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Articles from International Journal of Analytical Chemistry (January 1, 2018)

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A Data Mining Approach to Improve Inorganic Characterization of Amanita ponderosa Mushrooms. Salvador, Catia; Martins, M. Rosario; Vicente, Henrique; Caldeira, A. Teresa 18492
A Green and Efficient Method for the Preconcentration and Determination of Gallic Acid, Bergenin, Quercitrin, and Embelin from Ardisia japonica Using Nononic Surfactant Genapol X-080 as the Extraction Solvent. Chen, Ying; Du, Kunze; Li, Jin; Bai, Yun; An, Mingrui; Tan, Zhijing; Chang, Yan-xu 6093
A New Method for the Determination of Sucrose Concentration in a Pure and Impure System: Spectrophotometric Method. Borji, A.; Borji, Fz.; Jourani, A. 3159
A Sensitive Resonance Rayleigh Scattering Method for [Na.sup.+] Based on Graphene Oxide Nanoribbon Catalysis. Wang, Haidong; Li, Chongning; Luo, Yanghe; Jiang, Zhiliang 5733
A Study on DSLM Transporting the Rare Earth Metal La (III) with a Carrier of PC-88A. Lud, Shibao; Wang, Yan; Pei, Liang; Li, Wei 9185
A Turn-On Fluorescent Sensor for Glutathione Based on Bovine Serum Albumin-Stabilized Gold Nanoclusters. Qiu, Yan; Huang, Jianlin; Jia, Li 2789
Analyses of Essential Elements and Heavy Metals by Using ICP-MS in Maternal Breast Milk from Canliurfa, Turkey. Altunfe, Serap Kilic; Dinc, Hikmet; Temamogullari, Fusun Karacal; Paksoy, Nilgun 4132
Analysis of Leafy Vegetable Nitrate Using a Modified Spectrometric Method. Yu, Tzu-Hsien; Hsieh, Shuo-Ping; Su, Chien-Ming; Huang, Feng-Jung; Hung, Chien-Che; Yiin, Lih-Ming 4023
Antifungal Compound Isolated from Catharanthus roseus L. (Pink) for Biological Control of Root Rot Rubber Diseases. Zahari, R.; Halimoon, N.; Ahmad, M.F.; Ling, S.K. 4409
Authenticity Detection of Black Rice by Near-Infrared Spectroscopy and Support Vector Data Description. Chen, Hui; Tan, Chao; Lin, Zan 5446
Biomarker Profiling for Pyridoxine Dependent Epilepsy in Dried Blood Spots by HILIC-ESI-MS. Mathew, Elizabeth Mary; Moorkoth, Sudheer; Lewis, Leslie; Rao, Pragna 5455
Characterization of Food Structures and Functionalities. Liu, Xingxun; Yang, Ying; Xu, Changmou; Rao, Jiajia 591
Characterization of Fossil and Renewable Fuels. Fan, Xing; Chen, Bo; Hu, Xun; Sudasinghe, Nilusha; Zhang, Ya-He 555
Comparative Glycopeptide Analysis for Protein Glycosylation by Liquid Chromatography and Tandem Mass Spectrometry: Variation in Glycosylation Patterns of Site-Directed Mutagenized Glycoprotein. Hahm, Young Hye; Hahm, Sung Ho; Jo, Hyoun Young; Ahn, Yeong Hee 5803
Comprehensive Assessment of Degradation Behavior of Simvastatin by UHPLC/MS Method, Employing Experimental Design Methodology. Gigovska, Maja Hadzieva; Petkovska, Ana; Acevska, Jelena; Nakov, Natalija; Antovska, Packa; Ugarkovi 10152
Computations of the M-Polynomials and Degree-Based Topological Indices for Dendrimers and Polyomino Chains. Kwun, Young Chel; Farooq, Adeel; Nazeer, Waqas; Zahid, Zohaib; Noreen, Saba; Kang, Shin Min 4697
Conformational and Functional Properties of Soybean Proteins Produced by Extrusion-Hydrolysis Approach. Ma, Wenjun; Qi, Baokun; Sami, Rokayya; Jiang, Lianzhou; Li, Yang; Wang, Hui 6375
Corrigendum to "GC Method Validation for the Analysis of Menthol in Suppository Pharmaceutical Dosage Form". Abualhasan, Murad N.; Zaid, Abdel Naser; Jaradat, Nidal; Mousa, Ayman Correction notice 151
Design of Optical Sensor Membrane Based on Polymer Poly(methyl methacrylate) for Paracetamol Detection in Traditional Herbal Medicine. Pratiwi, Rimadani; Suherman, Shelvy Elizabeth; Poongan, Rajkannah A.L.; Mutakin, Mutakin; Hasanah, A 3949
Detection of Adulteration in Canola Oil by Using GC-IMS and Chemometric Analysis. Chen, Tong; Chen, Xinyu; Lu, Daoli; Chen, Bin 5082
Determination of Chlorpromazine, Haloperidol, Levomepromazine, Olanzapine, Risperidone, and Sulpiride in Human Plasma by Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Khelfi, Abderrezak; Azzouz, Mohammed; Abtroun, Rania; Reggabi, Mohammed; Alamir, Berkahoum 5972
Determination of Formaldehyde by HPLC with Stable Precolumn Derivatization in Egyptian Dairy Products. Sebaei, Ahmed Salem; Gomaa, Ahmed M.; Zwahry, A.A. El-; Emara, E.A. 3614
Determination of Pyrethroids in Tea Brew by GC-MS Combined with SPME with Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Coated Fiber. Ren, Dongxia; Sun, Chengjun; Ma, Guanqun; Yang, Danni; Zhou, Chen; Xie, Jiayu; Li, Yongxin 4840
Determination of Total Flavonoids Contents and Antioxidant Activity of Ginkgo biloba Leaf by Near-Infrared Reflectance Method. Zhao, Ling-jia; Liu, Wei; Xiong, Su-hui; Tang, Jie; Lou, Zhao-huan; Xie, Ming-xia; Xia, Bo-hou; Lin, 5409
Determination of Trace Antimony (III) in Water Samples with Single Drop Microextraction Using BPHA-[[C.sub.4]mim][P[F.sub.6]] System Followed by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry. Huang, Xiaoshan; Guan, Mingxin; Lu, Zhuliangzi; Hang, Yiping 4897
Development and Validation of a Simple High Performance Liquid Chromatography/UV Method for Simultaneous Determination of Urinary Uric Acid, Hypoxanthine, and Creatinine in Human Urine. Wijemanne, Nimanthi; Soysa, Preethi; Wijesundara, Sulochana; Perera, Hemamali 3623
Development and Validation of an HPLC-MS/MS Method for Rapid Simultaneous Determination of Cefprozil Diastereomers in Human Plasma. He, Guodong; Mai, Liping; Wang, Xipei 4724
Development of a New Sequential Extraction Procedure of Nickel Species on Workplace Airborne Particulate Matter: Assessing the Occupational Exposure to Carcinogenic Metal Species. Simona, Catalani; Jacopo, Fostinelli; Enrica, Gilberti Maria; Francesca, Orlandi; Riccardo, Magarini 6195
Development of a Robust UPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of a Novel Combination of Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir in Human Plasma: Clinical Application to Therapeutic Drug Monitoring. Tannak, Naser F. Al-; Hemdan, Ahmed; Eissa, Maya S. 6174
Development of a Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE) Cartridge Based on Chitosan-Metal Oxide Nanoparticles (Ch-MO NPs) for Extraction of Pesticides from Water and Determination by HPLC. Badawy, Mohamed E.I.; Nouby, Mahmoud A.M. El-; Marei, Abd El-Salam M. 11814
Development of Isocratic RP-HPLC Method for Separation and Quantification of L-Citrulline and L-Arginine in Watermelons. Ridwanfe, Rasdin; Razak, Hairil Rashmizal Abdul; Adenan, Mohd Ilham; Saad, Wan Mazlina Md 5339
Development of RP-HPLC Method for the Simultaneous Quantitation of Levamisole and Albendazole: Application to Assay Validation. Sowjanya, S.; Devadasu, Ch. 5351
Direct Observation of Amyloid [beta] Behavior at Phospholipid Membrane Constructed on Gold Nanoparticles. Suga, Keishi; Lai, Ying-Chen; Faried, Miftah; Umakoshi, Hiroshi 4671
Effects of Different Methods of Isolation on Volatile Composition of Artemisia annua L. Vidic, Danijela; Copra-Janicijevic, Amira; Milos, Mladen; Maksimovic, Milka 4176
Fabrication of AChE/Sn[O.sub.2]-cMWCNTs/Cu Nanocomposite-Based Sensor Electrode for Detection of Methyl Parathion in Water. Dhull, Vikas 4482
Facile Analytical Methods to Determine the Purity of Titanium Tetrachloride. Lim, Dongwook; Kim, Sang-Deuk; Kong, Hyungseok; Nam, Daehyeon; Shim, Sang Eun; Baeck, Sung-Hyeon 3073
Gas Chromatography Coupled to High Resolution Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry as a High-Throughput Tool for Characterizing Geochemical Biomarkers in Sediments. Koolenfe, Hector Henrique Ferreira; Klitzke, Clecio Fernando; Binkley, Joe; Patrick, Jeffrey; de Alb 6464
Host-Guest Extraction of Heavy Metal Ions with p-t-Butylcalix[8]arene from Ammonia or Amine Solutions. Zahir, Hasan; Chowdhury, Shakhawat; Aziz, Abdul; Rahman, Mohammad Mizanur 7764
Inexpensive Bismuth-Film Electrode Supported on Pencil-Lead Graphite for Determination of Pb(II) and Cd(II) Ions by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry. Bedin, Karen C.; Mitsuyasu, Edson Y.; Ronix, Amanda; Cazetta, Andre L.; Pezoti, Osvaldo; Almeida, Vi 5739
Infant Exposure to Metals through Consumption of Formula Feeding in Mekelle, Ethiopia. Eticha, Tadele; Afrasa, Melat; Kahsay, Getu; Gebretsadik, Hailekiros 3271
Insights into Geographic and Temporal Variation in Fatty Acid Composition of Croton Nuts Using ATR-FTIR. Bower, Nathan W.; Brasuel, Murphy G.; Fahrenkrug, Eli; Cooney, Matthew D. 4994
Inter-Laboratory Validation of Method to Determine Residual Enrofloxacin in Chicken Meat. Chung, Joo Hee; Cho, Kun; Kim, Seongnyeon; Jeon, So Hyeon; Shin, Jeoung Hwa; Lee, Jueun; Ahn, Yun Gy 4625
Isocratic Resolution of Fluoroquinolone-Based Antibiotics on the Phenylethyl-Bonded Phase under Nonaqueous Elution: A Consideration of the Separation Mechanism. Gao, Yu-Xuan; Chen, Shushi 3991
LC-MS/MS Quantification of Tramadol and Gabapentin Utilizing Solid Phase Extraction. Nagaraju, Pappula; Kodali, Balaji; Datla, Peda Varma; Kovvasu, Surya Prakasarao 5884
Limiting the Growth of Water-Soluble, Monolayer-Protected Quantum Dots. Conner, Ava E.; Gordillo-Herrejon, Veronica; Francone, Sonia C.; Shriner, Emily A.; Acosta, Fernando 4809
Method Development for Assessing Carbamazepine, Caffeine, and Atrazine in Water Sources from the Brazilian Federal District Using UPLC-QTOF/MS. Sodre, Fernando F.; Cavalcanti, Cinthia M.P. 7117
Mid and Near-Infrared Reflection Spectral Database of Natural Organic Materials in the Cultural Heritage Field. Invernizzi, Claudia; Rovetta, Tommaso; Licchelli, Maurizio; Malagodi, Marco 10292
Molecular Distributions of Soluble Oxidation Products from Coals Characterized by Mass Spectrometers. Fan, Xing; Wang, Fei 4218
Multivariate Analysis of Fruit Antioxidant Activities of Blackberry Treated with 1-Methylcyclopropene or Vacuum Precooling. Li, Jian; Ma, Guowei; Ma, Lin; Bao, Xiaolin; Li, Liping; Zhao, Qian; Wang, Yousheng 3669
Optimum Extraction, Characterization, and Antioxidant Activities of Polysaccharides from Flowers of Dendrobium devonianum. Wang, Donghui; Fan, Bei; Wang, Yan; Zhang, Lijing; Wang, Fengzhong 4592
Performance Evaluation of STARPAM Polymer and Application in High Temperature and Salinity Reservoir. Zhang, Chengli; Wang, Peng; Song, Guoliang 5688
Preparation of Ampicillin Surface Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for Its Selective Recognition of Ampicillin in Eggs Samples. Tian, Yang; Wang, Yue; Wu, Shanshan; Sun, Zhian; Gong, Bolin 6229
Quantitative Detection of miRNA-21 Expression in Tumor Cells and Tissues Based on Molecular Beacon. Liu, Qingxin; Fan, Jialong; Zhou, Chuang; Wang, Liqun; Zhao, Bin; Zhang, Haibin; Liu, Bin; Tong, Chu 3599
Quantitative Determination of 18-[beta]-Glycyrrhetinic Acid in HepG2 Cell Line by High Performance Liquid Chromatography Method. Nocca, Giuseppina; Calla, Cinzia; Santini, Stefano Angelo; Amalfitano, Adriana; Marigo, Luca; Rosset 2904
Quantitative Determination of Chlormequat Chloride Residue in Wheat Using Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy. Weng, Shizhuang; Qiu, Mengqing; Dong, Ronglu; Wang, Fang; Zhao, Jinling; Huang, Linsheng; Zhang, Don 4842
Quantum Cascade Laser Infrared Spectroscopy for Online Monitoring of Hydroxylamine Nitrate. Morales-Rodriguez, Marissa E.; McFarlane, Joanna; Kidder, Michelle K. 5798
Rapid Screening of Volatile Organic Compounds from Aframomum danielli Seeds Using Headspace Solid Phase Microextraction Coupled to Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry. George, Mosotho J.; Njobeh, Patrick B.; Gbashi, Sefater; Adegoke, Gabriel O.; Dubery, Ian A.; Madala 5068
Rapid, Validated UPLC-MS/MS Method for Determination of Glibenclamide in Rat Plasma. Alam, Mohd Aftab; Jenoobi, Fahad Ibrahim Al-; Mohizea, Abdullah Mohammed Al- 4710
Recent Progress of Imprinted Nanomaterials in Analytical Chemistry. Kecili, Rustem; Hussain, Chaudhery Mustansar 10945
Rheological Behavior of Tomato Fiber Suspensions Produced by High Shear and High Pressure Homogenization and Their Application in Tomato Products. Wang, Yong; Sun, Ping; Li, He; Adhikari, Benu P.; Li, Dong 5957
Selective Preconcentration of Gold from Ore Samples. Refiker, Hurmus; Merdivan, Melek; Aygun, Ruveyde Sezer 6199
Selective Recognition of Myoglobin in Biological Samples Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-Based Affinity Traps. Kecili, Rustem 4851
Simultaneous Determination of Cr, As, Se, and Other Trace Metal Elements in Seawater by ICP-MS with Hybrid Simultaneous Preconcentration Combining Iron Hydroxide Coprecipitation and Solid Phase Extraction Using Chelating Resin. Itoh, Akihide; Ono, Masato; Suzuki, Kota; Yasuda, Takumi; Nakano, Kazuhiko; Kaneshima, Kimika; Inaba 5244
Simultaneous Determination of Nitroimidazoles and Quinolones in Honey by Modified QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS Analysis. Lei, Haiyan; Guo, Jianbo; Lv, Zhuo; Zhu, Xiaohong; Xue, Xiaofeng; Wu, Liming; Cao, Wei 4786
Structural Study of Europium Doped Gadolinium Polyphosphates LiGd[(P[O.sub.3]).sub.4] and Its Effect on Their Spectroscopic, Thermal, Magnetic, and Optical Properties. Hammami, Saoussen; Boudjada, Nassira Chniba; Megriche, Adel 6864
TEMPO-Functionalized Nanoporous Au Nanocomposite for the Electrochemical Detection of [H.sub.2][O.sub.2]. Wen, Dongxiao; Liu, Qianrui; Cui, Ying; Yang, Huaixia; Kong, Jinming 7092
The Activity Concentrations and Radium Equivalent Activity in Soil Samples Collected from the Eastern Part of Basrah Governorate in Southern Iraq. Ahmed, Rasha S.; Mohammed, Raghad S.; Abdaljalil, Rana O. 6126
The Application of a Desktop NMR Spectrometer in Drug Analysis. Zhong, Yonghong; Huang, Kejian; Luo, Qiulian; Yao, Suzhi; Liu, Xiaofeng; Yang, Ning; Lin, Cuiwu; Luo 4197
The Effects of Storage Conditions on Lycopene Content and Color of Tomato Hot Pot Sauce. Li, He; Zhang, Jian; Wang, Yong; Li, Jian; Yang, Yihe; Liu, Xinqi 5346
The Use of Dried Blood Spots for the Quantification of Antihypertensive Drugs. Chernonosov, Alexander 10478
Two-Dimensional Thin Layer Chromatography-Bioautography Designed to Separate and Locate Metabolites with Antioxidant Activity Contained on Spirulina platensis. Cid-Hernandez, Margarita; Dellamary-Toral, Fernando Antonio Lopez; Gonzalez-Ortiz, Luis Javier; Sanc 5654

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