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International Food & Drink Exhibition serves up lots of innovative products.

International Food & Drink Exhibition Serves Up Lots of Innovative Products

How about single-serve salmon in sauce on a bed spinach? In a glass dish, yet! That was just one of the new frozen products on display at the International Food & Drink Exhibition in London

Actually, Salmon in Sauce on a Bed of Spinach is part of a whole line of single-serve dishes from Volontiers (Sofrino Surgeles S.A.), Mondeville, France. Called "Fines Cassolettes," they also include seafood casserole, lamb stew, chicken fillets in Normandy sauce, fish with vegetables and more.

Most of the single-serve items are 300 grams; the seafood casserole is 270. Volontiers, which offers English-language packaging for the U.K. market, also produces "family line" (four servings) and "traditional line" (two servings) dishes - mostly fish-based, as with the single-serve line, but also including beef, pasta and even vegetarian recipes.

For dessert, how about Chocotier, a chocolate-coated coconut mousse cake from Perce Neige, another French company based in Aubiet? It's part of a frozen patisserie line that includes such tempting offering as Pear Charlotte (vanilla mousse, pear mousse, pear pieces, apricot syrup, etc.), Fraisier (strawberry mousse with strawberry pieces), Noisetier (hazelnut mousse with hazelnut biscuits) and more.

Perce Neige also produces frozen desserts, including two versions of an "Omelette Norvegienne" (Norwegian omlette), with egg-based vanilla ice cream, flambeed meringue, and liqueurs. There are also "individual specialties," such as fruits givres (frozen fruits - coconuts, lemons and oranges - filled with sorbet), and Delices de champagne (Marc de Champagne ice cream made with eggs, with raisins steeped in Marc de Champagne, and packed in small bottles).

Bouillabaisse for Two

Getting back to main meals, there's four-fish Bouillabaisse from S.C.A., Lahonce, France. You get a whole kilogram, good for two servings, in a microwaveable tray. And you actually get more than four fish and shellfish: to wit, red gurnard, common sea bream, red fish, catfish, saithe, fresh mussels, crabs, congeels and weavers. They account for half the contents; the other half is fish and shellfish stock, white wine, tomato concentrate, onions, garlic, olive oil, spices and herbs, wheat flour and MSG. Feast!

From Steak Express, Stockport, England, you can get American or Greek - hot dogs or donner kebabs, that is; two each. The hot dogs come in rolls with onions, including sachets of mild mustard and tomato ketchup, ready for the microwave. The kebabs combine traditionally-seasoned donner and vegetables in pita bread, with sachets of spicy chili relish, also ready for the microwave. Both products can also be oven cooked; the sachets can be thawed beforehand in the microwave oven or under hot water.

If that's too rich for you, what about vegetarian frozen food? Soglowek Food Industries, Nahariya, Israel, which is best known for meat and sausage products, has come out with a whole line called Vegetarian Choice. All items are based on textured soy protein as a substitute for meat. Items include French schnitzel with mushrooms and wine, savory kebab, golden crusties, vegetable croquettes, tangy franks, tenderburgers and crispy schnitzel. All are formed to look like their counterparts, and flavored to taste like them - and all are free of cholesterol.

Tofu Kitchen

From Cauldron Foods Ltd., Bristol, England, comes a similar concept: Tofu Kitchen. "A new generation of frozen meals" is how the company bills it, and the bill of fare includes Cantonese stir-fry vegetables in black bean sauce, Indonesian vegetables in spicy satay sauce, Punjabi vegetable biriani and Shanghai sweet and sour vegetables - all with tofu, of course. Meanwhile, the French outfit S.A. SAFN has a traditional frozen pizza line, including ham and cheese, seafood, Bolognese and Royale. All come with packets of toppings, and all are microwaveable.

For basic vegetables, there's the unexpected entry of Al Ain Vegetable Processing and Canning Factory, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. Yes, right on the Arabian Gulf they harvest and freeze on the same day molukhia, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, mixed vegetables and corn on the cob.

An Italian company, PolFruit S.R.L., Policoro, boasts a wide range including frozen broccoli, broccoli romaneschi, zucchine, egg plant, celery, onions, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, beets, peppers and tomatoes - IQF or block frozen, depending on the category.

PHOTO : New from SCA of Lahonce, France, is this four-fish Bouillabaisse. The kilogram pack offers two full servings.

PHOTO : Perce Neige of Aubiet, France, showcased this chocolate-coated coconut mousse cake at IFE.

PHOTO : Crispy Vegetarian Schnitzel is available from Soglowekteva Ltd., a Nahariya, Israel-based frozen food manufacturer.
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