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InterAct Express courses are available online immediately upon purchase.

To complete the Health IT Leadership Certificate. program, choose 40 hours from the following courses. Visit for course details

The 40-hour certificate curriculum concludes with a 2-day Capstone Program. The next capstone will be held at ACPE's Annual Meeting & Spring Institute. Check for Capstone Program details.

Health IT Leadership Certificate courses are eligible for prerequisite elective credit for a master's degree or Certified Physician Executive (CPE) designation.
Fundamentals in Health Information           CME  Price

Informatics and Meaningful Use of            4    $400 ACPE Members /
Electronic Health Records Edward H.               $535 non-members
Shortliffe, MO, PhD

Health Care and Information Security         3    $300 ACPE Members /
Threats Greg Porter, MS, GSM                      $400 non-members

The CMO-CIO Partnership Timothy              3    $300 ACPE Members /
                                                  $400 non-members

Health Information Exchanges Gilad           2    $200 ACPE Members /
Kuperman, MD                                      $300 non-members

Leadership in Complex Organizations Don E.   2    $200 ACPE Members /
Detmer, MD, MA                                    $300 non-members

Social Media and mHealth Care An Lightman,   4    $400 ACPE Members /
BS, MS, MBA                                       $535 non-members

Adoption and Implementation of Electronic Health  CME  Price

Organizational Culture, Planning and Strategy Ed  4    $400 ACPE
Wu, MD                                                 Members /
                                                       $535 non

Implementation and Support Patty Guinn, RN        3    $300 ACPE
                                                       Members /
                                                       $400 non

Communication, Change Management and Training     3    $300 ACPE
Angela R. Tiberio, MD and James Hauschildt, EdD,       Members /
MA, RN, BC                                             $400 non

Benefits Realization Angela R. Tiberio, MD        4    $400 ACPE
                                                       Members /

Clinical Functionality                            CME  Price

Clinical Decision Support Gitad Kuperman, MD      3    $300 ACPE
                                                       Members /

Patient Safety and the Electronic Health Record   1.5  $300 ACPE
David W. Bates, MD, MSc                                Members /

E-prescri bing Douglas S. Belt, MD, PhD           1.5  $300 ACPE
                                                       Members /

Liabilities in EHR Sarah Freymann Fontenot BSN,   3    $300 ACPE
JD                                                     Members /
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