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Interdisciplinary research community launched by Jisc. Feb 1, 2021 388
Capacity building for transformational leadership and transdisciplinarity. Barth, Matthias; Bruhn, Andrea; Lam, David P.M.; Bergmann, Matthias; Lang, Daniel J. Report Oct 1, 2020 2297
On Witches, Shrooms, and Sourdough: A Critical Reimagining of the White Settler Relationship to Land. Maxwell, Abby Report Oct 1, 2020 5946
THINKING ABOUT WHAT THE OTHERS ARE THINKING ABOUT: AN INTEGRATIVE APPROACH TO THE MIND PERCEPTION AND SOCIAL COGNITION THEORY. Khabbache, Hicham; Ouazizi, Khalid; Bragazzi, Nicola Luigi; Alaoui, Zouhair Belamfedel; Mrabet, Rado Report Jul 1, 2020 10559
Neue Formate transdisziplinarer Forschung: Ausdifferenzierte Brucken zwischen Wissenschaft und Praxis/New formats of transdisciplinary research. Creating differentiated bridges between science and practice. Grunwald, Armin; Schafer, Martina; Bergmann, Matthias May 1, 2020 6055
HEC to organise interdisciplinary research competition. Jan 24, 2020 316
Conclusion: The Triumph of Transdisciplinarity and the Sociology of Self-Knowledge: Toward Quantum Sociological Imaginations. Tamdgidi, Mohammad H. Essay Jan 1, 2020 31721
Turkiye'de Uluslararasi Iliskiler: TRIP 2018 Sonuclari Uzerine Bir Degerlendirme/International Relations in Turkey: An Evaluation on the Findings of TRIP 2018. Aydin, Mustafa; Dizdaroglu, Cihan Survey Dec 22, 2019 9514
Turkiye'deki Uluslararasi Iliskiler Akademisyenleri ve Bolumlerinin Akademik Etkilerinin Google Scholar Verilerinden Hareketle Incelenmesi/A Study for Scholarly Impacts of International Relations Academics and Departments in Turkey through Google Scholar Data. Balci, Ali; Cicioglu, Filiz; Kalkan, Duygu Report Dec 22, 2019 9335
Grounded action design--Transdisciplinary co-creation for better transformative processes: Frameworks for transdisciplinary research # 9. Bruhn, Thomas; Herberg, Jeremias; Molinengo, Giulia; Oppold, Daniel; Stasiak, Dorota; Nanz, Patrizia Dec 1, 2019 480
What makes a researcher transdisciplinary? A framework to identify expertise: Frameworks for transdisciplinary research # 8. Bammer, Gabriele Oct 1, 2019 577
Disciplinarity, Interdisciplinarity, or Transdisciplinarity? Exploring the Long-Term Value of Engaged Learning Across Disciplines: A Mixed Methods Case Study. Case study Sep 22, 2019 181
What You Ignorant Half-wits Need to Know about Interdisciplinary Research: The Test Case of Intellectual Humility. Barrett, Justin L.; Sok, Rebecca Dorsey Sep 22, 2019 3780
Response: Two Hurdles for Interdisciplinary Research. Church, Ian M. Sep 22, 2019 1149
Response: Two Decades of Requests for Proposals: Insider Reflections on Funding Interdisciplinary Research. Gibson, Nicholas J.S. Sep 22, 2019 1233
Top 10 Research Priorities in Spatial Lifecourse Epidemiology. Jia, Peng; Lakerveld, Jeroen; Wu, Jianguo; Stein, Alfred; Root, Elisabeth D.; Sahel, Clive E.; Verme Jul 1, 2019 7072
Interdisiplinary Approaches in International Relations: An Evaluation on History and Theory/Uluslararasi Iliskilere Disiplinlerarasi Yaklasim: Tarih ve Teori Uzerine Bir Degerlendirme. Ozkan, Fulya Report Mar 22, 2019 8459
AUB Awarded Two Grants Totaling $1.5 Million From the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Jan 10, 2019 474
Universities advised to promote interdisciplinary research. Dec 7, 2018 381
IIUI rector calls for interdisciplinary research. Dec 7, 2018 393
Interdisciplinary research is science of tomorrow: IIUI Rector. Dec 7, 2018 392
Universities advised to promote interdisciplinary research. Dec 7, 2018 387
Weshalb ist die Beteiligung von Akteuren nicht konstitutiv fur transdisziplinare Forschung? Reaktion auf J. Mittelstra[beta] in GAIA 27/2 (2018) und W. Krohn et al. in GAIA 26/4 (2017)/Why Is Stakeholder Involvement not Essential to Transdisciplinary Research? Jaeger, Jochen; Scheringer, Martin Report Dec 1, 2018 1347
Building Capacities for Transdisciplinary Research: Challenges and Recommendations for Early-Career Researchers. Jaeger-Erben, Melanie; Kramm, Johanna; Sonnberger, Marco; Volker, Carolin; Albert, Christian; Graf, Dec 1, 2018 5522
Interdisciplinary research collaboration will 'facilitate inclusive research environments'. Oct 1, 2018 297
Citation Styles: Towards a Scientific Model Proposed as Nsukka Multidisciplinary Style. Nwadike, Chinedu Viewpoint essay Sep 15, 2018 7130
From the perspective of: Functional Analysis of formulaic sequences in Applied Linguistics Research Articles. Jalilifar, Alireza; Ghoreishi, Seyed Mohammad Report Jul 1, 2018 9864
Tapping the Power of Soda Taxes: A Call for Multidisciplinary Research and Broad-Based Advocacy Coalitions--A Response to the Recent Commentaries. Roache, Sarah A.; Gostin, Lawrence O. Report Jul 1, 2018 1748
CONFERENCES AROUND THE WORLD: Calendar Jul 1, 2018 370
FRAMEWORKS FOR TRANSDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH: FRAMEWORK #4. Cabrera, Derek; Cabrera, Laura; Bammer, Gabriele May 1, 2018 674
Assessing Ten Years of Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research, Education, and Outreach: The Competence Center Environment and Sustainability (CCES) of the ETH Domain. Kassab, Omar; Schwarzenbach, Rene P.; Gotsch, Nikolaus May 1, 2018 7651
Teaching Transdisciplinarity Appropriately for Students' Education Level. Pohl, Christian; Krutli, Pius; Stauffacher, Michael May 1, 2018 2364
The Response to and Impact of the Ebola Epidemic: Towards an Agenda for Interdisciplinary Research. Calnan, Michael; Gadsby, Erica W.; Konde, Mandy Kader; Diallo, Abdourahime; Rossman, Jeremy S. Report May 1, 2018 8554
Librarians' Roles in Establishing a Multidisciplinary Research Institute. Christian, Elizabeth; Balek, Kathryn; Hudock, Sandy; Gonzales, Rhonda Report Apr 1, 2018 4669
QU signs agreement for multidisciplinary research. Mar 28, 2018 290
Sustainability Science with Ozzy Osbourne, Julia Roberts and Ai Weiwei: The Potential of Arts-Based Research for Sustainable Development. Heinrichs, Harald Report Mar 1, 2018 4265
Changing Faces--Factors Influencing the Roles of Researchers in Real-World Laboratories. Hilger, Annaliesa; Rose, Michael; Wanner, Matthias Report Mar 1, 2018 6183
Today's Multidisciplinary Research. Taylor, Michelle Feb 1, 2018 605
El Trabajo Social y la transdisciplinariedad: retos para estudiar la migracion transnacional, la comunidad y la comunicacion/Social work and transdisciplinarity: challenges in studying transnational migration, community and communication. Torres, Guillermina Chavez Jan 1, 2018 8075
Real-World Laboratories--the Road to Transdisciplinary Research? Renn, Ortwin Editorial Jan 1, 2018 528
Labs in the Real World: Advancing Transdisciplinary Research and Sustainability Transformation: Mapping the Field and Emerging Lines of Inquiry. Schapke, Niko; Bergmann, Matthias; Stelzer, Franziska; Lang, Daniel J. Jan 1, 2018 1864
How Much of the Real-World Laboratory Is Hidden in Current Transdisciplinary Research? Rogga, Sebastian; Zscheischler, Jana; Gaasch, Nadin Essay Jan 1, 2018 3673
Learning in Real-World Laboratories: A Systematic Impulse for Discussion. Singer-Brodowski, Mandy; Beecroft, Richard; Parodi, Oliver Essay Jan 1, 2018 4013
Dealing with Multi-Perspectivity in Real-World Laboratories: Experiences from the Transdisciplinary Research Project Urban Transformation Laboratories. Engels, Anita; Walz, Kerstin Essay Jan 1, 2018 4928
Sustainability Learning Labs in Small Island Developing States: A Case Study of the Seychelles. Krutli, Pius; Pohl, Christian; Stauffacher, Michael Case study Jan 1, 2018 4787
Designing Real-World Laboratories for the Reduction of Residential Energy Use: Articulating Theories of Change. Heiskanen, Eva; Laakso, Senja; Matschoss, Kaisa; Backhaus, Julia; Goggins, Gary; Vadovics, Edina Essay Jan 1, 2018 5798
Jointly Experimenting for Transformation? Shaping Real-World Laboratories by Comparing Them. Schapke, Niko; Stelzer, Franziska; Caniglia, Guido; Bergmann, Matthias; Wanner, Matthias; Singer-Bro Jan 1, 2018 9110
A Model for the Transdisciplinary Research Process. Bergmann, Matthias; Jahn, Thomas; Bammer, Gabriele Dec 1, 2017 630
FRAMEWORKS FOR TRANSDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH: FRAMEWORK #1. Pohl, Christian; Hadorn, Gertrude Hirsch; Bammer, Gabriele Oct 1, 2017 626
The Post-Historical Return of Interality: In Lieu of a Preface. Zhang, Peter Oct 1, 2017 4675
Martin, Victoria. Transdisciplinarity Revealed: What Librarians Need to Know. Green, Beth H. Book review Aug 1, 2017 244
Transdisciplinarity in Africology: Demonstrating Elasticity and Durability. Zulu, Itibari M. Jul 1, 2017 826
Can Beer Consumption be Part of a Healthy Diet? McCullough, Michael P.; Volpe, Richard Report Jul 1, 2017 3582
Anyone can play: forming undergraduate interdisciplinary research around video games. Hudson, Seth; Eyman, Doug Report Jun 22, 2017 435
Toolkits for transdisciplinarity: every end is a new beginning. Brief article May 1, 2017 106
Toolkits for transdisciplinarity--toolkit #8. Bammer, Gabriele May 1, 2017 371
Design and optimization of pulsed magnetic field generator for cell magneto-permeabilization. Novickij, Vitalij; Grainys, Audrius; Staigvila, Gediminas; Tolvaisiene, Sonata; Ustinavicius, Tomas; Report Apr 1, 2017 2992
Stronger Together: Advancing a Global Bioarchaeology. Baker, Brenda J.; Agarwal, Sabrina C. Report Mar 22, 2017 14682
Toolkits for transdisciplinarity--toolkit #7. Column Mar 1, 2017 375
Towards a sustainable use of phosphorus: a transdisciplinary scenario analysis for the administrative district of Luneburg, Germany. Sieveking, Annelie; Weber, Hanna; Riewerts, Bente; Bohme, Melanie Report Mar 1, 2017 7111
Ten reflective steps for rendering research societally relevant: while the goal of transdisciplinary research is to be relevant to society, specific instructions for accomplishing this remain implicit. We propose to improve this situation by means of a 10-step approach aimed at stimulating explicit reflections around ways to render research more societally relevant. Pohl, Christian; Krutli, Pius; Stauffacher, Michael Report Mar 1, 2017 6998
In Search of the Halakhic Definition of Motherhood. Steinberg, Avraham Jan 1, 2017 5542
Toolkits for transdisciplinarity--toolkit #5. Bammer, Gabriele Oct 1, 2016 418
Exemplary transdisciplinary projects--swiss-academies award for transdisciplinary research 2015. Zinsstag, Jakob; Perrig-Chiello, Pasqualina; Paulsen, Theres; Truffer, Bernhard Oct 1, 2016 1766
MontanAqua: tackling water stress in the Alps: water management options in the Crans-Montana-Sierre Region (Valais). Schneider, Flurina; Bonriposi, Mariano; Graefe, Olivier; Herweg, Karl; Homewood, Christine; Huss, Ma Report Oct 1, 2016 1559
A transdisciplinary approach to research on early childhood education. Burger, Kaspar Report Oct 1, 2016 2449
Transdisciplinary knowledge integration within large research programs. Hoffmann, Sabine Essay Oct 1, 2016 1993
A harmonic way to transdisciplinarity: experience from global health development. Tanner, Marcel Oct 1, 2016 2266
Competent into the future. The research-education-cooperation for climate change communication k.i.d.Z.21 and k.i.d.Z.21-Austria/Kompetent in die zukunft: Die Forschungs-Bildungs-Kooperation zur Klimawandelbildung k.i.d.Z.21 und k.i.d.Z.21-Austria. Stotter, Johann; Keller, Lars; Lutke-Spatz, Lara; Oberrauch, Anna; Korfgen, Annemarie; Kuthe, Alina Essay Oct 1, 2016 1676
Responding to challenging interactions with families: a training module for inpatient oncology nurses. Zaider, Talia I.; Banerjee, Smita C.; Manna, Ruth; Coyle, Nessa; Pehrson, Cassandra; Hammonds, Stace Report Sep 1, 2016 5488
Sleep, cognition, and normal aging: integrating a half century of multidisciplinary research. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 152
Universities as actors in transformative science. Consequences for assessing transdisciplinary research quality/Die Universitat als Akteurin der transformativen Wissenschaft Konsequenzen fur die Messung der qualitat transdisziplinarer forschung. Krainer, Larissa; Winiwarter, Verena Report May 1, 2016 4839
A research analysis of RSP's articles and topics across the issues between 2005 and 2016: critical appraisal and evaluation. Parmena Olimid, Anca Editorial Apr 1, 2016 5161
Transdisciplinary research that becomes effective: transimpact analyses transdisciplinary projects/Wirkungsvolle transdisziplinare forschung: transimpact untersucht transdisziplinare projekte. Bergmann, Matthias; Jahn, Thomas; Lux, Alexandra; Nagy, Emilia; Schafer, Martina Mar 1, 2016 929
Dialogue methods for knowledge synthesis. Bammer, Gabriele Mar 1, 2016 374
The need for a transdisciplinary approach to explain human brain structure and functioning mechanisms. Crumpei, Gabriel; Gavrilut, Alina; Agop, Maricel; Tanasa, Irina Crumpei; Gavrilut, Gabriel Report Dec 1, 2015 3318
Toolkits for transdisciplinarity. Dec 1, 2015 464
Regional vulnerability to the challenges of climate change and energy provision: lessons learned from transdisciplinary assessments in Austria and Germany. Radinger-Peer, Verena; Penker, Marianne; Chiari, Sybille; Danzinger, Gregor; Enengel, Barbara; Kuhne Dec 1, 2015 5636
Creating space for change: real-world laboratories for sustainability transformations: the case of Baden-Wurttemberg. Schapke, Niko; Singer-Brodowski, Mandy; Stelzer, Franziska; Bergmann, Matthias; Lang, Daniel J. Dec 1, 2015 2119
Interdisciplinary disaster drill simulation: laying the groundwork for further research. Zapko, Karen A.; Ferranto, Mary Lou; Brady, Cheryl; Corbisello, Andrea; Hill, Diane; Mullen, Ruth; D Report Nov 1, 2015 2776
Who Now Needs Sociology?: Transdisciplinarity Vs. Tradition. Misina, Dalibor Report Sep 22, 2015 7994
Un programme de recherche interventionnelle (AAPRISS) visant a reduire les inegalites sociales de sante: methodes et validation. Villeval, Melanie; Bidault, Eisa; Gaborit, Emilie; Grosclaude, Pascale; Haschar-Noe, Nadine; Lang, T Report Sep 1, 2015 6484
The transdisciplinary conundrum. Hammer, Graeme Mar 1, 2015 618
Transdisciplinary and transformative research at the intersection between management, healthcare, and innovation. Mettler, Tobias; Rohner, Peter; Winter, Robert Oct 1, 2014 1676
Transdisciplinarity in practice: experience from a concept-based research programme addressing global change and sustainable development. Hurni, Hans; Wiesmann, Urs Oct 1, 2014 2110
New publications. List Oct 1, 2014 511
Contemporary circus research in Quebec: building and negotiating and emerging interdisciplinary field. Leroux, Louis Patrick Essay Jun 22, 2014 7765
Bridging the gaps in interdisciplinary research on solar radiation management. Schafer, Stefan; Maas, Achim; Irvine, Peter J. Dec 1, 2013 4343
Adaptation to climate change. Prioritizing measures in the German adaptation strategy/Anpassung an den Klimawandel: priorisierung von Massnahmen innerhalb der Deutschen Anpassungsstrategie. Vetter, Andreas; Schauser, Inke Report Dec 1, 2013 4545
Anticipating gaps in energy research at transdisciplinary and international interfaces. Carabias-Hutter, Vicente; Moser, Corinne; Spiess, Harry Report Dec 1, 2013 1760
Interdisciplinarity in psychiatry/Interdisciplinaritatea in psihiatrie. Ciubara, Anamaria Essay Dec 1, 2013 990
The discipline of abandonment: Emersonian properties of transdisciplinarity & the nature of method. McMillin, T.S. Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 7640
Response to Faye Halpern's "The Preceptor Problem: The Effect of 'Undisciplined Writing' on Disciplined Instructors". Scott, Andrea Sep 22, 2013 2326
A pluridisciplinary analysis of the fractal complexity in Mwalimu Harold Isaacs' magnum opus, United States-Mexican Relations during the Gonzalez Administration, 1880-1884. Bangura, Abdul Karim Report Mar 22, 2013 9736
Health & human services. Author abstract Sep 22, 2012 2088
Transcultural, Transnational, Trans-disciplinary Perspectives on Women's Literary History: Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan 26-28 November 2012. Koch, Magdalena Conference notes Jul 1, 2012 661
Interdisciplinary treatment of adolescent eating disorders in West Virginia. Luzier, Jessica L.; Sondike, Stephen B.; Linton, John C.; Mizes, J. Scott Report May 1, 2012 4152
LUMS starts research on internet, society. Brief article Apr 29, 2012 197
Quality higher education can improve Pak rankings. Conference notes Apr 8, 2012 233
Investigating the appropriateness of the theory of organisational knowledge creation as a management model for practice-led research/Die gepastheid van die teorie van organisatoriese kennisskepping as bestuursmodel vir praktykgeleide navorsing. Marley, Ian R. Report Apr 1, 2012 8674
Lost opportunities, partial successes, and key questions: some historical lessons. Tjeltveit, Alan C. Essay Mar 22, 2012 3498
On transdisciplinarity. Mittelstrass, Jurgen Report Dec 1, 2011 4499
Diabetes management requires multidisciplinary approach-Prof. Tasnim Ahsan. Ali, Mubarak Nov 14, 2011 637
Post it! - a cross-disciplinary approach to teach socioscientific issues. Shu-Nu Chang Rundgren Sep 1, 2011 3226
Positioning new patterns of privilege in learning: a response to Ware. Paxton-Buursma, Debra J.; Mariage, Troy V. Aug 1, 2011 3464
Development of a multidisciplinary middle school mathematics infusion model. Russo, Maria; Hecht, Deborah; Burghardt, M. David; Hacker, Michael; Saxman, Laura Report Jun 22, 2011 7753
A sense of place: Tim Radford, author of The Address Book: Our Place in the Scheme of Things, considers how--ever since the ancient Greeks began pondering, studying and measuring our world--geography has been central to millennia of intellectual advances, helping us to answer some eternal conundrums: who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Radford, Tim Essay May 1, 2011 1695
Simple multidisciplinary education of junior doctors and nurses improves prescription of venous thromboembolism prophylaxis. Findlay, John; Keogh, Michael Report Jan 1, 2011 3630
Pharmaceuticals in water: an interdisciplinary approach. Brief article Jul 1, 2010 203
Interdisciplinary research collaboration--with a twist. Wood, Felecia G.; Hartman, Julia May 1, 2010 918
The breast cancer and the environment Research Centers: transdisciplinary research on the role of the Environment in Breast Cancer etiology. Hiatt, Robert A.; Haslam, Sandra Z.; Osuch, Janet Dec 1, 2009 12424
Academia's role in reducing poverty. Mathios, Alan D. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 243
Toward an interdisciplinary science of culture. Hayes, Linda J.; Fryling, Mitch J. Essay Sep 22, 2009 11178
The sustainability transition: meeting basic human needs without degrading the planet's vital systems will require an ambitious, interdisciplinary, and solution-oriented research program. Matson, Pamela Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2009 2517
Synthesis: an interdisciplinary discipline: as the professional world becomes more and more specialized, it's time for today's--and tomorrow's--leaders to embrace a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving. Tow, Bruce L.; Gilliam, David A. May 1, 2009 2964
Disciplined conduct of interdisciplinary research. Rotfeld, Herbert Jack Mar 22, 2009 996
Best practices in the multidisciplinary assessment of emotional disturbances: a primer for counselors. Rudy, Heidi L.; Levinson, Edward M. Report Sep 22, 2008 8557
Using interdisciplinary shared governance and patient rounds to increase patient safety. Edwards, Chris Report Aug 1, 2008 1810
Metadecision making: rehabilitating interdisciplinarity in the decision sciences. Matthews, David Report Mar 1, 2008 14398
Bridging the two cultures: disciplinary divides and educational reward systems. Schiferl, E.I. Dec 22, 2007 7777
Defining interdisciplinary research: conclusions from a critical review of the literature. Aboelela, Sally W.; Larson, Elaine; Bakken, Suzanne; Carrasquillo, Olveen; Formicola, Allan; Glied, Feb 1, 2007 5871
Narratives and transdisciplines for a post-industrial world. Allen, T.F.H.; Giampietro, Mario Sep 1, 2006 11309
Transdisciplinary unified theory. Francois, Charles Sep 1, 2006 4190
New transdisciplinary visualities as an alternative to redistribute the power of thought. Bustamante, Maris Jun 22, 2006 2452
Meeting of the minds. Falcioni, John G. Editorial May 1, 2006 585
The role of contestable concepts in transdisciplinary management of water in the landscape ([dagger]). Attwater, Roger; Booth, Sandy; Guthrie, Alasdair May 1, 2005 4281
Re-visioning science education. Bartsch, Ingrid May 15, 2004 6729
Toward system principles: general system theory and the alternative approach. Dubrovsky, Vitaly Mar 1, 2004 7512
A model for interdisciplinary collaboration. Bronstein, Laura R. Jul 1, 2003 5670
Index of interdisciplinary collaboration. (Instrument Development). Bronstein, Laura R. Jun 1, 2002 10639
MATHSEMANTICS RESEARCH. Column Mar 22, 2001 4365
Disciplined by disciplines? The need for an "interdisciplinary" research mission in women's studies. Allen, Judith A.; Kitch, Sally L. Jun 22, 1998 9045
Introducing master's students to area studies: an interdisciplinary research and skills approach. Morris, John T. Jun 1, 1998 3882
Applying theories from other disciplines to logistics. Stock, James R. Sep 1, 1997 5467
Interdisciplinary needs: the current context. Klein, Julie Thompson Sep 22, 1996 8847
Learning about the information seeking of interdisciplinary scholars and students. Bates, Marcia J. Sep 22, 1996 3958
Information work at the boundaries of science: linking library services to research practices. Palmer, Carole L. Sep 22, 1996 12447
Interdisciplinary research and information overload. Wilson, Patrick Sep 22, 1996 5610
Literature retrieval for interdisciplinary syntheses. White, Howard D. Sep 22, 1996 10671
Meta-analysis: the librarian as a member of an interdisciplinary research team. Smith, Jack T., Jr. Sep 22, 1996 6648
Bibliography as an interdisciplinary information service. Fiscella, Joan B. Sep 22, 1996 7178
The hybridization of social science knowledge. Dogan, Mattei Sep 22, 1996 7915
Meeting the information needs of interdisciplinary scholars: issues for administrators of large university libraries. Searing, Susan E. Sep 22, 1996 12232
Specialization, territoriality, and jurisdiction: librarianship and the political economy of knowledge. Winter, Michael F. Sep 22, 1996 9080
The challenge of interdisciplinary research. Locker, Kitty O. Apr 1, 1994 6129
Interdisciplinary research and disciplinary toleration: a reply to Kitty Locker. Kent, Thomas Apr 1, 1994 1218
Confessions of a researcher: a reply to Kitty Locker. Smeltzer, Larry R. Apr 1, 1994 977
Applied idea management. Barr, Vilma Feb 1, 1992 1362
Pass the plasma, ... please: some engineers and scientists are working out new collaborative strategies to speed technological progress. Pennisi, Elizabeth May 18, 1991 2795
Preparing professionals to serve infants and toddlers with handicaps and their families: an integrative analysis across eight disciplines. Bailey, Donald B., Jr.; Simeonsson, Rune J.; Yoder David E.; Huntington, Gail S. evaluation Sep 1, 1990 5229

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