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Articles from Internal Medicine News (August 1, 2004)

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A plan for better access. Hassan, Fred 670
ACIP adjusts adult immunization schedule. Norton, Patrice G.W. 529
ACIP nudges health care workers to get flu vaccine: refusal of consent should be documented. Norton, Patrice, G.W. 722
Acute pancreatitis cases rising. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 242
Adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Zoler, Mitchel L.; Wachter, Kerri 1214
ALLHAT continues to stir clinical controversy. Peck, Peggy 735
AMA supports Plan B. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 127
Americans urged to make equitable health care coverage for all a 'national value'. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief Article 246
Anti-inflammatory with CABG. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 130
Assessment of older drivers. Golden, William E.; Hopkins, Robert H. 818
Avoid irritants, protect nails to heal paronychia. MacReady, Norra Brief Article 279
Battle over stem cells heats up on Capitol Hill: legislation would allow federal funding of stem cell lines that meet ethical guidelines set by the NIH. Ault, Alicia 547
Bioethicists consider ways to end stalemate in stem cell research. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 605
Bowel screening urged for HT users. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 307
BP: improve accuracy of measurement to improve control. Worcester, Sharon 487
Buprenorphine can be safely used in primary care. Mahoney, Diana 604
Calling all sperm. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 174
Can't wait for his infomercial. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 183
Cannabinoids for multiple sclerosis. Walsh, Nancy 893
Carotid stenting durable for 2 years in SAPPHIRE: long-term results support the inteventional procedure as being a safe, effective alternative to surgery. Peck, Peggy 455
Celiac disease prevalence higher than thought. MacReady, Norra 710
Change in medicare obesity policy is not expected to affect treatment for a while. Frieden, Joyce 545
Chest pain hospitalizations soar. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 224
Cholesterol 'report card' may increase statin compliance. Kilgore, Christine 697
Clues to thrombosis may lurk in skin disease. Melville, Nancy A. 564
Depression descriptors different in minorities. Frieden, Joyce 383
Device may hasten stem cell harvesting. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 367
Etoricoxib on a par with indomethacin for gouty arthritis Tx. Perlstein, Steve 391
Expand meningococcal vaccination coverage, ACIP panel says. Norton, Patrice G.W. 850
FDA deliberating over supplements' OA claims. Ault, Alicia 664
Few seniors understand or approve of new Medicare drug law. Brief Article 113
Folate may not offset alcohol's breast CA effect. Mahoney, Diana 567
For elderly, car crashes go up with lithium use. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 205
For healthy seniors, yoga offers no improvements in cognitive function. Jancin, Bruce 381
Frequency of BP, cholesterol testing. Brief Article 80
Getting livers to sick patients. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 166
Growth in Medicaid fees. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 136
HIV drugs and dementia. Norton, John W. Letter to the Editor 191
HIV prevention. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 165
Influenza vaccine run to exceed 2003 supply. Norton, Patrice G.W. 621
It's hard to tell elderly, stop driving your car. MacReady, Norra 743
Launchers and printers. McLeod, Thomas G.; Ebbert, Jon O. Product/Service Evaluation 666
Legionellosis treatment. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 203
Low Hb is a bad omen in diastolic dysfunction. Jancin, Bruce 370
Many hospitalized stroke patients are aspirin nonresponders. Peck, Peggy 448
Medical debt dilemma. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 109
Medicare eyes PET scans for dementia. Wachter, Kerri 1056
Medicare law offers incentives for electronic drug prescribing. Schneider, Mary Ellen Brief Article 269
Medicare's cost burden high for postoperative AF. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 206
Melanoma testing: warn patients of limited value; Genetic testing for susceptibility won't alter medical management but may provide a false sense of security. Jancin, Bruce 577
Memantine improved cognition in Alzheimer's. Finn, Robert 604
Meningococcal disease. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 164
Migraine with aura appears to increase stroke risk in women. Jancin, Bruce Brief Article 287
Milk and risk of colorectal ca. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 212
More colonoscopies could and should be done. Zoler, Mitchel L. 543
NCEP lowers lipid targets for patients with higher risk: guideline update calls for more intensive drug treatment for higher-risk patients. Norton, Patrice G.W. 1080
NCQA: database identifies 'high-quality' physicians. Schneider, Mary Ellen 872
New and old agents on horizon to treat gout. Jancin, Bruce; Mechcatie, Elizabeth 853
New stem cell lines carry genetic disorders: the 62 embryonic stem cell lines may aid research into diseases that have been studied mainly in mice. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 563
NIH, FDA officials invite applications for stem cell work. 880
No decline in dementia risk with estrogen use: unopposed therapy tied to nonsignificant increases in probable dementia, mild cognitive impairment. Johnson, Kate 927
Noncompliance in HF patients. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 177
Novel PET tracer reveals Alzheimer's plaques, tangles. Wachter, Kerri 362
Obesity prevention plan. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 133
Onycholysis dx requires medical detective work. MacReady, Norra 607
Outcome of Medicare modernization predicted. Schneider, Mary Ellen 402
Physicians push for caps in liability reform efforts. Schneider, Mary Ellen 712
Physicians want single-payer plan. Kirschner, Melvin H. Letter to the Editor 232
Primary PCI averts VSD. Moon, Mary Ann Brief Article 178
Psychotherapy frees some women from depression without drugs. Splete, Heidi 636
Risks of Internet pharmacies. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 170
Rivastigmine may slow cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Sherman, Carl 573
Self-administered drug demo. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article 113
Should intraoperative cholangiography be performed routinely during cholecystectomy? Edye, Michael; Rattner, David W. 799
Skin self-exams tied to more surgeries, lower costs. Evans, Jeff 384
So much for alpine freshness. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 132
SPECT may predict likelihood of Alzheimer's development. Wachter, Kerri 296
State legislatures are reforming risk pools, other health benefits. Frieden, Joyce 769
Statins may cut brain inflammation in MS. Mahoney, Diana 694
Statins used for CVD prevention may also reduce risk of colorectal cancer. Goldman, Erik L. 682
Stem cell grafts stalled MS in several patients. MacNeil, Jane Salodof 573
Supreme Court decision on HMOs irks physicians. Frieden, Joyce 582
TB outbreak shows need for vigilance. Kubetin, Sally Koch 673
Telephone outreach aids depression screening: interventions can be incorporated into primary care to connect at-risk patients with mental health care. Mahoney, Diana 488
Thorn of the cactus that bit you. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 190
Training for caregivers of stroke survivors reduces costs. Kirn, Timothy F. Brief Article 254
Training, body image shape usage of thorough skin self-examinations. Evans, Jeff 629
Transplanted rabies. Worcester, Sharon Brief Article 162
Trauma history tied to lower cancer survival. Worcester, Sharon 339
Two-step TB test may detect latent disease. Finn, Robert 357
Value of eradicating H. pylori. Evans, Jeff Brief Article 127
Walkin' a fine line. Kubetin, Sally Koch Brief Article 142
Web-based, alternative cancer information can be dangerous. Wachter, Kerri Brief Article 291
West Nile virus buzzes into sunny Southwest: worst stung has been Arizona, reporting 66 human cases and two fatalities, after just 13 cases last year. Bates, Betsy 614
Worries hamper addiction tx. Mahoney, Diana 436

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