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Articles from Internal Medicine News (July 1, 2001)

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About 20% of Adults Have Pituitary Tumors. BATES, BETSY 501
ANESTHESIA RULE DELAYED. Silverman, Jennifer 95
Angiotensin II Inhibitors Offer Renal Protection. BOSCHERT, SHERRY 1048
Aortic Valve Replacement. Moon, Mary Ann 164
Athletic Supporters. Berger, Joanne M. 153
Bleeding Gastric Varices. Kuebtin, Sally Koch 152
C-Reactive Protein Guide's Antibiotics for URIs. JANCIN, BRUCE 354
Chemoradiation Urged After Gastric Ca Surgery. MULCAHY, NICHOLAS 502
Chemotherapy Goals Often Aren't Imparted to Patients. FINN, ROBERT 349
Colorectal Cancer Survival Rates Did Not Improve During 1989-1997. DEMOTT, KATHRYN 441
Contaminated Epoetin Alfa. Mitchell, Steve 224
Dog Days. Berger, Joanne M. 171
Doxazosin Effective Add-On Drug in Hypertension With BPH. BOSCHERT, SHERRY 386
Drug Update: Insulin and Insulin Analogues. Zoler, Mitchel L.; Tucker, Miriam E. 1280
Drug-Resistant Salmonella. Mitchell, Steve 139
EASING THE TENSION. Silverman, Jennifer 120
Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Survival Has Risen to 44%. Kirn, Timothy F. 235
FDA Panel Says ALLHAT Findings On Doxazosin Should Be Issued. MECHCATIE, ELIZABETH 800
Filthy Lucre. Berger, Joanne M. 149
Finger Length Ratio May Predict Early MI Risk. JANCIN, BRUCE 616
Gastric Lymphoma Remission. Kuebtin, Sally Koch 154
Halve the HRT Dose of Women With End-Stage Renal Disease. Zoler, Mitchel L. 329
High WBC Flags Rapid Atherosclerotic Progression. JANCIN, BRUCE 251
Hypertension Control Improved Cognitive Function. BOSCHERT, SHERRY 255
Insights Overturn Picture of Acute Aortic Dissection. JANCIN, BRUCE 923
Insulin for CCB Overdose. Moon, Mary Ann 143
LETTERS. Letter to the Editor 980
Long Live Oscar. Berger, Joanne M. 127
Long-Term Survival Benefits of Early Diagnosis, Treatment of Acromegaly. 525
Low-Dose HRT Good for Hot Flashes, Bone Density. MOON, MARY ANN 915
MAINE DRUG PROGRAM APPROVED. Silverman, Jennifer 132
McCarthyism in Medicine. EINHORN, LAWRENCE H. 578
MI Due to HIV-Related Arteritis. Mitchell, Steve 147
Negative Endoscopy Still Helps Dyspeptic Patients. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 573
Nematode Infection in Mouth. Mitchell, Steve 164
Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Pandemic. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. 332
Occasional Antihistamines Safe in Pregnancy. MECHOATIE, ELIZABETH 546
Oncologists Drowning in a Sea of Paperwork. FINN, ROBERT 576
Oral Contraceptives Fail to Prevent Bone Loss in Anorexic Adolescents. JOHNSON, KATE 403 Berger, Joanne M. 104
Peripartum Cardiomyopathy. Moon, Mary Ann 163
Pregnancy and Infliximab: Preliminary Results Indicate No Miscarriage Risk. MULCAHY, NICHOLAS 361
PRIORITIZING THE FLU SHOT. Silverman, Jennifer 122
Proximal Colon Adenomas. Kuebtin, Sally Koch 151
Results of BRCA Gene Testing Often Affects Choice of Therapy. Finn, Robert 250
ROE V. WADE CHALLENGED. Silverman, Jennifer 162
Serial-Dose Infliximab Controls Crohn's Disease. ZOLER, MITCHEL L. Product/Service Evaluation 779
Severe Ulcerative Colitis. Kuebtin, Sally Koch 205
Sigmoidoscopy Doesn't Up MI Risk. DEMOTT, KATHRYN 515
Smoking Policies Hazy at Academic Centers. BATES, BETSY 339
Standard-Dose Etanercept Not Effective In Crohn's Disease. 198
Tamoxifen Not for Receptor-Negative Breast Ca. FINN, ROBERT 383
Teens Want Advice on HIV Counseling, Testing. BRUNK, DOUG 273
Therapy's Role Disputed in HIV Lipid Disorders. DEMOTT, KATHRYN 543
Top 10 Drugs in Year 2000 Retail Sales. 136
Tradeoff System Expedites Wait for Kidney Transplants. SILVERMAN, JENNIFER 795
Treat Anemia in Service CHF. Moon, Mary Ann 185
Tumor Size, Prolactin Levels Guide Decision to Treat Prolactinoma. 272
Unexplained Ear, Nose, and Throat Symptoms May Benefit From GERD Therapy. Mulcahy, Nicholas 347

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