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Articles from International Journal of Aerospace Engineering (January 1, 2017)

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[H.sub.[infinity]] Networked Cascade Control System Design for Turboshaft Engines with Random Packet Dropouts. Liu, Xiaofeng; Sun, Xu Report 4288
A Highly Accurate Approach for Aeroelastic System with Hysteresis Nonlinearity. Cui, C.C.; Xie, S.X.; Huang, X.C.; Liu, J.K.; Chen, Y.M. Report 4956
A Modified Pareto Ant Colony Optimization Approach to Solve Biobjective Weapon-Target Assignment Problem. Li, You; Kou, Yingxin; Li, Zhanwu; Xu, An; Chang, Yizhe Report 8796
A Novel Double Cluster and Principal Component Analysis-Based Optimization Method for the Orbit Design of Earth Observation Satellites. Dong, Yunfeng; Wei, Xiaona; Tian, Lu; Liu, Fengrui; Xu, Guangde Report 8628
A Novel Highly Accurate Finite-Element Family. Bernardini, Giovanni; Cetta, Fabio; Morino, Luigi Report 12566
A Novel Technique to Compute the Revisit Time of Satellites and Its Application in Remote Sensing Satellite Optimization Design. Luo, Xin; Wang, Maocai; Dai, Guangming; Chen, Xiaoyu Report 6317
A Shape-Based Method for Continuous Low-Thrust Trajectory Design between Circular Coplanar Orbits. Fang, Qun; Wang, Xuefeng; Sun, Chong; Yuan, Jianping Report 5822
Airborne Position and Orientation System for Aerial Remote Sensing. Li, Jianli; Fang, Jiancheng; Lu, Zhaoxing; Bai, Lijian Report 5934
An Approach to Mathematical Modeling and Estimation of Probe-Drogue Docking Success Probability for UAV Autonomous Aerial Refueling. Wang, Xufeng; Li, Jianmin; Kong, Xingwei; Dong, Xinmin; Zhang, Bo Report 8127
An Efficient Energy Constraint Based UAV Path Planning for Search and Coverage. Gramajo, German; Shankar, Praveen Report 7805
An Optical Fiber Measurement System for Blade Tip Clearance of Engine. Binghui, Jia; Lei, He Report 4205
Analysis on Aircraft Brake Squeal Problem Based on Finite Element Method. Zhang, Ming; Xu, Ran; Nie, Hong Report 6000
Analytical Approach for Orbital Evasion with Space Geometry Considered. Yu, Dateng; Wang, Hua; Guo, Shuai; Wang, Hongyu Report 5671
Anti-Unwinding Attitude Control with Fixed-Time Convergence for a Flexible Spacecraft. Pukdeboon, Chutiphon; Jitpattanakul, Anuchit Report 7532
Application of Probabilistic and Nonprobabilistic Hybrid Reliability Analysis Based on Dynamic Substructural Extremum Response Surface Decoupling Method for a Blisk of the Aeroengine. Bai, Bin; Zhang, Wei; Li, Botong; Li, Chao; Bai, Guangchen Report 6461
Architecture Level Safety Analyses for Safety-Critical Systems. Kushal, K.S.; Nanda, Manju; Jayanthi, J. Report 4049
Assessment of Helicopter Pilot-in-the-Loop Models. Gennaretti, Massimo; Porcacchia, Federico; Migliore, Simone; Serafini, Jacopo Report 8134
Autonomous Orbit Determination for Lagrangian Navigation Satellite Based on Neural Network Based State Observer. Gao, Youtao; Zhao, Tanran; Jin, Bingyu; Chen, Junkang; Xu, Bo Report 4168
Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking with Nonfull Field of View for Tethered Space Robot. Huang, Panfeng; Chen, Lu; Zhang, Bin; Meng, Zhongjie; Liu, Zhengxiong Report 6545
Bifurcation Analysis with Aerodynamic-Structure Uncertainties by the Nonintrusive PCE Method. Wang, Linpeng; Dai, Yuting; Yang, Chao Report 7237
CFD Simulations of a Finned Projectile with Microflaps for Flow Control. Sahu, Jubaraj Report 9170
Characterization of the Aerodynamic Ground Effect and Its Influence in Multirotor Control. Sanchez-Cuevas, Pedro; Heredia, Guillermo; Ollero, Anibal Report 8862
Concise Neural Nonaffine Control of Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicles Subject to Parametric Uncertainties. Bu, Xiangwei; Wang, Qiong; Zhao, Yan; He, Guangjun Report 7222
Deformation Measuring Methods Based on Inertial Sensors for Airborne Distributed POS. Gong, Xiaolin; Liu, Haojie; Yan, Xing-Gang Report 6410
Design of Meteorological Element Detection Platform for Atmospheric Boundary Layer Based on UAV. Zhang, Yonghong; Dong, Tiantian; Liu, Yunping Report 5467
Design of Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop TV Guidance System Simulation Platform. Chen, Zhongyuan; Liu, Xiaoming; Chen, Wanchun Report 6299
Designing a Control System for an Airplane Wing Flutter Employing Gas Actuators. Ansari, A.R.; Novinzadeh, A.R.B. Report 3961
Development of Dual Power Multirotor System. Lin, Chin E.; Supsukbaworn, Thanakorn Report 10593
Drilling Load Model of an Inchworm Boring Robot for Lunar Subsurface Exploration. Zhang, Weiwei; Jiang, Shengyuan; Tang, Dewei; Chen, Huazhi; Liang, Jieneng Report 6577
Edge Detection in UAV Remote Sensing Images Using the Method Integrating Zernike Moments with Clustering Algorithms. Huang, Liang; Yu, Xueqin; Zuo, Xiaoqing Report 4013
Effects of Active and Passive Control Techniques on Mach 1.5 Cavity Flow Dynamics. Aradag, Selin; Gelisli, Kubra Asena; Yaldir, Elcin Ceren Report 7024
Efficient Energy Flight Path Planning Algorithm Using 3-D Visibility Roadmap for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Ahmad, Zahoor; Ullah, Farman; Tran, Cong; Lee, Sungchang Report 6718
Efficient Method for Aeroelastic Tailoring of Composite Wing to Minimize Gust Response. Yu, Yang; Wang, Zhengjie; Guo, Shijun Report 6759
Error Analysis and Error Allocation for Turntable Systems Used in GyroWheel Calibration Tests. Zhao, Yuyu; Zhao, Hui; Huo, Xin; Yao, Yu Report 6361
Experimental Design Validation of Tilting Calibration Mechanism by Using Shape Memory Alloy Spring Actuator. Oh, Hyun-Ung; Lee, Myeong-Jae; Kim, Taegyu Report 5613
Experimental Investigation of Brazilian 14-X B Hypersonic Scramjet Aerospace Vehicle. de Araujo Martos, Joao Felipe; Rego, Israel da Silveira; Laiton, Sergio Nicholas Pachon; Lima, Bruno Report 4342
Experimental Investigation on the Feasibility of Using a Fresnel Lens as a Solar-Energy Collection System for Enhancing On-Orbit Power Generation Performance. Park, Tae-Yong; Jung, Joo-Yong; Oh, Hyun-Ung Report 7675
Experimental Study of the Swirling Oxidizer Flow in HTPB/[N.sub.2]O Hybrid Rocket Motor. Heydari, Mohammad Mahdi; Massoom, Nooredin Ghadiri Report 5495
Experimental Study on Aerodynamic Heating Induced by Dual Injections into Hypersonic Cross Flow. Taguchi, Masato; Mori, Koichi; Nakamura, Yoshiaki Report 6895
Experimental Validation of Fly-Wheel Passive Launch and On-Orbit Vibration Isolation System by Using a Superelastic SMA Mesh Washer Isolator. Kwon, Seong-Cheol; Jo, Mun-Shin; Oh, Hyun-Ung Report 8914
Flight Loads Prediction of High Aspect Ratio Wing Aircraft Using Multibody Dynamics. Castellani, Michele; Cooper, Jonathan E.; Lemmens, Yves Report 8878
GA-ARMA Model for Predicting IGS RTS Corrections. Kim, Mingyu; Kim, Jeongrae Report 4248
Hybrid Reliability Analysis for Spacecraft Docking Lock with Random and Interval Uncertainty. Zhang, Jianguo; Qiu, Jiwei; Wang, Pidong Report 6036
Improvement of Carrier Phase Tracking Based on a Joint Vector Architecture. Chen, Shaohua; Gao, Yang Report 5050
Integrated 6-DOF Orbit-Attitude Dynamical Modeling and Control Using Geometric Mechanics. Jiang, Ling; Wang, Yue; Xu, Shijie Report 6951
Ionospheric Gradient Threat Mitigation in Future Dual Frequency GBAS. Felux, Michael; Circiu, Mihaela-Simona; Lee, Jiyun; Holzapfel, Florian Report 6870
Learning Control of Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using Fuzzy Neural Networks. Kayacan, Erdal; Khanesar, Mojtaba Ahmadieh; Rubio-Hervas, Jaime; Reyhanoglu, Mahmut Report 6415
Mars Atmospheric Entry Integrated Navigation with Partial Intermittent Measurements. Lou, Tai-shan; Wang, Yan; Ding, Guo-qiang; Zhao, Liang-yu Report 7530
Mission Overview and Initial Observation Results of the X-Ray Pulsar Navigation-I Satellite. Zhang, Xinyuan; Shuai, Ping; Huang, Liangwei; Chen, Shaolong; Xu, Lihong Report 2943
Modified Regression Rate Formula of PMMA Combustion by a Single Plane Impinging Jet. Matsuoka, Tsuneyoshi; Kamei, Kyohei; Nakamura, Yuji; Nagata, Harunori Report 5329
Nonlinear Material Behavior Analysis under High Compression Pressure in Dynamic Conditions. Zahid, Muhammad Zubair; Butt, Shahid Ikramullah; Iqbal, Tauqeer; Ejaz, Syed Zohaib; Faping, Zhang Report 7376
Nonlinear Output Regulation with Input Delay and Application in AHV Attitude Control. Cai, Liang; Wu, Qingxian Report 7952
Novel Fractional Order Calculus Extended PN for Maneuvering Targets. Ye, Jikun; Lei, Humin; Li, Jiong Report 5548
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Wrinkling Pattern for Aerospace Laminated Membrane Structures. Hong, Yihong; Yao, Wenjuan; Xu, Yan Report 6180
Numerical Simulation of Projectile Oblique Impact on Microspacecraft Structure. Zhang, Zhiyuan; Chi, Runqiang; Pang, Baojun; Guan, Gongshun Report 4613
Numerical Simulations of the Flame of a Single Coaxial Injector. Zhukov, Victor P.; Feil, Markus Report 7446
Optimal Trajectory Determination and Mission Design for Asteroid/Deep-Space Exploration via Multibody Gravity Assist Maneuvers. Fritz, Sean; Turkoglu, Kamran Report 7348
PCA-Based Line Detection from Range Data for Mapping and Localization-Aiding of UAVs. Opromolla, Roberto; Fasano, Giancarmine; Grassi, Michele; Savvaris, Al; Moccia, Antonio Report 8617
Performance and Vibration Analyses of Lift-Offset Helicopters. Go, Jeong-In; Kim, Do-Hyung; Park, Jae-Sang Report 6471
Performance of Gradient-Based Solutions versus Genetic Algorithms in the Correlation of Thermal Mathematical Models of Spacecrafts. Anglada, Eva; Martinez-Jimenez, Laura; Garmendia, Inaki Report 7501
Pose and Shape Reconstruction of a Noncooperative Spacecraft Using Camera and Range Measurements. Volpe, Renato; Sabatini, Marco; Palmerini, Giovanni B. Report 7100
Quantification of Limit Cycle Oscillations in Nonlinear Aeroelastic Systems with Stochastic Parameters. Cui, C.C.; Liu, J.K.; Chen, Y.M. Report 4841
Reduced Actuator Set for Pressure Control and Thrust Distribution for Multinozzle Propulsion Systems. Lim, Yeerang; Lee, Jaecheong; Bang, Hyochoong; Huh, Hwanil; Lee, Hosung Report 4487
Robust Control of Aeronautical Electrical Generators for Energy Management Applications. Canciello, Giacomo; Cavallo, Alberto; Guida, Beniamino Report 6361
Rotating Arm-Based Experimental Study on Droplet Behavior in the Shoulder Region of an Aircraft Aerodynamic Surface. Sor, S.; Garcia-Magarino, A.; Velazquez, A. Report 6219
Satellite Constellation Orbit Design Optimization with Combined Genetic Algorithm and Semianalytical Approach. Savitri, Tania; Kim, Youngjoo; Jo, Sujang; Bang, Hyochoong Report 8119
Shock Tube as an Impulsive Application Device. Nanda, Soumya Ranjan; Agarwal, Sumit; Kulkarni, Vinayak; Sahoo, Niranjan Report 5600
Space Object Detection in Video Satellite Images Using Motion Information. Zhang, Xueyang; Xiang, Junhua; Zhang, Yulin Report 5720
Spatial-Temporal Instability of an Inviscid Shear Layer. Fu, Qing-fei; Qin, Li-zi; Yang, Li-jun Report 3981
Squeeze Film Dampers Executing Small Amplitude Circular-Centered Orbits in High-Speed Turbomachinery. Hamzehlouia, Sina; Behdinan, Kamran Report 5639
Study of the Effect of Centrifugal Force on Rotor Blade Icing Process. Wang, Zhengzhi; Zhu, Chunling Report 5883
Survey on Flight Control Technology for Large-Scale Helicopter. Hu, Jinshuo; Gu, Hongbin Report 11044
Tendon-Sheath Mechanisms in Flexible Membrane Wing Mini-UAVs: Control and Performance. Tjahjowidodo, Tegoeh; Lee, Shian Report 9475
The Application Research of Inverse Finite Element Method for Frame Deformation Estimation. Zhao, Yong; Bao, Hong; Duan, Xuechao; Fang, Hongmei Report 5391
The Coupled Orbit-Attitude Dynamics and Control of Electric Sail in Displaced Solar Orbits. Huo, Mingying; Liao, He; Liu, Yanfang; Qi, Naiming Report 5471
The Effect of Yaw Angle on a Compressible Rectangular Cavity Flow. Lee, Kuan-Huang; Chung, Kung-Ming; Chang, Keh-Chin Report 5025
The Stiffness Calculation and Optimization for the Variable Stiffness Load Torque Simulation System. Ji, Zhe; Yao, Xiaoxian; Liang, Zuobao Report 4772
Three-Dimensional CST Parameterization Method Applied in Aircraft Aeroelastic Analysis. Su, Hua; Gong, Chunlin; Gu, Liangxian Report 8222
Three-Dimensional Numerical Analysis of LOX/Kerosene Engine Exhaust Plume Flow Field Characteristics. Cai, Hong-hua; Nie, Wan-sheng; Yang, Xin-lei; Wu, Rui; Su, Ling-yu Report 3966
Time and Covariance Threshold Triggered Optimal Uncooperative Rendezvous Using Angles-Only Navigation. You, Yue; Wang, Hua; Paccolat, Christophe; Gass, Volker; Thiran, Jean- Philippe; Li, Jiu Ren Report 6612
Tradeoff Study between Cost and Environmental Impact of Aircraft Using Simultaneous Optimization of Airframe and Engine Cycle. Chai, Xiao; Yu, Xiongqing; Wang, Yu Report 5994
Triple-Frequency GPS Precise Point Positioning Ambiguity Resolution Using Dual-Frequency Based IGS Precise Clock Products. Liu, Fei; Gao, Yang Report 6802
Two-Phase Optimal Guidance Law considering Impact Angle Constraint with Bearings-Only Measurements. Wang, Tianning; Tang, Shengjing; Guo, Jie; Zhang, Haoqiang Report 5456
Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis of Transonic Aerodynamics with Geometric Uncertainty. Wu, Xiaojing; Zhang, Weiwei; Song, Shufang Report 6937
Variable-Time-Domain Online Neighboring Optimal Trajectory Modification for Hypersonic Interceptors. Li, Ningbo; Lei, Humin; Zhou, Jin; Shao, Lei; Wang, Bin Report 6730
Wear Characteristics of the Material Specimen and Method of Predicting Wear in Floating Spline Couplings of Aero-Engine. Xue, Xiangzhen; Wang, Sanmin; Yu, Jie; Qin, Liyun Report 5826
Wind Turbine Aeroelastic Modeling: Basics and Cutting Edge Trends. Ageze, Mesfin Belayneh; Hu, Yefa; Wu, Huachun Report 9923

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