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Intercontinental Banking.

Single women and lesbian couples in the Australian state of Victoria have found an ingenious way to circumvent the "Victorian" law that denies them access to fertility treatments. They are ordering sperm online from Californian clinics. The clinics pack the sperm in liquid nitrogen containers and fly then to clinics in other Australian states where unmarried women can legally be inseminated. The practice recently survived an Australian court challenge. International commerce in sperm has proved popular in Australia, where both donors and background on them are not readily available. California clinics not only offer a plethora of donors, they disclose a wealth of information on them. The Sperm Bank of California (, for instance, offers a large online "catalog" of donors. And Rainbow Flag Health Services (www.gayspermbank. com) discloses donor names to mothers when their babies are 3 months old. That way, they "will not grow up fantasizing that their 'father' is the lost King of Bavari a or Charles Manson," according to the Web site. Does that constitute "free checking?"

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Author:Berger, Joanne M.
Publication:Family Practice News
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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