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Articles from International Journal of Aerospace Engineering (January 1, 2016)

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A Bayesian classifier for X-ray pulsars recognition. Liang, Hao; Zhan, Yafeng; Duan, Chaowei 3814
A data-driven air transportation delay propagation model using epidemic process models. Baspinar, B.; Koyuncu, E. 7523
A GRASP for next generation sapphire image acquisition scheduling. Wang, Yang; Minic, Snezana Mitrovic; Leitch, Robert; Punnen, Abraham P. 4751
A multiconstrained ascent guidance method for solid rocket-powered launch vehicles. Chen, Si-Yuan; Xia, Qun-Li 6115
A novel concept for guidance and control of spacecraft orbital maneuvers. Dentis, Matteo; Capello, Elisa; Guglieri, Giorgio Report 6736
A tool for beamforming and real-time link budget analysis in Aeronautical Communications using kinematics. Erturk, M. Cenk; Aksan, Yasin Report 5665
Aerodynamic optimization based on continuous adjoint method for a flexible wing. Xu, Zhaoke; Xia, Jian 6589
Aeroelastic analysis of wings in the transonic regime: planform's influence on the dynamic instability. Chiarelli, Mario Rosario; Bonomo, Salvatore 7252
Autonomous close formation flight control with fixed wing and quadrotor test beds. Rice, Caleb; Gu, Yu; Chao, Haiyang; Larrabee, Trenton; Gururajan, Srikanth; Napolitano, Marcello; Ma Report 8509
Damage degree evaluation of earthquake area using UAV aerial image. Chen, Jinhong; Liu, Haoting; Zheng, Jingchen; Lv, Ming; Yan, Beibei; Hu, Xin; Gao, Yun 6372
Decentralized control for scalable quadcopter formations. Ali, Qasim; Montenegro, Sergio 5742
Design of robust systems for stabilization of unmanned aerial vehicle equipment. Sushchenko, Olha; Goncharenko, Andriy 4254
Detecting silent data corruptions in aerospace-based computing using program invariants. Ma, Junchi; Yu, Dengyun; Wang, Yun; Cai, Zhenbo; Zhang, Qingxiang; Hu, Cheng Report 7070
Dynamics and control of a tethered satellite system based on the SDRE method. Kuo, Yong-Lin 7565
Effects of freestream turbulence on cavity tone and sound source. Yokoyama, Hiroshi; Odawara, Hiroshi; Iida, Akiyoshi 8145
Erratum to "aeroelastic analysis of wings in the transonic regime: planform's influence on the dynamic instability". Correction notice 150
Evaluation of the mechanical properties of microcapsule-based self-healing composites. Guadagno, Liberata; Raimondo, Marialuigia; Vietri, Umberto; Naddeo, Carlo; Stojanovic, Anja; Sorrent Report 6030
Flow characteristics study of wind turbine blade with vortex generators. Hu, Hao; Li, Xin-kai; Gu, Bo 4542
Investigation of an autofocusing method for visible aerial cameras based on image processing techniques. Chen, Zhichao; Zhang, Tao 5834
Midcourse guidance law based on high target acquisition probability considering angular constraint and line-of-sight angle rate control. Liu, Xiao; Tang, Shengjing; Guo, Jie; Yun, Yuhang; Chen, Zhe Report 6869
Nominal performance of future dual frequency dual constellation GBAS. Gerbeth, Daniel; Circiu, Mihaela-Simona; Caamano, Maria; Felux, Michael 12231
Numerical and experimental investigation of computed tomography of chemiluminescence for hydrogen-air premixed laminar flames. Lv, Liang; Tan, Jianguo; Hu, Yue 5210
Numerical investigation of shock wave diffraction over a sphere placed in a shock tube. Martyushov, Sergey; Igra, Ozer; Elperin, Tov 2746
Parametric study of fuel distribution effects on a kerosene-based scramjet combustor. Yang, Jun; Wu, Xian-yu; Wang, Zhen-guo 6386
Preliminary design of a small unmanned battery powered tailsitter. Wang, Bo; Hou, Zhongxi; Liu, Zhaowei; Chen, Qingyang; Zhu, Xiongfeng 6852
Projection-based adaptive backstepping control of a transport aircraft for heavyweight airdrop. Liu, Ri; Sun, Xiuxia; Dong, Wenhan; Xu, Guangzhi 5027
Remotely piloted aircraft systems and a wireless sensors network for radiological accidents. Reyes-Munoz, A.; Guerrero-Ibanez, J.; Pastor, E.; Gasull, M.; Barrado, C. 4953
Research on self-monitoring method for anomalies of satellite atomic clock. Feng, Lei; Li, Guotong 7858
Simulation and analysis of spectral response function and bandwidth of spectrometer. Gao, Zhenyu; Jia, Ruidong; Zhang, Hao; Xia, Zhiwei; Fang, Wei 4503
Steady glide dynamic modeling and trajectory optimization for high lift-to-drag ratio reentry vehicle. Yang, Liang; Chen, Wanchun; Liu, Xiaoming; Zhou, Hao 6413
Study on impedance characteristics of aircraft cables. Li, Weilin; Liu, Wenjie; Zhang, Xiaobin; Gao, Zhaohui; Xie, Meng; Wang, Hongxia Report 6328
Suppression of supersonic cavity oscillations using pulsed upstream mass injection. Li, Weipeng 3190
Three-dimensional integrated guidance and control for near space interceptor based on robust adaptive backstepping approach. Gao, Changsheng; Jiang, Chunwang; Zhang, Yan; Jing, Wuxing 5174
Transport aircraft conceptual design optimization using real coded genetic algorithm. Singh, Vedant; Sharma, Somesh K.; Vaibhav, S. 6952
Triangle interception scenario: a finite-time guidance approach. Guo, Yang; Hu, Xiaoxiang; He, Fenghua; Cheng, Hongjie; Gao, Qinhe 5901

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