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Living in the uterus, the banished khora of Plato,
life arising all around and through, something
out of Nothing, that between which is also among,
the pure fecundity in a pulse of promise.

As slowness occurs, whether from fear or love,
density happens and things take body.
Some, you wonder: that great granite mountain,
how could there still be a flowing space of experience there?
Others, some who we love, are mere wisps;
shaped life, beautiful ghosts, then gone in the spirit wind
without regard for time.

Where living well is living in the flow, not resisting,
attempting to control. Yet not refusing
the incredible gift of our incarnated home.

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Stephen C. Rowe

Philosophy Department

Grand Valley State University

B-3-212 MAK

1 Campus Dr

Allendale, MI 49401


Stephen C. Rowe, Grand Valley State University, USA

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Author:Rowe, Stephen C.
Publication:China Media Research
Article Type:Poem
Date:Oct 1, 2019
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