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Articles from Internal Medicine News (March 1, 2005)

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Adjunctive chemotherapy adds benefit to tamoxifen in node-positive breast Ca. 298
Alzheimer's drug linked to higher mortality. Johnson, Kate 364
Antidepressants will have black box warning. Mahoney, Diana Brief Article 237
Antiretroviral drugs and opioids interact. McNamara, Damian 586
Antiseizure drug topiramate may help reduce binge eating. Cherniak, Jay C. Brief Article 404
Avian flu. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 168
Bacterial meningitis. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 120
Benefit of t-PA in acute ischemic stroke is greater in women. Evans, Jeff 410
Butterbur for migraine prophylaxis. Walsh, Nancy 906
Chemotherapy can affect cognitive function. MacReady, Norra 491
Cochrane review favors vaginal hysterectomy: report cites evidence of shorter hospital stays, faster recovery. Kilgore, Christine 1069
Collaborating to serve. Keller, David; Kislak, Rebecca 667
Colon ca screening practices are often deficient. Kirn, Timothy F. 609
Colorectal adenoma chemoprevention. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 203
Colorectal ca risk and eating meat. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 171
Combined approach helps in pelvic floor defects: task force establishes center to coordinate studies and create a patient database. Splete, Heidi 854
Consider biologic rhythms of sleepy patients. Splete, Heidi 635
Consumer-driven care should improve quality. Frieden, Joyce 747
Coping skills can prevent, relieve headache pain. Melville, Nancy A. 481
Corrections. Correction Notice 92
COX-2 inhibitors. Nardone, David A. Letter to the Editor 352
CV events down 50% in diabetics. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 156
Depression not linked to cardiac autonomic function. Jancin, Bruce 213
Desloratadine effective for chronic urticaria. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article 250
Device may reduce liver biopsy rate. Evans, Jeff 857
Diabetes educator can help improve patient outcomes. 585
Diets and cardiac risk factors. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 246
Disease management for HF may not yield cost savings. Jancin, Bruce 428
Doxazosin helps fight metabolic syndrome. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 268
Drug use pervasive among gay men. Worcester, Sharon 620
EEG database can help guide psychotropic Rx: proprietary system assesses electroencephalogram based on outcomes in more than 12,000 patients. Worcester, Sharon 1161
Even newer antiepileptics may lead to worse osteoporosis risk in the elderly. Bloom, Mark 555
Evidence finally links dietary fat, sodium to stroke: public health guidelines may change. Zoler, Mitchel L. 677
Expect more lawsuits over pain undertreatment. Frieden, Joyce 594
Eyeing the next generation of glucose monitors. Jancin, Bruce 559
Fertility experts offer support for bioethics report. Johnson, Kate 569
Full-body exam may uncover hidden cancers. McNamara, Damian Brief Article 312
Genetic defect may raise depression risk. Splete, Heidi 214
Get sick, go bankrupt. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 142
GIK infusion failed to help acute MI patients. Zoler, Mitchel L. 657
Global trends in hypertension. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 162
Group practices continue to use paper records. Schneider, Mary Ellen 370
Guidelines for nonoccupational HIV prophylaxis: high-risk exposures may involve unprotected sex, condom breakage or slippage, or injection drug use. Finn, Robert 649
Guidelines urge aggressive diabetes management. Tucker, Miriam E. 1069
Health advisory issued for nevirapine. Wachter, Kerri Brief Article 126
Health disparities in women vary with ethnicity. Frieden, Joyce 302
Health savings accounts = debt? Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 139
Health status blurs depression-mortality link. Splete, Heidi 342
Hypoalbuminemia predicts heart failure deaths. Zoler, Mitchel L. 390
Hypoglycemia mimics stroke. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 181
ICDs appear to be economical for patients with heart failure. Zoler, Mitchel L. 633
If the shoe doesn't fit, focus on these failures in the foot. 448
IM recertification to gain link to NCQA recognition. Silverman, Jennifer 741
Imaging devices may reduce the need for nail biopsies. 462
Increase oxygen flow rate if cluster headache patients don't respond initially. Finn, Robert 405
Is spinal fusion surgery overused in the United States? Mirza, Sohail K.; Anderson, Paul A. 814
Islet grafts still face major challenges. Jancin, Bruce 595
Islet transplants reduce fears of hypoglycemia. Johnson, Kate 319
Keep an eye out for ocular and periocular melanoma. Brunk, Doug 429
Left ventricular volume reduced with suturing. Zoler, Mitchel L. 529
Less depression in black caregivers of patients with dementia. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 293
Low calcium, vitamin D intake rampant in breast cancer patients. 498
Low-dose monophasic OCs are best type for menstrual migraines. Melville, Nancy A. 723
Low-volume centers doing EC-IC bypass. MacReady, Norra Brief Article 262
Lymphogranuloma venereum may be poised to make a comeback. Finn, Robert 507
Magnesium and rectal ca risk. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 118
Manage liability risk when referring for CAM: five recommended strategies include conservative documentation guidelines and continued follow-up. Brunk, Doug 730
Marine snail toxin approved to treat severe pain. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 475
Medicare advisors call for imaging standards. Silverman, Jennifer 568
MedPAC: physicians ready for pay for performance. Silverman, Jennifer 764
Melanoma in pregnancy: 'prompt biopsy is key'. Brunk, Doug 719
Mobile ultrasound screening gains acceptance: the mobile screening companies offer tests Medicare does not routinely reimburse, at affordable prices. Kirn, Timothy F. 1043
More talk, fewer errors. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 149
MRSA precautions. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 224
Mutation linked to some cases of Parkinson's. Kilgore, Christine 618
New HHS chief and Medicaid. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 154
New surgical technique repairs ingrown toenails: the approach preserves the nail by targeting the granulation tissue and reducing the size of the toe. Bates, Betsy 453
News from the animal world. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 186
News from the fatty food world. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 167
News from the spirochete world. Kubetin, Sally Koch 105
Nonoccupational postexposure HIV prophylaxis. Golden, William E.; Hopkins, Robert H. 852
Novel syncope unit speeds diagnosis, cuts costs. Jancin, Bruce 745
Obesity and risk of kidney stones. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 361
Obesity paradox identified in non-ST-elevation MI. Jancin, Bruce 597
Older antiseizure drugs boost statin metabolism. Jancin, Bruce 534
Older patients and the Internet. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 144
Oral glutamine curbs radiation dermatitis in breast cancer patients. 628
Oseltamivir reduces rates of pneumonia, antibiotic use. Tucker, Miriam E. 347
Patients seeking CAM therapy can use physicians' advice. Brunk, Doug 553
PET/CT camera boosts cardiac imaging. Zoler, Mitchel L. 500
Pharmacogenetics may help in smoking cessation. Jancin, Bruce 1029
Physiotherapy beats brief CBT for neck pain. Johnson, Kate 545
Piriformis, levator ani tenderness can cause pelvic pain. Wendling, Patrice 624
Plan ahead to prevent violence in the workplace. Brunk, Doug 669
Pregabalin, newly approved for pain, also is effective for epilepsy. Jancin, Bruce 495
Preventing IPD. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 193
Preventing recurrent ulcer bleeding. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 243
Program aims to evaluate and treat disruptive physicians. Schneider, Mary Ellen 912
Projects take on health disparities. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 97
Protecting bone during dieting. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 214
Psoriasis may respond to intermittent etanercept. Boschert, Sherry 592
Psychological distress raises atrial fib risk. Jancin, Bruce 311
Psychotherapy evaluated in depression care. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 213
Radiosurgery for trigeminal neuralgia helpful. MacReady, Norra Brief Article 257
Rash often seen with new class of cancer drugs. Kirn, Timothy F. 694
Refined chemo helps in ER-negative breast Ca. Jancin, Bruce 584
Refinement of anesthesia improves breast Ca surgery. 277
Researchers still puzzled about U.S. monkeypox outbreak. McNamara, Damian 500
Rivastigmine may delay dementia in Parkinson's. Evans, Jeff 560
Sciatica improved little with IV corticosteroid. Kirn, Timothy F. 324
Screening refractory epilepsy patients for neurosurgery takes time. McNamara, Damian 340
Sentinel node biopsy may aid melanoma survival: for primary cutaneous melanoma, SLN biopsy appeared to be both predictive and therapeutic. McNamara, Damian 536
Severe anal tears can cause postpartum urgency. Sullivan, Michele G. 485
Sleep loss tied to impaired glucose tolerance. Bates, Betsy 713
St. John's wort equals paroxetine in new study. Walsh, Nancy 849
Standard digoxin nomogram can lead to deadly overdoses in HF. Zoler, Mitchel L. 471
Stents for limb ischemia. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 199
Stroke risk with atrial fib higher in women. Jancin, Bruce 321
Study probes chronic pain care. Boschert, Sherry 357
Survey shows 60% of African Americans have never smoked. Foley, Kevin 191
Survival rates after 5 years have improved for invasive melanoma. Brunk, Doug 561
Terbinafine pulse dosing cures onychomycosis. Bates, Betsy Brief Article 358
Therapy for acute bacterial sinusitis. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 1204
TZD use in heart failure: not that bad after all? Wendling, Patrice Brief Article 308
Vagal denervation can stop atrial fib recurrence. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 264
Valtrex label change: breast-feeding. 118
Variety of drugs available for cluster headache prophylaxis. Finn, Robert 595
Visits, calls may help elderly depression. McNamara, Damian 513
Watch for extracutaneous melanoma during routine exams. Brunk, Doug 765
WHI data: oral estrogen raises risk of gallbladder disease. Johnson, Kate 693
Zoledronic acid protects bone in breast Ca patients: prophylactic treatment may avert osteoporosis and fractures resulting from aromatase inhibitor therapy. Jancin, Bruce 664

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