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Articles from International Journal of Agriculture and Biology (February 28, 2014)

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Alleviating the Deleterious Effects of Water Salinity on Greenhouse Grown Tomato. Feleafel, Mostafa Nabawy; Mirdad, Zohair Mahmoud Report 5505
An Experimental Study of Variety Screening, Sequential Cropping, Compaction and Mixed Cropping Techniques for the Cultivation of Annual Forage Crops in Agro-pastoral Area of Tibet, China. Guo-Wen Cui; Hong-Ying Li; Tao Sun; Zha Wang; Lin-Qiao Xi Report 5559
Assessment of the Hazardous Effects of Cd on Physiological and Biochemical Characteristics of Soybean Genotypes. Shamsi, Imran Haiderm; Guoping Zhang; Hongliang Hu; Qiaoyun Xue; Qiufang Shen; Hussain, Nazim; Ali, Report 6643
Basal Susceptibility of Tomato Varieties against Different Isolates of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici. Akram, Waheed; Anjum, Tehmina; Ahmad, Aqeel Report 4723
Can Catalase and Exopolysaccharides Producing Rhizobia Ameliorate Drought Stress in Wheat? Hussain, Muhammad Baqir; Zahir, Zahir Ahmad; Asghar, Hafiz Naeem; Asgher, Muhammad Report 9815
Culture Independent Analysis of Respiratory Microbiome of Houbara Bustard (Chlamydotis undulata) Revealed Organisms of Public Health Significance. Shabbir, Muhammad Zubair; Park, JiHye; Muhammad, Khushi; Rabbani, Masood; Rana, Muhammad Younus Report 2922
Delineation of Management Zones and Response of Spring Wheat (Triticum aestivum) to Irrigation and Nutrient Levels in Saudi Arabia. Patil, Virupakshagouda C.; Al-Gaadi, Khalid A.; Madugundu, Rangaswamy; Tola, ElKamil H.M.; Marey, Sa Report 5916
Dietary Supplementation with Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) Seed: Effect on Growth Performance, Circulating Metabolic Substrates, and Lipid Profile of the Liver and Visceral Adipose Tissue in Healthy Female Rats. Nyakudya, Trevor; Makaula, Siyanda; Mkumla, Nompilo; Erlwanger, Kennedy Report 5332
Effect of Confinement on Water-borne and Whole Body Cortisol in Wild and Captive-reared Rainbowfish (Melanoteania duboulayi). Zuberi, Amina; Brown, Culum; Ali, Sinan Report 5361
Effect of Cover Crops on Weed Community and Oil Palm Yield. Samedani, Batoul; Juraimi, Abdul Shukor; Abdullah, Sheikh Awadz Sheikh; Rafii, Mohd Y.; Rahim, Anuar Report 8059
Effect of Dietary Enrichment with Canola Oil on Glucose Tolerance, Tissue Glycogen Content and Viscera in Coturnix cortunix Japonica. Lembede, Busisani Wiseman; Magubane, Mhlengi Mthokozisi; Donaldson, Janine; Erlwanger, Kennedy Honey Report 6795
Effect of Physicochemical Parameters on Lipase Production by Penicillium fellutanum using Canola Seed Oil Cake as Substrate. Amin, Misbah; Bhatti, Haq Nawaz Report 4976
Enhanced Somatic Embryogenesis and Agrobacterium-Mediated Transformation of three Cultivars of Tomato by Exogenous Application of Putrescine. Um-e-Ammara; Al-Maskri, Ahmad Yahya; Khan, Akhtar Jamal; Al-Sadi, Abdullah Mohammed Report 6468
Establishment and Optimization of Callus-to-Plant Regeneration System using Mature and Immature Embryos of Maize (Zea mays). Ali, Fawad; Ahsan, Muhammmad; Saeed, Nasir Ahmed; Ahmed, Mudassir; Ali, Qurban; Kanwal, Naila; Tehse Report 4546
Estimation of Tannins in Different Sorghum Varieties and Their Effects on Nutrient Digestibility and Absorption of Some Minerals in Caged White Leghorn Layers. Mahmood, Sultan; Ali, Hassan; Ahmad, Fawwad; Iqbal, Zafar Report 4022
Evaluation of Conidial Viability of Entomopathogenic Fungi as Influenced by Temperature and Additive. Hsia, Ivy Chai Ching; Islam, Touhidul; Ibrahim, Yusof; How, Tan Yee; Omar, Dzolkhifli Report 5492
Evaluation of Diversity and the Relationship of Avena Species Based on Agronomic Characters. Xue-Qin Tang; Hong-Hai Yan; Zhi-Ying Wang; Wei Li; Yu-Ming Wei; Chang-Zhong Ren; Gang Zhao; Yuan-Yin Report 6093
Factors Analysis in Protoplast Isolation and Regeneration from a Chalkbrood Fungus, Ascosphaera apis. Wubie, Abebe J.; Hu, Y.; Li, W.; Huang, J.; Guo, Z.; Xu, S.; Zhou, T. Report 6387
Genetic Diversity in Three River Populations of the Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) in Bangladesh Assessed by Microsatellite DNA Markers. Khan, Sadequr Rahman; Akter, Habiba; Sultana, Nargis; Khan, Golam Quader; Wahab, Abdul; Alam, Samsul Report 5154
Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Pregnant Women in Lahore, Pakistan: An Analytical Cross Sectional Study. Akhtar, Abdul Majeed; Khan, M.Athar; Ijaz, Tayyaba; Maqbool, Azhar; Iqbal, Zafar; Rehman, Abdul; Maj Report 3426
High Efficiency DNA Transformation Protocol for Escherichia coli using Combination of Physico-chemical Methods. Janjua, Safia; Younis, Sidra; Deeba, Farah; Naqvi, S.M. Saqlan Report 6019
Influence of Organic Nitrogen on the Snap Bean Grown in Sandy Soil. Feleafel, Mostafa Nabawy; Mirdad, Zohair Mahmoud Report 6487
International Journal of Agriculture and Biology: Fifteen Years of Struggle and Excellence. Wahid, Abdul; Basra, Shahzad M.A.; Farooq, Muhammad; Iqbal, Zafar 385
Irrigation Amounts Affect the Compositional Changes of Moringa oleifera Seeds throughout Different Developmental Stages. Muhl, Quintin E.; Du Toit, Elsa S.; Steyn, Joachim M. Report 4552
Molecular and Biochemical Screening of Local Aspergillus niger Strains Efficient in Catalase and Laccase Enzyme Production. Ishfaq, Muhammad; Mahmood, Nasir; Nasir, Idrees Ahmad; Saleem, Muhammad Report 3839
Molecular Basis of Tetracycline Resistance in Escherichia coli Isolates Recovered from Poultry Drinking Water. Naseer, Hira; Firyal, Sehrish; Yaqub, Tahir; Tayyab, Muhammad; Anjum, Aftab Ahmad; Zahoor, Muhammad Report 2492
Molecular Epidemiology of Mycoplasma gallisepticum in Different Types of Chickens. Hassan, Shamsul; Mukhtar, Nasir; Rahman, Sajjad Ur; Mian, Asghar Ali Report 4685
Organogenesis Induction and Acclimatization of African Blue Lily (Agapanthus praecox ssp. minimus). Yaacob, Jamilah Syafawati; Taha, Rosna Mat; Mohajer, Sadegh Report 6434
Over-expression of GmWRKY111 Enhances NaCl Tolerance of Salt- Sensitive Genotype of Glycine max. Zhao Long Xu; JinXin Yi; Ling Xu; Xiao Qing Liu; XiaoLan He; Yi Hong Huang; Hong Xiang Ma; Da Yong Z Report 4514
Phenotypic Response of Rice (Oryza sativa) Genotypes to Variable. Sabar, Muhammad; Arif, Muhammad Report 8762
Role of Mineral Metabolism and some Physiological Factors in Resistance against Urdbean Leaf Crinkle Virus in Blackgram Genotypes. Ashfaq, Muhammad; Khan, Muhammad Aslam; Mukhtar, Tariq; Sahi, Shahbaz Talib Report 4767
Screening Wetland Plants for Nutrient Uptake and Bioenergy Feedstock Production. Fengliang Zhao; Chunfa Liu; Zheli Ding; Zheng Zeng; Xiaoe Yang; Rafiq, Muhammad T.; Aziz, Rukhsanda Report 2710
Turfgrass Management Duration and Intensities Influence Soil Microbial Dynamics and Carbon Sequestration. Yi Wang; Cong Tu; Chunyue Li; Xingchang Zhang; Shuijin Hu; Tredway, Lane; Lee, David; Snell, Mark Report 5017

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