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Interesting cases presented as Society of Surgeons meeting held at Mirpur Khas.

MIRPUR KHAS -- Professor Razzaq Shaikh, Professor of Surgery at Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences (LUMHS) was the Chief Guest at the annual meeting of Society of Surgeons Mirpurkhas chapter held on 15th September 2011. Professor Amna Memon, Professor of Gynecology & Obstetrics, MMC and Prof. Noor Muhammad Khaskheli, Professor of Surgery at Peoples University of Medical & Health Science for women Nawabshah - SBA were Co-Chairpersons.

Dr. Sohail made a presentation on "An Experience of Alvarado Score in LUMHS". He explained this descriptive study conducted at LUMHS on over 200 patients wherein high Alvarado Score was found useful in predicting acute appendicitis whereas low Alvarado Score was found useful in making decision to treat these patients conservatively. Very high score (8-10) predicted perforated appendix, gangrenous appendix and appendix mass with significant success.

Society of Surgeons Pakistan Mirpur Khas Chapter held its meeting recently. Picture taken on the occasion shows Prof. Razi Mohammad, Prof. A. Razzak Sheikh, Prof. Ghulam Ali Memon, Dr. Din Mohammad Khaskheli, Prof. Amna Khan, Dr. Muhaish Kumar, Dr. Rahmatullah Soomro and Dr. Suhail speaking on the occasion.

Dr. Mahesh Kumar, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery at LUMHS presented a study "Outcome of 82 cases of facioculaneous flaps in exposed bones of legs". The study was conducted between Octobers 2007-2010. Most cases were between10-30 year of age. 8 types of flaps were used. Most wounds were in heel or middle 1/3 of leg. 15 patients suffered some complication.

Prof. A. Razzaque Shaikh, the chairman of the session made a presentation on "Comparison of laparoscopic to open Cholecystectomy at LUMHS". This was based on 619 patients who underwent Lap Cholecystectomy in two years. Twenty seven required conversion to open procedure. There were some exclusion criteria for laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. More conversion were required in male (4.36) than females (2.10%). More conversion was done in chronic Cholecystitis (4.5%) than acute Cholecystitis (Just over 1%) more patients with co-morbid factors required conversion than otherwise healthy people. Difficult dissection was most common reason for conversion (18 cases 2.88 %).

Prof. Aman Memon, Co- Chairperson presented a review on "Viral Hepatitis during pregnancy, lactation and its morbidity". She mentioned that Hepatitis B & A vaccine can be given during pregnancy. She explained the alarming rate of Hepatitis C in the region and thought that all Gynecologist should improve their understanding of the disease. She said that HEV can be very serious with significant morbidity and mortality during pregnancy. She also discussed active treatment of various forms of hepatitis during pregnancy. She said that vertical transmission is less common in Hepatitis C than Hepatitis B. vertical transmission is closely related to viral load. However, she said that Ribavirien is teratogenic.

Principal and Professor of Surgery of MMC, Professor Ghulam Ali Memon spoke on "Plexiform neurofibromatosis," a variant of elephant man's disease and von-Reckling houses disease, a benign neoplastic condition of nerve tissue. He described its two types. He pointed out that when various nerves are involved and tumor gets very big, it is called Plexiform neurofibromatosis which is autosomal dominant. He presented two interesting cares of young girls. All the presentations were followed by lively discussion. (PR)
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Date:Oct 14, 2011
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