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Articles from International Journal of Aerospace Engineering (November 30, 2019)

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A Research Study for the Design of a Portable and Configurable Ground Test System for the A400M Aircraft. Larios, Diego F.; Barbancho, Julio; Biscarri, Felix; Monedero, Inigo 9185
A Study on the Separation Length of Shock Wave/Turbulent Boundary Layer Interaction. Zhou, Yong-Yi; Zhao, Yi-Long; Zhao, Yu-Xin 5036
Aeroacoustic Investigation of Passive and Active Control on Cavity Flowfields Using Delayed Detached Eddy Simulation. Liu, Yu; Shi, Yong; Tong, Mingbo; Zhao, Fei; Chen, Binqi 4608
An Analytical Method for Calculating Short-Term Space Interception Probability. Ding, Wenzhe; Li, Xinhong; Yang, Hong; Zhang, Zhibin; An, Jiping 10145
Conceptual Design of an Unmanned Fixed-Wing Aerial Vehicle Based on Alternative Energy. Escobar-Ruiz, Alan G.; Lopez-Botello, Omar; Reyes-Osorio, Luis; Zambrano-Robledo, Patricia; Amezquit 5012
Design of Motion Controller for Satellite-Borne Data Transmission Antenna. Li, Lijiao; Shi, Ran; Zhang, Xiaohui; Ma, Jiyu; Zhang, Jun 6181
Dynamical Modelling and Robust Control for an Unmanned Aerial Robot Using Hexarotor with 2-DOF Manipulator. Ding, Li; Wu, Hongtao 5685
Effects of Oxygen Content on the Ablation Behavior of Silicone Rubber-Based Insulation Material. Shi, Yi-Ang; Zha, Bai-Lin; Su, Qing-Dong; Jia, Xu-Dong 4215
Eu:CROPIS AIV Program: Challenges and Solutions for a Spin-Stabilized Satellite Containing Biology. Delovski, Toni; Duvel, Catherin; Greif, Fabian; Heidecker, Ansgar; Kottmeier, Sebastian; Mierheim, O 10736
Flight Safety Assessment Based on a Modified Human Reliability Quantification Method. Guo, Yundong; Sun, Youchao; Yang, Xiufang; Wang, Zongpeng 7727
Low-Thrust Trajectory Design Using Finite Fourier Series Approximation of Pseudoequinoctial Elements. Zhou, Wanmeng; Li, Haiyang; Wang, Hua; Ding, Ran 9883
Maintaining Specific Natural Frequency of Damped System despite Mass Modification. Zhu, Rui; Fei, Qingguo; Jiang, Dong; Cao, Zhifu 5961
Nonlinear System Identification of Folding Fins with Freeplay Using Direct Parameter Estimation. Ma, Zhi-Sai; Wang, Bo; Zhang, Xin; Ding, Qian 4201
PB: A Message Transmission Method Based on Area Layer Division in UAV Networks. Wang, Lisong; Zhu, Feifei; Zhou, Qing; Li, Kui; Liu, Liang 10695
Reliability Model of the Fly-By-Wire System Based on Stochastic Petri Net. Lu, Zhong; Zhang, Zhiwen; Zhuang, Lu; Zhou, Jia 6473
Response of Aeroengine with Fusing Design Suffering FBO. Ma, Chi; Chen, Wei; Liu, Lulu; Zhao, Zhenhua; Luo, Gang 8389
Similarity Design Method of the Inflatable Buffer Landing System. He, Cheng; He, Huan; Wang, Tao 4425
Static Aeroelastic Characteristics of Morphing Trailing-Edge Wing Using Geometrically Exact Vortex Lattice Method. Mao, Sen; Xie, Changchuan; Yang, Lan; Yang, Chao 8071
Study on Initial Disturbance of Airborne Missile's Horizontal Backward Derailment under Continuous Gust. Pan, Xiao; Jiang, Yi; Wei, Xinlin; Li, Mingjun 5536
Trajectory Planning Based on Screw Theory with Consideration of the Optimal Berth Position for a Space Robot. Wang, Yong; Liao, Ying; Gong, Kejie 6838

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