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Intergraph's New High-Performance Intense 3D Pro 3410 AGP Graphics Subsystems Deliver Up to 115 CDRS.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 10, 1998--

Industry-leading graphics available to OEM system vendors

Intergraph Computer Systems Friday announced its new powerful AGP-based Intense 3D Pro 3410 and Intense 3D Pro 3410GT graphics subsystems for its OEM customers that deliver an affordable new range of scalable solutions for today's professional 3D graphics user. The first OEM customer for this new 3D graphics card is Dell Computers (see separate release, April 10). The Intense 3D Pro 3410 graphics subsystems are the latest in the series of Intense 3D Pro graphics. Targeting users who require high performance and advanced features, the Intense 3D Pro 3410 provides a full suite of OpenGL features, and upgrades to an Intense 3D Pro 3410GT with the addition of an optional geometry accelerator. Technical and creative professionals in animation, digital content creation, visual simulation, and MCAD markets benefit from the industry's highest level of performance delivered by the new Intense 3D Pro 3410GT. As shown in the following chart, the Intense 3D Pro 3410 outperforms Hewlett Packard's VISUALIZE fx4 NT graphics in four out of five Viewperf benchmarks.

------------------ ----------- ----------- ------- -------- --------- Graphics CDRS-03 AWadvs-01 DX-03 DRV-04 Light-01 ------------------ ----------- ----------- ------- -------- --------- ------------------ ----------- ----------- -------- ------- ---------- Intense 3D Pro 3410 GT 115.82 21.44 15.54 11.40 1.191

------------------ ----------- ----------- -------- ------- ---------- ------------------ ----------- ----------- -------- ------- ---------- VISUALIZE fx4 119.31 18.63 12.43 7.61 1.04

------------------ ----------- ----------- -------- ------- ----------

Viewperf scores, measured using 333 MHz processors, were taken from published results on OPC.

"The Intense 3D Pro 3410 graphics accelerators provide our OEM customers with industry-leading graphics acceleration technology that allows their customers to be more productive and creative than ever before," said Steve Pesto, executive director, graphics products division, Intergraph Computer Systems. "The addition of the optional geometry accelerator can more than double application performance to previously unreachable levels."

Scalable Power

The Intense 3D Pro 3410 offers scalability from mid-range to top-end performance with Intergraph's hardware-based geometry accelerator. As demonstrated by tests using Kinetix 3D Studio MAX and PTC Pro/ENGINEER, Intergraph's geometry acceleration is ideally suited for high-end applications, because as the scene or model complexity increases, the percentage of performance improvement over non-geometry-accelerated cards skyrockets (see charts below). With the optional geometry acceleration, the Intense 3D Pro 3410 enables OEMs to offer scalability and price flexibility to their customers, with top-end performance that is second to none in the industry.

Kinetix 3D Studio MAX R2 Application Test

--------------- ----------------- -------------------- --------------

Scene Intense 3D Intense 3D

Description Pro 3410 Pro 3410-GT

(No Geometry (With Geometry % Improvement

Acceleration) Acceleration) --------------- ------------------ ------------------- ---------------

3 Moving Objects (20K Triangles), Shaded, Lit By 2 19.1 fps 34.0 fps 78% Spotlights --------------- ---------------- ------------------ ------------------ --------------- ---------------- ------------------ ------------------ 3 Moving Objects (100K Triangles), Shaded, Lit By 2 4.04 fps 11.9 fps 195% Spotlights --------------- ----------------- ------------------ ----------------- --------------- ---------------- ------------------ ------------------ 6 Moving Objects (200K Triangles), Shaded, Lit By 2 2.05 fps 6.41 fps 213% Spotlights --------------- --------------- ------------------ ------------------- --------------- --------------- ------------------ ------------------- 12 Moving Objects (400K Triangles), Shaded, Lit By 2 1.03 fps 3.36 fps 226% Spotlights --------------- ---------------- ------------------ ------------------

All results are shown in Frames/Second (larger scores are better). Results were measured on a 333 MHz Pentium II system (LX chipset) with 128 MB of SDRAM and 4.3 GB disk drive.

PTC Pro/ENGINEER (Release 18)

--------------- ----------------- -------------------- --------------

Model Intense 3D Intense 3D

Description Pro 3410 Pro 3410-GT

(No Geometry (With Geometry % Improvement

Acceleration) Acceleration) --------------- ------------------ ------------------- ---------------




Model, 41.6 MB, 136 Parts -- 51 seconds 31 seconds 39% Shaded Spin --------------- ---------------- --------------------- ---------------

All results are shown in seconds (smaller scores are better). Results were measured on a 333 Mhz Pentium II system (LX chipset) with 128 MB of SDRAM and 4.3 GB disk drive.

No-Compromise Features

The Intense 3D Pro 3410 graphics accelerators come standard with a 16 MB frame buffer and another 16 MB of dedicated texture memory, enabling a rich feature set that includes a 32-bit Z-buffer, double-buffered 24-bit color, stencil and alpha planes as well as ample texture storage. The Intense 3D Pro 3410 graphics are capable of rendering an amazing 2.6 million lit, Gouraud-shaded, Z-buffered triangles per second, with a tri-linear textured fill rate of 60 million pixels per second. What this means for graphics professionals is incomparable graphics performance for the most demanding applications, including MCAD, visual simulation, and high-end 3D animation. Real world performance is further enhanced by Intergraph's custom-engineered drivers that are optimized for application performance and stability.


The Intense 3D Pro 3410 and Intense 3D Pro 3410GT is available immediately. For more information, OEM customers may contact Intergraph Computer Systems at 205-730-4109.

Intergraph Computer Systems Background Information

Intergraph Computer Systems (Huntsville, AL) is the world leader in 3D graphics technology, products, and services for Windows NT. Intergraph develops, manufactures, sells, and supports computer systems and advanced graphics accelerators for the creative and technical desktop in markets such as traditional CAD, MCAD, animation, content creation, publishing and prepress, and digital media. Intergraph's server and networking and interoperability products for the IT environment deliver workgroup to enterprise performance for internet, intranet, and extranet, as well as thin client applications. Hardware products include Pentium/Pentium Pro/Pentium II processors/Windows/Windows NT-based graphics workstations and servers.

Intergraph Computer Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Intergraph Corporation (NASDAQ: INGR). For more information about Intergraph Computer Systems, call 800-763-0242, or visit the company's Web site at

NOTE TO EDITORS: If you wish to provide a telephone number for reader inquiries, please use 800-763-0242. Intergraph's World Wide Web URL is

Intergraph and the Intergraph logo are registered trademarks and Intense 3D is a trademark of Intergraph Corporation. Microsoft, Windows NT, and Softimage are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation. OpenGL is a registered trademark of Silicon Graphics, Inc. AutoCAD is a registered trademark and 3D Studio MAX is a trademark of Autodesk Inc. LightWave is a trademark of NewTek, Inc. Other brands and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.

CONTACT: Intergraph Computer Systems, Huntsville

Dana Staples, 205/730-1167


Aggie Frizzell, 205/730-6139
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Date:Apr 13, 1998
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