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Intergraph TDZ 3D Graphics Workstations and Softimage 3D animation software bundled at $15,500 introductory price.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 16, 1996--Intergraph Computer Systems today announced the bundling of its high-performance TDZ 3D Graphics Workstations with Softimage 3D for Windows NT animation software for a starting price of $15,500.

Now with the TDZ, current users of Softimage -- those with the most demanding visual-effects requirements in the games, interactive titles, film, broadcast and video industries -- can enjoy the same or better features and capability at half the cost of their RISC/UNIX systems.

Additionally, a greater number of creative professionals previously using PC-based tools for 3D graphics can now afford Silicon Graphics Indigo(2) Extreme performance without moving to expensive UNIX solutions. Intergraph is the only certified hardware vendor for Softimage 3D on the Intel/Windows NT platform and will participate in the Softimage 3D for Windows NT launch, Jan. 16-23 in San Francisco, New York, London, and Tokyo.

Available immediately, the entry-level bundle includes Softimage 3D for Windows NT and a TDZ-300 3D Graphics Workstation with a single 150 MHz Pentium(R) Pro processor; Windows NT; Intergraph's GLZ1 graphics card (including 12 Mbytes Video RAM, 24-bit double-buffered true color, 24-bit Z-buffer, 92 total video planes total, and 1,152 x 864 maximum resolution) 64 MB RAM; 2 GB hard drive; 21" multisync monitor; quad-speed CD-ROM; PCMCIA; and a multimedia keyboard with built-in speakers and microphone.

A hardware texturing option can be added for $4,000. Many other configurations are available including single, dual or quad 200 MHz Pentium Pro processors, up to 256 MB of main memory, additional hard disk drives, and a choice of high-resolution monitors.

"At less than half the cost of an SGI Indigo(2) Extreme, the TDZ and Softimage 3D bundled offer makes professional-level 3D graphics affordable to animators everywhere," said Wade Patterson, executive vice president of Intergraph Computer Systems. "Our goal is for a greater number of creative professionals to experience unparalleled 3D graphics performance, thus dramatically increasing the number of TDZs on animators' desktops," said Patterson.

The TDZ 3D Graphics Workstation offers animators SGI-class 3D graphics capability with its superior GLZ OpenGL 3D graphics performance and advanced graphics features, Pentium Pro processor power that rivals RISC, the open and user-friendly Windows NT Workstation operating system, built-in multimedia features, and full service and support.

"Intergraph's TDZ gives Softimage users excellent graphics performance with hardware texture mapping and very fast rendering speeds," said Shirish Nadkarni, director of marketing for Softimage. "And Intergraph's price for the bundle is very aggressive which will attract both current and new users of Softimage."

Shipping since November 1995, the single-processor TDZ-300 and dual-processor TDZ-400 were the first 3D graphics workstations to offer 150 MHz Pentium Pro processors running Windows NT. In December, Intergraph was also the first to ship 200-MHz Pentium Pro processor-based TDZs. Quad-processor configurations will be available later this quarter.

Meeting the high-performance demands of creative professionals

"Professional animators require fast throughput for model creation, rendering, and animation to meet their stringent production deadlines and to keep pace with the spontaneity of their creative minds," said Bert Sesona, president of Digital Sight and Sound, a Dallas-based digital media systems integrator.

"Until now, this system performance could be achieved only on SGI workstations, which, because of their proprietary and expensive nature, limited this power to only a select few. With a Pentium Pro-and Windows NT-based TDZ workstation, animators can do the same kind of work with the same power as an SGI workstation for about half the price. Plus, users benefit from an open operating environment that runs popular PC tools alongside Softimage and Windows NT interoperability with existing UNIX seats."

Another benefit of the TDZ to professional animators is the ability to do hardware texture mapping, which before the TDZ was an expensive luxury that few animators could afford. "The TDZ is the only Windows NT workstation with hardware texture mapping," said Steve Pesto, Intergraph Computer Systems' senior manager of graphics. "It requires a lot of horsepower to display texture on a hardware-shaded object in real time. SGI is the only other vendor with a machine that is really very good at texture mapping, but the TDZ outperforms SGI and is priced at thousands of dollars less.

"Softimage has one of the most in-depth animation tools on the market today. Whether you're going for dynamic simulations, character animation, or generating any kind of movement whatsoever, Softimage is a robust toolset for movement or character creation. The TDZ provides the rendering and animation speed that drives Softimage to its optimum potential," said Pesto.

"In addition to animation and rendering speed that rivals RISC-based workstations, superior 3D graphics capabilities including hardware-texture mapping, and an open, non-proprietary operating environment, Intergraph offers creative professionals workstation-quality support," said Patterson. "Intergraph ensures the success of its customers with a worldwide service and support organization, 24-hour technical support, and a three-year warranty that combines the best elements of typical workstation and PC warranties."

Pricing and Availability

Beginning immediately, the special TDZ/Softimage 3D bundles are offered through Feb. 29, 1996. Please call 800/763-0242 or 205/730-5441 for information about your nearest, authorized reseller.

Intergraph Background Information

Intergraph Computer Systems develops, manufactures, sells, and supports computer systems for the Technical Desktop -- the combination of compatible technical applications and personal productivity tools in a single desktop computer. Hardware products include personal workstations and servers. A member of the Fortune 1000, Intergraph is the world's largest company dedicated to supplying interactive computer graphics systems. -0-

Note to Editors: If you wish to provide a telephone number for reader inquiries, please use 800/763-0242. Or reach us on the Internet at Use of this number allows Intergraph to better serve your readers.

Intergraph is a registered trademark of Intergraph Corp. Other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Intergraph Computer Systems, Huntsville

Aggie Frizzell, 205/730-6139

Dorseda Wegert, 205/730-1430
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Date:Jan 16, 1996
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