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Articles from Internal Medicine News (July 15, 2005)

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Adacel vaccine. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 349
Adjuvant goserelin boosted prostate ca survival. Ault, Alicia 380
Alcohol use, DES exposure tied to risk of fibroids. Splete, Heidi 751
AMA delegates approve policies on fair prescribing, imaging. Silverman, Jennifer 754
AMA targets 'pay for performance' but hits resistance: ACP, others seek link to Medicare pay fix. Silverman, Jennifer 913
Ambulatory blood pressure helps predict CVD at 10 years. 356
Anxiety disorders linked to many medical conditions. Nelson, Roxanne 480
Barrett's esophagus research slow to filter into practice. Logue, Ann C. 415
Bowel sounds did not flag recovery from abdominal surgery. Zoler, Mitchel L. Brief article 284
Bupropion used for smoking cessation less effective in low-income population. McNamara, Damian 422
Calcitonin nasal spray may preserve bone microarchitecture in older women. Evans, Jeff 308
Can you hear me now? Moo. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 200
Cause of hyperkalemia with DKA. Kramer, Holly Letter to the Editor 225
CDC's message is clear: overweight is unhealthy. Bristol, Nellie 729
Chronic idiopathic cough. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 203
CMS is eyeing Part D performance measures. Silverman, Jennifer 514
CMS to scrutinize provider numbers. Bristol, Nellie 869
Coccidiomycosis cases. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 158
Consider fracture risk data in osteoporosis prescribing. Mahoney, Diana 429
Consider personality traits in choosing depression Tx. Schneider, Mary Ellen 309
Contaminated basil. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 118
Corrections. Correction Notice 81
Cystatin C predicts CV events. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 214
Diabetes linked to decline in muscle strength. Brunk, Doug Brief Article 306
Diabetes-related preventable hospitalizations dropped 35%. Brunk, Doug 453
Diabetics with CVD need aggressive lipid tx. Tucker, Miriam E. 870
Do brief interventions for unhealthy alcohol use work? Saitz, Richard; Fiellin, David 1038
Dozing doctors. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 121
Drug adverse event surveillance system delivers mixed results. Tucker, Miriam E. 273
Drugs that suppress acid raise risk of hip fracture. Logue, Ann C. 436
Early colonoscopy shortens hospital stays. Louden, Kathleen 341
Emotional writing eases fibromyalgia. Foley, Kevin Brief Article 178
EULAR straddles the data-opinion gap on hip OA. Kilgore, Christine 828
Exercise can boost insulin sensitivity in PCOS. Brunk, Doug Brief Article 297
Experimental vaccine cuts shingles rate by half. Bates, Betsy 454
Expert panel calls for limiting nesiritide use. Zoler, Mitchel L. 626
FDA approves combo drug for HF in blacks. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 1368
FDA downgrades efavirenz to pregnancy category D. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 543
FDA seeks proposals to improve drug safety. Ault, Alicia 527
Fewer surgical infections seen in patients over 65. Brunk, Doug 447
First-time antidepressant users: 39% stop Tx before first refill. Schneider, Mary Ellen 441
Fish oil may promote arrhythmia. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 170
GERD implant technique shown to last 3 years. Kirn, Timothy F. 626
Glycemic control not improved despite changes in tx strategies. Brunk, Doug 352
Guidant recalls ICDs, sold some while aware of possible flaw. Lesney, Mark S. 466
Gynecologic surgeries can benefit elderly patients. Johnson, Kate 605
Hallucination timing varies with dementia type. McNamara, Damian 622
Hard-to-treat HT responded to simple regimen. Boschert, Sherry 664
History tied to risk of postmenopausal vertebral fractures. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 180
Hotlines provide expert advice on HIV/AIDS. Brief Article 99
In-office detection of white coat hypertension is possible. 491
Infliximab for ulcerative colitis. Evans, Jeff Brief article 193
Insomnia drugs assessed by NIH consensus panel. Splete, Heidi 755
Keep up with your reading in a journal club. Brunk, Doug 1570
Language access tool kit offers practical strategies. Brunk, Doug 389
Largest study yet supports NSAIDs' effect on MI. Jancin, Bruce 775
Limit recertification to subspecialty. Agrawal, Lily Letter to the Editor 302
Maintaining remission in Crohn's. Evans, Jeff Brief article 143
Mammography rates 'abysmal' among mentally ill women. Mahoney, Diana 584
Many patients don't link their obesity with CVD. Tucker, Miriam E. 644
Medicaid cuts would hurt mentally ill. Faenza, Michael M. 581
Medicare drug benefit explained. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 152
Metaanalysis links STDs to prostate cancer risk, but recall bias possible. McNamara, Damian 329
Midlife obesity could double dementia risk. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief Article 233
Migraine drugs. Briggs, Gerald G. 708
More options versus saving costs. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 130
MRI shows potential for assessing OA. Wachter, Kerri 511
Multidrug resistance persists in tuberculosis. Splete, Heidi 625
Mycobacterial cause of Crohn's? Evans, Jeff Brief article 223
Nesiritide's safety in heart failure questioned: experts disagree on how to interpret two new metaanalyses and on how the drug should be used. Zoler, Mitchel L. 1715
Neurofibromatosis not linked to ca in adults. Little, Linda 452
Neurontin: 40,000 bottles recalled. Wachter, Kerri Brief Article 93
New antiarrhythmic targets atrial fibrillation. Jancin, Bruce 624
New salvage therapy for PAH: oral sitaxsentan. Goldman, Bruce 504
Next time, 'go' before you go. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief article 232
NSAID use may cut oral cancer risk in smokers. Finn, Robert 355
Omeprazole stops gastric bleeding, halves endoscopic treatment rate. Kirn, Timothy F. 401
Parathyroid hormone builds bone in osteoporosis. Splete, Heidi 334
Part D counseling called an 'unfunded mandate'. Bristol, Nellie 635
Partial-breast irradiation can shorten radiation Tx. Wendling, Patrice 579
Pertussis transmission begins at home: how do infants get pertussis? They get it from their family. That's right--their moms and dads, brothers and sisters, even grandma and grandpa! Advertisement 925
Predicted drop in NSAID use may prompt clinical changes. Jancin, Bruce 1008
Pregabalin approved for epilepsy in adults. Sullivan, Michele G. 509
Pregnant smokers: cutting back in third trimester is better than never. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Brief Article 275
Primary care has role in managing ca survivors. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 850
Protocol that saved life of a rabies patient requires further study. Worcester, Sharon 442
PTSD undertreated in blacks. Foley, Kevin 208
Recertifying is a waste of time. Rotkin, Laurence Letter to the Editor 170
Rehabilitating a sprained ankle. Nagler, Willibald 731
Reluctance to take antidepressants tied to misconceptions. Mahoney, Diana 355
Revatio. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 338
Rimonabant data confirm benefit in type 2 diabetes. Tucker, Miriam E. 989
Shouldn't everyone have to recertify? June, Lisa Letter to the Editor 113
Single donor tied to organ recipients after rabies deaths. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief Article 293
Sitaxsentan safe, effective in pulmonary arterial HT. Goldman, Bruce 589
Sleep apnea: risk for liver injury. Evans, Jeff Brief article 154
Speaking of biblical symbolism. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 104
Spouses confront mild cognitive impairment. Brunk, Doug 586
SSRIs may be tied to lower and upper GI tract bleeding. Kirn, Timothy F. 396
Statins vs. calcific aortic stenosis. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 160
Surgery tops radiation for stage T3 prostate cancer. Ault, Alicia 523
Survey finds gaps in diabetes education efforts. Brunk, Doug 494
Symptoms, not size, drive women to fibroid surgery: women cite heavy bleeding and the desire to become pregnant as common reasons for elective operations. Splete, Heidi 867
Telemonitoring for high-risk HF. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 175
The OxyContin wars. Silverman, Jennifer Brief article 164
Tonsillopharyngitis Rx. Worcester, Sharon 205
Two options, same relief in mild endometriosis. Johnson, Kate 572
Underinsured statistics. Silverman, Jennifer Brief article 140
Urine leakage at orgasm after prostatectomy. Finn, Robert Brief Article 231
Vitamin E and cognitive decline. Ebbert, Jon O.; Tangalos, Eric G. 852
Weapons of moth destruction. Kubetin, Sally Koch 124
Weight gain seen with most diabetes drugs. Tucker, Miriam E. 331
Weight loss surgery coverage. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 115
West Nile virus doesn't play by the rules. Hall, Gwendolyn 482
What primary care physicians think about osteoporosis screening. Brief Article 104
What would papa say? Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 104

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