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Internal Audit Practice From A to Z.


Internal Audit Practice From A to Z

Patrick Onwura Nzechukwu

CRC Press


642 pages



Internal Audit and IT Audit


Nzechukwu presents readers with a comprehensive examination of the practice of internal auditing using a wide variety of accepted standards including GAAS, GAGAS, IPPF, ISO, ISSAI, ISA, IIA, GAO, INTOSAI, and IFAC standards. The author covers the form, figures, tables, and reports that go into standard internal audits; the necessary information needed to start, complete, and evaluate and internal audit; the methods needed to assure quality throughout the auditing process; and many other related subjects. Nzechukwu is a consultant based in Nigeria. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2017
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