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Interactive Imaging Systems, Inc. Unveils the iCOM Personal Internet Browser; Full VGA Wireless Access to the Internet.

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Interactive Imaging Systems, Inc. (IIS) today announced the unveiling and first public demonstration of its revolutionary iCOM Wireless Personal Internet Browser (PIB). The iCOM is a portable, hand-held wireless device that utilizes a full-screen, full-color VGA display that can be used anywhere, anytime. The PIB Internet Appliance is designed to connect to the Internet through wireless modems, wireless LANs, Bluetooth, and cellular phones; providing seamless access to time sensitive information including email, messaging, the Internet, and intranet based applications. With the iCOM PIB, users experience the Internet the way they would on a traditional desktop PC with a 21" monitor, unlike WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) based solutions utilized by Cellular phones and low resolution PDAs.

Prior attempts to take PC Internet technology into the wireless world have been unsuccessful for two reasons: limited display screen resolution and wireless networks built for voice rather than data. The later is being solved with the ongoing worldwide rollout of high-speed wireless data networks. However the viewing of graphical and text information on small, low-resolution displays still presents a significant barrier to the broad market acceptance of wireless devices. Most "Internet ready" cellular phones and PDAs are either text based (WAP) or have low-resolution displays offering limited web protocol support, thereby blocking access to over 99% of the Internet's content. As a result, consumers and business users are frustrated and disappointed with WAP based products, but are still clamoring for wireless solutions. Foreseeable improvements in cellular phone and PDA displays simply cannot provide usable direct view VGA quality while remaining small in size!

The iCOM Personal Internet Browser provides the ideal solution to this fundamental problem. Its proprietary virtual display system is equivalent to a 21-inch desktop display that allows users to view any Internet data, including HTML, graphics, and JAVA in a viewable image equivalent to a desktop PC. The Wireless PIBs are based on the Windows CE operating system and include a full suite of PDA applications. Little technical knowledge is required to operate the devices as they virtually mirror the user's desktop experience. Users can send and receive full-length e-mail messages complete with attachments, send and receive faxes, transfer files, access an office network, and manage their schedules and contacts - remotely and seamlessly. All IIS PIB products are based on the OptiNav(TM) user interface that allows for navigation with exacting single-handed mouse control. The iCOM comes with two compact flash expansion ports allowing users to select from a broad range of peripherals including memory expansion modules, wireless LAN and/or modem cards, Bluetooth, data ports, Cellular phone interfaces cables/cards, digital cameras for recording and transmitting images, GPS receivers, and bar code scanners for stock taking and meter reading. New applications for the iCOM can be installed through a docking cradle or directly over the Internet.

In their standard forms, any businessperson, mobile worker, general consumer, game player or student can use an iCOM PIB. Ruggedized versions of the PIBs will be offered to meet the needs of specialized groups, such as police forces, military, aircraft mechanics and medical personnel, where portability on the job is important,.

The iCOM will be the first device in the IIS PIB product family. These wireless devices will be produced in 3 form factors (including handheld and wearable) and contain varying degrees of computing power and expandability. They will be offered at retail pricing comparable to PDAs or advanced Cellular phones and will be available by early next year.

About IIS

Interactive Imaging Systems develops and markets Personal Display products that allow users to view and freely interact within computer generated environments and the Internet. IIS's products include its award winning Virtual Reality Systems and a new line of portable full-VGA Wireless Personal Internet Browsers. These products enable users to connect to and "Step Inside(TM)" the digital world - anywhere, anytime. IIS's Personal Display solutions are focused on applications in the professional and consumer markets.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 23, 2001
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