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Euroimmun Launches SARS-CoV-2 Test System to Detect T-Cell Response. Jan 14, 2021 245
Covid-19 treatment Synairgen shows promise, may keep patients off ventilators. Andrew Rosenbaum Jan 14, 2021 355
Synairgen phase III trial of potentially breakthrough coronavirus treatment now underway. Clinical report Jan 14, 2021 315
Market Report: FTSE gains against all odds, as Trump impeachment vote looms. Jan 14, 2021 350
Coronavirus: Synairgen starts final phase of treatment trials days after UK introduces new regimen. Jan 14, 2021 659
Proactive news headlines:AaSynairgen, Bango,AaSunrise Resources,AaTiziana Life Sciences, SkinBioTherapeutics ... Jan 14, 2021 2424
Large scale trial of a new COVID-19 treatment commences in the UK. Jan 13, 2021 164
Large scale trial of a new COVID-19 treatment commences in the UK. Jan 13, 2021 160
Synairgen Doses First Patient In Covid-19 Treatment Trial. Jan 13, 2021 184
Cellular Immunity in COVID-19 Convalescents with PCR-Confirmed Infection but with Undetectable SARS-CoV-2-Specific IgG. Schwarzkopf, Sina; Krawczyk, Adalbert; Knop, Dietmar; Klump, Hannes; Heinold, Andreas; Heinemann, Fa Jan 1, 2021 5801
Sex-Based Differences in the Cytokine Production and Intracellular Signaling Pathways in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis. Pratap, Uday P.; Hima, Lalgi; Kannan, Thangamani; Thyagarajan, Chadrasekaran; Priyanka, Hannah P.; V Dec 1, 2020 6617
4'-O-[beta]-D-glucosyl-5-O-methylvisamminol ameliorates imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like dermatitis and inhibits inflammatory cytokines production by suppressing the NF-[kappa]B and MAPK signaling pathways. Fu, Jing; Zeng, Zuping; Zhang, Lu; Wang, Yan; Li, Ping Dec 1, 2020 5563
AIM says first patient dosed with Ampligen in study evaluating it as drug combo to treat patients with cancer and COVID-19. Nov 26, 2020 467
First Patient Dosed in Phase 1 Open-Label Clinical Trial of SNX281 for Advanced Solid Tumors or Lymphoma. Nov 24, 2020 680
BetterLife says its AP-003 coronavirus treatment has similarities with Pfizer's vaccine. Nov 19, 2020 496
Proactive news headlines: Synairgen, Alien Metals, Sensyne Health, Vast Resources ... Nov 14, 2020 1722
Four Patients with COVID-19 and Tuberculosis, Singapore, April-May 2020. Tham, Sai Meng; Lim, Wei Yang; Lee, Chun Kiat; Loh, Jerold; Premkumar, Arthi; Yan, Benedict; Kee, Ad Clinical report Nov 1, 2020 1506
Effects of multi-strain probiotic supplementation on intestinal microbiota, tight junctions, and inflammation in young broiler chickens challenged with Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica. Chang, Chi Huan; Teng, Po Yun; Lee, Tzu Tai; Yu, Bi Report Nov 1, 2020 7059
The Mediation of miR-34a/miR-449c for Immune Cytokines in Acute Cold/Heat-Stressed Broiler Chicken. Li, Tao; Song, Yiping; Bao, Xiuyu; Zhang, Jianqin Report Nov 1, 2020 8674
Clinical trial of remdesivir to continue. Oct 27, 2020 550
Faron Pharmaceuticals' explains the significance of latest WHO solidarity results. Oct 27, 2020 155
Aerogen to develop 15 potential COVID-19 inhaled therapies in partnership with pharmaceutical companies. Oct 26, 2020 275
Aerogen to develop 15 potential COVID-19 inhaled therapies in partnership with pharmaceutical companies. Oct 26, 2020 271
Akron Biotech partners with Synairgen plc for the treatment of COVID-19 using therapeutic candidate SNG001. Oct 19, 2020 223
Akron Biotech partners with Synairgen plc for the treatment of COVID-19 using therapeutic candidate SNG001. Oct 19, 2020 227
Akron Biotech Signs Agreement with Synairgen plc to Supply Interferon-beta for COVID-19 Treatment. Oct 19, 2020 309
Gilead Sciences slams WHO after trial shows remdesivir not effective in avoiding COVID-19 death. Oct 17, 2020 319
BetterLife Pharma reveals clinical trial updates on its treatment for mild-to-moderate coronavirus cases. Oct 17, 2020 167
Faron Pharma says disappointed but not surprised by WHO coronavirus trial data. Oct 17, 2020 409
Gilead Sciences slams WHO after trial shows remdesivir not effective in avoiding COVID-19 death. Oct 17, 2020 321
BetterLife Pharma chooses contract research organization for Australia coronavirus trial of AP-003. Oct 16, 2020 585
WHO trial finds 'Remdesivir' has little effect on COVID-19. Oct 16, 2020 243
Many repurposed drugs not effective against Covid: study. Oct 16, 2020 220
Eiger BioPharmaceuticals Touts Positive Results of Randomized Controlled Trial at University of Toronto with Peginterferon Lambda in Outpatients with Mild to Moderate COVID-19. Oct 16, 2020 675
Coronavirus: Antiviral drug remdesivir has 'little or no effect' on chance of survival; A World Health Organisation (WHO) clinical trial has suggested that remdesivir has 'little or no effect' on a hospitalised Covid-19 patients' chances of survival. By, Tom Pilgrim & Shivali Best Oct 16, 2020 561
VirTria, BetterLife to Launch COVID-19 Clinical Trials. Oct 15, 2020 316
VirTria, BetterLife to Launch COVID-19 Clinical Trials. Oct 15, 2020 305
VirTria, BetterLife to Launch COVID-19 Clinical Trials. Oct 15, 2020 316
Eiger BioPharmaceuticals' Interferon Lambda shows COVID-19 load decline in trial. Oct 15, 2020 247
BetterLife Pharma announces VirTrial as patient monitoring partner for COVID-19 study in Australia to test efficacy of AP-003. Oct 9, 2020 447
VirTrial Partners with BetterLife. Oct 9, 2020 347
Common cold could help stop you getting Covid-19; It may provide a "temporary buffer against getting another virus" while the body is all "revved up" to fight it. By, Neil Shaw Oct 5, 2020 589
Serum Health Biomarkers in African and Asian Elephants: Value Ranges and Clinical Values Indicative of the Immune Response. Edwards, Katie L.; Miller, Michele A.; Siegal-Willott, Jessica; Brown, Janine L. Report Oct 1, 2020 11599
Immune Response in Young Thoroughbred Racehorses under Training. Cappelli, Katia; Amadori, Massimo; Mecocci, Samanta; Miglio, Arianna; Antognoni, Maria Teresa; Razzu Oct 1, 2020 7668
Synairgen teams up with Clinigen to provide a managed access programme for Covid treatment. Sep 30, 2020 377
Eiger announces results of COVID-19 Peginterferon Lambda-1a study. Sep 28, 2020 243
PH to get antiviral drugs for COVID-19 treatment trials. Sep 16, 2020 283
PH to receive additional 1,000 vials of remdesivir for WHO solidarity trials. Sep 16, 2020 313
Synairgen submits patent application for SNG001 treatment. Sep 10, 2020 301
Synairgen says interim readout supportive of coronavirus programme. Sep 9, 2020 383
Synairgen unveils positive data from phase II chronic obstructive pulmonary disease trial. Sep 9, 2020 164
Immune response in SARS-CoV-2 infection: the role of interferons type I and type III. Sousa, Caciane Portela; Brites, Carlos Report Sep 1, 2020 5014
Clinical and Hematological Follow-Up of Long-Term Oral Therapy with Type-I Interferon in Cats Naturally Infected with Feline Leukemia Virus or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Gomez-Lucia, Esperanza; Collado, Victorio M.; Miro, Guadalupe; Martin, Sonsoles; Benitez, Laura; Dom Report Sep 1, 2020 7254
Effects of Zinc Oxide and Arginine on the Intestinal Microbiota and Immune Status of Weaned Pigs Subjected to High Ambient Temperature. Yoon, Se Young; Sa, Soo Jin; Cho, Eun Seok; Ko, Han Seo; Choi, Jung Woo Report Sep 1, 2020 7937
The Influence of Depression and Anxiety on Neurological Disability in Multiple Sclerosis Patients. Vacaras, Vitalie; Vacaras, Veronica; Nistor, Cristina; Vacaras, Daniela; Opre, Adrian Nicolae; Blaga Aug 31, 2020 5375
Akkermansia muciniphila Enhances the Antitumor Effect of Cisplatin in Lewis Lung Cancer Mice. Chen, Zhuo; Qian, Xiang; Chen, Shasha; Fu, Xiaoxuan; Ma, Guanjun; Zhang, Aiqin Aug 31, 2020 7092
Aplysin Retards Pancreatic Necrosis and Inflammatory Responses in NOD Mice by Stabilizing Intestinal Barriers and Regulating Gut Microbial Composition. Liu, Ying; Cui, Xinyue; Gao, Ming-Qing; Xue, Meilan; Xu, Hongwei; Chang, Zhishang; Jiang, Yushan; Li Aug 31, 2020 6778
Increased Serum Levels of IFN-[gamma], IL-1[beta] and IL-6 in Patients with Alopecia Areata and Nonsegmental Vitiligo. Tomaszewska, Katarzyna; Kozlowska, Magdalena; Kaszuba, Andrzej; Lesiak, Aleksandra; Narbutt, Joanna; Clinical report Aug 31, 2020 3891
Antioxidant Capacity-Related Preventive Effects of Shoumei (Slightly Fermented Camellia sinensis) Polyphenols against Hepatic Injury. Yi, Ruokun; Wei, Yuxuan; Tan, Fang; Mu, Jianfei; Long, Xingyao; Pan, Yanni; Liu, Weiwei; Zhao, Xin Aug 31, 2020 10696
Bolder BioTechnology Inc's BBT-032 shown to strongly inhibit growth of SARS-CoV-2 in culture at concentrations. Aug 26, 2020 204
Bolder BioTechnology Inc's BBT-032 shown to strongly inhibit growth of SARS-CoV-2 in culture at concentrations. Aug 26, 2020 200
Bolder BioTechnology Touts Positive Preclinical Data for Use of BBT-032 to Inhibit Growth of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus. Aug 25, 2020 245
Faron Pharmaceuticals rises after Traumakine update. Aug 19, 2020 511
Faron Gets EUR2.5 Million Loan Guarantee For Traumakine Production. Aug 18, 2020 247
Specific Nutrients May Improve the Body's Immune Response to RNA Viruses. Aug 1, 2020 303
Effect of Intermittent and Mild Cold Stimulation on the Immune Function of Bursa in Broilers. Liu, Yanhong; Xue, Ge; Li, Shuang; Fu, Yajie; Yin, Jingwen; Zhang, Runxiang; Li, Jianhong Report Aug 1, 2020 6469
Tuberculosis in Internationally Displaced Children Resettling in Harris County, Texas, USA, 2010-2015. Lamb, Gabriella S.; Cruz, Andrea T.; Camp, Elizabeth A.; Javier, Michelle; Montour, Jessica; Piper, Aug 1, 2020 6660
Treatment Efficacy of Chuang Ling Ye, a Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Compound, on Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Xue, Jing-xian; Ye, Bei; Liu, Shun; Cao, Si-han; Bian, Wei-he; Yao, Chang Jul 31, 2020 4884
Effect of Wenshen-Yanggan Decoction on Movement Disorder and Substantia Nigra Dopaminergic Neurons in Mice with Chronic Parkinson's Disease. Tang, Lili; Chen, Chang; Xia, Baomei; Wu, Wei; Wei, Ruide; Zhu, Guoxue; Tang, Juanjuan; Zhou, Xin; L Jul 31, 2020 4701
Association of the Sialylation of Antibodies Specific to the HCV E2 Envelope Glycoprotein with Hepatic Fibrosis Progression and Antiviral Therapy Efficacy. Kurtenkov, Oleg; Jakovleva, Jelena; Sergejev, Boris; Geller, Julia Jul 31, 2020 5413
Impact of Hepatic Steatosis on the Antiviral Effects of PEG-IFN[alpha]-2a in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B and the Associated Mechanism. Liang, Huiqing; Liu, Yaoyu; Jiang, Xiaoqian; Zheng, Xiaoting; Tang, Jinmo; Yang, Jiaen; Zhuang, Hong Jul 31, 2020 5498
COVID-19 and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Risk Assessment, Shared Molecular Pathways, and Therapeutic Challenges. Popa, Iolanda Valentina; Diculescu, Mircea; Mihai, Catalina; Cijevschi-Prelipcean, Cristina; Burlacu Jul 31, 2020 4525
Redox Regulation of PPAR[gamma] in Polarized Macrophages. Trumper, Verena; Wittig, Ilka; Heidler, Juliana; Richter, Florian; Brune, Bernhard; von Knethen, And Jul 31, 2020 11747
OP-ED: The search for a drug continues. Jul 24, 2020 1509
Synairgen PLC's Richard Marsden hails positive results from study on COVID-19 patients. Clinical report Jul 22, 2020 155
Synairgen boss says SNG001 results "a clearer signal than we could have dared hope for". Jul 22, 2020 470
BetterLife Pharma encouraged by results of UK biotech's trial of interferon inhalation treatment for coronavirus. Jul 22, 2020 405
Market Report: Wobbly FTSE 100 knocked by UK Chinese tensions despite COVID-19 encouragement. Jul 21, 2020 288
Synairgen rockets as trial results could signal "major breakthrough" in treatment of severely ill COVID-19 patients. Jul 21, 2020 445
Proactive news headlines: Synairgen, Touchstone Exploration, Shanta Gold, ReNeuron ... Jul 21, 2020 3314
'Breakthrough' treatment slashes virus death risk: study. Jul 21, 2020 435
New COVID-19 treatment may reduce hospitalizations by 80%. Arab News Jul 20, 2020 373
Synairgen Shares Soar On Positive Trial Results For Covid-19 Treatment. Jul 20, 2020 251
Quanterix' Simoa Technology Powers New Insights into COVID-19 Immune Response and Reveals Indicators of Disease Severity. Jul 20, 2020 563
Coronavirus protein treatment: the 'breakthrough' Synairgen drug for Covid-19 explained - and how it reduces severe symptoms; The treatment has been hailed as a "major breakthrough" in the fight to find an effective drug treatment against coronavirus. Claire Schofield Jul 20, 2020 665
AIM ImmunoTech inks pact with Roswell Park to test Ampligen as part of an antiviral treatment combo for COVID-19 among cancer patients. Jul 10, 2020 578
DOH: 450 COVID-19 patients in PH enrolled in WHO's Solidarity Trial. Jul 2, 2020 196
BetterLife Pharma planning Phase 2 trial using nebuliser and its AP-003 drug to fight coronavirus. Jul 1, 2020 379
Novel Mutations with Clinical Variability and Surgical Experience in Van der Woude Syndrome. Ceylan, Ahmet Cevdet; Ozgur, Figen; Vargel, Ibrahim Jul 1, 2020 2653
Autoimmune Mechanisms of Interferon Hypersensitivity and Neurodegenerative Diseases: Down Syndrome. Jagadeesh, Ashraya; Maroun, Leonard E.; Van Es, Lisa M.; Millis, Richard M. Jun 30, 2020 6721
Clinical Significance of M1/M2 Macrophages and Related Cytokines in Patients with Spinal Tuberculosis. Wang, Liang; Shang, Xiaoqian; Qi, Xinwei; Ba, Derong; Lv, Jie; Zhou, Xuan; Wang, Hao; Shaxika, Nazie Jun 30, 2020 5176
Protective Effects of Biscoclaurine Alkaloids on Leukopenia Induced by [sup.60]Co-[gamma] Radiation. Wang, Min; Xie, Xueheng; Du, Yuyang; Ma, Guoxu; Xu, Xudong; Sun, Guibo; Sun, Xiaobo Jun 30, 2020 5516
Effect of Hirsutella sinensis Fungus on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis in Lewis Rats with Kidney-Yang Deficiency Syndrome. Zhang, Lizong; Lang, Jiali; Jin, Lu; Jin, Lushuai; Cao, Beibei; Shao, Xia; Fang, Mingsun; Cai, Yueqi Jun 30, 2020 5446
Role of Chemokine (C-X-C Motif) Ligand 10 (CXCL10) in Renal Diseases. Gao, Jie; Wu, Lingling; Wang, Siyang; Chen, Xiangmei Jun 30, 2020 13549
BetterLife Pharma says studies validate the use of interferon in treating COVID-19. Jun 20, 2020 391
Faron Pharma updates on progress of Clevegen and Traumakine ahead of R&D day. Jun 17, 2020 616
Faron Pharma plans to initiate new state of the art process for manufacture of interferon (IFN) beta-1a. Jun 16, 2020 287
Synairgen completes recruitment for coronavirus trial. Jun 16, 2020 472
Therapeutic Potential of Curcumin on Immune Dysregulation in Comorbid Diabetic Asthma in Mice. Ravikumar, Nutakki; Kavitha, Chilaka Naga Report Jun 1, 2020 4699
Interaction of miR-181b and IFNA1 Polymorphisms on the Risk of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. He, Yong-Ling; Yang, Jun; Zeng, Zhi-Neng; Shi, Xiang May 31, 2020 5396
Human Type I Interferon Antiviral Effects in Respiratory and Reemerging Viral Infections. Acosta, Patricio L.; Byrne, Alana B.; Hijano, Diego R.; Talarico, Laura B. May 31, 2020 21684
Probiotics Can Boost the Antitumor Immunity of CD[8.sup.+]T Cells in BALB/c Mice and Patients with Colorectal Carcinoma. Mao, Jie; Zhang, Shu-Ze; Du, Peng; Cheng, Zhi-Bin; Hu, Huan; Wang, Shi-Yao May 31, 2020 4115
Duck Enteritis Virus VP16 Antagonizes IFN-[beta]-Mediated Antiviral Innate Immunity. Li, Yang; Wang, Mingshu; Cheng, Anchun; Jia, Renyong; Yang, Qiao; Chen, Shun; Zhu, Dekang; Liu, Mafe May 31, 2020 8016
Inhibitory Effect of Flavonoid Extract of Lotus Leaf on Alcohol-Induced Gastric Injury by Antioxidant Capacity in Mice. Chen, Yi; Li, Qin; Kuang, Zhiping; Zhao, Xin; Yi, Ruokun; He, Xiaowei; Feng, Guangjing May 31, 2020 6549
Yolkin Isolated from Hen Egg Yolk as a Natural Immunoregulator, Activating Innate Immune Response in BMDM Macrophages. Kazana, W.; Mitkiewicz, M.; Ochnik, M.; Sochocka, M.; Zambrowicz, A.; Piechowiak, g.; Macata, J.; Mi May 31, 2020 8276
AIM ImmunoTech gets nod from FDA for Ampligen combo drug trial in coronavirus patients with cancer. May 21, 2020 854
BetterLife Pharma recruits new member to Scientific Advisory Board. May 20, 2020 203
BetterLife Pharma recruits new member to Scientific Advisory Board. May 20, 2020 207
Coronavirus treatment breakthrough as scientists find drug that speeds up recovery; A new study suggests that antivirals such as interferons can 'significantly reduce' inflammation in coronavirus sufferers -and accelerate their recovery. By, Henry Goodwin & Shivali Best Report May 15, 2020 396
BetterLife Pharma reports progress of alpha-2b COVID-19 treatment. May 14, 2020 176
BetterLife Pharma reports progress of alpha-2b COVID-19 treatment. May 14, 2020 180
AIM ImmunoTech spikes 23% after FDA okays Ampligen trail in COVID-19 patients. May 14, 2020 237
'Breakthrough' drug that could transform coronavirus fight gets UK trial; The SNG-001 drug, which could be a breakthrough in the battle against Covid-19, is undergoing trials at University Hospital Southampton, with results expected by the end of June. By, Matthew Dresch May 4, 2020 308
Eiger BioPharmaceuticals doses first patient in phase two study of peginterferon lambda in outpatients with mild COVID-19. May 1, 2020 265
Eiger BioPharmaceuticals doses first patient in phase two study of peginterferon lambda in outpatients with mild COVID-19. May 1, 2020 269
MALAT1 is involved in type I IFNs-mediated systemic lupus erythematosus by up-regulating OAS2, OAS3, and OASL. Gao, Fei; Tan, Yuan; Luo, Hong May 1, 2020 6303
An infant with a mild SARS-CoV-2 infection detected only by anal swabs: a case report. Li, Juan; Feng, Jing; Liu, Tian-hu; Xu, Feng-cheng; Song, Guo-qiang Report May 1, 2020 1589
Anti-Inflammatory Profile of Jungia sellowii Less. by Downregulation of Proinflammatory Mediators and Inhibition of NF-[kappa]B and p38 Pathways. Vicente, Geison; Moon, Yeo Jim Kinoshita; Rosa, Daniela Weingartner; Lima, Luise Azevedo; Saleh, Naj Apr 30, 2020 9663
Chitoheptaose Promotes Heart Rehabilitation in a Rat Myocarditis Model by Improving Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, and Antiapoptotic Properties. Zhao, Qini; Yin, Liquan; Zhang, Lirong; Jiang, Dongli; Liu, Long; Ji, Hong Apr 30, 2020 6261
Enzo Biochem issued U.S. patent for methods of using SK1-I. Apr 29, 2020 305
Double whammy: A rare disorder complicating a common infection - A case report and review of literature. Devaraj, Uma; Ramachandran, Priya; Maheswari K., Uma Report Apr 3, 2020 2914
Faron Pharmaceuticals drug accepted to global pneumonia programme. Apr 2, 2020 340
Effects of stale maize on growth performance, immunity, intestinal morphology and antioxidant capacity in broilers. Liu, J. B.; Yan, H. L.; Zhang, Y.; Hu, Y. D.; Zhang, H. F. Apr 1, 2020 7735
Neuroinflammatory and Behavioral Outcomes Measured in Adult Offspring of Mice Exposed Prenatally to E-Cigarette Aerosols. Church, Jamie S.; Chace-Donahue, Fiona; Blum, Jason L.; Ratner, Jill R.; Zelikoff, Judith T.; Schwar Apr 1, 2020 17469
Early and late neuropathological features of meningoencephalitis associated with Maraba virus infection. Maia-Farias, A.; Lima, C.M.; Freitas, P.S.L.; Diniz, D.G.; Rodrigues, A.P.D.; Quaresma, J.A.S.; Dini Apr 1, 2020 5478
Acute effect of passive cycle-ergometry and functional electrical stimulation on nitrosative stress and inflammatory cytokines in mechanically ventilated critically ill patients: a randomized controlled trial. Franca, E.E.T.; Gomes, J.P.V.; De Lira, J.M.B.; Amaral, T.C.N.; Vilaca, A.F.; Junior, M.D.S. Paiva; Apr 1, 2020 5807
Nutrigenomic Effects of Long-Term Grape Pomace Supplementation in Dairy Cows. Pauletto, Marianna; Elgendy, Ramy; Ianni, Andrea; Marone, Elettra; Giantin, Mery; Grotta, Lisa; Rama Report Apr 1, 2020 9557
Chlamydia psittaci Triggers the Invasion of H9N2 Avian Influenza Virus by Impairing the Functions of Chicken Macrophages. Chu, Jun; Guo, Yongxia; Xu, Guanlong; Zhang, Qiang; Zuo, Zonghui; Li, Qiang; Wang, Yihui; He, Cheng Report Apr 1, 2020 7109
Induction of SOCS Expression by EV71 Infection Promotes EV71 Replication. Gao, Wenying; Hou, Min; Liu, Xin; Li, Zhaolong; Yang, Yongjun; Zhang, Wenyan Mar 31, 2020 4796
Peptide-Based Vaccination Therapy for Rheumatic Diseases. Wang, Bin; Chen, Shiju; Zheng, Qing; Liu, Yuan; Shi, Guixiu Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 13998
Toll-Like Receptors 2,4, and 7, Interferon-Gamma, Interleukin 10, and Programmed Death Ligand 1 Transcripts in Leishmanin Skin Test-Positive Reactions of Ibizan Hound Dogs. Ordeix, Laura; Montserrat-Sangra, Sara; Martinez-Orellana, Pamela; Solano-Gallego, Laia Mar 31, 2020 5238
[I-a.sup.low][CD11b.sup.high] DC Regulates the Immune Response in the Eyes of Experimental Autoimmune Uveitis. Zhao, Yu; Wang, Jingwen; Min, Zhang; Peng, Li; Qi, Shuhong; Lin, Wei Mar 31, 2020 10579
Diagnostic Value of Interferon-Gamma Release Assays Combined with Multiple Indicators for Tuberculous Peritonitis. He, Xidong; Gao, Yuanxue; Liu, Qi; Zhao, Zhifang; Deng, Wanhang; Yang, Hong Mar 31, 2020 6595
Synairgen launches [pounds]14mln placing to fund coronavirus trial. Mar 26, 2020 316
Cuban drug offers hope in virus war; COMMENT; 2nd floor, 9A Beckett Way, Park West Industrial Park, Clondalkin, Dublin 12 Tel: 01 868 8600, Fax 01 868 8626, Mar 21, 2020 205
Association between Genetic Polymorphism in Interferon Regulatory Factor 6 (IRF6) & Non-Syndromic Cleft Lip & Palate Cases in Central Indian Population. Hazare, Ananya; Kamble, Ranjit; Shrivastav, Sunita; Suroliya, Kritika Pankaj; Hazare, Deepali; Bidwa Mar 2, 2020 2827
Frequent Recurrences of Genital Herpes Are Associated with Enhanced Systemic HSV-Specific T Cell Response. Holub, Michal; Stranikova, Alzbeta; Chalupa, Pavel; Arientova, Simona; Roubalova, Katerina; Beran, O Mar 1, 2020 3872
Rotavirus VP6 Adjuvant Effect on Norovirus GII.4 Virus-Like Particle Uptake and Presentation by Bone Marrow-Derived Dendritic Cells In Vitro and In Vivo. Tamminen, Kirsi; Heinimaki, Suvi; Vesikari, Timo; Blazevic, Vesna Mar 1, 2020 9566
Role of Chemokine (C-X-C Motif) Ligand 10 (CXCL10) in Renal Diseases. Gao, Jie; Wu, Lingling; Wang, Siyang; Chen, Xiangmei Mar 1, 2020 13335
Screening for Latent Tuberculosis in Children With Immune-Mediated Inflammatory Diseases Treated With Anti-Tumor Necrosis Factor Therapy: Comparison of Tuberculin Skin and T-SPOT Tuberculosis Tests. Girit, Saniye; Atabek, Ayse Ayzit; Senol, Ebru; Kizilirmak, Tuba Kockar; Pekcan, Sevgi; Goktas, Safa Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 4854
Baricitinib in therapy of COPA syndrome in a 15-year-old girl. Krutzke, Sophia; Rietschel, Christoph; Horneff, Gerd Mar 1, 2020 3068
Faron Pharma CEO confident as he looks ahead to new Traumakine study. Feb 18, 2020 155
Faron Pharmaceuticals takes on board regulator's input ahead of Traumakine trial. Feb 7, 2020 405
A decade of hepatitis C at the University of Cape Town/Groote Schuur Hospital Liver Clinic, South Africa, in the pre-direct-acting antivirals era. Nordien, R.; Sonderup, M.W.; Spearman, C.W. Feb 1, 2020 5133
The effect of twelve weeks of treatment with ezetimibe on HDV RNA level in patients with chronic hepatitis D. Abbas, Zaigham; Saad, Muhammad; Asim, Muhammad; Abbas, Minaam; Samejo, Shoukat Ali Feb 1, 2020 3281
The effect of twelve weeks of treatment with ezetimibe on HDV RNA level in patients with chronic hepatitis D. Abbas, Zaigham; Saad, Muhammad; Asim, Muhammad; Abbas, Minaam; Samejo, Shoukat Ali Feb 1, 2020 3232
Conception Rate and Reproductive Hormone Secretion in Holstein Cows Immunized against Inhibin and Subjected to the Ovsynch Protocol. Guo, Rihong; Chen, Fang; Mei, Cheng; Dai, Zicun; Yan, Leyan; Shi, Zhendan Report Feb 1, 2020 5033
RNA Sequencing (RNA-Seq) Based Transcriptome Analysis in Immune Response of Holstein Cattle to Killed Vaccine against Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Type I. Lopez, Bryan Irvine; Santiago, Kier Gumangan; Lee, Donghui; Ha, Seungmin; Seo, Kangseok Report Feb 1, 2020 6522
Effect of Carotenoids, Oligosaccharides and Anthocyanins on Growth Performance, Immunological Parameters and Intestinal Morphology in Broiler Chickens Challenged with Escherichia coli Lipopolysaccharide. Csernus, Brigitta; Biro, Sandor; Babinszky, Laszlo; Komlosi, Istvan; Javor, Andras; Stundl, Laszlo; Report Feb 1, 2020 9856
Approvals and Advancing Development in Natural Interferon (IFN) to bring Dramatic Change. Jan 22, 2020 921
Bilateral Renal Colic as an Initial Presentation of Erdheim-Chester Disease. Sarkis, Julien; Haddad, Fady; Nasr, Sarah; Hanna, Elie; Mroueh, Ahmad; Nemr, Elie Jan 1, 2020 1638
The Role of Serotonin in Concanavalin A-Induced Liver Injury in Mice. Pang, Qing; Jin, Hao; Ke, Xiquan; Man, Zhongran; Wang, Yong; Tan, Yi; Lu, Zheng; Liu, Huichun Jan 1, 2020 7732
The ICOSL Expression Predicts Better Prognosis for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma via Enhancing Oncoimmunity. Zhang, Geng; Xu, Yi; Zhang, Sen; Zhou, Huifang Jan 1, 2020 5439
Effect of fasudil on experimental autoimmune neuritis and its mechanisms of action. Zhao, Yanyin; Liu, Bingyou; Wang, Yi; Xiao, Baoguo Drug overview Jan 1, 2020 4805
Continued Elevation of Plasma IL-4 and IL-17 Predicts the Progression from VMC to DCM. Wang, Z.H.; Liao, Y.H.; Yuan, J.; Jin, X.J.; Yu, M.; Chen, R.Z.; Xu, D.J.; Wei, J.; Wan, J.; Zhao, D Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 4601
Effects of Dietary Supplementation with Mulberry (Morns alba L.) Leaf Polysaccharides on Immune Parameters of Weanling Pigs. Zhao, Xiangjie; Yang, Rongling; Bi, Yanhong; Bilal, Muhammad; Kuang, Zheshi; Iqbal, Hafiz M.N.; Luo, Report Jan 1, 2020 6009
Curcumin Alleviates IUGR Jejunum Damage by Increasing Antioxidant Capacity through Nrf2/Keap1 Pathway in Growing Pigs. Yan, Enfa; Zhang, Jiaqi; Han, Hongli; Wu, Jiamin; Gan, Zhending; Wei, Chengheng; Zhang, Lili; Wang, Report Jan 1, 2020 6027
Identification of Monotonically Differentially Expressed Genes for IFN-[beta]-Treated Multiple Sclerosis Patients. Tian, Suyan; Zhang, Lei Dec 31, 2019 4539
Neuroprotective Effect of Optimized Yinxieling Formula in 6-OHDA-Induced Chronic Model of Parkinson's Disease through the Inflammation Pathway. Wei, Renrong; Rong, Cuiping; Xie, Qingfeng; Wu, Shouhai; Feng, Yuchao; Wang, Ruihua; Dai, Zhenhui; L Dec 31, 2019 6933
Expression of USP18 and IL2RA Is Increased in Individuals Receiving Latent Tuberculosis Treatment with Isoniazid. Oyarzabal, Eleane de; Garcia-Garcia, Lourdes; Rangel-Escareno, Claudia; Ferreyra-Reyes, Leticia; Oro Dec 31, 2019 7184
The Ubiquitin-Specific Protease 18 Promotes Hepatitis C Virus Production by Increasing Viral Infectivity. Li, Yujia; Ma, Max Xuezhong; Qin, Bo; Lin, Liang-Tzung; Richardson, Christopher D.; Feld, Jordan; Mc Dec 31, 2019 7284
Could Increased Expression of Hsp27, an "Anti-Inflammatory" Chaperone, Contribute to the Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cell Bias towards Tolerance Induction in Breast Cancer Patients? de Azevedo-Santos, Ana Paula Silva; Rocha, Mirtes Castelo Branco; Guimaraes, Sulayne Janayna Araujo; Dec 31, 2019 4915
PU awards five PhD degrees in various disciplines. Dec 22, 2019 218
Punjab University awards five PhD degrees - Press Release issued by University of the Punjab. Dec 21, 2019 254
Drug Could Offer New Option Against Lupus. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Dec 19, 2019 714
Cerebral Organoid Provides Clues To Preventina Virus-Induced Brain Cell Death. Dec 2, 2019 403
Mesenchymal Stem Cells Alleviate Moderate-to-Severe Psoriasis by Reducing the Production of Type I Interferon (IFN-I) by Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells (pDCs). Chen, Maosheng; Peng, Jing; Xie, Qi; Xiao, Na; Su, Xian; Mei, Hua; Lu, Yeping; Zhou, Jia; Dai, Yanni Nov 30, 2019 6492
Differential Expression of IFN-[gamma], IL-10, TLR1, and TLR2 and Their Potential Effects on Downgrading Leprosy Reaction and Erythema Nodosum Leprosum. Antunes, Douglas Eulalio; Goulart, Isabela Maria Bernardes; Lima, Mayara Ingrid Sousa; Alves, Patric Nov 30, 2019 9603
Manipulation of Intestinal Antiviral Innate Immunity and Immune Evasion Strategies of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus. Du, Jian; Luo, Junqiu; Yu, Jie; Mao, Xiangbing; Luo, Yuheng; Zheng, Ping; He, Jun; Yu, Bing; Chen, D Nov 30, 2019 7073
miR-221 Augments TRAIL-Mediated Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer Cells by Inducing Endogenous TRAIL Expression and Targeting the Functional Repressors SOCS3 and PIK3R1. Krebs, Markus; Behrmann, Christoph; Kalogirou, Charis; Sokolakis, Ioannis; Kneitz, Susanne; Julio, M Nov 30, 2019 6948
Genetic Polymorphisms of IFNG and IFNGR1 with Latent Tuberculosis Infection. Wu, Shouquan; Liu, Xiangmin; Wang, Yu; Zhang, Miaomiao; Wang, Minggui; He, Jian-Qing Oct 31, 2019 5428
Cell-Type-Specific Transcription of Innate Immune Regulators in response to HMPV Infection. Loevenich, Simon; Malmo, Jostein; Liberg, Ann Magritt; Sherstova, Tatyana; Li, Youxian; Rian, Kristi Oct 31, 2019 8739
Dynamic Changes of Th1 Cytokines and the Clinical Significance of the IFN-[gamma]/TNF-[alpha] Ratio in Acute Brucellosis. Xu, Guang; Zhang, Peng; Dang, Rongjing; Jiang, Yanfang; Wang, Feng; Wang, Bin; Yang, Mingyuan Oct 31, 2019 5188
Synairgen set for a busy winter. Oct 1, 2019 275
ART Regimen and Other Sociodemographics Do Not Affect Cytokine Expression in HIV Patients in Ghana. Essien-Baidoo, Samuel; Obiri-Yeboah, Dorcas; Opoku, Yeboah Kwaku; Ayamga, Elvis; Zie, Kevin Hodi; At Sep 30, 2019 5825
MHC Class I Molecules Exacerbate Viral Infection by Disrupting Type I Interferon Signaling. Xia, Simo; Tao, Yijie; Cui, Likun; Yu, Yizhi; Xu, Sheng Sep 30, 2019 4899
Synairgen to share encouraging data. Sep 28, 2019 221
Immunotherapy Drugs Market worth USD 201.52 Billion by 2021. Sep 27, 2019 591
AstraZeneca achieves primary endpoint in anifrolumab phase III Tulip two trial. Sep 2, 2019 184
AstraZeneca achieves primary endpoint in anifrolumab phase III Tulip two trial. Sep 2, 2019 180
Rubber seed oil and flaxseed oil supplementation on serum fatty acid profile, oxidation stability of serum and milk, and immune function of dairy cows. Pi, Yu; Ma, Lu; Wang, Hongrong; Wang, Jiaqi; Xu, Jianchu; Bu, Dengpan Sep 1, 2019 7794
Male Infertility and Viral Infection: Interference Role of the Human Herpesvirus types (3-6) with Disturbances Effects of Some Cytokines Hypersecretion and Seminal Oxidative Defense System in the Infertility Etiopathogenesis of Some Idiopathic Infertile Iraqi Patients. Muhsin, Jasim Mohammed; Yousif, Sura O.; Hadi, Ameer M.; Hamad, Mohammed Haider Sep 1, 2019 6306
Interleukin-18 Expression Increases in the Aorta and Plasma of Patients with Acute Aortic Dissection. Hu, Haiying; Zhang, Guangtai; Hu, Huanli; Liu, Wenjing; Liu, Jixiang; Xin, Shuanli; Zhao, Xiufeng; H Aug 31, 2019 6447
Enhancing Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Immunomodulation for Treating Conditions Influenced by the Immune System. Guerrouahen, Bella S.; Sidahmed, Heba; Sulaiti, Asma Al; Khulaifi, Moza Al; Cugno, Chiara Aug 31, 2019 8593
The RNA-Binding Protein KSRP Modulates Cytokine Expression of [CD4.sup.+] T Cells. Kafer, Rudolf; Schmidtke, Lisa; Schrick, Katharina; Montermann, Evelyn; Bros, Matthias; Kleinert, Ha Aug 31, 2019 10099
Immunomodulation of CXCL10 Secretion by Hepatitis C Virus: Could CXCL10 Be a Prognostic Marker of Chronic Hepatitis C? Ferrari, Silvia Martina; Fallahi, Poupak; Ruffilli, Ilaria; Elia, Giusy; Ragusa, Francesca; Paparo, Aug 31, 2019 9247
17DD Yellow Fever Revaccination and Heightened Long-Term Immunity in Populations of Disease-Endemic Areas, Brazil. Campi-Azevedo, Ana Carolina; Peruhype-Magalhaes, Vanessa; Coelho-dos-Reis, Jordana Grazziela; Antone Aug 1, 2019 6841
Association of Neopterin and Wound Healing Process/Neopterin ve Yara Iyilesme Sureci Iliskisi. Hepokur, Ceylan; Misir, Sema; Hepokur, Ali Ihsan; Yaylim, Ilhan Aug 1, 2019 2604
Cross-Disease Innate Gene Signature: Emerging Diversity and Abundance in RA Comparing to SLE and SSc. Petrackova, Anna; Horak, Pavel; Radvansky, Martin; Skacelova, Martina; Fillerova, Regina; Kudelka, M Jul 31, 2019 6669
DNA Repair Deficiency in Breast Cancer: Opportunities for Immunotherapy. Gilmore, Elaine; McCabe, Nuala; Kennedy, Richard D.; Parkes, Eileen E. Jul 31, 2019 10417
Role of PKR in the Inhibition of Proliferation and Translation by Polycystin-1. Tang, Yan; Shi, Guang; Yang, JungWoo; Zheng, Wang; Tang, Jingfeng; Chen, Xing-Zhen; Yang, Jianzheng; Jul 31, 2019 4926
Shashen-Maidong Decoction-Mediated IFN-[gamma] and IL-4 on the Regulation of Th1/Th2 Imbalance in RP Rats. Yang, Yuan; Zhou, Yanping Jul 31, 2019 4077
Podoplanin, a Potential Therapeutic Target for Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma. Hsu, Yen-Bin; Huang, Chi-Ying F.; Lin, Kuan-Ting; Kuo, Yu-Lun; Lan, Ming-Chin; Lan, Ming-Ying Jul 31, 2019 4642
Essential Role of Interferon Response in Containing Human Pathogenic Bourbon Virus. Fuchs, Jonas; Straub, Tobias; Seidl, Maximilian; Kochs, Georg Jul 1, 2019 5545
Mycobacterium bovis Infection in African Wild Dogs, Kruger National Park, South Africa. Higgitt, Roxanne L.; van Schalkwyk, O. Louis; de Klerk-Lorist, Lin-Mari; Buss, Peter E.; Caldwell, P Jul 1, 2019 1601
Conditioned Medium from Cultured Colorectal Cancer Cells Affects Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Inflammatory Phenotype in Vitro. Mohebbi, Bahareh; Ashtibaghaei, Kaveh; Hashemi, Mehrdad; Hashemi, Mahmoud; Aghdaei, Hamid Asadzadeh; Report Jul 1, 2019 4592
Noncanonical IFN Signaling, Steroids, and STATs: A Probable Role of V-ATPase. Johnson, Howard M.; Noon-Song, Ezra; Ahmed, Chulbul M. Jun 30, 2019 9292
Blockade Effects of Anti-Interferon- (IFN-) [gamma] Autoantibodies on IFN-[gamma]-Regulated Antimicrobial Immunity. Krisnawati, Dyah Ika; Liu, Yung-Ching; Lee, Yuarn-Jang; Wang, Yun-Ting; Chen, Chia-Ling; Tseng, Po-C Jun 30, 2019 4136
Monthly Pulse Methylprednisolone Therapy is Effective in Preventing Permanent Disease Progression in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Ozakbas, Serkan; Cinar, Bilge Piri; Oz, Didem; Kosehasanogullari, Gorkem; Kursun, Behice Bircan; Kah Clinical report Jun 1, 2019 3280
Interferon-Inducible Myxovirus Resistance Proteins: Potential Biomarkers for Differentiating Viral from Bacterial Infections. Zav'yalov, Vladimir P.; Hamalainen-Laanaya, Heli; Korpela, Timo K.; Wahlroos, Tony Jun 1, 2019 8360
Evaluation of the effects of Uncaria rhynchophylla alkaloid extract on LPS-induced preeclampsia symptoms and inflammation in a pregnant rat model. Wu, Liang-Zhi; Xiao, Xiao-Min Jun 1, 2019 5312
Response to: Comment on "48-Week Outcome after Cessation of Nucleos(t)ide Analogue Treatment in Chronic Hepatitis B Patient and the Associated Factors with Relapse". Xu, Wen-xiong; Peng, Liang Letter to the editor May 31, 2019 691
Advances in Tumor-Stroma Interactions: Emerging Role of Cytokine Network in Colorectal and Pancreatic Cancer. Bazzichetto, Chiara; Conciatori, Fabiana; Falcone, Italia; Cognetti, Francesco; Milella, Michele; Ci May 31, 2019 8981
Sjogren's Syndrome and TAM Receptors: A Possible Contribution to Disease Onset. Witas, Richard; Peck, Ammon B.; Ambrus, Julian L.; Nguyen, Cuong Q. May 31, 2019 10248
Shenqi Fuzheng Injection (SFI) Enhances IFN-[alpha] Inhibitory Effect on Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells by Reducing VEGF Expression: Validation by Gene Silencing Technique. Chen, Xiaoheng; Qi, Shuo; Li, Zhe; He, Bei; Li, Hui long; Fu; Huang, Sheng; Zhang, Lei; Li, Xinai; H May 31, 2019 4282
Inhibiting of Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion in Lung Cancer Induced by Silencing Interferon-Induced Transmembrane Protein 1 (IFITM1). Yan, Jun; Jiang, Ying; Lu, Jianfeng; Wu, Jianhui; Zhang, Mingfang May 31, 2019 4477
Spectrum Closes Asset Purchase and License for a Novel Immuno-Oncology Platform including Two Early Stage Assets. May 15, 2019 451
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals completes asset purchase and license agreement with ImmunGene. May 13, 2019 156
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals completes asset purchase and license agreement with ImmunGene. May 13, 2019 152
Spectrum announces asset purchase, license for immuno-oncology platform. May 9, 2019 189
Raised levels of IFN-gamma and IL-13 are associated with pre-diabetes amongst newly diagnosed patients with Tuberculosis. Report Apr 30, 2019 4095
Fecal Microbiota of Diarrhea-Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients Causes Hepatic Inflammation of Germ-Free Rats and Berberine Reverses It Partially. Jia, Qiong; Zhang, Lu; Zhang, Jindong; Pei, Fei; Zhu, Shiwei; Sun, Qinghua; Duan, Liping Apr 30, 2019 6127
Immune Response of Piglets Receiving Mixture of Formic and Propionic Acid Alone or with Either Capric Acid or Bacillus Licheniformis after Escherichia coli Challenge. Ren, Chunxiao; Zhou, Qiqi; Guan, Wutai; Lin, Xiaofeng; Wang, Yijiang; Song, Hanqing; Zhang, Yinzhi Apr 30, 2019 6607
The Association between Depression and Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Inflammatory Cytokines as Ferrymen in between? Wang, Kexin; Li, Fangna; Cui, Yixin; Cui, Chunhui; Cao, Zhenzhen; Xu, Kai; Han, Shuhong; Zhu, Ping; Apr 30, 2019 9346
Innate Immune and Inflammatory Responses to Respiratory Viruses. Li, Shitao; Fu, Bishi; Meshram, Chetan D. Apr 30, 2019 967
The cAMP Pathway Amplifies Early MyD88-Dependent and Type I Interferon-Independent LPS-Induced Interleukin-10 Expression in Mouse Macrophages. Ernst, Orna; Glucksam-Galnoy, Yifat; Athamna, Muhammad; Ben-Dror, Iris; Ben-Arosh, Hadar; Levy-Rimle Apr 30, 2019 8624
Anti-Atopic Dermatitis Effect of Seaweed Fulvescens Extract via Inhibiting the STAT1 Pathway. Gil, Tae-Young; Kang, Yun-Mi; Eom, Ye-Jin; Hong, Chul-Hee; An, Hyo-Jin Apr 30, 2019 6292
The Different Effects of IFN-[beta] and IFN-[gamma] on the Tumor-Suppressive Activity of Human Amniotic Fluid-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Du, Jingchun; Liu, Anqi; Zhu, Rui; Zhou, Chengbo; Su, Heng; Xie, Guie; Deng, Yingshan; Xu, Xia Apr 30, 2019 7590
Simultaneous Adalimumab and Antitubercular Treatment for Latent Tubercular Infection: An Experience from Nepal. Vaidya, Binit; Nakarmi, Shweta Apr 30, 2019 3451
pDC Activation by TLR7/8 Ligand CL097 Compared to TLR7 Ligand IMQ or TLR9 Ligand CpG. Wu, Jing; Li, Shuang; Li, Tete; Lv, Xinping; Zhang, Mingyou; Zang, Guoxia; Qi, Chong; Liu, Yong-Jun; Apr 30, 2019 5060
Enhanced Antitumor Immune Response in 2'-5' Oligoadenylate Synthetase-Like 1- (OASL1-) Deficient Mice upon Cisplatin Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. Sim, Chan Kyu; Lee, Jung Hoon; Baek, In-Jeoung; Lee, Sang-Wook; Lee, Myeong Sup Apr 30, 2019 8249
Constitutive Changes in Circulating Follicular Helper T Cells and Their Subsets in Patients with Graves' Disease. Liu, Yan; Yuan, Xinwang; Li, Xiaofang; Cui, Dawei; Xie, Jue Apr 30, 2019 5601
Preventive Effect of the Herbal Preparation, HemoHIM, on Cisplatin-Induced Immune Suppression. Kim, Seul-Ki; Kwon, Da-Ae; Lee, Hak Sung; Kim, Hyun Kyu; Kim, Won-Ki Apr 30, 2019 5242
Eiger's Peginterferon Lambda for HDV shows 36% durable virologic response. Apr 11, 2019 260
Cost-effectiveness of Latent Tuberculosis Infection Screening before Immigration to Low-Incidence Countries. Campbell, Jonathon R.; Johnston, James C.; Cook, Victoria J.; Sadatsafavi, Mohsen; Elwood, R. Kevin; Apr 1, 2019 8507
Alpinia oxyphylla Fruit Extract Ameliorates Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis through the Regulation of Th1/Th17 Cells. Huang, Kuo-Kuei; Lin, Meng-Nan; Hsu, Yi-Ling; Lu, I-Huang; Pan, I-Hong; Yang, Jia-Ling Mar 31, 2019 8062
Research report covers the Recombinant Human Interferon Protein Market share and Growth, 2018 to 202. Feb 26, 2019 1054
Recombinant Human Interferon Protein Market,2018 to 2027 by Segmentation Based on Product, Applicati. Feb 26, 2019 1011
GENOTYPE AND VIRAL LOAD DETERMINATION OF HEPATITIS C VIRUS FROM A TERTIARY CARE HOSPITAL, SOUTH INDIA. Sundaramurthy, Raja; Ganesan, Vithiya; Arunagiri, Ramesh; Thiruvannamalai, Rajendran; Soundaram, Gen Report Jan 7, 2019 3873
Mood and the Microbiome. Appleton, Jeremy Report Jan 1, 2019 1671
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection in Youth With Illicit Drug Use: Sociodemographic Evaluation and HCV Genotype Analysis/ Intravenoz Madde Bagimlisi Genclerde Hepatit C Virusu (HCV) Infeksiyonu: Sosyodemografik Degerlendirme ve HCV Genotip Analizi. Yetim, Aylin; Sahin, Memduh Report Dec 1, 2018 3855
Sobi and Novimmune announce US FDA approval of Gamifant for the treatment of primary Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). Nov 21, 2018 378
Sobi and Novimmune announce US FDA approval of Gamifant for the treatment of primary Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). Nov 21, 2018 374
Vedanta Biosciences Touts Preclinical Data on Microbiome-Derived Immuno-Oncology Candidate. Nov 9, 2018 567
Synlogic Presents Preclinical Data from First Synthetic Biotic Clinical Candidate in Immuno-Oncology. Nov 9, 2018 667
Overexpression of Dendritic Cell-Specific Intercellular Adhesion Molecule-3-Grabbing Nonintegrin in Dendritic Cells Protecting against Aspergillosis. Li, Li-Yang; Zhang, Hao-Ru; Jiang, Zhi-Long; Chang, Yan-Zhong; Shao, Chang-Zhou Report Nov 5, 2018 5514
Effects of Topical Thymoquinone in an Experimental Dry Eye Model. Kocaturk, Tolga; Erkan, Erol; Meteoglu, Ibrahim; Ekici, Mehmet; Buyukozturk, Aslihan Karul; Yavasogl Nov 1, 2018 4954
Estimating Latent Tuberculosis Infection Using Interferon-[gamma] Release Assay, Japan. Nishimura, Tomoyasu; Ota, Masaki; Mori, Masaaki; Hasegawa, Naoki; Kawabe, Hiroshi; Kato, Seiya Nov 1, 2018 1322
Eiger BioPharmaceuticals reports Phase 2 results of HDV infection candidate. Financial report Oct 17, 2018 149
Immunotherapy Drugs Market worth 201.52 Billion USD by 2021. Oct 4, 2018 536
Immunotherapy Drugs Market worth 201.52 Billion USD by 2021. Oct 4, 2018 536
Risk factors for progression include family history. Craven, Jeff Clinical report Oct 1, 2018 580
OMRF receives $2.8 million grant. Aug 28, 2018 234
Erythema nodosum. Matiz, Catalina Aug 1, 2018 727
Efficacy of Pegylated Interferon Monotherapy versus Sequential Therapy of Entecavir and Pegylated Interferon in Hepatitis B e Antigen-Positive Hepatitis B Patients: A Randomized, Multicenter, Phase IIIb Open-Label Study (POTENT Study). Jun, Dae; Ahn, Sang; Kim, Tae; Sohn, Joo; Kim, Sang; Lee, Se; Kim, Byung; Kim, Dong; Kim, Ja; Kim, H Report Jul 20, 2018 3148
Increased Macroautophagy in Interferon-Gamma-Producing T Cells from Patients with Newly Diagnosed Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Luo, Xiong-Yan; Yuan, Jia-Li; Liu, Jing; Luo, Cai-Nan; Yang, Ming-Hui; Wei, Qin; Yang, Min; Chen, Yo Report Jul 5, 2018 3971
Distribution of hepatitis B virus genotypes in Europe and clinical implications: a review. Lunacek, Nina Kmet; Poljak, Mario; Maticic, Mojca Jul 1, 2018 5797
Interleukin-2 and Interferon-Camma Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Iranian Patients with Chronic Heart Failure. Mahmoudi, Mohammad Jafar; Harsini, Sara; Farhadi, Elham; Hedayat, Mona; Taghvaei, Mohammad; Mahmoudi Report Jul 1, 2018 3524
Cytokines [si'to-kines]. Gryczan, Thomas J. Jul 1, 2018 350
Diversity of Influenza A(H5N1) Viruses in Infected Humans, Northern Vietnam, 2004-2010. Imai, Hirotaka; Dinis, Jorge M.; Zhong, Gongxun; Moncla, Louise H.; Lopes, Tiago J.S.; McBride, Ryan Jul 1, 2018 7040
European Licensing of AOP Orphan's Polycythemia Vera Treatment Ropeginterferon alfa-2b Resumes. Jun 13, 2018 188
A genome-wide association study of social genetic effects in Landrace pigs. Hong, Joon Ki; Jeong, Yong Dae; Cho, Eun Seok; Choi, Tae Jeong; Kim, Yong Min; Cho, Kyu Ho; Lee, Jae Report Jun 1, 2018 3783
Evaluation of Impact of Interferon-Induced Helicase C Domain-Containing Protein 1 Gene in Egyptian Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients and its Relationship With Vascular Manifestations of the Disease. Nassef, Sahar; Essam, Mervat; Abdelfattah, Dina; Elsehemy, Doaa; Abouelezz, Sahar Jun 1, 2018 4852
Screening for latent tuberculosis infection in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: Can interferon-gamma release assays replace the tuberculin skin test? Cabriada, Jose Luis; Ruiz-Zorrilla, Rafael; Barrio, Jesus; Atienza, Ramon; Huerta, Alain; Rodrfguez- May 1, 2018 5023
Screening for latent tuberculosis infection in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: Can interferon-gamma release assays replace the tuberculin skin test? Cabriada, Jose Luis; Ruiz-Zorrilla, Rafael; Barrio, Jesus; Atienza, Ramon; Huerta, Alain; Rodriguez- May 1, 2018 5080
Interferon-gamma release assay performance in northeastern Brazil: influence of the IFNG + 874 A>T polymorphism. Carneiro, Valdirene Leao; Bendicho, Maria Teresita; Santos, Rosalina Guedes; Casela, Marilda; Netto, May 1, 2018 3921
Delayed Complications and Long-Term Management of Sulfur Mustard Poisoning: A Narrative Review of Recent Advances by Iranian Researchers Part II: Clinical Management and Therapy. Etemad, Leila; Moshiri, Mohammad; Balali-Mood, Mahdi Report May 1, 2018 7907
Celgene announces additional data on ozanimod for patients with RMS at AAN. Apr 24, 2018 398
Guidelines Developed for Use of Drugs in Multiple Sclerosis; Guidelines relate to starting, switching, stopping disease-modifying therapies. Apr 24, 2018 300
Clinical Results of Intravesical Application of BCG and Interferon-[alpha] 2A for Superficial Bladder Tumor Prophylaxis. Hazar, Aydin Ismet; Arat, Can; Ceylan, Osman; Calisir, Vedat Apr 1, 2018 2531
TREATMENT OF ELDERLY PATIENTS WITH CHRONIC HEPATITIS C: A RETROSPECTIVE COHORT STUDY. Papic, Neven; Budimir, Jelena; Kurelac, Ivan; Dusek, Davorka; Jugovic, Davor; Krajcar, Nina; Vince, Report Mar 1, 2018 6330
Characteristics Associated with Negative Interferon-Y Release Assay Results in Culture-Confirmed Tuberculosis Patients, Texas, USA, 201 3-2015. Nguyen, Duc T.; Teeter, Larry D.; Graves, Julie; Graviss, Edward A. Mar 1, 2018 5396
ImmunoQure, Servier. Mar 1, 2018 191
ImmunoQure AG partners with Servier for the development of interferon-alpha human autoantibody. Feb 15, 2018 149
ImmunoQure AG partners with Servier for the development of interferon-alpha human autoantibody. Feb 15, 2018 145
Interferon-Gamma Release Assay is Not Appropriate for the Diagnosis of Active Tuberculosis in High-Burden Tuberculosis Settings: A Retrospective Multicenter Investigation. Kang, Wan-Li; Wang, Gui-Rong; Wu, Mei-Ying; Yang, Kun-Yun; Er-Tai, A.; Wu, Shu-Cai; Geng, Shu-Jun; L Report Feb 3, 2018 4310
Higher neuroinflammatory markers explain racial disparities in Alzheimer's. Sullivan, Michele G. Feb 1, 2018 938
New Flu Vaccine Could Help Reduce Healthcare Costs. Jan 20, 2018 642
Pluristem PLX cells 'significantly inhibit' cancer cell growth in new study. Jan 12, 2018 347
Immune response to Zika virus may harm fetal development: Study. Jan 7, 2018 237
Differential Effects of Three Techniques for Hepatic Vascular Exclusion during Resection for Liver Cirrhosis on Hepatic Ischemia-ReperfUsion Injury in Rats. Jia, Changjun; Dai, Chaoliu; Wang, Hailiang; Wan, Yi; Qiao, Yunyu; Xu, Feng; Peng, Songlin; Zhao, Ya Jan 1, 2018 5732
Mathematical Modeling of the Adaptive Immune Responses in the Early Stage of the HBV Infection. Allali, Karam; Meskaf, Adil; Tridane, Abdessamad Report Jan 1, 2018 7605
The Plasticity of [CD4.sup.+][CD25.sup.+][FOXP3.sup.+][CD127.sup.low] T Cells in Patients with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma in the Course of Interferon-Alpha Immunotherapy. Sayapina, Maria S.; Bykovskaia, Svetlana N. Jan 1, 2018 4267
Influence of Seasonality and Circulating Cytokines on Serial QuantiFERON Discordances. Griffin, Marsha L.; Agarwal, Saroochi; Murphy, Melissa Zhu; Teeter, Larry D.; Graviss, Edward A. Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 3463
Interferon-[gamma] and Interleukin-10 Responses during Clinical Malaria Episodes in Infants Aged 0-2 Years Prenatally Exposed to Plasmodium falciparum: Tanzanian Birth Cohort. Sylvester, Boniphace; Gasarasi, Dinah B.; Aboud, Said; Tarimo, Donath; Masawe, Siriel; Mpembeni, Ros Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 5215
Chronic Hepatitis C Association with Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Risk in the Era of DAA Therapy. Drazilova, Sylvia; Gazda, Jakub; Janicko, Martin; Jarcuska, Peter Jan 1, 2018 8431
Serum Tumor Necrosis Factor-[alpha] and Interferon-[gamma] Levels in Pediatric Mycoplasma pneumoniae Pneumonia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wang, Ying; Zhang, Yongsheng; Lu, Wenting; Wang, Liying Jan 1, 2018 4548
IFN[alpha]-Expressing Amniotic Fluid-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Migrate to and Suppress HeLa Cell-Derived Tumors in a Mouse Model. Zhou, Jun; Liang, Tian; Wang, Dejun; Li, Liru; Cheng, Yan; Guo, Qiuyan; Zhang, Guangmei Jan 1, 2018 8971
Guanylate-Binding Protein 1 Promotes Migration and Invasion of Human Periodontal Ligament Stem Cells. Bai, Shi; Chen, Tao; Deng, Xia Jan 1, 2018 4093
SP110 Polymorphisms Are Genetic Markers for Vulnerability to Latent and Active Tuberculosis Infection in Taiwan. Chang, So-Yi; Chen, Mei-Ling; Lee, Meng-Rui; Liang, Yun-Chieh; Lu, Tzu-Pin; Wang, Jann-Yuan; Yan, Bo Jan 1, 2018 9162
The Protein Expression of PDL1 Is Highly Correlated with Those of eIF2[alpha] and ATF4 in Lung Cancer. Chang, Liang-Che; Chen, Tzu-Ping; Kuo, Wei-Ke; Hua, Chung-Ching Jan 1, 2018 5143
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and Cesarean Section: The Anesthesiologist's Point of View. Rebahi, Houssam; Sliman, Mourad Ait; Adib, Ahmed-Rhassane El Jan 1, 2018 2040
RIG-I Signaling via MAVS Is Dispensable for Survival in Lethal Influenza Infection In Vivo. Wu, Wenxin; Wang, Xiaoqiu; Zhang, Wei; Tian, Lili; Booth, J. Leland; Duggan, Elizabeth S.; More, Sun Jan 1, 2018 7369
Role of Inflammasomes in Neuroimmune and Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Systematic Review. Lang, Yue; Chu, Fengna; Shen, Donghui; Zhang, Weiguanliu; Zheng, Chao; Zhu, Jie; Cui, Li Jan 1, 2018 8298
Cytokines Produced by Lymphocytes in the Incompetent Great Saphenous Vein. Grudzinska, Ewa; Lekstan, Andrzej; Szliszka, Ewelina; Czuba, Zenon P. Jan 1, 2018 4247
MicroRNA-146a Alleviates Experimental Autoimmune Anterior Uveitis in the Eyes of Lewis Rats. Hsu, Yung-Ray; Chang, Shu-Wen; Lin, Yu-Cheng; Yang, Chang-Hao Jan 1, 2018 6391
Gut Microbiome Dysbiosis and Immunometabolism: New Frontiers for Treatment of Metabolic Diseases. Belizario, Jose E.; Faintuch, Joel; Garay-Malpartida, Miguel Disease/Disorder overview Jan 1, 2018 9582
Increased Abundance of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells and Interferon-Alpha Induces Plasma Cell Differentiation in Patients of IgA Nephropathy. Zheng, Nuoyan; Wang, Bing; Fan, Jinjin; Luo, Ning; Kong, Qingyu; Ye, Hongjian; Zhang, Jiqin; Ming, H Jan 1, 2018 10005
Costimulation of Murine Osteoblasts with Interferon-[gamma] and Tumor Necrosis Factor-[alpha] Induces Apoptosis through Downregulation of Bcl-2 and Release of Cytochrome c from Mitochondria. Iguchi, Mayumi; Hiroi, Miki; Kanegae, Haruhide; Ohmori, Yoshihiro Jan 1, 2018 7030
Molecular Responses of Human Retinal Cells to Infection with Dengue Virus. Carr, Jillian M.; Ashander, Liam M.; Ma, Julie K. CalverYuefang; Aloia, Amanda; Bracho, Gustavo G.; Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 9448
Tabetri[TM] (Tabebuia avellanedae Ethanol Extract) Ameliorates Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms in Mice. Park, Jae Gwang; Yi, Young-Su; Han, Sang Yun; Hong, Yo Han; Yoo, Sulgi; Kim, Eunji; Jeong, Seong-Gu; Jan 1, 2018 6289
Frequency of Interferon-Resistance Conferring Substitutions in Amino Acid Positions 70 and 91 of Core Protein of the Russian HCV 1b Isolates Analyzed in the T-Cell Epitopic Context. Kichatova, V.S.; Kyuregyan, K.K.; Soboleva, N.V.; Karlsen, A.A.; Isaeva, O.V.; Isaguliants, M.G.; Mi Jan 1, 2018 9937
The Solute Carrier Transporter SLC15A3 Participates in Antiviral Innate Immune Responses against Herpes Simplex Virus-1. He, Longzhen; Wang, Baocheng; Li, Yuanyuan; Zhu, Leqing; Li, Peiling; Zou, Feiyan; Bin, Lianghua Jan 1, 2018 5949
Viruses Seen by Our Cells: The Role of Viral RNA Sensors. Said, Elias A.; Tremblay, Nicolas; Balushi, Mohammed S. Al-; Jabri, Ali A. Al-; Lamarre, Daniel Jan 1, 2018 11615
Gene Expression Profiling in Behcet's Disease Indicates an Autoimmune Component in the Pathogenesis of the Disease and Opens New Avenues for Targeted Therapy. Puccetti, Antonio; Fiore, Piera Filomena; Pelosi, Andrea; Tinazzi, Elisa; Patuzzo, Giuseppe; Argenti Jan 1, 2018 11182
Anti-IL-22 Antibody Attenuates Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease via Increasing [Foxp3.sup.+] T Cell through Modulation of [CD11b.sup.+] Cell Function. Wu, Jianbo; Gu, Jian; Zhou, Shun; Lu, Hao; Lu, Yunjie; Lu, Ling; Wang, Xuehao Jan 1, 2018 7975
Type I/II Interferon in HIV-1-Infected Patients: Expression in Gut Mucosa and in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells and Its Modification upon Probiotic Supplementation. Pinacchio, Claudia; Scheri, Giuseppe Corano; Statzu, Maura; Santinelli, Letizia; Ceccarelli, Giancar Jan 1, 2018 3764
The Role of Phospholipase C Signaling in Macrophage-Mediated Inflammatory Response. Zhu, Liqian; Jones, Clinton; Zhang, Gaiping Jan 1, 2018 6990
Leaf-Encapsulated Vaccines: Agroinfiltration and Transient Expression of the Antigen Staphylococcal Endotoxin B in Radish Leaves. Liu, Pei-Feng; Wang, Yanhan; Ulrich, Robert G.; Simmons, Christopher W.; VanderGheynst, Jean S.; Gal Jan 1, 2018 6882

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