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Interactive Web page design. (Senior Division).

The purpose of this is to design a web page that can automatically create a test given certain information from an administrative user, and then administer the test. The start of any web page is the Hyper Text Mark-up Language, or HTML. This is the universal language that theoretically all browsers interpret

the same regardless of the platform they're installed on and allow anyone to view the information on the page. Because this page is interactive, users do not only view information, but they input information as well. If anything is going to happen to the imputed information, a computer program must process that information. The program that processes the information is the script. This page uses a type of script called Perl. The script must be made custom for the page, so that an administrator can create a test, give it to students, have it automatically corrected, and view individual, or group results.

Adam H Maerz, Monarch High School
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Author:Maerz, Adam H
Publication:Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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