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Articles from Internal Medicine News (February 15, 2005)

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Abciximab during elective PCI gave diabetics no benefit. Zoler, Mitchel L. 686
Acute laryngitis treatment. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 102
ADA sets guidelines for nonadult type 1 diabetes: targets try to balance treatment against long-term complication risks and adolescent compliance issues. Tucker, Miriam E. 1065
Add-on pioglitazone beats sulfonylurea in diabetics who fail metformin Tx. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 265
An alarming trend. Tran, K.T. 499
Animi-3[TM]. 321
Aortic inelasticity signals uncomplicated obesity. Brief Article 248
Atypical 'WTC cough' caused by air trapping. Johnson, Kate 471
Avoiding drug interactions requires vigilance. Evans, Jeff 589
Balance SSRI benefits with risks for children. Wachter, Kerri 612
Binge eaters lost weight with orlistat and CBT. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 508
Breast Ca outcomes seem aided by anastrozole switch. Jancin, Bruce 675
Breast-feeding may lower women's risk of RA. Bloom, Mark 530
Carotid artery bypass is getting a second look. Wendling, Patrice 1177
CDC web site offers malaria telediagnosis, Tx guidelines. McNamara, Damian 376
Center puts focus on patient safety. McNamara, Damian 1000
Checklist predicts depression in HF. Jancin, Bruce 467
Chromoendoscopy detects Barrett's. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 127
Clinical inertia can compromise care of diabetic patients. Johnson, Kate 439
Clinical trial participation. Silverman, Jennifer 85
CMS panel backs coverage for diet, lifestyle change: may save $30,000 per patient over 3 years. Frieden, Joyce 1146
CMS poised to expand carotid stent coverage. Frieden, Joyce Brief Article 252
Combined gargle test/PCR assay is 88% sensitive for Pneumocystis. Finn, Robert 419
Combined procedures may be best for benign tracheal stenosis. Brunk, Doug 328
Combo therapy cuts risk of rebleeding in clotted ulcers. Evans, Jeff 387
Compensation for vaccine injuries. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 162
Conivaptan reverses hyponatremia: based on positive phase III studies, FDA issued an approvable letter for the sodium-regulating drug. Zoler, Mitchel L. 885
CPR method key to patient survival. Boschert, Sherry 563
Dietary antioxidants, rather than fatty acids, may play role in lupus. Scheck, Anne 412
Diets and weight loss: fact or fable? Ebbert, Jon O.; Tangalos, Eric G. 861
Drainage, chemo for malignant effusions. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 225
Drug-eluting stents heavily used off label: off-label applications with the fastest growth were ST-segment elevation MI and in-stent restenosis. Jancin, Bruce 693
Endocrine disorders overlooked during cancer Tx. Evans, Jeff 579
Endometrial cancer survival rates similar for laparoscopy, laparotomy. Tucker, Miriam E. 464
Ertapenem effective for diabetic foot infections: once-daily ertapenem was as safe and effective as two other antibiotics given four times per day. Zoler, Mitchel L. 483
Exercises for chronic conditions: lumbar stenosis. Nagler, Willibald 428
Extended raloxifene continues to protect some. Jancin, Bruce 682
Fatal infection in a lupus patient shows delicate balance in treatment. Walsh, Nancy 381
Fatigue and driving don't mix. Silverman, Jennifer 145
FDA panels vote against lovastatin going OTC: fears were expressed that the OTC version might be used by consumers with contraindicated conditions. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 1127
Feds flunk on tobacco regulation. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 129
Finding fulfillment in coaching. Brunk, Doug 1621
Genetic factors may affect HIV risk. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 194
Group therapy can improve viral load in HIV. McNamara, Damian 904
Hemodialysis patients had 82% higher risk of colorectal cancer. Evans, Jeff 489
Hepatitis C virus persists after Tx. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 166
HF patients go home faster with high-dose nitro. Boschert, Sherry 378
HIV-positive women have elevated risk of CIN. Finn, Robert 410
House calls make a comeback, make a living. Worcester, Sharon 1247
In women, limit use of carotid endarterectomy. Splete, Heidi 474
Increase in liver cancer rate outpaces all other cancers. Kerr, Martha 505
Inhaled iloprost approved by FDA for PAH. Lesney, Mark S. 324
Injected anti-VEGF for macular disease. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 165
Insulin protocol for ICUs simplifies glucose control. Brunk, Doug Brief Article 304
Is CABG associated with increased risk of neurocognitive degeneration? Wolozin, Benjamin N.; Borowicz, Louis M. 806
Is hydroxychloroquine safe during pregnancy? Evans, Jeff 615
Late relapse seen in breast cancer trial of tamoxifen/radiotherapy. Johnson, Kate 382
Laughter watchers. Kubetin, Sally Koch; MacNeil, Jane Salodof Brief Article 271
Lawsuit over delay in Plan B. Silverman, Jennifer 179
Less frequent hypothyroid screening deemed OK. Tucker, Miriam E. 396
Long-term lidocaine use seen effective for pelvic pain. Wendling, Patrice 382
Losing weight doesn't reduce medical costs. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 457
Lupus referrals suggest misdiagnosis is common. Kirn, Timothy F. 884
Lyrica, Menactra. Mechcatie, Elizabeth 679
Magnetic resonance imaging aids diagnosis of groin pain. Wachter, Kerri 441
Marked racial disparity in recognition, treatment of depression in ACS patients. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 299
Maryland passes insurance rate stabilization fund. Schneider, Mary Ellen 870
Medicare drops exclusions, expanding ICD coverage. Frieden, Joyce 586
MedPAC: give doctors a 2% hike. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 142
MedPAC: keep specialty hospitals on hold. Silverman, Jennifer 557
Metaanalysis shows soy supplements reduce serum lipids. Jancin, Bruce 338
Metabolic derangement and obesity double-team OA. 565
Metabolic syndrome linked with atherosclerosis in young adults. 387
Monitor diabetics in weight loss programs with care. 490
Monthly injection form of naltrexone tested for alcoholism. Sherman, Carl 580
Musculoskeletal symptoms improve after gastric bypass surgery. 461
N.C. physicians warn of winter CO poisonings. Kilgore, Christine 1032
Nerve-sparing technique reduces complications in deep pelvic endometriosis. Finn, Robert 252
New marker for HF mortality in elderly. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 170
NIH panel: scare tactics don't stop youth violence. Tucker, Miriam E. 388
Obese prepubertal girls have larger reproductive organs. Sullivan, Michele G. Brief Article 246
Open bile duct explorations have declined sixfold: this decrease may signal a loss of physician skill and experience in doing all open procedures. Ault, Alicia 466
Oral mucositis drug approved for blood cancers. Evans, Jeff 697
Oxypurinol seen to increase LV ejection fractions. Wendling, Patrice 425
Parents think children should be told of alcohol problems in family. Splete, Heidi 316
Potential of insulin pumps unrealized. Johnson, Kate 565
Prednisone associated with increased stroke in RA patients. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article 319
Pregnancy can alter liver function. Evans, Jeff 1277
Primary care needs to be made more attractive. Schneider, Mary Ellen 650
Primary care survey shows antibiotic overprescribing is still a problem. Franklin, Deeanna 382
Prognosis of acetaminophen liver injury. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 167
Pulmonary artery catheterization not useful. Jancin, Bruce 550
Quinolones found comparable in elderly patients with CAP. Brunk, Doug 441
Racial differences in cancer surgery. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 210
Racial disparity persists in ICD use. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 208
Rat-bite fever. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 166
Reduced BMD and fractures common in SLE patients. Johnson, Kate 392
Resistant UTIs. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 234
Review of 28 studies links hormone therapy to higher stroke risk. Splete, Heidi 408
Safety, efficacy testing of CAM needed. Schneider, Mary Ellen 547
Scottish study disputes notion of 'fit and fat,' finds CVD risk elevated. Brief Article 182
Sentinel node biopsy is lauded for breast cancer: fewer side effects, false negatives were seen to occur in comparison with entire axillary lymph node dissection. Jancin, Bruce 829
Speaking of the other end of a kiss. Kubetin, Sally Koch; MacNeil, Jane Salodof Brief Article 165
Stable weight averts risk factors in young adults. Jancin, Bruce 631
Stand-up MRI can make pathology stand out: applications range from the musculoskeletal to the cardiovascular, but interpreting images is tough. Wendling, Patrice 1017
Stress patient needs in pulmonary device choice. Evans, Jeff 643
Study shows negative TBNA is insufficient for ruling out mediastinal lymph nodes. Brunk, Doug 322
Study supports leptin's role in hunger, satiety. MacNeil, Jane Salodof Brief Article 225
Supraesophageal signs of GERD tricky to treat. Worcester, Sharon 433
Survey of physicians finds negative attitudes toward obese patients. 346
Tailoring CT screening for lung Ca. Johnson, Kate 596
Tamoxifen for breast cancer: no increase seen in stroke, MI. Jancin, Bruce 399
Teen pregnancies may rise with notification laws. Schneider, Mary Ellen 602
Teens' use of drugs, tobacco continues decline. Kirn, Timothy F. 1126
The quandary that is called the FDA. Goldstein, Sidney 664
Top 10 ways to avoid federal fraud prosecution. Frieden, Joyce 680
Tort reform should address reasons why people sue. Schneider, Mary Ellen 406
Trajectory for teen substance abuse can begin in preschool. Jancin, Bruce 314
U.S. Pharmacopeia finalizes model guidelines for drug plan formularies. Schneider, Mary Ellen 448
UAE shows some advantage over myomectomy. Wachter, Kerri 541
Unacceptable delays found with transfer for PCI. Jancin, Bruce 575
Viewing sex on TV tied to teen sexual activity. Splete, Heidi Brief Article 188
Vocal cord dysfunction patients are high users of health care. Brunk, Doug 355
Waist circumference predicts cardiovascular risk. Jancin, Bruce 631
Waist size may predict knee osteoarthritis in men: circumference remained an independent risk factor after adjustment for BMI in men, but not in women. Wendling, Patrice 554
We interrupt this column ... Kubetin, Sally Koch; MacNeil, Jane Salodof Brief Article 214
World's biggest toothbrush? Kubetin, Sally Koch; MacNeil, Jane Salodof Brief Article 82

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