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Interior Ministry issues SOP for arms licenses procedure.

ISLAMABAD, July 07, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- The Interior Ministry has issued a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to ensure issuance of arms licenses to genuine persons, prevent malpractice and to maintain transparency. The SOP was presented before the meeting of sub-committee of National Assembly on Interior on Tuesday at Parliament House. According to the SOP, prohibited bore licenses have already been banned by the Prime Minister on the recommendation of interior Minister Rehman Malik to streamline the procedure for issuance of arms licenses. According to the SOP issued, the Ministry and the Secretary Interior will approve applications for non-prohibited bore arms licenses, while applications for Prohibited Bore (PB) arms licenses will only be approve by Ministry for Interior and MOS Interior or By the Prime Minister. The demand note will be issued within 10-days of the approval of application and requirement for issuance of the arms licenses would be in accordance of completely filled in application form, legible copy of CNIC, original paid challan, 2*photographs, police verification (By Concerned DPO) or duly certified by MNA/MPA/Senators and the licenses will be issued after 20 days of the completion of the above requirements. While demand note bearing serial number and embossed seal thereon, for issuance of PB/NPB Arms Licenses shall be made available by the applicant within 20-days from the date of issue, otherwise the demand note will be stand cancelled and the fee for new arms licenses was fixed as Rs. 5,000/-for NPB, Rs. 7500/-for PB. The Committee was further informed that licenses/renewal fee shall be deposited in main branch of National bank of Pakistan at District Headquarters with online facility and the bank branch will send the pay scroll of arms licenses/renewal fee daily through online system at the close of business hours to MOI. Proper Computerized record of PB/NPB arms licenses will also be maintained and the receipt of application forms and delivery of prepared arms licenses will only be carried out at VISA counter from 0900 to 1300 hours, while on Saturday, Sunday and closed holidays there would be no receipt/delivery. Prepared licenses will be issued to the applicants in person and no agent or authorized person be will issued the licenses and arms licenses booklets will be issued on personalized basis by the printing corporation of Pakistan through online data submission. It was also informed that arms section will be shifted to 4th floor S Block and additional secretary will provide data of the applications received and licenses issued on daily basis to secretary who will put up the same to Minister for Information. There shall be following two arms sections and will work under the direct supervision of Interior Secretary i. Processing, ii. Issuance section and copies of arms licenses will be issued only after the approval of secretary Interior or by an officer authorized by him. It was further disclosed in committee that Monthly Quota for arms Licenses for the parliamentarian will be on the basis, NPB-20 each, PB-05 each and un-utilized quota would not be carried forward and any violation to this SOP will render the dealing/defaulting official liable for disciplinary/criminal proceedings.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 7, 2009
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