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Interim test set for Tactical Radios-AN/PRM-34B.

An essential item in a radio maintainer, MOS 25U, preventive maintenance toolkit for troubleshooting the Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System, is a portable test set. The PRM-34 test set, NSN 6625-01-094-5646 is currently in the Army inventory. The test set checks for receiver sensitivity, frequency, and transmitter RF power.

Currently the Army is short over 3000 test sets, and parts for the existing system are not available. In 2009 the U.S. Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Sup port Center reevaluated the requirements and specifications for the PRM-34 and determined that a replacement for the current test set is required. USATSC moved quickly to send out a request for information to industry for the PRM-34 replacement, the PRM-36.

Recognizing that a need existed and that it may take up to 18 months for development and fielding of the PRM-36, Agilent Technologies, Inc., took the initiative and developed an interim solution, the PRM-34B. The PRM-34B design is based on critical Soldier feedback.

In addition to meeting or exceeding all of the AN/PRM34 specifications, the size and weight were reduced by 85%, making it extremely portable and allowing the radio test set to fit in the cargo pocket of the maintainer's uniform. These improvements were made while maintaining a rugged, weather-resistant design, which enables reliable field operation.

This new design also features an easy one-button press operation of all required Tx and Rx measurements while preserving the compatibility with existing AN/PRM-34 accessories. You can literally check out a radio and antenna in less than 30 seconds. Simply connect the radio, power up the tester, push the button, and key the handset of the radio to be tested.

All existing AN/PRM-34 connectors, cables, and load devices are compatible with the PRM-34B. The Radio Test Set is powered by a BA-5372/U battery which is currently in the military inventory and used with SINCGARS radios. These features facilitate making the PRM-34B an essential tool for all SINCGARS radio operators and maintainers.

The PRM-34 is not only for testing/ troubleshooting the SINCGARS it can be used for other tactical radios (i.e. PRC 117, PRC-150, PRC-148, PSC-5D). The radios are connected to

the test set, tuned to operating frequencies inside the PRM34/SINCGARS radio spectrum (30 MHz to 88 MHz), and the radio handset is keyed. The PRM-34 then performs all tests automatically in approximately 15 seconds.

The Fort Gordon 25U Maintainer Course, 101st Air Assault Division, Tobyhanna Army Depot, the 25th Infantry Division in Alaska, and 45th IBCT ARNG are currently using the interim PRM-34 Portable Test Sets.

The PRM-34B is a commercial off-the-shelf item on the GSA website: advgsa/ advantage/ main/


COTS--Commercial off the shelf

RFI--Request for information

SINCGARS--Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System

TMDE--Test, measurement and diagnostic equipment

USATSC--U.S. Army Test Support Cente

LTC Jennings is the assistant Training and Doctrine Command Capability Manager(TRADOC) for Tactical Radios (TR) at Fort Gordon, GA. He can be reached by email at marvin.r.jennings@ or phone at (706) 791-8429.

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Author:Jennings, Marvin
Publication:Army Communicator
Date:Sep 22, 2009
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