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Articles from International Journal of Agriculture and Biology (August 31, 2012)

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Analysis and Delineation of Spatial Variability using Geo-sensed Apparent Electrical Conductivity and Clustering Techniques. Bansod, Babankumar S.; Pandey, O.P.; Rajesh, N.L. Report 6387
Appraisal of an Important Flavonoid, Quercetin, in Callus Cultures of Citrullus colocynthis. Tanveer, Hina; Ali, Safdar; Asi, Muhammad Rafique Report 3933
Chemical Composition, Antimicrobial Properties and Toxicity of Jatropha curcas Provenances from Diverse Origins. Lasalita-Zapico, Florence C.; Aguilar, Catherine Hazel M.; Madas, Jeanette B.; Eroy, Marianita N. Report 2762
Comparison of Antimicrobial Activity of Echinops viscosus Subsp. Bithynicus and E. microcephalus Leaves and Flowers Extracts from Turkey. Toroglu, Sevil; Keskin, Dilek; Vural, Cem; Kertmen, Metin; Cenet, Menderes Report 3348
Delay in Planting Decreases Wheat Productivity. Hussain, Mubshar; Farooq, Muhammad; Shabir, Ghulam; Khan, Muhammad Bismillah; Zia, Abu Bakar; Dong-J Report 5822
Determination of Organics, Phenolics, Sugars and Vitamin C Contents of some Cherry Cultivars (Prunus avium). Gundogdu, Muttalip; Bilge, Ugur Report 3776
Development of Head Smut Resistance-linked Sequence Characterized Amplified Regions Markers in Sorghum. Yueying Li; Jianqiu Zou; Lianju Ma; Chunyan Ma; Xuemei Li; Dan Lu Report 2845
Effect of Graded Dietary Substitution of Soyabean Meal with Large Sour Plum (Ximenia caffra) Seed Meal on Erythrocyte Osmotic Fragility and the Packed Cell Volume of Growing Male Sprague Dawley Rats. Report 3249
Effects of Dietary Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) Leaf Powder on Growth Performance, Body Components and Digestive System of Broiler Chicks. Duru, Metin Report 3738
Evaluation of Bacillus thuringiensis aizawai and Neem for Controlling the Larvae of the Greater Wax Moth, Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Basedow, T.; El Shafie, H.A.F.; Abo-El-Saad, M.M.; Al Ajlan, A.M. Report 3281
Evaluation of Energy Efficient Zone Disk Drill for Sowing Wheat after Harvesting Paddy Crop. Iqbal, M.; Munir, A.; Ahmad, M.; Hussain, K.A.; Umair, M. Report 2889
Evaluation of Eucalyptus camaldulensis against Fusarium solani. Bashir, Uzma; Tahira, Justina Jane Report 2325
Evaluation of Sugar Beet Hybrid Varieties under Thal-Kumbi Soil Series of Pakistan. Ahmad, Sagheer; Zubair, Muhammad; Iqbal, Nasir; Cheema, Nasir Mahmood; Mahmood, Khalid Report 3495
Fungal Incidence, Aflatoxin B1, Tocopherols and Fatty Acids Dynamics in Ground and Tree Nuts during Storage at Two Moisture Levels. Jubeen, Farhat; Bhatti, Ijaz A.; Maqbool, Uzma; Mehboob, Sadia Report 6442
Host Plant Resistance and Population Dynamics on Different Genotypes of Cabbage against Diamondback Moth, Plutella xylostella in Faisalabad, Pakistan. Akhtar, Yasmin; Ashfaq, Muhammad; Suhail, Anjum; Khan, Rashid Ahmad Report 2193
Improvement of the Nutritional Quality of Cottonseed Meal by Bacillus subtilis and the Addition of Papain. Hong Sun; Jiang-Wu Tang; Xiao-Hong Yao; Yi-Fei Wu; Xin Wang; Jie Feng Report 4868
Influence of Plant Population and Seed Tuber Size on Growth and Yield Components of Potato (Solanum tuberosum). Masarirambi, Michael T.; Mandisodza, Farai C.; Mashingaidze, Arnold B.; Bhebhe, Evison Report 6466
Interaction between AhMTP1s, Potential Candidate for Zinc Biofortication of Cereals, for their Functioning. Shahzad, Zaigham; Gosti, Francoise; Berthomieu, Pierre Report 1600
Interactive Effects of Meloidogyne incognita, Salinity and Seasonal Length on Productivity and Growth of Pepper in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Aluvilu, Anastatia; Mashela, Phatu; Pofu, Kgabo Report 5498
Modeling Water Retention Capacity and Hydraulic Properties of a Manure-amended Loam Soil and its Effect on Wheat and Maize Yield. Tahir, Muhammad; Anwar-Ul-Hassan; Zahir, Zahir Ahmad; Khalil-Ur-Rehman Report 4713
Net Primary Productivity of Southeast Anatolia Region (SAR) in Turkey. Sakin, Erdal Report 3602
Passive Surveillance of Anti-Hepatitis C Virus Antibodies in Human Subjects of Four Medical Units of Balochistan, Pakistan. Mengal, Mohammad Alam; Abbas, Ferhat; Mengal, Mohammad Azam; Shafee, Muhammad; Babar, Shakeel; Menga Report 4113
Performance of some Bread Wheat Genotypes under Organic and Conventional Production Systems. Gevrek, Mithat Nuri; Atasoy, Gulden Deniz Report 3532
Photosynthetic and Biochemical Properties (Origanum onites) Clones. Tatar, Ozgur; Sonmez, Cigdem; Atasoy, Gulden Deniz Report 2722
Phyto-characteristics, Cultivation and Medicinal Prospects of Chinese Jiaotou (Allium chinense). Bah, Amadou A.; Feng Wang; Zuhui Huang; Shamsi, Imran Haider; Qichun Zhang; Jilani, Ghulam; Hussain, Report 6451
Prediction of Body Weight from Testicular and Morphological Characteristics in Indigenous Mengali Sheep of Pakistan using Factor Analysis Scores in Multiple Linear Regression Analysis. Tariq, Mohammad Masood; Eyduran, Ecevit; Bajwa, Masroor Ahmad; Waheed, Abdul; Iqbal, Farhat; Javed, Report 4073
Quality Evaluation of Pomegranate Crop - A review. Mir, M.M.; Umar, I.; Mir, S.A.; Rehman, M.U.; Rather, G.H.; Banday, S.A. Report 9691
Quality Profiles of Cultivated and Wild Bush Tea (Athrixia phylicoides) Harvested at Various Phenological Stages. Maudu, Mpho E.; Mudau, Fhatuwani N.; Mariga, Irvine K. Report 3719
Red Sour Plum (Ximenia caffra) Seed: A Potential Non-conventional Energy and Protein Source for Livestock Feeds. Chivandi, Eliton; Davidson, Bruce Clement; Erlwanger, Kennedy Honey Report 4186
Responses of Glutamine Synthetase-Glutamate Synthase Cycle Enzymes in Tomato Leaves under Salinity Stress. Hossain, M.A.; Uddin, M.K.; Ismail, M. Razi; Ashrafuzzaman, M. Report 5847
Seeding Density and Herbicide Tank Mixtures Furnish Better Weed Control and Improve Growth, Yield and Quality of Direct Seeded Fine Rice. Khaliq, Abdul; Matloob, Amar; Mahmood, Saqib; Abbas, Rana Nadeem; Khan, Muhammad Bismillah Report 3895
Selection of Pakistani and CIMMYT Wheat Lines for Better Grain Yield and Quality. Sajjad, Muhammad; Khan, Sultan Habibullah; Maqbool, Rizwana; Ather, Asma; Iqbal, Nayyer Report 4068
Somaclonal Variation for Development of Salt Tolerance in Selected Wheat (Triticum aestivum) Cultivars. Akhtar, Saleem; Niaz, Mubashir; Sajir-Ur-Rahman; Younas, Muhammad; Iqbal, Muhammad Zaffar Report 4289
Sowing Date and Plant Population Effects on Seed Yield of Cucurbita pepo. Report 2848
Studies on Cotton Mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis (Pseudococcidae: Homoptera), and its Natural Enemies in Punjab, Pakistan. ArifF, Muhammad Iqbal; Rafiq, Muhammad; Wazir, Shabana; Mehmood, Nasir; Ghaffar, Abdul Report 3903
The Effect of Difference in Environmental Colors on Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Production Efficiency. Elnwishy, Nagwa; Sabri, Dalia; Nwonwu, Francis Report 3876
The SnRK Protein Kinase Family and the Function of SnRK1 Protein Kinase. Dong Xue-Fei; Cui Na; Wang Li; Zhao Xiao-Cui; Qu Bo; Li Tian-Lai; Zhang Guo-Liang Report 4078

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