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Articles from Interim (January 1, 2013)

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Title Author Type Words
(60)/(60). Michaux, Henri; Conoley, Gillian Poem 114
... If I were/... Si J'Etais. Michaux, Henri; Conoley, Gillian Poem 194
A closet in which pride has been taken. Pactor, Marcus Short story 1308
A review of my memories. Bates, Bridgettes Poem 284
An impoverished city. Reeck, Matt Poem 366
Anterior (with Dictionary Chain). Covino, Peter Poem 348
Astraphobia. Cattrone, Lisa Poem 342
At that moment/O an. Duman, Nurduran; Wessels, Andrew Poem 132
Bayon, Siem Reip, Cambodia. Tribe, Sean Poem 119
Blood fetish. Harris, Duriel E. Fictional work 389
Briar Roses. Lim, Sandra Poem 261
Coliseum/Colosseo. Belleza, Dario; Covino, Peter Poem 1879
Confessions. Shivani, Anis Poem 330
Dear Interim. Pafunda, Danielle Fictional work 1170
Dear mom and dad. Pafunda, Danielle Fictional work 2338
Dearest J. DePASQUALE, Meryl Fictional work 147
Eighty-five/Quatre-vingt-cinq. Michaux, Henri; Conoley, Gillian Poem 180
Elijah Man. Pau-Llosa, Ricardo Poem 115
Epithalamion. Simpson, Elias Poem 118
Farewell to introductions. Bates, Bridgettes Poem 270
For Apollinaire. Nicholson, Andrew S. Poem 730
from 6 Degrees of Freedom. Cattrone, Lisa Poem 226
From gardening gaps. Strauss, Adam 1648
From part one of the Anti-Memoir. Wilson, Ronaldo V. Fictional work 5429
from What is not missing is light. Bates, Bridgettes Poem 190
Further observations. Ganassi, Ian Poem 210
Gethsemane man. Pau-Llosa, Ricardo Poem 135
Grandly green. Strauss, Adam Poem 122
Green experience. Strauss, Adam Poem 184
Green girl. Strauss, Adam Poem 125
Happy endings. Rappaport, Henry Poem 215
Harlequin. Parks, Amy Ratto Fictional work 172
I want her. Bates, Bridgettes Poem 209
If everything I said. Liu, Timothy Poem 317
In a break. Strauss, Adam Poem 147
Instructions for use. Pashley, Jennifer Fictional work 118
Knight of the bucket: six of cups. Carr, Emily Poem 150
Lesbian. Strauss, Adam Poem 102
Let me not to the marriage. Liu, Timothy Poem 130
Like a work-in-progress. Bates, Bridgettes Poem 166
Literal. Chernoff, Maxine Poem 117
Memo be small: queen of cups. Carr, Emily Poem 170
Might these drawings/Pourraient quelquefois ces dessins. Michaux, Henri; Conoley, Gillian Poem 112
My letter is an Olive Branch/Mektubum zeytin dali. Duman, Nurduran; Wessels, Andrew Poem 117
Narra-expressalism--sex with art with capitalized prepositions. Covino, Peter Poem 106
Not the crisis or the half notes. Covino, Peter Poem 324
Note on this series of pastorals. Greenberg, Arielle 573
Pastoral: "Made by Maid" is My Favorite Song by Laura Marling and I Want to Crawl Inside It, and You, Too. Greenberg, Arielle Poem 216
Pastoral: at the time of the year when the veil is thinnest. Greenberg, Arielle Poem 254
Pastoral: Leaf-Peeping. Greenberg, Arielle Poem 390
Pastoral: the pornographic imagination. Greenberg, Arielle Poem 344
Portrait of Chinatown this time. Pescatore, Tom Poem 112
Power. Chernoff, Maxine Poem 165
Preface. Keelan, Claudia 411
Quick. Strauss, Adam Poem 123
Relentlessly/Implacablement. Michaux, Henri; Conoley, Gillian Poem 132
Reveals long sharp teeth. Bosshart, Becky Short story 541
Right afterward. Pescatore, Tom Poem 109
Seventy-six/Soixante-seize. Michaux, Henri; Conoley, Gillian Poem 145
Sex world. Koertge, Ron Short story 730
Statement. Liu, Timothy 479
Subplot. Chernoff, Maxine Poem 115
The conceived. Roberts, Chloe Garcia Poem 189
The Greeks. Bates, Bridgettes Poem 134
The holiday park. Reeck, Matt Poem 230
The jungle so far. Covino, Peter Poem 123
The little red dress would like you. Moni, Natasha Kochicheril Fictional work 101
The luxury of little. Simpson, Elias Poem 102
Third Eye. Thomas, Heather Poem 307
This Would Be Perfect: two of cups. Carr, Emily Poem 242
To Elsa Morante/A Elsa Morante. Bellezza, Dario; Covino, Peter Poem 295
Tortured Calypso. Ganassi, Ian Poem 268
Tsunami 2011. Watsky, Paul Poem 117
United with him/Uni a lui. Michaux, Henri; Conoley, Gillian Poem 279
Voiceword/Sessoz. Duman, Nurduran; Wessels, Andrew Poem 154
Weave of colors/Renklerin orgusu. Duman, Nurduran; Wessels, Andrew Poem 176
What to say here. Davis, Christopher 724
When hallucinating. Bates, Bridgettes Poem 115
You is to door as I is to door. Jami, MaCarty Poem 158
You starred in the movie. Chernoff, Maxine Fictional work 174

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