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Articles from Internal Medicine News (October 1, 2005)

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42 million in U.S. not insured. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 93
Accelerated rehabilitation viable after knee surgery. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article 276
Act now to disaster-proof clinical, business records. Silverman, Jennifer; Frieden, Joyce 1254
Adults and teens lag in immunization coverage. Dixon, Bruce 710
Apligraf matches standard treatment of skin cancer excision wounds. Splete, Heidi 363
Apnea may link apo E4, Alzheimer's. Jancin, Bruce 338
ARBs boost endothelial function in impaired glucose tolerance. Harrison, Pam 623
Armodafinil useful adjunct to CPAP in apnea. Jancin, Bruce 596
Artesunate for malaria. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 156
Aspirin lowers colorectal cancer risk. Frey, Randy Brief Article 149
Assessing aspirin 'resistance'. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 183
Assuming cost is not an issue, should every patient with RA receive biologic therapy? Conaghan, Philip G.; Ruderman, Eric M. 1263
Bariatric surgery lowers cardiovascular risk: study monitored eight markers of cardiovascular risk, all of which were improved by gastric bypass. McNamara, Damian 852
Best rate-control drugs in atrial fib identified. Jancin, Bruce 607
Better trauma care has cut multiple organ failure rate. Sullivan, Michele G. 445
BMI linked to surgical infections. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 253
Body mass and stature. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 159
Bright light may lessen insomnia in the elderly. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 287
C-reactive protein may alter women's Framingham risk score. Zoler, Mitchel L. 856
Cardiac MRI beats echocardiography in diagnostic subtleties of heart failure. Finn, Robert 453
Census Bureau statistics. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 161
Chronic osteoarthritis. Mechcatie, Elizabeth; Walsh, Nancy 1350
Clinical methods rival imaging for AD diagnosis. Wachter, Kerri 872
Cochrane review finds role for digoxin in heart failure. Jancin, Bruce 442
Coffee: like a date for the dateless. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 205
CPAP may improve cognitive function in Alzheimer's patients. Jancin, Bruce 570
Creatine, exercise increase strength in Parkinson's. Sullivan, Michele G. 445
Cyclophosphamide may prop up lung function in scleroderma. Nelson, Colin 827
DHEA fizzles in long-term Mayo Clinic study. Bates, Betsy 534
Disparities in trauma care access raise concern: data on quality of care, financing, and manpower should be used to guide the needed improvements. Kilgore, Christine 1063
Displaced medical schools find alternative locations. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 309
Driven into debt. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 109
Early signs of CVD seen in teens with type 1 diabetes. Tucker, Miriam E. 397
Elderberry extract for influenza. Walsh, Nancy 987
Emergency physicians share their storm stories. Vankawala, Hemant H. 1344
ESR can predict heart failure. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 185
EVAR gets modest boost from two British trials: one surgeon questioned the relevance of the studies because the aneurysms were large at randomization. Zoler, Mitchel L. 1090
Exercise ankle-brachial index aids PAD diagnosis. Zoler, Mitchel L. 418
Expanded liver donor criteria improve survival. Louden, Kathleen 339
Expanding TPA benefit may mean better care. Frieden, Joyce 885
FDA advisory panel recommends muraglitazar for type 2 diabetes: the panel endorsed the drug's use alone and with metformin, but not combined with sulfonylureas. Tucker, Miriam E. 1209
FDA approves changes to clozapine blood monitoring. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 603
FDA panel gives guarded okay to inhaled insulin. Tucker, Miriam E. 1087
FDA reviews oral contraceptive safety in teens: one-year study of adverse events raises no new concerns for adolescents taking combination drugs. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 654
FDG-PET scans find secondary infections. Harrison, Pam 374
Feds delay OTC decision for Plan B. Wachter, Kerri 599
Female athletes may have higher risk of ACL injury. Kirn, Timothy F. 455
Fetal stem cells reported to boost failing hearts: a small pilot study in Ecuador finds benefits in patients with nonischemic dilated cardiomyopathy. Zoler, Mitchel L. 509
Florida needs bariatric coverage. Murr, Michel M. 631
Flu treatment donation. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 158
Food-borne hepatitis A. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 243
Fordyce granules in colorectal cancer. Frey, Randy Brief Article 187
Fusion imaging can improve cancer management. McNamara, Damian 513
GI bleeds healed by preemptive omeprazole. Louden, Kathleen 307
Girls' birth control knowledge does not equate to safe sexual behavior. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 278
Good prognosis for 'mild' coronary artery disease discredited. Jancin, Bruce 886
Hamstring trauma tops the injury list among track-and-field athletes. Evans, Jeff 384
Heart disease not an automatic contraindication to liver transplant. 438
Heavy snoring in pregnancy endangers the fetus. Jancin, Bruce 667
Here's three easy pieces for dementia screening. Wachter, Kerri 634
High homocysteine linked to memory decline in women. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief Article 201
Histology distinguishes malignant melanoma from Bowen's disease. Walsh, Nancy 290
Homocysteine hypothesis of CV disease is 'dead': lowering plasma levels may be dangerous. Jancin, Bruce 686
Hospital system takes on MRSA. Worcester, Sharon 803
Hurricane causes delay in vote on Medicaid cuts. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 226
Ignorance helps spread type-2 genital herpes. Kirn, Timothy F. 563
Immunization key for patients on transplant list. Nelson, Roxanne 495
Impact of concierge care. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 126
In large study, becaplermin healed diabetic foot ulcers. Splete, Heidi 344
Increased sleep improved tennis players' performance. Jancin, Bruce 384
Infliximab seems effective in treating active ulcerative colitis. Louden, Kathleen 557
Is new era dawning for in-hospital cardiac arrest? Bedside monitors that detect arrythmias and deliver shocks make "code blues" obsolete, cardiologist says. Jancin, Bruce 628
Late return of potency after radical prostatectomy. Finn, Robert 498
Learn to recognize gender identity disorder: the program for transgender teens at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles requires 1 year of therapy. Brunk, Doug 1418
Legislating teens' indoor tanning, state by state: restrictions on minors are lacking and vary widely; the AMA urges federal prohibitions and warnings. Schneider, Mary Ellen 897
Livers from donors after cardiac death may be fraught with risks. 500
Longitudinal data show teen girls change contraception often. Worcester, Sharon 338
Look beyond BMI in gauging cardiovascular risk of the obese. McNamara, Damian 568
Management of hospital-acquired pneumonia. Golden, William E.; Hopkins, Robert H. 782
Mandatory compliance plan set for isotretinoin. Kirn, Timothy F. 580
Many ob.gyns. use HPV test for nonrecommended purposes. Worcester, Sharon 474
Marker signals CAD in renal disease. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 164
Medicare's revised payment rules cut red tape for power wheelchairs. Frieden, Joyce 535
Metabolic syndrome components found to raise PAD risk. Tucker, Miriam E. 486
Metabolic syndrome Dx upheld by cardiologists: unlike the diabetes groups, AHA/NHLBI finds the syndrome to be valid and clinically useful. Kilgore, Christine 818
Missed ischemia linked to poorer MI care, survival. Droste, Therese 542
Nearby natural asbestos deposits increase mesothelioma risk. Sullivan, Michele G. 578
New drugs scale high-altitude pulmonary edema: novel therapies for prevention and treatment include inhaled [beta]-agonists, sildenafil, and dexamethasone. Jancin, Bruce 735
New imaging tool may help diagnose neoplasms in UC. Louden, Kathleen 342
New studies challenge CMS coverage restriction for ICDs. Jancin, Bruce 967
New treatments in pipeline raise HDL in short, long term. 573
NIH eases stock restrictions on employees. Schneider, Mary Ellen 627
Nodular melanoma signs not as simple as ABCs. Walsh, Nancy 435
Nonacute ED patients do not lengthen the stay for others. Evans, Jeff 501
Noninvasive angiography a reality with CT. Finn, Robert 545
Nutritional adjunct tied to savings. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 220
Obesity rankings. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 104
Obesity, smoking, and aging. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 193
Oral appliances offer option for sleep apnea: if patients can't tolerate CPAP, they may want to try a dental appliance before undergoing surgery. Frieden, Joyce 1092
Pancreatic cancer-induced diabetes. Frey, Randy Brief Article 175
Panel endorses MedPAC's 2.7% positive update: only Congress, not CMS, has the statutory authority to fix the flawed sustainable growth rate formula. Silverman, Jennifer 623
Patient age held critical in liver transplantation. Ingram, Jerry Brief Article 277
Patients need help on out-of-pocket expenses. Silverman, Jennifer 783
Pay-for-performance pitfalls for AMA. Annunziata, Gary Letter to the Editor 221
PCI, CABG for cardiogenic shock. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 186
Pediatric vs. standard colonoscopes. Frey, Randy Brief Article 169
Pennsylvania agency pushes hospitals to fess up about inpatient infections. Ault, Alicia 568
Peripheral neuropathy can be clue to leprosy. Evans, Jeff 466
PET scans predict Alzheimer's, mild impairment: the imaging technique may have the potential to fast-forward the search for preventive measures. Wachter, Kerri 696
Pharmacotherapy may help some obese teens: some MDs may be reluctant to prescribe weight-loss medications until long-term effects are known. Finn, Robert 706
Pioglitazone improves CV outcomes in diabetics. Tucker, Miriam E. 838
Prepare now for Medicare Part D launch in January 2006. Zablocki, Elaine 539
Prevention is key to curbing MDR gram-negative bugs. Splete, Heidi 495
PT for joint hypermobility syndrome. Hakim, Alan; Pocinki, Alan G. Letter to the Editor 471
Pulsed dye laser effective for genital warts in men. Wendling, Patrice 621
Quick screening tool boosts dementia diagnosis. Wachter, Kerri 502
Radiation, radical prostatectomy: neither had better quality of life. 335
Regular tadalafil may up endothelial function. Bates, Betsy 511
Robotic prostatectomy effective but expensive. Finn, Robert 642
Rosiglitazone and obesity. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 203
San Francisco rule predicts long-term risk of death related to syncope. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 287
Screening for genetic susceptibility to Alzheimer's does more good than harm. Wachter, Kerri 513
Sexual potency preserved with transurethral prostatectomy. Brief Article 225
Shigella risk. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 168
Sleep apnea detected in 70% of candidates for gastric bypass. Jancin, Bruce Brief article 293
Smoking 'dose' may be associated with risk for metabolic syndrome. Evans, Jeff 400
Soylent cow chow is people! Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 152
Split on the benefit. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 165
Statins failed to lower dementia risk in elderly. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief Article 149
Strategies to motivate diabetic patients for self-management. Tucker, Miriam E. 704
Strontium ranelate prevented vertebral fractures: risk reduction was the greatest in a very-high-risk population of women with osteoporosis. Jancin, Bruce 427
Surgery has advantages for advanced prostate cancer. 454
Teens willing to risk health in pursuit of bigger muscles. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 164
Teledermatology services offered worldwide. Wendling, Patrice 550
The need for HDL treatment target remains debatable topic. 447
Transfusions up trauma patients' risk of VAP. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 253
Treating apnea may help correct PCOS hormonal abnormalities. Bates, Betsy 401
Two genetic melanoma subtypes seen in patients with sun damage. Wendling, Patrice 533
UN report urges global attention to combat HIV/AIDS epidemic. Worcester, Sharon 404
Villainy on a 10-speed? Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 154
Waist-height ratio tops BMI as cardiovascular risk factor. Bates, Betsy 347
Walter Reed to close. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 183
Whither granny? Whither the empire? Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 216
With statin, fenofibrate safer than gemfibrozil: risk for rhabdomyolysis increased significantly when gemfibrozil was combined with most statins. Zoler, Mitchel L. 521

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