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Interconnects & terminal blocks; socket for Xilinx FF1704.

Ironwood Electronics' SG-BGA-6082 allows users to socket the Xilinx Multi-Million gate FPGAs and operate without compromising performance. The GHz bandwidth socket supports the 42.5 mm body, 1 mm pitch Xilinx FF1704 packaged devices using a high-performance conductive elastomer contactor. The contact resistance is normally 10 m[ohm]. The sockets have a precision ball-guide design which moves the IC to the exact position for connection of each of the 1,704 balls and uses an aluminum heat sink screw to provide comprehensive force. These patented ZIF sockets are mechanically mounted to the target PCB. The socket lid is twisted open, the IC is inserted, the lid is closed, and the aluminum heat sink screw is rotated to provide downward force on the IC. The sockets are 7.5 mm high and 2.5 mm per side larger than the 42.5 mm package body, minimizing footprint on the target board while maximizing system speeds. The socket body and heat sink screw are constructed with aluminum to facilitate heat-sinking. Optional cutouts for backside capacitors can be easily implemented. Ironwood Electronics, 990 Lone Oak Rd., Suite 120, St. Paul, MN 55121; (800) 404-0204; Fax: (651) 452-8400;

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Title Annotation:Interconnects & Terminal Blocks
Publication:ECN-Electronic Component News
Date:Dec 15, 2003
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