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Interesting trivia on the inaugurals.

This is the first time a president-elect (Rodrigo Duterte) and vice president-elect (Leni Robredo) will be sworn into office separately.

In July 1946, President Manuel Roxas retook his oath as part of Independence Day ceremonies in front of the Rizal Monument.

President Sergio Osmena delivered his inaugural address before the Cabinet on Aug. 10, 1944, but was sworn in on Aug. 1, 1944.

Only one president took his oath in Spanish: Emilio Aguinaldo in 1899.

Inaugurals held at Rizal Ceremonial Hall:

Marcos, 1986; Duterte, 2016. Three decades apart

Inaugurals held in Malolos:

Aguinaldo, 1899; Estrada, 1998

Presidents who took their oath on two Bibles:

Magsaysay and Marcos took their oath on two Bibles each in 1953 and 1965. Magsaysay's came from his mother's and father's families; Marcos' were from his father and, the other, a gift of his wife.

Inaugurals held in front of the Legislative Building (now National Museum):

Quezon, 1935; Laurel, 1943; Roxas, May 1946

Presidents who attended the inaugural of their duly elected successor:

Osmena (1946, the first handover of power from one administration to its elected successor); C. Aquino (1992, to signify the completion of the restoration of the democratic process); Ramos (1998 as part of the Centennial celebrations)

Duterte will be the third president to be sworn in by a Filipino associate justice of the Supreme Court.

Times presidents have been sworn in at the Palace:

Quirino, after Roxas died, 1948; Garcia, after Magsaysay died, 1957; Marcos, after Snap Election, 1986; Duterte, 2016

Most number of inaugural addresses:

Marcos (1965, 1969, 1981, 1986)

Duterte will be the fifth president not sworn in by a chief justice. (Quezon in 1943, Osmena in 1944, C. Aquino in 1986 and B. Aquino III in 2010)

Laurel, Marcos, Ramos, Estrada, B. Aquino III took their oath in Tagalog/Filipino.

Inaugurals held outside Manila:

Aguinaldo, Malolos, 1899; Quezon, Corregidor, 1941; C. Aquino, San Juan, 1986; Estrada, Malolos, 1998; Arroyo, Edsa Shrine, 2001; Arroyo, Cebu, 2004

Presidents inaugurated on Dec. 30:

Six presidents-Quezon (1941), Quirino (1949), Magsaysay (1953), Garcia (1957), Macapagal (1961), Marcos (1965 and 1969)- had inaugurals on Dec. 30.

Starting with Quezon's second inaugural in 1941 until Marcos' second inaugural in 1969 (with the exception of the special election called in 1946), presidents were inaugurated on Rizal Day, Dec. 30. President Marcos in 1981 began the practice of inaugurals on June 30.

Presidents-elect who fetched their predecessors from Malacanan Palace for the drive to the inaugural venue:

Roxas and Osmena in 1946; Magsaysay and Quirino in 1953; Macapagal and Garcia in 1961; Marcos and Macapagal in 1965; Ramos and C. Aquino in 1992; Estrada and Ramos in 1998; B. Aquino III and Arroyo in 2010

Shortest inaugural address:

Eight minutes is the shortest delivery length of an inaugural address at a regular inaugural. This was delivered by President Ramon Magsaysay in 1953. The addresses of Quirino and Garcia upon the death of their predecessors, and C. Aquino's address in 1986 were very brief but not regular inaugurals.

Presidents elected to a six-year term:

Quezon, C. Aquino, Marcos (1981), Estrada, Arroyo, Ramos, B. Aquino III, Duterte

Decades since first ceremonial climbing of the stars at Malacanan Palace:

It has been 81 years, to be exact, since the first ceremonial climbing of the stairs at Malacanan Palace-signifying that the chief executive was the freely elected head of the Filipino people, one pledged to govern them with justice in contrast to the appointed colonial governors who formerly inhabited the Palace.

Presidents who swore on a Bible:

Magsaysay (1953), Garcia (1957), Macapagal (1961), Marcos (1965, 1969, 1981 but not in 1986), C. Aquino (1986), Ramos (1992), Estrada (1998), Arroyo (2001, 2004), B. Aquino III (2010, the same Bible used by his mother in 1986).

Presidents who took their oath of office in English:

Quezon, Osmena, Roxas, Quirino, Magsaysay, Garcia, Macapagal, Aquino and Arroyo took their oath in English. Duterte is also expected to take his oath in English.

Presidents who were sworn in by a chief justice:

Quezon (1935 and 1941), Laurel (1943), Roxas (1946, May and July), Quirino (1948 and 1949), Magsaysay (1953), Garcia (1957, March and December), Macapagal (1961), Marcos (1965, 1969, 1981 and 1986), Ramos (1992), Estrada (1998), Arroyo (2001 and 2004)

Time of day the President-elect takes his oath as President:

The President-elect takes his oath as President at 12 p.m. on the 30th day of June. Ideally, as per tradition, the incumbent would already be at home by the time the oath is taken to mark his reverting to being an ordinary citizen.

Presidents who undertook the ritual climbing of the stairs of Malacanan Palace:

Quezon, Roxas, Quirino, Magsaysay, Garcia, Macapagal, Marcos, Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo, B. Aquino III. Duterte is also expected to undertake this ritual. Four did not: Aguinaldo (no such ritual, and his inaugural was not in Manila), Laurel (to avoid comparisons to the Commonwealth), Osmena (succeeded into office overseas), C. Aquino (assumed office under revolutionary circumstances).

Leni Robredo is the 14th Vice President because neither Aguinaldo nor Laurel had a vice presidency under their constitutions.

Duterte is the 16th President because we count the administrations as starting with Aguinaldo in 1899, and including the Commonwealth and the Second Republic.
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