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Articles from Internal Medicine News (August 1, 2006)

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A suggestion for revised JNC 7 definitions. Materson, Barry J. 603
Anthrax vaccine stockpile will reach 10M doses. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 164
Anticoagulation doesn't foul capsule endoscopy findings. Brunk, Doug Clinical report 385
Antiseizure drug reduces days of chronic headache. Bates, Betsy 542
Atripla. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Drug overview 511
Bariatric surgery mortality lower at high-volume centers. Moon, Mary Ann Clinical report 563
Better sleep tied to fewer headaches in women. Bates, Betsy 598
Bevacizumab-erlotinib combo boosts lung cancer survival. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 595
But George Hamilton's lungs look fine. Bell, John R.; Kubetin, Sally Brief article 109
Capsule endoscopy urged for obscure GI bleeding. Bates, Betsy Clinical report 433
Carotid endarterectomy beat stenting at 30 days. Zoler, Mitchel L. 669
Carotid stenting and endarterectomy yield similar outcomes at 2 years. Kirn, Timothy F. 321
CDC calls for longer influenza vaccination period. Ault, Alicia 672
Chemotherapy raises risk of osteoporosis. Walsh, Nancy Clinical report 251
Clinical trial participation. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 169
CMS will pay for Charite disk in patients younger than 60. Ault, Alicia 423
Cognitive decline from chemo usually resolves. Tanzola, Melinda Clinical report 629
Colesevelam found to lower glucose in diabetes. Tucker, Miriam E. Drug overview 297
Colon exams follow abnormal stool tests only half the time. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Report 404
Combination therapy works better for hypertension control. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report 726
CVS buying MinuteClinic. Nickell, Nancy 162
Delay sought in Medicare heart procedure cuts: proposed slashes in payments for stents and other devices would discourage their use, groups assert. Ault, Alicia 582
Drug boosts function, lean body mass in elderly. Wendling, Patrice Drug overview 590
Drug-eluting stents: safe, effective in acute MI? Studies compare patient outcomes with sirolimus- and paclitaxel-eluting models vs. bare-metal stents. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report 991
Early action key to halting spread of avian flu from human to human. Gardner, Jonathan Clinical report 767
Early, aggressive use of statins lowers post-ACS mortality. Jancin, Bruce Clinical report 482
Effervescent fentanyl subdues cancer pain. Nelson, Roxanne 332
Essiac for cancer. Walsh, Nancy Clinical report 929
EVAR better than open AAA repair in high-risk patients. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report 336
Exenatide benefits treatment-refractory diabetics. Tucker, Miriam E. 629
FDG-PET helps focus lung cancer therapy. Brunk, Doug Brief article 261
Febuxostat puts damper on gout flares. Jancin, Bruce 557
Formulas identify best patients for AAA repair. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report 1122
Growth hormone therapy often needed into 20s. Sullivan, Michele G. Clinical report 818
Guidelines favor early metformin in type 2 diabetes: algorithm also highlights role of insulin. Bates, Betsy 846
Hairline recedes, and then some. Bell, John R.; Kubetin, Sally Clinical report 122
Health officials see lull in avian influenza reports. Gardner, Jonathan 412
Heparin fails to cut rate of DVT/PE after prostatectomy. 481
HERA trial shows better overall survival with trastuzumab. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 820
High efficacy anticipated for two HPV vaccines. McNamara, Damian 624
High vitamin D linked to lower GI cancer rates. Bell, John R. Clinical report 653
Hispanic physician group aims to develop leaders. Frieden, Joyce Report 607
HSV-2 not likely to be a cervical cancer cofactor. Worcester, Sharon Brief article 180
Hypertension common at all ages in type 2 diabetes. Tucker, Miriam E. 499
Hypertension shown to correlate with hyperglycemia in diabetics. Goldman, Erik Clinical report 500
IM/FP demand up again. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 128
Insurers likely will expand coverage for cardiac rehab. McNamara, Damian 428
IOM asks Congress to rescue emergency care: an expert panel has recommended that Congress create a single oversight and management agency. Finkelstein, Joel B. 1509
IV ibandronate bolsters bone as well as oral form. Sullivan, Michele G. Drug overview 366
Lifting burns calories! Bell, John R.; Kubetin, Sally Brief article 144
Liver failure warning upgraded for telithromycin. Ault, Alicia 457
Low vitamin D tied to bone loss in breast cancer. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 508
Low-protein diet for CKD controversial. Letter to the editor 463
Lucentis. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief article 302
Lung allocation biased against PAH patients. Zoler, Mitchel L. 333
Lung allocation score boosts organ-use efficiency. Zoler, Mitchel L. 728
Many new colonoscopic devices are in pipeline. Rollins, Jane Neff Clinical report 569
Medicare is demonstrating a focus on chronic illness. Frieden, Joyce 852
Monitor nutrition after gastric bypass to reduce complications. Kirk, Patricia L. Clinical report 428
Name that syndrome: JHS or EDS-HM? Letter to the editor 400
New antiangiogenesis agents fight lung cancer. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 947
New drugs: confidence drops. Nickell, Nancy 203
Noninvasive eye exam identifies neuropathy. Evans, Jeff 334
NSAIDs early in pregnancy tied to malformations. Brunk, Doug 500
Open-ended question reveals impact of migraine. Bates, Betsy 567
Opioid prescribing rates vary widely by state. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief article 306
Optical colonoscopy referrals: polyp size really does matter. Rollins, Jane Neff Clinical report 549
Osteonecrosis in 1% of IV bisphosphonate users. Worcester, Sharon Drug overview 562
Parkinson's disease. Golden, William E.; Hopkins, Robert H. Disease/Disorder overview 778
Payment issues could limit HPV vaccine use. McNamara, Damian 413
Pick a card, a uniform card. Nickell, Nancy Brief article 156
Pregnancy not contraindicated after breast Ca. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 618
Prostate Ca: annual zoledronic acid protects bone; Prostate cancer patients taking androgen-deprivation therapy had higher BMD after the Zometa treatment. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 475
PSA of 3 ng/mL warrants biopsy without retest. Lowry, Fran Brief article 252
PSA screening often unnecessary in elderly men. Wendling, Patrice 345
PSA velocity useful in predicting prostate cancer. Lowry, Fran 698
Reanalysis of stroke data confirms benefit of TPA. Worcester, Sharon 583
Scans may predict bleeding in stroke. Schonfeld, Amy Rothman 439
Shortage of meningococcal vaccine expected to continue. Tucker, Miriam E. Report 235
Should elderly patients get ICDs? Buxton, Alfred E.; Curtis, Anne B. 1009
Skin punch biopsy may predict, diagnose neuropathy early. Evans, Jeff 746
Sleeve gastrectomy precludes need for subsequent bypass. Mahoney, Diana Clinical report 604
Small prostate gland more likely to have positive surgical margins. 479
Stenting lowers 5-year stroke, restenosis rates. Kirn, Timothy F. 361
Surgeon general: secondhand smoke is never safe. Nickell, Nancy 1087
Survival not better with chemo for early NSCLC. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 637
The FDA: it's a jungle in there. Bell, John R.; Kubetin, Sally 147
This may sting just a bit. Bell, John R.; Kubetin, Sally Brief article 110
Treat dyslipidemia aggressively in type 2 diabetic women. Rollins, Jane Neff Clinical report 426
Tufts weaves tangled web. Bell, John R.; Kubetin, Sally Brief article 171
Valsartan lowers serum C-reactive protein levels: results suggest that an anti-inflammatory effect by the angiotensin II receptor blocker may be responsible. Zoler, Mitchel L. Clinical report 929
Visual symptoms of migraine underestimated. Bates, Betsy Brief article 211

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