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InterVideo's new WinDVD 5 InterActual Add-on Pack now available for on-disc and online interactive DVD support.

InterVideo, Inc. (Nasdaq:IVII) has announced that its new WinDVD(R) 5 Add-on Pack with InterActual(R) on-disc and online interactive DVD support is now available for downloading at its web site, Offered as an option for both WinDVD Gold 5, the standard consumer edition; and WinDVD Platinum 5, InterVideo's high-end version, InterVideo's new WinDVD 5 InterActual Add-on Pack provides seamless navigation of DVDs that include interactive PC content and exclusive online features. No additional software is required and potential software compatibility issues are eliminated. When InterActual-enhanced DVDs are played, the interactive experience plays automatically.

According to a recent announcement by InterActual Technologies, Inc., the developer of the de facto technology standard for viewing dynamic Internet content and enhanced DVD titles on PCs, WinDVD is the first fully integrated DVD player to integrate the InterActual DVD-ROM and online experience. By adding InterActual functionality to WinDVD 5, consumers have a single, fully integrated solution for the finest-quality video and audio playback of DVD-Videos, VCDs, SVCDs, and audio CDs plus transparent access to entertainment experiences that go beyond trailers and outtakes.

While earlier versions of WinDVD were among the first to provide a Web link button for access to interactive data, consumers had to run separate software from InterActual included with the enhanced DVD discs to enjoy interactive features.

"Increasingly, people are using InterActual technology on their PCs to dramatically improve their DVD viewing experience and, as a result, are becoming more active fans and consumers of related products," said Rob Enderle, principle analyst for the Enderle Group. "As the first to offer automatic access to these interactive features, InterVideo is once again setting the pace in this converging PC/Consumer Electronics world where the power of the Internet truly drives the bottom line".

More than 70 percent of the top 25 DVDs now include InterActual-enhanced features such as the ability to morph your own image into a character of the movie or actively participate in answering integrated trivia questions and games that provide rewards for high scores. Some videos even allow viewers to challenge other players on the Internet.

"Over 7 million U.S. households per month currently view DVD movies on PCs, and over 50 percent of these users are aware of the enhanced computer features," said Jerilyn Kessel, co-founder of CENTRIS, a consumer research and information services firm that tracks home entertainment and technology. InterVideo WinDVD is the world's most popular software DVD player and will make a huge impact by making it even easier for their users to access the InterActual features found on most block-buster movies."

WinDVD 5's new InterActual Add-on Pack enables users to enjoy all the features of enhanced DVDs with embedded features such as playback tracks, games, printables and photo galleries. When videos enhanced with web links are played, WinDVD users will have transparent access to interactive content that developers can regularly update such as commentaries, historical backgrounders and online contests. Because access to timely information from all over the world is important for research and educators, access to DVD titles enhanced with links to Internet data will also become increasingly popular for reference and educational titles.
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Publication:EDP Weekly's IT Monitor
Date:Jan 5, 2004
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