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InterFirst adds OneFee to MOAI.

INTERFIRST WHOLESALE MORTGAGE LENDing, Ann Arbor, Michigan, now offers mortgage brokers its OneFee[SM] Pricing Tool Only through Mortgages Online at InterFirst (MOAI), InterFirst's online lending portal. Pricing Tool Only enables mortgage brokers to produce unique guaranteed mortgage packages using local settlement service providers.

With Pricing Tool Only integrated into MOAI, brokers can lock and track OneFee loans online. MOAI also enables brokers to use Pricing Tool Only to compare the price they negotiate for settlement service costs with their own local providers to the InterFirst OneFee closing costs.

Brokers using InterFirst's Pricing Tool Only select their own settlement service providers and negotiate the associated settlement service costs. Pricing Tool Only also enables brokers to manage their third-party vendor services from the time of the mortgage loan application through the closing and funding. Previously, mortgage brokers using InterFirst's OneFee lending program were limited to third-party service providers and costs negotiated by InterFirst.
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Title Annotation:TechNewz; Mortgages Online at InterFirst from InterFirst Wholesale Mortgage Lending
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Date:Jul 1, 2004
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