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Interdependence of diachronic and synchronic analyses.


Interdependence of diachronic and synchronic analyses.

Ed. by Folke Josephson and Ingmar Sohrman.

John Benjamins Publishing Co.


350 pages



Studies in language companion series; v.103


Focusing on the investigation of syntactic structure, these 14 essays describe a diverse set of modern and ancient languages, including Hittite, the classical languages, old Norse, Coptic, Bantu languages, Australian languages and Creoles. Contributors cover such topic as synchronic and diachronic evidence for parallels between noun phrases and sentences, the development of Creole languages, oppositions from proto-Indo-European to Latin, the development of early to late Latin, the history of two Greek tenses, actionality and aspect in Hittite, imperfectivity and complete events, transitions in Portuguese and Spanish, the old Nordic middle voice, tense and aspect in Semitic languages, the verb phrase in the Kerebe language, comparative TAM morphology in Niger-Congo, indexicals in Australian languages, and differential object marking in Sahidic Coptic.

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Date:Nov 1, 2008
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