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Articles from Internal Medicine News (July 15, 2006)

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2004 report on chronic fatigue languishes at HHS. Kilgore, Christine 880
Abused elders may not complain, so be proactive. Rollins, Jane Neff 755
ACE inhibitors may cut risk of colorectal cancer. Rollins, Jane Neff Brief article 284
ACIP outlines plan for Gardasil vaccine. Tucker, Miriam E. 1207
ADA, AHA unite to encourage CVD risk factor screening. Tucker, Miriam E. 334
Alzheimer's risk linked to midlife fat distribution. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Brief article 302
Antibiotics for acne may double the risk of URI. Goldman, Erik Drug overview 681
Antidepressant use, nonuse both involve risks for fetus. Johnson, Kate 753
Are you sure this is angel hair? Bell, John R.; Finn, Robert Brief article 126
Back pay for 'good' docs. Letter to the editor 104
Bad cop, no doughnut. Bell, John R.; Finn, Robert Brief article 164
Bend it like DeBakey. Bell, John R.; Finn, Robert Brief article 133
Better diabetes care could save $5 billion per year; ADA president: 'we simply have to commit ourselves to achieving the ADA goals in 80% of our patients.'. Tucker, Miriam E. 618
Caffeine may improve response to psoriasis Rx. Goldman, Erik Disease/Disorder overview 657
Cerebral emboli common in dementia. Brief article 188
Chiropractors sue insurers. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 177
CMS urges doctors to apply for new identifier number. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 229
Cognition, eye disease may be linked. Brief article 251
Colorectal ca follow-up is 70% at 3 years. Brunk, Doug Clinical report 365
Composite MRI score may help predict disability in MS. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman 460
Concierge motives include money and quality of care. Frieden, Joyce 876
Consider COX-2s to prevent colon cancer. Cryer, Byron 606
Contraceptive counseling lacking for diabetics. Rollins, Jane Neff 503
Contraceptive vaginal ring has less metabolic effects than oral contraceptives. Lowry, Fran 334
Coping with the loss of a spouse. Brunk, Doug 1764
Cost and practice size limit adoption of EHRs. Rollins, Jane Neff 454
COX-2 controversy sparked 'gastroprotection gap' in elderly. Brunk, Doug 324
Cubicin. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 385
Diabetic foot reconstruction avoids amputation: if the vascular supply is reliable, an anterolateral thigh perforator flap can be used to rebuild the foot. Dixon, Bruce K. 743
Diabetics benefit from statins. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report 340
Donepezil makes difference in severe Alzheimer's. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report 595
Early interferon forestalls progression of MS. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman Disease/Disorder overview 590
Effect of virtual colonoscopy was minimal. Rollins, Jane Neff 456
EHR certification process now under way. Schneider, Mary Ellen 329
Esomeprazole lessened ulcer risk for patients on low-dose aspirin. Brunk, Doug 343
Experts nearing consensus on prehypertension. Goldman, Erik 1337
Family history, lifestyle both contribute to ulcerative colitis. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief article 292
FDA allows Tysabri use, with mandatory restrictions. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 625
FDG-PET highly accurate in diagnosing osteomyelitis. Brunk, Doug Disease/Disorder overview 407
Foot Ulcer Severity Score is practical and prognostic in diabetics. Moon, Mary Ann 604
Fundoplication bests PPIs in reflux control. Schneider, Mary Ellen Drug overview 316
Gender, racial gaps in post-MI care persist since 1980s in U.S. Jancin, Bruce Disease/Disorder overview 489
Halted trials: celecoxib tied to rise in CV risk. Bates, Betsy 558
Harvesting 15+ nodes boosts colon ca survival. Ault, Alicia Disease/Disorder overview 633
Heel ultrasound useful in predicting fracture risk. Rollins, Jane Neff 592
High-dose tretinoin safe for skin ca prevention: irritation caused by the higher dose is usually mild and transient. Goldman, Erik Drug overview 628
Higher-dose flu vaccine appears more immunogenic in elderly. Moon, Mary Ann Brief article 290
Hops for pops. Bell, John R.; Finn, Robert Clinical report 178
HPV vaccine may stem vulvar, vaginal cancers. Worcester, Sharon 359
Hyperglycemia is linked to worse ICU mortality in specific disorders. Evans, Jeff 559
IBS diagnosis controversial, despite guidelines. Bates, Betsy Disease/Disorder overview 732
Implant stimulates nerves to curb incontinence. Lowry, Fran Disease/Disorder overview 487
In-office AIDS test, please. Nickell, Nancy Disease/Disorder overview 166
Inflammatory diseases increase fracture risk, even in premenopausal women. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief article 293
Ischemic symptoms prior to MI missed in primary care settings. Rollins, Jane Neff Disease/Disorder overview 464
Low vitamin D may elevate risk for hypertension. Zoler, Mitchel L. Brief article 614
Maine PBM law stands. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 184
Maintain good vigilance for statin side effects, interactions. Tucker, Miriam E. Drug overview 971
Many women seeking urgent care could benefit from 'Plan B' that day. Rollins, Jane Neff 655
Marlboro case at Supreme Court. Nickell, Nancy 134
Medicare P4P criterion for diabetes draws fire. Frieden, Joyce 642
Medicare panel grapples with 'Medically Unbelievable Edits'. Frieden, Joyce 663
Medicare proposal would hike pay for cognitive services: internists might see 5% increase in 2007. Schneider, Mary Ellen 1295
Midlife diabetes, mental illness raise fracture risk years later. Walsh, Nancy 396
MinuteClinic: quality council. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 170
More diabetic MI patients die if discharged off meds. Gildea, Marianne Reid 345
Multivitamin benefits scrutinized by NIH panel. Evans, Jeff 576
New Alzheimer's model effective. Brief article 225
Opioids: assess risks and benefits. Klein, Jeremy Letter to the editor 205
Outcomes improving for elderly with appendicitis. Mahoney, Diana Disease/Disorder overview 583
Patient wants don't sway regional end-of-life care. Rollins, Jane Neff 462
Policosanol did not improve lipids. Moon, Mary Ann Brief article 292
Precollege rush for Menactra drove distribution during the first year. Splete, Heidi Drug overview 383
Rifaximin-loperamide combination knocks out traveler's diarrhea fast. Bates, Betsy 472
Rimonabant tied to blood pressure drop in obesity. Goldman, Erik 697
Ritalin found to improve apathy of Alzheimer's. Wendling, Patrice Brief article 251
Rivastigmine approved for Parkinson's dementia. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 728
Severe statin-induced problems rare in diabetes: statin users had higher myopathy and myalgia rates, but not higher myositis and rhabdomyolysis rates. Tucker, Miriam E. 666
Simple in-office measures can improve elderly quality of life. Rollins, Jane Neff 534
Sleep disorders in elderly patients are common, treatable. Wachter, Kerri 655
Societies play performance 'footsie'. Janners, Sigurds Letter to the editor 169
Statins may decrease cataract risk. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report 233
Study: natalizumab poses limited risk of PML. Schneider, Mary Ellen 427
Synthetic melanin tans skin, reduces cellular UV damage. Bates, Betsy 567
System failures cited as major contributor to malpractice claims. Schneider, Mary Ellen 349
Telephone intervention boosts pneumococcal vaccination rates. Wendling, Patrice 455
Transfusion in ACS patients has unexpected risks. Jancin, Bruce Disease/Disorder overview 590
Transnasal esophagoscopy effective without sedation. Wendling, Patrice 402
Treating Bell's palsy. Ebbert, Jon O.; Tangalos, Eric G. Disease/Disorder overview 856
Try nonmedical management first for agitation. Finn, Robert Disease/Disorder overview 593
Virtual colonoscopy has 5% failure rate on advanced lesions, 5% false positives. Bates, Betsy 347
Weighing new evidence on SSRI use. Cohen, Lee S. Drug overview 780
Wellbutrin XL. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief article 286
What is the most appropriate surgery for obese adolescents? Zitsman, Jeffrey L.; Pratt, Janey 956
What to drink after the 17 beers. Bell, John R.; Finn, Robert 132

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