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Articles from Internal Medicine News (April 15, 2006)

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Acute hepatitis C infections may be growing challenge in HIV patients. Finn, Robert 469
Acute infection ups risk of DVT. Brief article 260
Adiposity drives knee OA symptoms in women. Mahoney, Diana Clinical report 463
All groups at risk for poor care. Ault, Alicia Brief article 144
Allergies to ladybugs increasing in some regions. Sullivan, Michele G. 621
Allergy shots at home don't raise risk of death. Sullivan, Michele G. 617
Americans avoid colon Ca screening. Dixon, Bruce K.; Evans, Jeff Brief article 276
An SSRI may enhance immune function in HIV: in depressed HIV patients, natural killer cell activity returned to normal when the depression resolved. McNamara, Damian 572
Anxiety predicted MI rate in men during 10 years. McNamara, Damian Disease/Disorder overview 768
Assisted suicide and the oath. Vlahakos, Victor Letter to the editor 342
Bariatric surgery sharply reduces CV events. Jancin, Bruce Disease/Disorder overview 517
Bill seeks consent for off-label Rx. Ault, Alicia Brief article 118
Bug-resistant babies. Rudd, Terry Brief article 210
CAP mortality reduced by vaccine. Brief article 183
Carpal tunnel release surgery ineffective in 38% of wrists in elderly. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report 402
Cheers, great-great-great grandpa! Rudd, Terry Brief article 211
Chronic pancreatitis pain relieved by surgery: complete pancreatectomy was followed by the autotransplantation of islet cells in 136 patients. Bates, Betsy 773
Class of antihypertensive unimportant if it works. Jancin, Bruce 567
Combat/terrorism PTSD responds to prolonged exposure Tx. Wachter, Kerri 732
Company reports 11 deaths in Aricept trial. Wachter, Kerri 379
Crohn's caused by weak, not exaggerated immune response? Moon, Mary Ann 800
Declines in memory, attention can be signs of advanced liver disease. Splete, Heidi Brief article 230
Depression hinders cardiac rehab. Brief article 208
Depression's annual toll estimated at $83 billion. Ault, Alicia 631
Dietary calcium cuts polyp risk. Dixon, Bruce K.; Evans, Jeff Brief article 203
Disability rate declines among older Americans. Schneider, Mary Ellen 835
Doppler helps define LV hypertrophy. Brief article 240
Electronic tracking could improve diabetes care. Wendling, Patrice 584
Emsam. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 533
Entecavir vs. lamivudine for HBV. Dixon, Bruce K.; Evans, Jeff Brief article 242
Eraxis. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Brief article 150
FDA, European drug agencies extend agreement. Gardner, Jonathan 311
Four risk factors suggest preclinical Parkinson's. Wachter, Kerri Disease/Disorder overview 825
Gatekeeper model tied to poorer cardiovascular outcomes. Jancin, Bruce Disease/Disorder overview 615
Genetics, environment affect risk for primary biliary cirrhosis. Boschert, Sherry 616
Glucosamine and chondroitin for knee OA. Ebbert, Jon O.; Tangalos, Eric G. 855
Guidelines often ignored without a 'champion'. Frieden, Joyce 706
Hearing loss has major impact on quality of life. Johnson, Kate Disease/Disorder overview 605
Heart defect Tx success breeds a new specialty: cardiovascular specialists are working to meet the special needs of adults with congenital heart disease. Frieden, Joyce 1550
Hostility in youth tied to worse lung function. Splete, Heidi Brief article 167
Hot flashes may be tied to onset of depression. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report 327
Hypothermia improved cardiac arrest outcomes. Finn, Robert 312
Inhaled corticosteroids and fetal growth. Koren, Gideon 796
Initial CHARISMA results create antiplatelet anxiety. Jancin, Bruce 767
IOM on quality improvement groups. Ault, Alicia Brief article 272
Is it time for rheumatologists to begin using MRI in the clinic for RA patients? Yocum, David E.; Cohen, Marc D. 915
It was the Ambien, your honor. Rudd, Terry 169
Large study questions possible link between steroids and orofacial cleft. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report 438
Late thrombosis rate tripled with drug-eluting stents. Zoler, Mitchel L. 843
Low endogenous estradiol tied to reduced stroke risk. Worcester, Sharon Disease/Disorder overview 557
Many enrollees happy with Part D. Ault, Alicia Brief article 193
Maternal asthma linked to risk of premature birth. Wendling, Patrice 416
Medicare data tied to certification. Ault, Alicia 783
More drug classes, complexity for diabetes care. Finn, Robert 930
MRI useful for assessment of whiplash injuries. Brunk, Doug 436
New law: pseudoephedrine products will go behind counter. Frieden, Joyce 766
New software shows patient's prescription history. Frieden, Joyce 908
New test helps detect carpal, cubital tunnel syndromes. Wendling, Patrice 418
Obesity linked to 2%-3% of claims. Ault, Alicia Brief article 123
Obesity poses increased asthma risk in women. Jancin, Bruce Disease/Disorder overview 605
Omalizumab controlled severe asthma. Wendling, Patrice Disease/Disorder overview 347
Panel favors strict limits on natalizumab's return: the risk management plan requires that use of the MS drug be stopped at the first sign of trouble. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 898
Parkinson's disease less severe, develops later in women. Wachter, Kerri Disease/Disorder overview 551
Parkinsonism recognized as common HIV complication. Wachter, Kerri 334
Perioperative mortality declines for pancreatic cancer patients. Bates, Betsy 440
Physician writers share zeal for storytelling. Brunk, Doug 1816
Physicians fall short in counseling their patients to quit smoking. Schneider, Mary Ellen Survey 528
Physicians offer perspectives on their interactions with drug reps. Russell, Patrick; Simmons, Paul D.; Robertson, Rick Letter to the editor 661
Physicians, lawmakers ask: what about the uninsured? Finkelstein, Joel B. 860
Plan B has limited effect on bleeding patterns. Nelson, Colin Disease/Disorder overview 605
PPIs prescribed along with NSAIDs almost 50% of time. Spake, Amanda 722
Procalcitonin can guide antibiotic use in CAP. Wachter, Kerri 562
Prophylaxis still essential after rabies exposure. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 1002
Rapid diagnostics coming for bioterrorism agents. Evans, Jeff 896
Registry is invasive and unnecessary. Taylor, Toby Letter to the editor 162
Risk of becoming frail doubled in elderly with metabolic syndrome. Finn, Robert Brief article 303
Rush immunotherapy safer with omalizumab pretreatment. Jancin, Bruce Disease/Disorder overview 708
Smokers' arterial damage persists. Sullivan, Michele G. Disease/Disorder overview 563
Smoking linked to risk of pelvic organ prolapse. Worcester, Sharon Brief article 221
South Dakota enacts far-reaching abortion ban. Schneider, Mary Ellen 611
SpongeBob LawsuitPants. Rudd, Terry 161
Strength training may stave off knee OA. Mahoney, Diana 493
Study needs volunteers with MCI, Alzheimer's. Wachter, Kerri Disease/Disorder overview 238
Tailored approach is best for ablation of trigger sites in atrial fibrillation. Zoler, Mitchel L. 533
Tell radiologist location of palpable breast lump. Boschert, Sherry 625
Tensing exercises helpful in curbing recurrent syncope: trial data support new nondrug therapy. Jancin, Bruce Disease/Disorder overview 602
Test for HIV if patient has delusions. Brief article 232
The perils of pay for performance. Fitzgerald, Faith 694
Trial results sink homocysteine's role in CVD. Zoler, Mitchel L. 664
Tube feeding fails to benefit most elderly patients. Splete, Heidi 894
Two strategies aim to modify gut flora in IBS. Jancin, Bruce 942
Type 2 diabetics face high stroke risk soon after being diagnosed. Sullivan, Michele G. Disease/Disorder overview 485
Type a aortic dissection calls for experience. Jancin, Bruce 597
U.S. surveys show barriers to substance abuse treatment. Evans, Jeff Survey 669
Unexplained GI fungal infections seen in Arizona: the source of the fungus remains unknown; symptoms include anorexia, diarrhea, and pain. Walsh, Nancy 822
Unrecognized MI tied to stroke risk. Brief article 274
Virtual reality exposure therapy targets PTSD: veterans put on the headset and experience a war clip; the method may be used together with medication. McNamara, Damian 454
Vitamin D deficiency in nursing home residents underdiagnosed. Brunk, Doug Disease/Disorder overview 394
WHI casts doubt on hormones for hot flashes. Zoler, Mitchel L. 750
Wider warfarin use needed for atrial fibrillation. Zoler, Mitchel L. 679
Women's smoking patterns explored. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief article 291

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