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Articles from Internal Medicine News (September 1, 2008)

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A-fib affects quality of life of patient and spouse equally. Boschert, Sherry Survey 484
Atherectomy for limb ischemia has good results. Jancin, Bruce 674
Bariatric surgery has advantages in disabled. Evans, Jeff 468
Blood test may identify Alzheimer's disease. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 499
Boxed warning added to diabetic foot and leg ulcer drug. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 418
Celecoxib reduced lung lesion biomarker levels. Schneider, Mary Ellen 558
Chronic conditions now top killers worldwide. Gardner, Jonathan 424
Continuous androgen deprivation may increase the risk of bone fractures. Osterweil, Neil Clinical report 621
Dopaminergics appear to impair impulse control. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report 1040
Drug in new RA class okayed by advisory panel. Ault, Alicia 742
Education key to preventing female athlete triad. London, Susan 899
Ergogenic agents offer few benefits and plenty of risks. London, Susan 574
Evaluating new ICU fever. Golden, William E.; Hopkins, Robert H. 787
Exercise OK after axillary clearance in breast cancer. Wachter, Kerri Brief article 281
Extra ICD shocks may be harmful to health. Boschert, Sherry Clinical report 612
FDA approves novel assay for determining HER2 status. Ault, Alicia 357
FDA issues conflict-of-interest rules for advisers. Ault, Alicia Editorial 700
Fewer CV events may occur with atorvastatin. Finn, Robert 575
FYI. 177
Guidelines endorse earlier treatment of HIV. Evans, Jeff 635
HT may benefit postmenopausal cognition, memory: three new studies contradict past results. Sullivan, Michele G. 1131
IMGs fill gaps in primary care physician shortage areas. Survey 413
Indications. Frey, Randy Report 705
Jury still out on link between NSAIDs and melanoma risk. Jancin, Bruce 661
Kaposi's incidence shows rapid rise and fall over 3 decades. Jancin, Bruce 461
Less a-fib seen with statins in postmenopausal women. Boschert, Sherry Clinical report 403
Making medical inroads in India: global perspectives on medical practice. Splete, Heidi Interview 1590
Maternal asthma drugs may be teratogenic. Finn, Robert 585
Medical expulsive therapy does the job for small stones. McNamara, Damian Clinical report 702
Mediterranean, low-carb diets as safe, effective as AHA diet. Ann Moon, Mary 549
Metformin may improve response to breast cancer treatment. Lowry, Fran Clinical report 490
Monitor forearm bone density loss. Boschert, Sherry 256
Multicentric castleman's disease increasing in HIV. Worcester, Sharon 516
Nice hotels are no protection. Letter to the editor 231
Oregon reviews 10 years of 'Death With Dignity'. Frieden, Joyce 650
Partial dopamine agonist beneficial in early Parkinson's. Clinical report 419
Patient advocates make good partners. Sweeney, Jennifer Guest editorial 479
Paying for advanced medical imaging. Damle, N.S. 512
Policy & Practice. Anderson, Jane 872
Pouch emptying after bypass may predict weight loss. Evans, Jeff 482
PPIs not helpful in asthma without GERD. Walsh, Nancy 1027
Primary care for older patients will get scarcer. Frieden, Joyce 517
Primary care shortage data reveal some surprises. 519
Prostate ca screening not helpful after age 75. Evans, Jeff Brief article 259
Protocol endorsed for care of diabetic foot. Lesney, Mark S. 465
Rhinitis guidelines revised for first time in 10 years. Evans, Jeff 675
Risky sex behaviors in HIV-positive adults studied. London, Susan 573
Routine ischemia screens not needed in diabetes. Boschert, Sherry Clinical report 638
Severe, refractory asthma persists despite current guidelines. Walsh, Nancy 588
Shave reduction plus imiquimod curbs Keloids. London, Susan 696
Simple steps help prevent foot ulcers. Tucker, Miriam E. 1003
Simvastatin-amiodarone interaction risky, FDA FDA warns. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 346
Skin infections from community MRSA rising. Sullivan, Michele G. 751
Sleeve gastrectomy may trump gastric banding in the short term. Evans, Jeff Brief article 269
States boosting SCHIP despite budget woes and bush vetoes. Ault, Alicia 798
Stepwise progress made toward artificial pancreas. Jancin, Bruce 954
Steroid resistance common in asthma patients. Walsh, Nancy 622
Surgery plus radiation boosts prostate ca survival. McNamara, Damian 588
U.S. can learn from other health care systems. Anderson, Jane M. 1021
Vitamin D deficiency after gastric bypass predicted by preop levels. Splete, Heidi Clinical report 287
Zelapar reduces dopamine agonist-related events. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report 633
Zoledronic acid cuts risk of breast ca relapses. Schneider, Mary Ellen Clinical report 654

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