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Articles from Internal Medicine News (September 1, 2007)

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'Pay for performance' anxiety. Shanies, Stanley A. Letter to the editor 205
'Timing' hypothesis fails to save estrogen therapy. Zoler, Mitchel L. 597
'You're so hot ... ah, forget it.'. Napoli, Denise Brief article 146
American ginseng for prevention of respiratory illness. Walsh, Nancy 806
Bill would improve import safety. Anderson, Jane Brief article 136
Charlson score may predict early postop mortality. Jancin, Bruce Brief article 307
Circulating tumor cells may be better marker than PSA. Dixon, Bruce K. 429
Claudication drug may cut cerebrovascular events. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report 270
Clues to missed PE often found in vital signs. Kirn, Timothy F. 685
CMS proposes severity-adjusted inpatient device payments. 663
Combo drug lowers refractory HT. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report 591
Comorbidity, warfarin use boost colonoscopy complications. Ault, Alicia 648
Correction. Correction notice 95
Coverage expanded at ambulatory surgery centers. Ault, Alicia 900
Crohn disease drug backed, with restrictions. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 1047
CryoCor Cardiac Cryoablation System. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 477
Diabetes doubles arthroplasty infection rate. Jancin, Bruce Brief article 299
Diabetic eye disease in the U.S. projected to triple by 2050. Tucker, Miriam E. 404
Diabetic retinopathy regresses with pegaptanib. Tucker, Miriam E. 892
Diabetics with CKD benefit from atorvastatin. Tucker, Miriam E. 671
Disaster planning is still lacking. Schneider, Mary Ellen 357
Doctor's (completely ignored) orders. Napoli, Denise Brief article 132
Early PET predictive in Barrett-related cancer. Jancin, Bruce 611
Echinacea may protect against the common cold. Evans, Jeff Report 590
EMR adoption faces hurdles of time, cost. Kirn, Timothy F. 698
Endometriosis-related ca risk not tied to parity. Johnson, Kate Brief article 278
Episodic amiodarone flops for atrial fibrillation. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report 561
European SLE guidelines found to fall short. Napoli, Denise 1450
Ever heard of prozac? Napoli, Denise Brief article 139
Exercise guidelines emphasize health maintenance: the aerobic activity should be in addition to routine activities of daily living, such as casual walking. Evans, Jeff 629
Factors tied to poor prostate ca outcome in blacks. Wendling, Patrice 669
FDA, DoD to share data. Anderson, Jane Brief article 144
Fever after hip, knee surgery may not signal infection. Jancin, Bruce Brief article 208
GAO finds Medicaid decline. Anderson, Jane Brief article 142
Greens, NSAIDs may prevent squamous cancer. Jancin, Bruce 671
Guidelines steer focus from glucose to lifestyle. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 805
Join the Marlboro mile-high club. Napoli, Denise Brief article 129
Leaders back payment reform. Anderson, Jane Brief article 159
Lifestyle can rectify some prehypertension. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report 459
Logistics pose an obstacle for flu antiviral Rx. Johnson, Kate 471
Lowering LDL cholesterol is key. Silverstein, H. Robert Letter to the editor 125
Manage stress for better prostatectomy outcomes. Lowry, Fran 611
Marketing on hold for Medicare Advantage plans. Schneider, Mary Ellen 593
Mathletes excluded. Napoli, Denise Brief article 114
Medicare may cover DNA stool screening test. Mezo, Ingrid 330
Medicare private plans under pressure to improve. Finkelstein, Joel B. 676
New Orleans still lacks health care. Ault, Alicia 1694
Novel diabetes drugs block glucose reabsorption. Tucker, Miriam E. 616
Older women, Asians, blacks at higher risk of OSA. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 579
One measure for overall glycemia to guide patient care: 'obtuse concept' of Hb[A.sub.1c] to be sidelined. Tucker, Miriam E. 926
Pay-for-performance advocates acknowledge flaws: if not designed carefully, plans can warp physician behavior and fail to improve health care quality. Goldman, Erik 1519
Physicians as terrorists. Marvasti, Jamshid A. 621
Postsurgery prognostic tools give inaccurate predictions. Lowry, Fran 443
PPIs not tied to heart risk, FDA says. Bell, John R. 610
Practice self-assessment promotes patient safety. Splete, Heidi 754
Program improves advance planning at end of life. Schneider, Mary Ellen 545
Publix to offer free antibiotics. Anderson, Jane Brief article 121
R.I. to begin information exchange. Anderson, Jane Brief article 116
Radiation exposure. Golden, William E.; Hopkins, Robert H. 742
Reimbursement system is unfair. Letter to the editor 638
Research stretches survival for GIST patients. Bates, Betsy 751
Secondary cachexia often has multiple causes. Wachter, Kerri 315
Selzentry. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 424
Serial screening combo may flag early ovarian ca. Wendling, Patrice 608
Should hormone treatment be started early in response to rising PSA levels? Crawford, E. David; Raghavan, Derek 899
Sleep-disordered breathing best tested in lab. Finn, Robert Brief article 281
Supplemental olive oil may cut Cardiac Risk in diabetes. Brown, Hannah 396
The benefits of resistance training know no age limit. Bell, John R. 643
Tonsillectomy linked with breast cancer risk. Finn, Robert Brief article 259
Trastuzumab may benefit HER2-negative patients. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 891
TZDs given black box warning on heart failure. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 637
Unstable angina, non-STEMI get new guidelines. Zoler, Mitchel L. 1083
Value of presurgery revascularization is still unresolved. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report 602
Waist circumference predicts risk of cardiovascular events. Brown, Hannah 439

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