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Articles from International Journal of Agriculture and Biology (August 31, 2016)

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Anti-hemolytic and Anti-cytotoxic Effect of Two Artemisia Species (A. campestris and A. herba-alba) Essential Oil against Snake Venom. Jaouadi, Ichrak; Abdelkafi-Koubaa, Zaineb; Riabi-Ayari, Sana; Hassen, Imed; Yakoubi, Mbarka Tej; Aye Report 5507
Calcium Carbide-induced Changes in Germination, Morpho-phenological and Yield Traits in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus). Shakar, Muhammad; Yaseen, Muhammad; Niaz, Abdullah; Mahmood, Rashid; Iqbal, Muhammad Mazhar; Naz, Ta Report 6226
Detection of Wheat Powdery Mildew by Differentiating Background Factors using Hyperspectral Imaging. Dongyan Zhang; Fenfang Lin; Yanbo Huang; Xiu Wang; Lifu Zhang Report 8384
Effect of Hexane and Ethanol Extracts of Ten Basil Genotypes on the Growth of Selected Bacterial Strains. Tabassum, Sobia; Amin, Farhana; Erum, Shazia; Javed, Hina; Kazmi, Faiza; Nisar, Muhammad Furrakh; Ul Report 3957
Effect of Manganese Application on PS-II Activity in Rice under Saline Conditions. Tabassam, Tauseef; Kanwal, Sadia; Naqvi, Syed Mohammad Saqlan; Ali, Arshad; Zaman, Badar-uz-; Akhter Report 5552
Effectiveness of Resistant Germplasm and Biological Control Agents as a Sustainable Management for Fusarium Wilt Disease on Chickpea. Mehmood, Yasir; Khan, M. Aslam Report 6764
Effects of Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum) Extract on the Growth, Immune Response and Disease Resistance against Streptococcus agalactiae of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). Panprommin, Dutrudi; Kaewpunnin, Wit; Insee, Danai Report 4472
Enhancing the Biocontrol Efficiency of Trichoderma harzianum JF419706 through Cell Wall Degrading Enzyme Production. Alamri, Saad; Mostafa, Yasser S.; Hashem, Mohamed; Alrumman, Sulaiman Report 5636
Evaluation of Aqueous Extracts of Moringa Leaf and Flower Applied through Medium Supplementation for Reducing Heat Stress Induced Oxidative Damage in Maize. Batool, Asima; Wahid, Abdul; Farooq, Muhammad Report 4913
Field Performance and Genetic Diversity of Chickpea Genotypes. Khan, Muhammad A.; Ammar, Megahed H.; Migdadi, Hussein M.; El-Harty, Ehab H.; Alfaifi, Suliman A.; F Report 4554
First record of Macrocheles matrius (Hull, 1925) (Acari: Macrochelidae) from Turkey. Qayyoum, Muhammad A.; Khan, Bilal S.; Bashir, Muhammad H.; Sahi, Shahbaz T.; Ozman-Sullivan, Sebahat Report 2452
Identification and S-metolachlor-safening Effects of Compounds Extracted from Ligusticum chuanxiong on Rice. Jingbo Li; Wei Zheng; Yanhui Wang; Hailin Cai; Chenzhong Jin; Xiu Liu; Lianyang Bai Report 4111
In vitro Study of Interactive Effect of Cadmium and Salicylic Acid on Growth and Biochemical Parameters in Tetra and Hexaploid Wheat. Zafar, Sadia Noureen; Javed, Farrukh Report 5007
Influence of Seed Priming and Seed Size on Wheat Performance under Different Tillage Systems. Haider, Muhammad Umar; Hussain, Mubshar; Khan, Muhammad Bismillah; Ijaz, Muhammad; Sattar, Abdul; Ak Report 5418
Influence of Various Tillage Practices on Soil Physical Properties and Wheat Performance in Different Wheat-based Cropping Systems. Shahzad, Muhammad; Farooq, Muhammad; Jabran, Khawar; Yasir, Tauqeer Ahmad; Hussain, Mubshar Report 5960
Monitoring of Growth, Yield, Biomass and Heavy Metals Accumulation in Spinach Grown under Different Irrigation Sources. Naz, Safina; Anjum, Muhammad Akbar; Akhtar, Saeed Report 7911
Morpho-physiological Modulations in Rice (Oryza sativa) by Foliar Application of Phospholipase-C Inhibitor Neomycine under Saline Conditions. Masood, Atifa; Shahbaz, Muhammad Report 6962
NIAB-2008: A New High Yielding and Long Staple Cotton Mutant Developed through Pollen Irradiation Technique. Haidar, Sajjad; Aslam, Muhammad Report 6255
Optimum Screening Time for Improved WBPH-Associated QTL Analysis in Rice. Sopheap Yun; Gyu-Ho Lee; Kyung-Min Kim Report 5823
Physiological Basis of Improved Performance of Super Rice (Oryza sativa) to Deep Placed Fertilizer with Precision Hill-drilling Machine. Kargbo, M.B.; Pan, Shenggang; Mo, Zhaowen; Wang, Zaiman; Luo, Xiwen; Hua Tian; Hossain, Faruque; Ash Report 7013
Precision Planting Patterns Effect on Growth, Photosynthetic Characteristics and Yield of Winter Wheat under Deficit Irrigation. Han, Y.Y.; Wang, X.Y.; Zhou, X.B. Report 4451
Producing Transgenic Thompson Seedless Grape (Vitis vinifera) Plants using Agrobacterium tumefaciens. Metwali, Ehab M.R.; Soliman, Hemaid I.A.; Almaghrabi, Omar A.; Kaddasa, Naif M. Report 8098
Purification and Biochemical Characterization of a Pathogenesis Related Endochitinase Arachis hypogaea. Younas, Arifa; Saleem, Mahjabeen; Tariq, Hina; Arooj, Burarah; Akhthar, Muhammad Saleem; Tahira, Rif Report 6248
Seasonal Variation in Leaf Growth and Antioxidant Content of Moringa oleifera Cultivated at Buenos Aires, Argentina. Arena, Miriam Elisabet; Radice, Silvia Report 5026
Sonoporation of Ganoderma lucidum Mycelium for High Biomass and Exopolysaccharide Productivity in Submerged Culture. Shengrong Liu; Weirui Zhang; Yunbo Kuang; Shengyang Zheng Report 5069
Tetracycline Accumulation in Pea Seedlings and its Effects on Proteome and Enzyme Activities. Margas, Malgorzata; Piotrowicz-Cieslak, Agnieszka I.; Ziolkowska, Aleksandra; Adomas, Barbara Report 6852
The Impact of Gamma Radiation on Crude Oil Yield and Chemical Composition of Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba)-Arizona A42 Seeds. Vaizogullar, Havser Ertem; Kara, Yesim Report 3017
The Symbiotic Efficiency of Legume Tree Rhizobia for Host Range Legumes in Central Saudi Arabia. Shetta, N.D.; Alshahrani, T.S. Report 5354
Varied Patterns of Sprouting and Nutrient Status of Sugarcane Sprouts in Simulated and Natural Saline/Sodic Soils Across two Growing Seasons. Maqbool, Nazimah; Wahid, Abdul; Basra, Shahzad M.A. Report 5809
Vegetation Dynamics of Anthropogenically Disturbed Ecosystem in Hilly Areas around Sargodha, Pakistan. Iqbal, Muhammad; Iftikhar, Mishal; Ahmad, Muhammad Sajid Aqeel; Hameed, Mansoor; Noreen, Attia; Ikra Report 5222

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