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Interdisciplinary Reference Points in Psychiatry--considerations on the Socola Summer School, 2018 edition.

On 12 October 1905, thanks to the efforts made by Dr. Alexandru Braescu, Socola Hospital was born under the name of the "House for Mentally Troubled People", Iasi. Recognized from the outset as a modern institution that opens up revolutionary pathways for that time, "Socola" Hospital has become a true psychiatric school. His name is linked to great personalities of Romanian medicine, including the famous professor C.I. Parhon, who was also the initiator of Socola's didactic and research activity. From its beginnings to the present day, the current "Socola" Institute of Psychiatry has maintained a high standard of performance in both the clinical activity and the didactic and scientific one. The National Symposium of Psychiatry with international participation marks every year, in October, the Socola's anniversary, founded 113 years ago, and also celebrating the outstanding personalities of psychiatry and Romanian medicine who have temporarily activated or dedicated their entire life to mental health and psychiatry school of So cola. The symposium brings novelty elements every year, addressing beyond the actualities of the field and the interdisciplinarity mark, their practical applicability and other issues circumscribed to the bio-psycho-social concept that marks the current medical practice. As a preamble of the Symposium, the Summer School "Interdisciplinary Reference Points in Psychiatry" was created this year at its third edition. This consists of a plethora of presentations, workshops and activities, with an extensive theme of the place and importance of psychiatry among medical disciplines, marking the relevance of knowing its close and indissoluble links with other branches of medicine. Thus, the summer school maintains the title which has consecrated it, INTERDISCIPLINARY REFERENCE POINTS IN PSYCHIATRY, being organized at the Socola Institute of Psychiatry, June 25-27, 2018. This scientific event, which received tremendous feedbacks for its first and second edition, has been made possible by the collaboration of "Socola" Institute of Psychiatry with "Gr. T. Popa" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Discipline of Psychiatry, with the Romanian College of Physicians, Iasi Branch, and with the Academy of Medical Sciences. Thus, for three days, various scientific topics will be approached from the perspective of psychiatry; such topics will also include aspects of daily practice, social implications, and current legislative reference points. The works, courses and interactive presentations proposed for this Summer School edition have a wide range of themes, from human behavioral analysis to the importance of interdisciplinary approach to cases of palladium care services, current neuroscience and social and medico-legal impact of psychopathies and reaching to unconventional therapeutic methods in psychiatry and addictive behaviors with vague nosologic delimitation.

Thus, a synthesis of potential mental disorders associated with intestinal inflammatory diseases will be made, followed by the importance of implementing correct food principles against a background of long-term psychotropic treatment. The concept of psychosis, with all its historical, diagnostic, therapeutic and interdisciplinary features, will also be a representative element. The focus of attention will also be on the issue of interdisciplinary collaboration and the risks of administering antipsychotic medication in palliation care.

Nor will be neglected aspects of the various facets of mental health law and how they are reflected in current practice. At the same time, topics such as recent developments in the field of neuroscience, resources to improve the functionality of chronic psychiatric patients, the recurrence of electroconvulsive therapy, the importance of electroencephalography in the diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, personality disorders and internet gaming disorder will be touched upon. One of the workshops will focus on methods of human behavioral analysis, and one course will follow physician-patient communication strategies in psychiatry.

The 2018 edition of the Socola Summer School aims to set a stone to the foundation of a clear outline of borders and interferences in psychiatric diagnosis, through presentations, debates, courses, and interactive sessions and by approaching mental disorders from an interdisciplinary perspective, because this is actually the permanent and desirable reality of our clinical and scientific practice.

Roxana CHIRITA--Prof., M.D., Ph.D., senior psychiatrist, "Socola" Institute of Psychiatry, Iasi, Romania, Gr.T.Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi

Ilinca UNTU--M.D., Ph.D. Student, psychiatrist, assistant of professor, "Socola" Institute of Psychiatry
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Author:Chirita, Roxana; Untu, Ilinca
Publication:Bulletin of Integrative Psychiatry
Article Type:Editorial
Geographic Code:4EXRO
Date:Jun 1, 2018
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