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Interactions of pyramidal structures with energy and consciousness.

"Space is not empty. It is full, a plenum as opposed to a vacuum, and is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves. The universe is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy."--David Bohm [1]


Ancient civilizations had certain knowledge that was once considered superstition and largely dismissed. Today that knowledge is slowly being rediscovered and changing contemporary science and medicine. For example, ancient Oriental practices such as acupuncture are now accepted that led to a new scientific understanding of the biofield and its role in health and healing. Another example is the positive health effects found from regular practice of ancient modalities such as yoga, meditation, and qigong that launched contemporary mind-body science. Indeed, it appears that much old wisdom has been lost over millennia and is now being regained.

The large stone pyramids from ancient times still remain an enigma. Former civilizations of Egypt, Peru, and Central America all built such structures, but we do not understand their purpose or impact on those cultures. During the Cold War, the West was largely unaware of any pyramid research underway in Russia and Eastern Europe. Ostrander and Schroeder first wrote about this in their famous book that launched further explorations in "pyramid power," a term coined in the 1960s by Czechoslovakian researchers. [2] Apparently there is an "energy" associated with pyramidal structures that produces unusual effects and defies conventional science.

In this paper, we focus on scientific evidence for the effects of pyramidal structures from patents and other literature, a controlled study, and our own anecdotal discoveries. We explore these effects in relation to belief and conscious intent. We speculate and offer some scientific explanations on how pyramidal shapes may exhibit such extraordinary effects.


In 1949, Karl Drbal, a radio technician, filed a patent application in Czechoslovakia on pyramid technology. He found that razor blades stored immediately after use in a small cardboard pyramid-shaped container kept them sharp considerably longer, such that 100 to 200 shaves could be obtained using only a single razor blade. It took 10 years for the patent office to grant his patent, "Device for Maintaining the Sharpness of Razor Blades and Razors," due to their disbelief.

Drbal found that the longitudinal axis of a blade must lie in the horizontal direction of the geomagnetic field (north-south) in order to obtain the sharpening effect, and that two sides of the pyramid must also be oriented north-south. The material of the box must be a dielectric material (electrical insulator). No single pyramid geometry was essential to obtaining the effect. In the patent he explained that a regeneration process at the edge of the blade was produced by the pyramidal cavity excitation due to the surrounding cosmic and terrestrial fields, e.g., electric, magnetic, electromagnetic, gravitic, and possibly other putative energy fields. The number of crystalline dislocations and deformations that occurred at the blade's edge from shaving was thought to be reduced. Thus, the edge-material regenerates its fine crystalline structure, which restores the mechanical properties of the blade. This regeneration occurs only if the crystal lattice disturbances are of an elastic nature and not mechanical destruction of the edge.

In relation to this, there is a normal recovery time for a steel blade to return to its original sharpness when elastically deformed through use, which takes from 15 to 30 days to self-regenerate. The pyramidal container accelerates this process.

Another factor is the role of water. Water acting on steel is known to reduce its tensile strength by as much as 22%. [3] The pyramid may act as a resonant cavity that drives out water molecules from the steel edge by resonant action on water, thereby dehydrating the razor blade edge. Resonant effects on water that use microwave energy is a known form of electromagnetic dehydration. [4]. Thus, rapid dehydration of the blade may help restore sharpness to steel blades more quickly. Drbal observed that the effect did not occur as well on certain days, suggesting that meteorological or geocosmic factors may be interacting.

Antoine Bovis, who visited the Great Pyramid during the 1930s, saw mummified remains of dead animals that had wandered into the pyramid, and advanced the notion that pyramidal forms aided the drying and mummification process. [5] Drbal tested these anecdotal findings and found that small cardboard pyramid models could rapidly mummify meat, flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and small dead animals. Thus, pyramidal shapes were observed to have a strong dehydration effect along with a preservation effect, preventing decay of organic matter by microbial growth.


The Russians studied the effect of the apex angle and found that taller steeper pyramids have greater physical effects. . Alexander Golod built 20 large pyramids in Russia including one near Moscow that is 150 feet tall. These pyramids are steep with base-to-height ratio < pi/2. Seeds stored 1-3 days within such pyramids produced increased agricultural yields. There was reduced seismic activity nearby large pyramids and increased survival of microbial-infected tissue cultures. [6] Several Russian patents on pyramid technologies have been issued. One notable application is the placement of large pyramids over oil fields, which was found to reduce oil viscosity by 30%, thereby increasing oil production with reduced energy expenditure. [7]

Pyramidal containers for food preservation and packaging were compared to rectangular containers and showed reduced microbial growth. [8] Such containers were also compared for packaging water. This promotes formation of ice crystals that are filament-shaped and suggests that pyramid packaging acts to structure water in an ordered manner. [9]

Medical treatment devices include a Japanese plastic pyramid reported to kill all pathogenic microbes, which can be placed under the bed. [10] There is also a German patent on a pyramidal device that removes energetic disturbances in the human body. [11]


Treatment of Sciatica Use of a 4-foot pyramidal structure oriented to geomagnetic north was used to treat recalcitrant sciatica (back pain due to injury) in a single subject. The subject had pain more than 3 weeks after the injury that was not alleviating. He slept under the pyramid that was suspended over his bed for the next month. Pain relief started 3 days after placement of the pyramid over his bed and progressed steadily over the next 3 weeks when recovery was complete.

Altered Sleep and Dreams Additionally, it was found that the sciatica subject's sleep was drastically altered by extremely vivid dreams while sleeping under the pyramid. After one month, the subject reported that the effect gradually diminished and never returned with its original intensity. A 4-foot pyramid was utilized by seven healthy subjects who placed it over the bed. Each of them reported similar effects on their sleep, altered by extremely vivid dreams for approximately one month. One subject reported a positive state as if love-struck, with no fatigue whatsoever despite the lack of deep sleep. Another described it as leading a "double" life--one in the dream world and another while awake, both of which seemed real. Yet another subject said that the effect was "too strong" and removed the pyramid from his bedroom. These pyramids were suspended using a type of clutch that allowed subjects to rotate them from the apex and once set, maintain the direction of orientation. Subjects found that they could "turn on" the pyramid by aligning the sides with geomagnetic north for maximum effect, or "turn it off" by pointing one of the base vertices at geomagnetic north. When turned off, the effects on dreaming were minimal. For the seven subjects, the pyramidal effects on sleep and dreaming lasted approximately one month and gradually diminished.

Fulfilled Intention A subject wrote a request for research collaboration on a note and suspended it from the apex at the phi point with the 4-foot pyramid suspended over his bed. Three days later, collaboration was offered.

Effect on Bananas Green bananas were placed under an 18 inch pyramid oriented to geomagnetic north. A few days later they were ripe. The bananas had an unusual "charged" taste and a subject reported feeling extremely energetic after consuming them.

Effect on Fig Tree A small fig tree was losing its leaves and had never produced figs. A 4-foot pyramid was placed over it oriented to geomagnetic north. The tree stopped losing its leaves and within two months produced twelve figs.

Effect on Dying Dog A 16 year old lingering dog was provided with a 4 foot pyramid. On his own volition, the dog went under the pyramid to rest, and then his bed was moved there. After 3 weeks, the dog was recovered, active and playful.

Effect on Aquarium Fish An African Congo River ropefish in an aquarium stopped eating and was lifeless. An 18 inch pyramid was placed on top of the aquarium oriented to geomagnetic north. Three days later, the fish started to swim and eat. The fish fully recovered over the next month and lived 2 years longer than its life expectancy. The pyramid situated on top of the aquarium was also found to help new fish adapt more rapidly than usual.

No Effect on Batteries D-batteries that did not have sufficient charge were placed under the 18 inch pyramid. However, no charging of these batteries was measured over one month.

Lack of Effects Associated with Disbelief An elderly couple taking numerous prescription drugs agreed to try the 4-foot pyramid suspended over their bed to see if they might feel better. After sleeping under it for 1 month, no effect was observed. They said they were Christians and didn't believe in pyramids. Another subject who had pain agreed to try the pyramid suspended over her bed. After 4 weeks, she reported "no effect," but further reported, "the pain went away by itself."

A wide variety of positive effects were observed. A latency period of 3 days was typical before effects began. It appears that consciousness may interact with the effects obtained using pyramidal structures, especially with respect to intention and belief. The effects may therefore be operator-dependent. In the next section, we present a controlled study that we conducted to examine this further.


In a pilot study, we explored the interaction of distant spatial-and-temporal mental intention along with the use of a pyramidal structure on the germination and growth of Kentucky Wonder beans (pole beans) in a laboratory setting. The research questions were: (1) Does a pyramidal structure alone affect seed germination and growth of plants? (2) Does conscious intention alone affect seed germination and growth of plants? (3) Is there an interaction between effects from a pyramidal structure and intention on seed germination and growth of plants?

Twenty-four beans that had been harvested by us the previous year were randomly selected and planted in 4 plastic nursery trays of 6 samples each, containing an equal volume of vermiculite (inert substrate). Each tray was randomly selected and designated as follows: (1) control; (2) distant intention alone; (3) placement under a pyramidal structure alone; and (4) distant intention along with placement under a pyramidal structure. The 4-foot square-based pyramidal structure composed of 2 x 2 inch wooden edges with open-faced equilateral triangles was set on a table and oriented such that two sides were parallel to geomagnetic north as indicated by a compass. The groups of plants were placed on two different tables, with two groups of plants under the pyramid centered under the apex, and the other two groups placed on an adjacent table without a pyramid. Both tables were equidistant from the windows to receive equal lighting. Figure 1 shows the experimental setup.

Mental intention was applied from a group of over 50 participants in a workshop conducted by Beverly Rubik at the 2011 annual conference of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, in Boulder, Colorado, over 1,000 miles from the laboratory. This workshop took place one month prior to commencing the study, such that focused intention by the group was both spatially and temporally distant to the experiment. Participants were directed to send energy to boost future plant growth to 2 sets of samples, one under a wooden pyramidal structure and one outside the pyramid. They were uninformed (blinded) about the control groups. Participants engaged in the intention group exercise for 10 minutes.

Physical conditions of the plant samples were controlled, including the ambient light level, temperature, and watering. Photographs of the plants were taken over time and compared for germination time, growth, and leaf size. No apparent differences in germination were found for the 4 groups. The plants under the pyramid had larger leaves, approximately 5 cm long, compared to controls, 3.5 cm long. Plants treated with intention plus pyramid showed longer stems that twined together compared to controls that were shorter and untwined.

Plant growth stopped at 1 month when the seed nutrients were exhausted. Each plant stem was carefully cut at the top of the vermiculite and air dried for one week. The plant tops were weighed using an analytical balance to determine biomass dry weight. Results are shown in Figure 2. The roots, bound to vermiculite, were not weighed, but only qualitatively assessed to ascertain root ball size.

There were significant differences in biomass dry weight between the groups. As shown in Figure 3, the intention group showed 22.7% more biomass than control; the pyramid group 19.0% more biomass; and the intention plus pyramid group showed 31.4% more biomass than control. Root ball size and root system integrity scaled qualitatively with the dry weight. The difference between the intention and pyramid group effects were not significant. However, the difference between these groups and pyramid plus intention group was significant (p<0.05). In conclusion, the pyramid showed significant synergistic effects with intention to produce the greatest plant growth as measured by biomass dry weight. This suggests that pyramidal structures may be operator-dependent devices, amplifying conscious intent.

It is noteworthy that the group intention was remote, across space-time, and yet robust increases over controls were found. We cannot rule out experimenter intention, however, since the experimenters watered and photographed the plants every few days.

In a study conducted in Japan utilizing an open-faced pyramidal structure made of aluminum pipes, there was a delayed response of gas (2-hexanol) emitted from cucumber slices placed above the pyramid in response to a human subject meditating inside the pyramidal structure. This anomalous emission of gas from the cucumbers was found to take place over an extended period of time, more than 10 days after the meditation sessions in the pyramid. Thus, subject intention and interaction with the pyramid similarly produced long-term effects. [12]


Who built the great pyramids, the largest crafted structures on earth? How did they achieve their scientific and technical knowledge? Many questions remain. There are several schools of thought on the purpose of the pyramids. Most prevalent is the belief that the great Egyptian pyramids were built as tombs, although no bodies were found inside.

A second school maintains that the pyramids were temples of initiation. Another maintains that the stepped pyramids are "staircases to heaven" for souls to transcend the earthly plane. Yet another maintains that the pyramids were massive storehouses to preserve cultural wisdom and important records from calamities. Then there are those who maintain that the pyramids were granaries to store food. The pyramids may also have been built to increase crop yield [13]. Large pyramids from ancient cultures have been found on every continent thus far except for Australia and Antarctica. Clearly, there is no agreement on their purpose, although the Mayan pyramids are considered by most scholars to be temples.

The largest pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, was apparently built in precise orientation with geomagnetic north, although no lodestone or compasses were believed to be known then. Either migration of earth's magnetic North Pole and/or continental drift over millennia have caused the pyramid to become slightly misaligned with present-day magnetic north. About 2.5 million blocks of perfectly hewn granite and limestone, each weighing from two to 70 tons, were accurately placed with spacings less than 0.02 inch, along with the construction of interior corridors, tunnels and chambers. The Great Pyramid of Giza is greater than 480 feet tall and level to within A inch. The precision and magnitude of its construction staggers the imagination of modern engineers. It could not be replicated with present technology. Some of its remarkable aspects are shown in Figure 4.

The basic pyramidal shape is a static geometric form, half of an octahedron. However, in the Great Pyramid of Giza, equilateral triangles are not used; it has an apex angle of 51[degrees] 51' 51" degrees and incorporates two unique irrational numbers, pi (3.14159) and phi (1.618034) in its structure. These irrational numbers are considered elements of dynamic geometry, since pi and phi are omnipresent in the mathematics of life forms. Pi is the basis of the circle and of cycles in nature. Phi is the basis of sacred geometry in the Fibonacci series and the logarithmic spiral, ubiquitous in generating growth patterns as in the spiral growth of plants and the spiral forms of certain seashells. Thus, the Great Pyramid contains both static and dynamic geometrical features. [15] The vertical asymmetry of pyramids also suggests force and movement along its height dimension.

Consider the Minkowski space-time diagram (light cone) from general relativity, which takes the form of two cones joined apex to apex, as shown in Figure 5.

In the limit, a cone can be considered an infinite-sided or rotating pyramid. A cone also represents a dynamic concentration of energy in its apex. The apex-to-apex point in the space-time diagram shown in Figure 5 represents the present moment, the anchor where all events in space-time are centered at a particular observer. The pyramid signifies form in its static geometry and flow in its dynamic geometry. [15] The fact that pyramidal effects with conscious intent transcend ordinary space-time in various experiments suggests that the pyramid is a psychotronic generator and space-time transducer.


In science, energy is the ability to do work. The pyramid may accumulate or focus energies to do work, such as restore sharpness to razor blades, desiccate matter, prevent microbial growth, help heal sick creatures, accelerate plant growth, increase crop yield, and enhance the dream state of consciousness. Any object within which energy vibrates is capable of acting as a resonator. This energy could also be focused at a certain points within the pyramid, whether it is hollow or solid, open- or closed-faced. The energy, thus focused, can affect the structure or function of any object in its path.

Shape can direct energy. It is well accepted that electricity is projected from sharp corners. This is the basis of certain aerial antennae. Another example is that the fingertips emit the most light from the human body as measured by us (unpublished data). Experiments at the Great Pyramid and elsewhere indicate that the pyramid may be a generator of static electricity, generating many thousands of volts. [14] The effect is most pronounced for very large pyramids. This may be an electrostatic effect of a tall object in earth's electrostatic field. It may also be due to a triboelectric effect of air moving up the side of the pyramid collecting ions due to wind friction. It should also be noted that granite contains piezoelectric quartz crystallites, which may generate electricity from mechanical movement such as pressure or sound waves.

Beyond conventional electromagnetics, there may be other energy fields presently unknown to science that are more subtle, which may, in fact, act as agents of consciousness. As described previously by the author, the biofield or bioenergetic field of life may consist both of veritable electromagnetic fields as well as putative subtle energies that go beyond concepts of known energies. [17] In relation to this, Maxwell's original electromagnetic theory [18] was truncated by Heaviside to simplify the theory into a form suitable for engineers. [19] These modifications have persisted for over 100 years. It stands to reason that the original theory of electromagnetics may encompass more complexity that has been overlooked--including the possibility of a "subtle energy" field based on the scalar or vector potentials or possible movements in the aether medium on which Maxwell's theory was based. Both the scalar and vector potentials and the aether were abandoned by Heaviside and modern physics.

Although science dismissed the concept of an aether soon after the Michaelson- Morley experiment of 1887 [20], this resulted in a chain of misconceptions and paradoxes. Recent experiments using optical interferometers and other methods suggest the need for a renewal of the aether concept, demonstrating that space is not static, that an aether may indeed flow, and the aether wind may be of a galactic source. [21] Aether is also the medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves in Maxwell's original theory and the sub-quantum state underlying all matter and energy. There may be an aether drift component perpendicular to earth's orbit such that space is fundamentally anisotropic. Thus, the pyramid may interact with the aether. [14] It is also possible that the dependence on alignment with geomagnetic north for pyramid effects may relate to the anisotropic nature of space due to aether drift rather than the geomagnetic field, per se. Recent theoretical work on the fabric of space-time in relation to the golden ratio (phi), quantum coherence, and fractal self-similarity may also be relevant to pyramid interactions. [22]

The scalar and vector potentials of Maxwell's theory that were discarded by Heaviside, which Maxwell considered more fundamental than electric and magnetic fields themselves, point to a deeper substructure of the universe, a virtual state that gives rise to the scientific constructs of mass, charge, spin, energy fields, etc. Development of scalar electromagnetic theory might provide an understanding of the means of action by which manifestation could take place. It would be noteworthy to explore the pyramid as a scalar potential technology.

It is interesting to note that virtually every indigenous culture had a term for "subtle energy" linked with life and cosmos. Such terms have been proposed by Wilhelm Reich as Orgone energy [23]; von Reichenbach as the Od [24], among others. A short historical list of subtle energies is shown in Figure 6.

In Oriental philosophy, the Chinese term for subtle energy, qi, has qualities of yin and yang. According to Feng Shui, pyramids and other shapes with peaks are thought to produce beneficial energy, as the yin is drawn up from the earth and projected out from the peak, leaving a balance of yang energy within. [25] Shape may be considered the outward manifestation of vibrating energy patterns.

In an experiment by J.D. Nelson of University of Wyoming in the 1970s, a small pyramid made from copper sheeting on an insulating acrylic base was energized by a high-voltage Tesla coil inside the pyramid. A photograph with a time exposure of a few minutes taken in darkness revealed a bluish double helix of light rising off the apex of the copper pyramid. [13:4.7.2] This discovery suggests that a standing spiral wave pattern of energy exists at the pyramid apex and that the pyramid is manipulating an energy field. Such vibrational patterns mandate deeper investigation.


There are skeptics who claim that "pyramid power" is pseudoscience. One scientist found that pyramid-shaped containers were no more effective than other shapes in preserving organic matter placed in them. [27] Another found no sharpening of razor blade effects, and no preservation of flowers. [28] However, we observed that pyramidal effects interact with conscious intention and belief, such that if a person is not open to the possibility of such effects, then they do not manifest. Conversely, if one has a clear intention to produce effects using pyramidal structures, along with some level of belief, then such effects may occur and may be enhanced by intent, as demonstrated in our plant study. Thus, the pyramid may be a psychotronic generator amplifying conscious intent to manifest physical effects. Our anecdotal observations with eight subjects who all reported extraordinary experiences of extremely vivid dreams further supports a connection between pyramidal structures and consciousness. This suggests that the ancient stone pyramids may be a type of advanced technology developed by beings that did not see themselves as merely mechanical or material beings. They may have been active explorers of altered states of consciousness, capable of interacting with natural forces using their minds, enhanced by pyramid power.


The Great Pyramids are anomalies in embodying various scientific and mathematical aspects of the cosmos, previously unknown to us until many thousands of years after their construction. They defy modern engineering skills. Beyond this, there may be greater knowledge embedded in the Great Pyramids that has not yet been revealed. We present scientific evidence that consciousness is interactive with small scale pyramidal structures. We speculate that the ancient cultures who built these monuments considered consciousness a primary in nature.

From a conventional scientific perspective, there should be no effect whatsoever within or nearby a pyramidal structure. Objects such as pyramids are considered to be completely separate from us and embedded in empty space considered isotropic. The power of shape is not accepted by conventional science, nor is cosmic energy or aether. When non-conducting materials are used, one cannot even consider pyramidal structures to be electromagnetic antennas in the conventional sense. However, it is clear that contemporary science is lacking because there are well documented effects that it cannot explain. The dependence on the orientation to magnetic north is another anomaly. Needless to say, these are not the only observations that contemporary science cannot explain. The extremely vivid dreams when sleeping under a pyramid pose another mystery, as does the interaction of pyramidal shapes with conscious intention and belief. Because science does not embrace consciousness, there are obstacles to studying such phenomena.

In contrast, the ancient worldview embraced the universe as far more than a deterministic machine, with an interactive cosmic sea of energy that permeates space and is within and all around us. Human beings were powerhouses of energy, and consciousness was primary. "Where mind goes, qi flows" is the basic principle of ancient Oriental philosophy. Their science and technology was at a much higher level of knowledge and understanding than contemporary science as it pertains to consciousness and the mastery of subtle energy. We have much to learn by further exploring pyramids and other ancient relics with an open mind.


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Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.

With Contributions by Harry Jabs, M.S.

Institute for Frontier Science

Oakland, California

Figure 3. Plant mean dry weight: percentage increase in the
treatment groups over controls

                      Pyramid   Healer   Pyramid
                       only     intent   healer
                                 only    intent

Treatment Condition   19.02      22.7    31.37

Figure 4. Some interesting facts about the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Adapted from [14], Table 4.1-1.

Feature        Numerical Value      Great Pyramid

Sidereal       365.2564 days        Base of pyramid in pyramid
year                                inches

Solar year     365.2599 days        True base plan of Pyramid

Processiona    ~27,000 years        Pyramid provides all
l cycle                             information for 6,000 years

Pi             3.14159....          Pyramid baseline = height x
                                    pi/2. Repeated throughout the

Distance,      92,900,000           Built into pyramid as
earth to sun   miles                92,996,085 mi

Location       Giza plateau         Geocentric center of earth's
                                    land mass

Masonry        1/100 inch           Accuracy of placement of 10
accuracy                            - 70 ton granite blocks

Phi            {1 + SQRT(5)}        Base to height ratio of
               / 2 = 1.618034....   pyramid; ratio of length to width
                                    of the King's chamber

Feature        Description

Sidereal       Galactic year

Solar year     Earth orbit around sun

Processiona    Time to precess the
l cycle        equinoxes

Pi             Ratio of circumference to
               diameter of circle

Distance,      Average distance of earth
earth to sun   to sun

Location       Centrally located

Masonry        No greater accuracy
accuracy       elsewhere in masonry

Phi            Golden ratio in sacred
               geometry; basis of many
               patterns in nature

Figure 6. Partial list of terms used for cosmic life energy in
various traditions throughout history. Adapted from [26].

Discoverer             Name of Energy                Approx. Date

Hindu; yogis           Prana                         3000 BC
Chinese                Qi                            3000 BC
Plato                  Nous                          350 BC
Polynesian Huna        Mana                          600 AD
Paracelsus             Munia or Mumia                1539 AD
Luigi Galvani          Life force                    1790 AD
Karl von Reichenbach   Od; odyllic; odic force       1845 AD
H. P. Blavatsky        Astral light                  1888 AD
Rudolf Steiner         Etheric formative forces      1900 AD
Henri Bergson          Elan vital                    1920 AD
Radioesthesists        Etheric force                 1930 AD
Wilhelm Reich          Orgone energy                 1940 AD
V.S. Grischenko        Bioplasma                     1944 AD
Oscar Brunler          Dielectric biocosmic energy   1950 AD
Robert Pavlita         Psychotronic energy           1955 AD
Charles Muses          Noetic energy                 1972 AD
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