Zarko; Mihic, Olivera; Aleksic, Danijela; Drajic, Dejan 3528
Novel Wideband Metallic Patch Antennas with Low Profile. Zhang, Zhong-Xiang; Kong, Meng; Wang, Shuo; Pan, Yong-Mei Report 3494
Numerical Simulations of the Lunar Penetrating Radar and Investigations of the Geological Structures of the Lunar Regolith Layer at the Chang'E 3 Landing Site. Ding, Chunyu; Su, Yan; Xing, Shuguo; Dai, Shun; Xiao, Yuan; Feng, Jianqing; Liu, Danqing; Li, Chunla 5135
On the Design of Conical Antennas for Broadband Impedance Matching Performance. Pereira, Francisco Estevao Simao; Dias, Mauricio Henrique Costa 4981
Optimisation of Scanning Difference Pattern and Monopulse Feed. Khan, Asim Ali; Brown, Anthony Keith 4552
Outage Analysis of Multihop Wireless Backhaul Using Millimeter Wave under Blockage Effects. Jung, Haejoon; Lee, In-Ho Report 5684
Outage Analysis of Partial Relay Selection Schemes with Feedback Delay and Channel Estimation Errors in Nonidentical Rayleigh Fading Channels. Kim, Jung-Bin; Lee, In-Ho 4676
Parallel Factor-Based Model for Two-Dimensional Direction Estimation. Tayem, Nizar; Majeed, Khaqan; Hussain, Ahmed A. 7677
Path Loss Channel Model for Inland River Radio Propagation at 1.4 GHz. Yu, Junyi; Chen, Wei; Yang, Kun; Li, Changzhen; Li, Fang; Shui, Yishui Report 7048
Path-Loss Channel Models for Receiver Spatial Diversity Systems at 2.4 GHz. Alwarafy, Abdulmalik; Sulyman, Ahmed Iyanda; Alsanie, Abdulhameed; Alshebeili, Saleh A.; Behairy, Ha 5964
Pattern Synthesis of Linear Antenna Arrays Using Enhanced Flower Pollination Algorithm. Singh, Urvinder; Salgotra, Rohit 6903
Performance Analyses of the Radio Orbital Angular Momentum Steering Technique Based on Ka-Band Antenna. Lin, Mingtuan; Gao, Yue; Liu, Peiguo; Guo, Zhiqing 5981
Performance Analysis of 5G Transmission over Fading Channels with Random IG Distributed LOS Components. Jaksic, Dejan; Bojovic, Risto; Spalevic, Petar; Stefanovic, Dusan; Trajkovic, Slavisa 2022
Performance Analysis of Two-Dimensional Maximum Likelihood Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Algorithm Using the UCA. Cho, Yun-Seong; Seo, Jeong-Min; Lee, Joon-Ho 8181
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