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Inter airport Europe 2005: the 15th biennial inter airport europe event will take place at Munich Airport in October. Airports International previews Europe's premier airport equipment and services exhibition.

For those who have an interest in airport equipment, technology and services, the biennial inter airport europe (iae) has long been a 'must attend' event. Originally held at Frankfurt some 30 years ago, the exhibition quickly outgrew the space then available, resulting in a move to Munich. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, and now attracts in the region of 500 exhibitors.

iae has become a truly international meeting place for buyers, vendors, consultants and system integrators from all sectors of the airport, airline and ground service industries.

During the last event, in 2003, 498 companies exhibited their wares over the four days, reaching approximately 11,500 visitors. Whether you attend as an exhibitor or a visitor, this premiere showcase provides the opportunity to mingle with a broad range of top industry professionals.

The Basics--Where?

The show is located a few hundred metres from the main terminal, in and around a modern, spacious hangar. This has been transformed into two indoor areas--Hall 4A and Hangar 4--connected by the large Outdoor Arena. Restaurants, meeting rooms, an executive shuttle bus service, ample car parking and a wide choice of hotel accommodation in the vicinity of the airport are just some of the user-friendly facilities that await exhibitors and visitors.

Munich City

Munich, the state capital of Bavaria, is renowned as a focal point for the arts and culture. Munich's unique atmosphere and hospitality attract visitors from all over the world. You will find old Bavarian traditions combined with broad-a minded openness towards the world. But it is not only the city that is particularly inviting. Surrounded by the magnificent countryside of Upper Bavaria, with its mountains and lakes, fortresses and monasteries, Munich is certainly worth a visit! Some invaluable general information about Munich is available on-line, just visit And don't forget, iae 2005 takes place shortly after the world famous Munich Oktoberfest beer festival that will be held from September 17 to October 2, 2005.

If you want to find out more about this festival, visit

As for the weather, well who knows what we can expect? The 2001 show saw glorious sunshine and daytime temperatures of around 750 for the whole duration.

However, 2003 experienced the rain and blustery conditions that we are more used to during the European autumn. Come prepared be ready for anything!

Exhibition Categories

As is usual, inter airport europe 2005 encompasses a range of airport capabilities and is divided up into three key market sectors: interTERMINAL, interDATA and interRAMP, which can be broadly described as follows:
When & How?
Show Opening Times

October 11
Tuesday 9.00-17.00
October 12
Wednesday 9.00-17.00
October 13
Thursday 9.00-17.00
October 14
Friday 9.00-15.00

Tickets and Entrance

Day Ticket 35 [euro]
Season Ticket 55 [euro]

No advanced ticket sales. The show is open to industry professionals only. Please note that an official catalogue is included in the entrance fee.

Accommodation and Travel Service

Expotel has been appointed the official hotel and travel agency for the event. Expotel Hotel Reservations provides a free hotel reservation and travel service that gives you access to the best rates at hotels convenient to Munich Airport.

As a fully-licensed IATA travel agent, with links to all major airlines, rail and car hire companies, Expotel Executive Travel also gives a free travel service and can arrange your complete itinerary to and from iae 2005. To make a reservation, or to request hotel information, please contact Expotel, (quoting the event code IAE2005), on either of the following numbers: Tel: +44 (0)20 7372 2001 Fax: +44 (0)20 7624 4847 Email:

Company Profiles Areas of interest

The sheer scale of iae makes it impossible to cover the full extent of the exhibitors' range of products and services, so we have provided a broad overview of the type of companies you can expect to find this year.

ABC, F--Hall 4A, Stand R104

After four years of intense development and growth. ABC (Appareillages et Bancs hydrauliques Chatelleraudais) is now established as a major partner in the field of high-tech accessory Test Stands (automatic and manual), for hydraulic and hydromechanical aircraft components. Leading names of the aeronautic industry have placed their confidence in ABC design manufacture and support capabilities.

ACCU-SORT/EUROPE GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand R110

As a leading manufacturer of Automatic Identification systems ACCU-SORT has installed baggage scanning arrays at over 40 airports worldwide. These systems are based on reading various versions of the IATA tag. ACCU-SORT's RFID tunnel technology win satisfy the future trend of using transponders in baggage handling systems and also cargo handling.

ACI Europe Publications and Events, GB--Hall 4A, Stand P150

ACI Europe, based in Brussels, Belgium, represents the interests of some 450 airports in 45 countries. Their members account for over 90% of commercial air traffic in Europe.

nv ADB sa, Siemens Company, B--Hangar 4, Stand D10

At inter airport europe, ADB will focus on its new technology and services; a complete LED gamut and a demonstration of the advantages of LED lights over conventional lamp light fittings.

ADP Telecom, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

ADP Telecom specialises in the provision of telecommunication services and networks to airport hubs and other locations highly frequented by mobile business users. As the service provider company of Aeroports de Paris Group, ADP Telecom develops innovative solutions, which meet the requirements of business with a range of voice, data communications, mobile, multi-media and engineering services. ADP Telecom also offers Wi-Fi and flight information SMS services.

Aero-Net, F--Hangar 4, Stand B32

Aero-Net specialises in designing and manufacturing: Palletnets, tie-down straps, double and single stud fittings, plus accessories for airline companies and freight handlers.

AGSE, USA--Hangar 4, US Pavilion

AGSE offers a broad range of OEM licensed engine transportation and handling equipment, Boeing GE and CFMI licensed tooling and aircraft maintenance access stands. Our GSE products are renowned for their durability and ease of maintenance. Quality and customer satisfaction come first at AGSE. We are ISO 9001:2000 registered and offer global support and sates.

AIMS, B--Hall 4A, Stand Q50

AIMS is a supply and service company offering an extensive range of infrastructure as well as GSE products, including airfield lighting, underground aircraft, service pits, 400Hz and PCA units, TIP (an innovative Traffic Incursion Prevention system) but also A/C ground power cables, and A/C wheel clocks. Special focus will be on the LEDDY, an affordable airfield lighting system designed specifically for airports operating under VFR.

Airbiz GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand P20

Airbiz FlightVision--guide, connect, arrive. Airbiz is the competent partner for airports and airlines. We develop, distribute, install and maintain flight information display systems (FIDS). With FlightVision, Airbiz offers a turnkey-ready FIDS for medium-sized and small airports and airline terminals. FlightVision uses commercial TV screens for displaying, therefore offering a professional system at low cost.

Air Marrel SAS, F--Hangar 4, Stand A120/Outdoor, Stand J22

Air Marrel will exhibit its range of loaders and transporters.

Airplane-Equipment & Services GmbH--Hangar 4, Stand C46

Airplane-Equipment & Services provides technical services to the air cargo industry. These services focus strongly on the needs of both the aircraft ULD manufacturers and cargo operators. Their EASA Part 145 and FAR Part 145 certified stations enable flexible turn-around times with an entire ULD history report for the completed repair of nets, ropes, containers, pallets and horse stables., F--Hall 4A, Stand N26 is a firm of consultants for airport-related marketing information.

Airports International Magazine, GB--Hangar 4, Stand A02

Airports International Magazine--the longest established, the largest circulated, the most widely read publication in its sector and your indispensable source of information on the global airport industry. Since 1968, Airports International has reported on the airport industry and established itself as the premier business magazine for airport industry decision-makers. Written by an experienced and dedicated editorial team, Airports International features a broad mix of news, in-depth features and detailed analysis--keeping readers abreast of the latest issues affecting ATC, airport security, baggage handling, passenger seating and more. Airports International aims to inform the industry's key players in the fields of airport management, technology, and equipment.

Airport Surface Friction Tester Swiss AG, CH--Hangar 4, Stand D30

ASFT is a leading manufacturer of Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME), with a worldwide operation. The CFME product from ASFT is based on a proven technology developed by SAAB Automobile, the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority and the Swedish Road and Traffic Research Institute, more than two decades ago. Today more than 250 CFMEs based on the technology have been delivered to more than 40 countries.

Airsafe Airport Equipment (Shanghai) Co Ltd, CN--Hall 4A, Stand P100

Airsafe has been distinguished as a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of airfield lighting equipment nationwide. The company covers a wide range of business interests concerning airport lighting, from project planning to designing and implementation, from manufacturing to marketing and nationwide sales. All products are designed and produced according to ICAO and FAA standards.

AIRSYS Airport Business Information Systems GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q20

AIRSYS GmbH, the IT-subsidiary of Hamburg Airport presents three of its premium solutions for airport handling: AIRTEX, the Air Traffic Explorer, displaying radar information of the airport's local area, AIRINFO, the ultimate modern FIDS and AIRCOM, the automated, mobile order control via Wireless LAN.

airsight GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand P56

airsight is an experienced company for expert surveys on airport planning, project management and air traffic control topics, airsight advises companies and public authorities, develops custom-built software and data bases for various partners within the aviation industry and offers special aviation seminars. Aeronautical studies and safety assessments are part of airsight's core business.

Albret Pourteau, F--Hall 4A, Stand R86

Producers of clocking systems, platforms and workstands for aircraft and helicopter maintenance. The company aims to use light and flexible materials to meet the most demanding needs of its worldwide customers, among which are Airbus with its A380.

ALPHA CIM F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Specifically, ALPHA-CIM is well known for its: Advanced surface movement guidance control system, control and monitoring system of airfield lighting, individual light control and monitoring equipment, integrated docking system, baggage handling system, integrated control tower, building management system and fire management system.

ALS Advanced Logistic Systems GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand C90

Since being formed in 1996, ALS has become one of the top three suppliers of state-of-the-art air cargo handling systems and components in the world. Last year, ALS signed a 1 million ton cargo terminal contract for Thai Airways (Bangkok Airport), a 250,000 ton facility with two 20ft ETVs for DNATA in Dubai, and a fully-automated system for Swissport at Changi Airport in Singapore.

Alstec Ltd, GB--Hangar 4, Stand B70

With over 30 years' experience of providing baggage solutions, a suite of software has been developed by Alstec that provides a definitive answer to today's baggage sortation and route control management issues. The BAG-NAVr baggage navigation system finally delivers the level of control over sortation and monitoring activities that airport managers seek. Crucially, it can be implemented in place of existing sort allocation software (SAC) without disruption to operations. Enabling every bag checked-in at an airport to be automatically tracked to the correct chute, pier or lateral, BAG-NAV[R] meets the differing requirements of ground handling service companies but grants cross-system transparency to senior airport personnel. Its functionality extends to passenger pre-clearance arrivals, control plus hold baggage tracking and screening.

Alstom Power Conversion Ltd, GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

Alstom designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a complete range of airfield ground lighting (AGL) and PLC/UNIX-based SMGCS systems, meeting ICAO, FAA and UK CAA Standards. The company will be demonstrating its latest range of products, including LED-based lighting and SmartControl.

Alwayse Engineering Ltd, GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

Alwayse Engineering will be showing its latest Air Cargo Ball Units--the 806 and 807 series. The main advantages of these units are that they are quieter than current models. There are also some design changes at the top of the units. Alwayse invented the Ball Unit in 1939 and currently exports 70% of production to 60+ countries worldwide.

Amicus VMS Ltd, GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

Amicus VMS Ltd provides a unique 'Airport' asset management system (Amicus VMS) providing accurate vehicle and driver information for motorised Ground Support Equipment (GSE). The system creates key management reports including drive and vehicle utilisation, crash/impact data and auxiliaries, such as oil or water warning lights. An event management notification tool sends emails or messages to appropriate managers when there is an occurrence. Reports can be viewed online without the need for specialist software. The Amicus VMS provides companies with real-time key information utilising GPS/GPRS and GSM technologies that are critical to ground operations and health and safety.

Ammeraal Beltech GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand D100

As a worldwide leader in the manufacture of process and conveyor belts, Ammeraal Beltech develops tailor-made solutions for all kinds of industries. It has a workforce of 1,600 and a sales network covering more than 120 countries. Ammeraal Beltech is moving markets around the globe with its: process and conveyor belts, high performance flat belts, modular belts, engineered belts, timing belts and endless woven belts.

AmSafe Bridport, GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

Formerly known as Bridport Aviation, this British company has achieved considerable success with engineered cargo restraints. Their products include 9g barrier nets, engine load restraints and thermal containers.

Arnold AG, D--Hangar 4, Stand C110

The Arnold portfolio of furniture counters includes products than are suitable for tasks such as check-in, information, boarding, transfer, and passport control. At Munich, the company will be highlighting its terminal interior work at Cologne-Bonn airport.

ASM (Airfield Signs & Markings), GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

A leader in airfield visual aids, the ASM Group showcases its latest 'PADS' Visual Docking Guidance System, together with Friction Plus, a friction surface marking compound and Rubberaser[TM]--a rubber removal system. ASM Group manufactures and supplies airfield lighting (official distributor of Phillips Idman lighting), signs and markings to over 100 airports globally.

ASSA ABLOY, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q82

ASSA ABLOY manufactures and supplies locking solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety and convenience. With over 100 companies in more than 40 countries, and a world market share of around 10 percent, the Group is a strong global player in the locking industry.

Assproreco, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Assproreco is a French surplus stockist that buys and sells various items of second-hand ground support equipment and tooling, for freight and passenger areas. The company has a strong presence in Europe, the Middle Eastern, Africa and South American airports.

ATCOMEX HAMME NV, B--Outdoor, Stand G56

The Belgian specialist for hydrant dispensers and aircraft refuellers. Refuellers are available with capacities ranging from 1,000 litres for helicopters and small aircraft to 85,000 litres for wide-body aircraft fuelling operations. Hydrant dispensers are produced for flow rates from 1,300 to 4,000 litres/min. Hand- or self-propelled towable dispensers are also available with different flow rates.

AXA Power APS, DK--Hangar 4, Stand A66/Outdoor, Stand H54

AXA Power is an established Danish company founded in 1924. Today AXA is perceived as a leading manufacturer of solid state GPUs worldwide. AXA can offer complete GSE solutions, including 400Hz and pre-conditioned air to every need, all the way from the planning phase and project management to supply of equipment and after-sales service.

BAN 2000 GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand M80

BAN 2000 offers a wide range of Air Traffic Control equipment from aviation radio to VCCS, from navigation systems to Instrument Landing Systems, from mobile to stationary ATM tower cabs, etc. The company also specialises in planning and installing Air Traffic Control equipment, such as airfield lighting systems AGL, ILS and Distance Measuring Equipment.

Barco Orthogon AG, D--Hangar 4, Stand A70

Barco is a leading international supplier of advanced visualisation solutions for airports, Air Traffic Control and command and control systems. In Munich the company will present ARCAS, an Airside Slot Capacity Assistant jointly developed with Fraport AG and OSYRIS, the company's Arrival Manager.

BENE Environmental Technologies GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q18

BENE manufactures plant technology for treating industrial waste water and rain water. The special features of BENE AERON technology are: Maximum operational safety, maximum maintenance comfort, low costs and best environmental protection.

Bergo Flooring AB, S--Hall 4A, Stand P120

Bergo Flooring AB manufactures the interlocking cargo flooring system Bergo Cargo. It is a mobile and non-fastening floor covering that requires minimal maintenance and assembly or disassembly.

BIW Connector Systems, USA--Hangar 4, Stand E27

BIW manufactures electrical power cables and connectors for 400Hz ground power. Their Gemini 400Hz connector features BIW's patented contact technology. Power contacts will not lose their retention for the life of the connector. BIW also offers more than six types of balanced 400Hz cables from 93A service to 300A service.

Blast Deflectors Inc, USA--Hangar 4, US Pavilion

Blast Deflectors Inc designs, manufactures and installs airport jet blast and noise protection worldwide. Since 1957, aviation-related blast and noise problems have been BDI's sole business. The company also acts as 'Consultants to Airport Consultants', and can assist with project design and development.

Blastrac, NL--Hall 4A, Stand 0.22

A manufacturer of surface preparation equipment, Blastrac is offering a large range of equipment and solutions to remove rubber and floor marking, and to reinforce grip and roughness on airport runways.

De Boer International by, NL--Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

De Boer is a leading provider of temporary structures and services for a wide range of events and accommodation solutions around the world. The company constructs professional aircraft hangars, baggage screening halls, baggage handling halls and secure and refrigerated storage space.

Boschung Airport Division, CH--Outdoor, Stand G100

Boschung Airport Division (BAD) strives to develop and produce surface maintenance products using the newest technologies adapted to the fast-moving aerospace industry. BAD's cornerstone is the all-season airfield maintenance vehicle JETBROOM, designed for runways, taxiways and apron, using a wide variety of working equipment.

Boschung Mecaronic, CH/D--Ourdoor, Stand G100

Amongst the market leaders in the road weather information systems area, with active sensors, automated spray systems, and the BORRMA-web online software to manage vehicle fleets, including GPS.

Boris Lend Lease, GB--Hangar 4, Stand B87

Bovis Lend Lease ranks among the world's leading project and construction managers. Having worked with most international airport operators, its experience ranges from airside infrastructure, air traffic control and cargo buildings to new terminal buildings. Recent projects include Heathrow, Manchester, Barcelona, Palma, Prague, Munich, Dresden and Sheremetyevo airports and the newly-opened Robin Hood Airport at Doncaster.

Brandschutztechnik ZZ GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q130

A specialist in fire protection products for cable, pipe and combination penetration seals. The group of firms, Zapp and Zimmermann, specialises in the development, manufacture and sale of shaped parts made of intumescent material.

Brintons Carpets, GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

Manufacturers of high-quality genuine woven Axminster and Wilton carpets for airport terminal buildings. Specifically engineered products are available for smaller speciality areas such as restaurants, lounges and departure gates straight through to large high-volume traffic locations such as concourse, transit, general circulation and concession areas.

British Airport Services & Equipment Association--BASEA, GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

BASEA--your gateway to the very best of British airport supply. BASEA, an accredited trade association within the UK airport sector, acts as a conduit between its member companies and the global airports market. BASEA aims to actively promote its members' capabilities and skills worldwide by: creating opportunities to 'meet the buyer', delivering the right networking environment to 'do business' and keeping members aware of current and future airport developments and expansions. BASEA members have the skills, experience and innovation to equip and manage an entire airport from the strategy and planning stage through to the supply of ground handling equipment.

Bundesdruckerei GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand B52

Bundesdruckerei supplies security systems that support passenger handling procedures. These include biometric checking systems of passengers and airport staff, as well as document verification systems.

Burton Electrical Engineering, USA--Hall 4A, Stand Q50

Burton was first to manufacture aircraft power plugs for rubber some 60 years ago. Complete line of cable assemblies, receptacles, plugs and accessories for your 400Hz or 28 VDC power systems: all are qualified to the most stringent standard: MIL-C7974D with cables per MIL-C-5756C. On display: Break-Away[TM] connection for GPUs, as well as the Plug Glove c cable saver.

Butzbach GmbH Hangar Doors, D--Hangar 4, Stand D108

Butzbach offers an extensive range of high-quality sliding door systems for aircraft hangars up to a width of 300m and a height of 45m. Customised hangar doors, sophisticated technologies (fibreglass is mainly used for the cladding) and a unique advisory and customer care concept are our strong points.

CALZONI SRL, I-Hall 4A, Stand Q50

An Italian company with 160 employees and a turnover of 35 million Euros, CALZONI is a provider of airfield lighting systems. The company offers a wide product range including state-of-the-art 6mm inset and LED lights, isolating transformers, digital CCRs and remote control system. Also on display at Munich will be LEDDY, an affordable lighting system developed especially for VFR airports, as well as WIGGY, an innovative LED runway guard light offering a better solution to prevent runway incursions.

Cargo Network, NL--Hangar 4, Stand A56

Cargo Network is a major centre for the supply and repair of cargo nets, tie-down straps and other cargo tie-down accessories. The company provides a net repair service from its workshops in Europe (the Netherlands, the UK), the Middle East, Far East and the USA. Airworthiness certificates are provided for both new and repaired items. Cargo Network is an IATA registered supplier, and has recently received the KLM Vendor Award.

Cavotec Fladung GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand F130

Cavotec Fladung manufactures 400Hz aircraft supply systems: 400Hz/28v Connector '2003'/400Hz-Dable Winder '2000'/400Hz Cable-Coil '2000'/400Hz Pit System for hangars and aircraft parking positions. Also included in the company's portfolio are: a 400Hz Pit System for the A380 (4x90kVA), a PCA Pit System, 400Hz Scissors Extension, 400Hz Cable Cart, 400 Hz Caddy and a PCA Caddy.

Cegelec Anlagen- und Automatisierungstecknik GmbH & Co KG, D--Hangar 4, Stand D114

Cegelec develops client-oriented solutions for many tasks, from consultation and planning to engineering, selection and integration of components and systems. Its results are supplemented by a total-concept service portfolio, from installation and commissioning to preventive maintenance and repair services, or even operation of plants and systems.

CEIA SpA, 1--Hangar 4, Stand A44

CEIA is a leading manufacturer of Security Metal Detectors. In airport applications, CEIA is able to detect the targets specified by regulation authorities while achieving the maximum flow-rate.

Century GSE, USA--Hangar 4, US Pavilion

Century GSE provides professional equipment services to companies in search of a dependable partner. The company supplies airlines, ground handling and cargo companies with quality refurbished ground support equipment from its wide-ranging inventory.

CeoTronics AG Audio--Video--Data Communication, D--Hangar 4, Stand B47

CeoTronics provides professional communication equipment for airlines and airports. The company's product portfolio includes its CT-DECT GateCom wireless systems for ground-to-cockpit communication.

Clampco Sistemi SPA, I--Hall 4A, Stand N18

Established in 1989 Clampco Sistemi designs, manufactures and supplies complete Aircraft Warning Light Systems (AWLS) as well as obstruction lights that comply with ICAO and FAA regulations.

Cla-Val Group, GB--Hall 4A, Stand R30

The Cla-Val Group has been working with control valve technology in aviation fuelling for over 60 years. The company produces a full range of fuel handling products, which are used from bulk storage to the aircraft connection. At Munich, the company will exhibit new developments to complement its control valve range.

Combi Box System Scandinavia AB, S--Hall 4A, Stand Q50

The Combi Box is an underground system providing ground support to aircraft, including 400Hz-28VDC, pre-conditioned air, fresh water, toilet servicing and fuel. The resulting clean apron reduces the risk of collision between service vehicles and the aircraft. The Combi Box system dramatically reduces the maintenance costs of this mobile equipment and enables shorter turnaround times.

CONTRAC GmbH, COBUS Industries, D--Outdoor, Stand J80

CONTRAC GmbH--COBUS Industries is amongst the world leaders in specialist airport buses, and the COBUS name is now a common sight on airport ramps. The buses of the COBUS series are available in different sizes and configurations as per the customer's request.

CoStruct Steel Frame Buildings, GB--Hall 4A, Stand R86

CoStruct offers a viable solution to the aviation industry for situations where additional covered space may be required, with a short lead time, either as a permanent facility or just as a temporary hangar during redevelopment. Recent clients include Ryanair, easyJet, London Luton Airport and Loganair.

CS Soft Ltd, CZ--Hall 4A, Stand R84

CS Soft came into existence in 1998 as the first Czech-based private software company oriented to Air Traffic Management systems. Later CS Soft enhanced its activity to monitoring and control systems. The company offers solutions for all types of aerodromes. Starting with simple monitoring and control systems (lighting systems, power supply, RCOM, RNAV, data nets, etc) to central monitoring and control systems (existing airport systems integration) linked to ATM systems.

CTI Systems SA, L--Hall 4A, Stand P112

CTI Systems SA manufactures teleplatforms, docking platforms, engine test cells, retriever systems, process cranes for chemical milling and galvanising, automated painting systems and aircraft materials handling. Its aircraft servicing systems are individually designed for each application. Recent installations have been completed for companies such as Airbus Hamburg, Air France, Gameco, and SIAEC.

EC Speziafahrzeuge GMBH, D--Outdoor, Stand K40

DC Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH supplies friction-testing equipment, both car-integrated and trailer versions. SFT and STFT units are used worldwide and are recognised for their high quality and performance. Furthermore DC Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH offers grooving of runways, which provides better friction, avoids aquaplaning, speeds up the drying process after rainfall and reduces the need for deicing chemicals.

delair Air Traffic Systems GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand E110

delair and Lochard offer the first operationally-applied ACDM platform worldwide for an optimisation of the processes at airports and in the surrounding airspace. The A-CDM platform is based on the products darts, sally and ANOMS, whose potential and functionality will be demonstrated at Munich.

Deltabox, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Established on the French and international markets for several years, Deltabox offers a wide range of obstacle warning lights: from low- to high-intensity, beacons for high-voltage overhead cables, together with masts and windsocks.

DENGE Makina, TR--Outdoor, Stand M20

DENGE, located in Istanbul/ Turkey, has been manufacturing a wide range of ground support equipment for its international customers since 1982. The company is known for its robust and reliable products, and tailor-made designs enable alternatives for customers to fulfil their needs in optimum choices.

Dervaux, F--Hall 4A, Stand P118

For more than 20 years Dervaux SA--a HV and EHV line product specialist--has produced a complete range of air warning products. In order to warn about the presence of an obstruction or a transmission line during both day time and night time, three types of devices are applied: Day warning spherical marker, night warning light for conductors, obstruction light. These devices are in accordance with the ICAO recommendations (ICAO).

Ets A Deschamps & Fils, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion Deschamps Cie, an aircraft recovery equipment specialist, will display its new recovery kits for the A380. This includes the Mobi-Mat, the DARC lifting bags and the DARC base. The new Mobi-Mat kit for the A380 compromises of carbon composite reinforced mats, which make it possible to recover the aircraft quickly and safely from soft ground. The DARC A380 kit contains lifting bags are manufactured according to a unique hot vulcanisation process. This allows a high mechanical resistance (bursting pressure at 6 bars), which is very reliable.

Deshons Hydraulique, F--Hall 4A, Stand R104

Deshons Hydraulique is a leading supplier hydraulic ground support equipment. After supporting the A300, A320 and A340 programmes, Airbus has now awarded the company a contract for the design and manufacture of the A380 hydraulic power packs for its production facilities at Toulouse and Saint-Nazaire.

DEUTZ AG, D--Hangar 4, Stand D90

Air- and water-cooled diesel engines for ground support equipment of any kind. DEUTZ AG exhibits its full range of diesel engines, according to the exhaust emission legislations EU/EPA III. The air- and water-cooled industrial diesel engines are supplied in great numbers for versatile ground support equipment applications.

DoKaSch GmbH Air Cargo Equipment + Repair, D--Hangar 4, Stand D74

The biggest challenge within cold chain logistics is to maintain a steady temperature throughout the entire transportation chain. The company's UNICOOLER (type LD3/RKN) is an EASA approved solution for temperature sensitive shipments, due to a cooling and heating technology with a permanent sensor-controlled air circulation that is based on dry ice technology.

DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand 1128

DOLL is a well-known manufacturer of scissor lift vehicles. Their ground support vehicles are used as catering, medical or maintenance trucks on airports. The company offers many options for the interior of its body box, the rear of the vehicle and the access platform. DOLL will be exhibiting its X-Cat L catering truck for the Airbus A380.

Douglas Equipment Ltd, GB--Outdoor, British Pavilion

Douglas Equipment Limited will be promoting its range of towbarless and conventional aircraft towing tractors, military aircraft handlers and runway friction measuring equipment. On display at Munich will be its Doublas-Kalmar TBL-600 towbarless tractor for handling the A380, TBL-280 towbarless tractor for handling aircraft up to the A340-B777, Douglas Tugmaster DC6-44 conventional tractor, RAM Multi Aircraft Matrix System for military aircraft, and Mu-meter Mk.6 for measuring runway friction.

Druck & Pfeiffer GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand P48

Druck & Pfeiffer supplies its Airport-Manager software for ground and passenger handling operations. At Munich the company will present the latest versions and modules of its Airport-Manager product group.

EDMO-Flugbetrieb GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand 0.132

As the operator of the private airport at Oberpfaffenhofen, EDMO-Flugbetrieb GmbH is both tenant and airport authority for the whole facility. The airport can be made available to selected users and the company aims to make the facility a commercially viable private venture by attracting further aviation and aerospace companies to the site.


EFACEC is a supplier of system solutions for airport logistics, such as baggage handling systems and automatic storage/retrieval systems for cargo warehousing. Included within the company's portfolio of BHS equipment are check-in stations, friction drive carousels, belt conveyors, sorting devices, sophisticated PLC controls and a range of applications software for baggage sorting and reconciliation.

Efla oy, SF--Hangar 4, Finnish Pavilion

Efla manufactures high-quality aeronautical ground lighting (AGO connectors and transformers. Its AGL connectors and transformers have been developed to meet the most rigorous customer specifications with regard to quality and reliable installation. The operating efficiency of its standard and customised products has led the company into close cooperation with leading total-solution suppliers.

EINSA (Equipos Industriales de Manutencion), E--Outdoor, Stand K50

EINSA specialises in the design, development, manufacture and after-sales service of GSE for civil and military aviation. Its wide range of products includes: Self-propelled universal passenger steps, self-propelled conveyor belts, self-propelled cargo transporters, self-propelled transporter loaders for pallets and containers, aircraft and cargo tow tractors, self-propelled and towable GPUs, drinking water and toilet water trucks, pallet and container dollies and baggage carts.

Elemet GSE, RF--Hall 4A, Stand N20

Elemet GSE--Russia's biggest GSE manufacturer--boasts a product line that includes lavatory trucks, fresh water trucks, belt loaders, tow-tractors, dollies, cargo terminal equipment, GPUs and oil re-filler trucks.

ELP GmbH European Logistic Partners, D--Hall 4A, Stand P130

For nearly 20 years, ELP GmbH has been involved in the needs of military and police bomb disposal units and their required equipment. At first, the focus lay mainly in the field of remote-controlled manipulation equipment, but portable x-ray equipment, ballistic protective devices and drugs and explosives-detection instruments were soon incorporated into the product range. This year, the company has chosen to focus on portable x-ray equipment and drug and explosive trace detection technology.

Elsag SpA, I--Hall 4A, Stand P110

Elsag, a Finmeccanica Group company, is a leading Italian provider of information and communication technology.

ERNI Licht-Technik AG, CH--Hangar 4, Stand C120

ERNI Licht-Technik is a leading manufacturer of inset and elevated light fixtures for approach, runway, taxiway and apron.

ESTERER, Dr-Ing Ulrich, GmbH & Co KG, D--Outdoor, Stand J52

ESTERER specialises in high-standard tank vehicles and, in particular, the aviation refuelling business. At Munich, the company will display one super low-profile 40,000l semi trailer refueller and one high-performance hydrant dispenser with forward-looking solutions.

Exel oyj, SF--Hangar 4, Finnish Pavilion

Exel produce frangible safety masts, which meet ICAO's 2005 frangibility requirements. Its product range includes single pole, and lattice masts, frangible glide path towers and fibre-glass fencing for airports. The company specialises in composite technology.

EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand C116

EXPRESSO presents a full management and service package for all types of carts, vending units, tracking systems and the most advanced productive techniques, plus first worldwide audio-visual interactive advertising system for airports that verifies the success of advertising.

Facet International, D--Hall 4A, Stand N146

Facet International, a CLARCOR company, designs, manufactures and markets advanced filtration and separation products and systems for the aviation and other markets.

FAUDI Aviation Fuel Filtration GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand R130

FAUDI Aviation is a dedicated operating company, well known in the field of aviation fuel filtration and one of four companies worldwide that meets API/IP and military specifications. Its product range includes: filter/water separators, microfilters, clayfilters and filter monitors. The company also conducts training seminars for all products and applications.

fb technology, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

fb technology provides a mobile photometric measurement system (PAC) that analyses the luminous intensity of airfield lights in real time. PAC has proved to be an efficient and reliable tool for the quick assessment of the status of runways and taxiways. PAC can be installed easily on any type of vehicle.

FCX Systems Inc, USA--Hall 4A, Stand Q50

With references on seven continents and 59 countries in military, aerospace, commercial aviation, and ground support industries, FCX specialises in 400Hz solid-state frequency converters, ground power systems and pre-conditioned air units. Also available is a combination unit for regional aircraft providing both electrical supply as well as pre-conditioned air.

FKI Logistex, DK--Hangar 4, Stand C30

FKI Logistex specialises in the design, installation, commissioning and support of complete baggage handling systems. Its reference list includes more than 40 major airports worldwide.

Fluid Transfer International Ltd, GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

Fluid Transfer International is recognised as a preferred partner to some of the world's major oil companies. The company also has long-term supply and support contracts with military defence organisations in many countries. It focuses on the design, development and manufacture of aircraft refuelling vehicles, systems and equipment. The product range includes bulk refuellers, hydrant dispensers, refuelling carts, portable and static refuelling systems and pumpsets.

FMC Technologies, USA--Outdoor, Stand L120

FMC will be exhibiting new products and product updates, including its new JetPower 3[R]. The company will also be holding seminars around the revolutionary GSE packages it has developed for the A380, the new Commander 30i and other products.

FRESIA SpA, I--Hall 4A, Stand Q96

FREISIA SpA, a major Italian manufacturer of GSE, will present its complete range of tow-tractors, including the latest version of the 60-70 ton SP300 which has been specifically developed for the new Airbus 380. The company's production range also includes its E2000 Snow Sweeper F2000, and snow blowers from 300 to 700hp

Getriebebau NORD, D--Hall 4A, Stand P72

Getriebebau NORD has been developing, manufacturing and distributing drive technology since 1965. Its product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of gears, motors, frequency inverters and digital servo controllers, allowing for efficient and reliable drive solutions in airport baggage handling areas.

GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand G120

GHH Fahrzeuge GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of towbarless aircraft movers. The product range includes four different models, which allows the handling of almost all existing aircraft used in modern civil aviation. The tractors are characterised by their manoeuvrability for push-back operations and high power reserves for maintenance tows.

Gilardoni SpA, I--Hangar 4, Stand B64

Established in 1947, Gilardoni SpA has always designed and manufactured advanced x-ray equipment. At Munich, the company will present its FEP ME 640 DETEX, a revolutionary system for x-ray checkpoint screening that introduces PEDS technology that is high speed, high definition and film safe.

Global Ground Support, USA--Outdoor, Stand L76

Global Ground Support is an ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system of specialised airport support equipment, including truck-mounted de/anti-icing equipment and catering and cabin service trucks. Global offers a complete line of de-icers and its ER-2875 is designed specifically for large aircraft, such as the C5 and C17, as well as commercial aircraft such as the giant Ilyushin and Antonov aircraft and the new Airbus 380.

Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaff, D--Outdoor, Stand F120

Goldhofer is aiming to exhibit a cross-section of its towbarless aircraft tractor range, including an AST-3, an AST-2, and probably the new AST-1X built for Airbus and able to handle the A380. Goldhofer currently has 250 towbarless aircraft tractors in operation. Furthermore, the company offers various systems to transport and recover disabled aircraft.

Grenzebach Onero GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand A110

Grenzebach Onero provides technology for automated baggage loading and un-loading. Designed for integration into planned or existing baggage handling systems, the company's loading cells offer high-cost efficiency, reduced health risks for their operating personnel and increased security due to less direct contact with the bags.

Ground Support Magazine, USA--Hall 4A, Stand R80

Ground Support Magazine offers management, technical, product and services information to the global aviation ground support industry to improve the reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness of their operations.

GroupEAD Europe SL, D--Hall 4A, Stand R20

GroupEAD Europe SL was founded as a multi-national enterprise by three companies--AENA, DFS and Frequentis GmbH. The objective is the delivery of high-quality aeronautical information to the European aviation community and the national air traffic services providers on behalf of EUROCONTROL. Group EAD operates a reference database of quality-assured aeronautical information from the ECAC area and worldwide; provides a full integrated IS solution for providers and users of aeronautical information; and gives immediate access to digital aeronautical information.

GTS--Gartner Tore + Service GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand P46

GTS, a subsidiary of Josef Gartner GmbH is well known as a producer of high-quality gates for aircraft hangars, security objects and industrial use. A cantilevered steel design ensures a safe and long lifetime with less maintenance.

GUINAULT SA, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion/Outdoor, Stand H100

GUINAULT has been manufacturing 400Hz GPUs since 1949. GUINAULT GSE products range from versatile GPU to exclusive models of air-starting units, air cabin heaters and frequency converters. At Munich the company will exhibit its compact 60kVA GPU: 1.1m high and weighing 1,000kg, plus 400Hz and 28Vdc products.

GWS Systems GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand P38

GWS Systems is an international supplier of industrial furniture, workstations, material handling and storage systems. The company offers a broad range of products and services in the area of workstation systems and industrial furnishings.

Hansch Warnsysteme GmbH--Warnsysteme fur Auto & Verkehr, D--Outdoor, Stand H58

Hansch Warnsysteme has manufactured warning systems for cars and traffic since 1984. The company, with its three divisions Hansch Warnsysteme, Hansch Engineering and Hansch Signaltechnik, is now a well-known development partner and system supplier for the automobile industry, such as Daimler Chrysler, Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, Opel and Audi.

Dipl Ing Hitzinger Gesellschaft MBH, A--Hangar 4, Stand D60

A specialist for electrical airport equipment, its portfolio includes diesel-driven GPUs 40-180kVA, rotary frequency converters, 50/400Hz, 10-315kVA, stationary and mobile design, static 28 VDC units in mobile design, emergency diesel generating sets 10-2500kVA, diesel-driven UPS systems 50-1500kVA, project planning, plant engineering, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance.

Hoffmann Air Cargo Equipment GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q40

Hoffmann Air Cargo Equipment GmbH is a manufacturer of cargo pallet nets. Its product-line contains knotted and knotless cargo pallet nets made from various materials, including Dyneema--the world's strongest fibre.

HSC Lichttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, D--Hall 4A, Stand N60

HSC Lichttechnik is an innovative company based in Germany that develops and produces mobile lighting, power and compressed air supply units meeting the requirements of such demanding areas as assembly and maintenance operations in the aviation, petrochemical and shipbuilding industries. Its product range includes mobile lamps, hand lamps, inspection lamps, lighting trolleys.

Hubner GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q110

Hubner has set many standards in connecting passenger boarding bridges and aircraft. The company's newly-developed kinematics ensures a perfect seal between airbridge and aircraft that can range in size from the EMB 145 up to the Boeing 747 or Airbus A380.

Hycom bv, NL--Hangar 4, Stand A17

At inter airport europe 2005, Hycom will exhibit a mobile fluid purifier, the HFP-01, suitable for phosphate fluids for aircraft line and heavy maintenance. The HFP-01 can be used with an external hydraulic power unit of any make and the purification process can take place during normal scheduled maintenance tasks.

HYDRO-Geratebau GmbH & Co KG, D--Hangar 4, Stand C60

HYDRO, a leading manufacturer of aircraft GSE, is a licensed supplier of maintenance tooling for Airbus and Boeing plus other aircraft and aero engine manufacturers. The HYDRO product range includes: Tripod and axle jacks, landing gear and engine change equipment, test and service equipment, HYDRO specialises in customised solutions, final assembly lines and other large projects.

IC Industrial Consulting GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand M100

omniMove is an innovative positioner system for assembly and maintenance tasks that was specially developed for the needs of the aviation industry, but can be employed in many other industry sectors.

ICM Airport Technics GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand A16

ICM Airport Technics situated in Viernheim, Germany, specialises in providing material handling solutions in the fields of baggage and cargo handling, system planning, warehousing, and process control.

Idman oy, SF--Hangar 4, Finnish Pavilion

Idman designs, manufactures and sells a full range of airfield lighting equipment and systems for CAT I, II & III airports. At Munich, Idman will exhibit its new LED taxiway light, a new omni-directional inset taxiway edge light, a new switch mode CCR and a new switch-over for CCRs.

Ikusi, E--Hanger 4, Stand C10 Ikusi specialises in design, implementation and electronic system management. The company has eleven working centres in Spain and seven in international markets.

Indal Technologies Inc, CDN--Hangar 4, US Pavilion

The Canadian aircraft handling supplier will be exhibiting its Automated Passenger Bridge (APB) system at inter airport europe. The APB solution fully automates the movement of passenger bridges for departures and arrivals, eliminating the risk of damage, enhancing safety and facilitating speedier disembarking of airline passengers.

Inet Airport Systems, Inc, USA--Hangar 4, US Pavilion

Inet Inc is a US-based corporation headquartered in Fullerton, California, USA with domestic and international operating and sales offices. INET has been designing and installing fixed ground support systems for 30 years, serving every type of commercial and military aircraft manufactured in the world.

Infologic Nederland bv, NL--Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

Infologic Nederland bv is the main supplier of FIDS systems at several major airports worldwide. It aims to be strong in flexible and turnkey projects, including hardware such as PC integrated LCDs. Its system displays content of any type of streaming video and steaming audio, used as advertisements or as flight information displaying enhancements, such as weather forecasts.

INFORM GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand A70

INFORM will be displaying its GroundStar, software suite for the intelligent support of ground handling operations and airport processes. The software covers the core processes of resource planning, rostering, real-time allocation, CRM and AODB. Application packages with specialised functionality for each area of business in an airport's ground operation, complement GroundStar's core processes.

Interroll Axmann Automation GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand B46

Interroll's belt curve+ is a space and time saver for 100% hold baggage screening and sorting. Its minimal footprint leaves extra space for additional x-ray and other equipment.

Inter-Roller Engineering Ltd, SGP--Hall 4A, Stand N120

Inter-Roller specialises in airport logistic systems such as baggage handling systems, in-flight catering systems and air cargo handling systems. The company provides total system solutions ranging from system requirement and capacity evaluation, conceptual design, detailed engineering design, computer simulation to project implementation.

InVision Software AG, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q84

InVision's workforce management system optimises the deployment of staff by reliably tailoring the working schedule to the existing demand and its fluctuations. The system is especially useful for 24-hour operations, where a large number of employees, flexible working hours and a variety of skill profiles are involved. In these environments, InVision's fully-automated scheduling process has proven to help businesses improve their efficiency and reduce their personnel expenses by up to 25%.

ISO Software Systeme, D--Hall 4A, Stand P48

ISO Software Systeme is one of Germany's leading suppliers of air traffic solutions. At Munich, the company will exhibit the following products: SKY-Base system, designed for AODB including traffic management, billing and reporting; SKY-Connect, for online integration with resource management and FIDS; SKY-Billing, for airport billing with SAP R/3; SKY-Cargo system for cargo handling and billing; and Electronic invoicing with XML4aero.

Kaba Gallenschutz GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand B34

Kaba's product portfolio includes access control units for all of the airport's different security areas, along with door systems to organise the flow of passengers and airport staff.

KAMAG Transporttechnik GmbH & Co KG, D--Outdoor, Stand J100

'A (R)evolution in GSE'. Under this motto KAMAG Transporttechnik presents its latest products. Its TowBear aircraft tractor range is available in different sizes with variable ballast system for aircraft up to A380. Also, CateringStar--a versatile catering truck will be on display.

KAR Kunz Aviation Refueling GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand L80

The company was established in 2001 and is continuing the product line of former Struver/Hunert. At Munich, KAR Kunz Aviation Refueling GmbH will exhibit aircraft refuelers with tank capacities 35,000 and 45,000lit, plus aircraft hydrant dispensers with pantograph up to 4,000 and 4,200lit/min.

Kayser GmbH, Handel Produktion & Service D--Hangar 4, Stand A10

The German system supply company will be presenting its entire range of products and services, covering every aspect of the airport terminal. These include passenger guidance systems, furnishing, warehouse and picking systems, mobile cargo transport systems, technical terminal equipment and technical tools. The company's customers include Fraport AG and Lufthansa AG.

Kiitokori oy Special Vehicles, SF--Outdoor, Stand F56

Kiitokori produces a full range of aircraft de-icers with the most modern glycol-based de-/anti-icing technology called the Safety De-icing Management System (SDMS).

KLM equipment services bv, NL--Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

KLM equipment services is a subsidiary of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and provides a range of ground-handling, equipment-related services covering: GSE maintenance, repair and reconditioning, sales and purchase of refurbished/used motorised and non-motorised equipment. KLM equipment services also provides a variety of fleet management services including leasing, buying and lease-back of equipment, and provides technical and operational training for personnel.

Kneetek Europa, D--Hall 4A, Stand R98

Manufactures knee-protection products in Europe, and develops knee pads and back supporting belts for industry and craftsmen.

Knott GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand H56

Knott is a brake specialist with the biggest variety of braking solutions throughout the world, including individually tailor-made units, even for small volume applications. Its brakes will be found in commercial vehicles, construction machines, agricultural vehicles, forklift trucks and special-purpose vehicles of all kinds.

Knurr AG, D--Hangar 4, Stand B40

Knurr manufactures modular consoles for control rooms, supplying customer-specific solutions based on standard modules. Product highlight is a modular TFT Monitorwall. Part of Knurr's services are free CAD drawings and room layout plans. Knurr is represented in more than 32 countries with headquarters in Arnstorf, Germany.

K+P Koch+Partner Architekten und Stadtplaner GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand B37

Koch+Partner, renowned for designing Munich Airport's Terminal 2, is one of the leading firms of architects in Germany, with over 30 years' experience in all fields of construction and urban planning for public and private sectors. With special experience in airport design, it will present recent national and international airport projects.

KUNZ GmbH aircraft equipment, D--Hangar 4, Stand A98

KUNZ offers a wide range of specialised aircraft recovery equipment such as lifting slings, recovery lift bags, aircraft emergency towing set, recovery dollies, recovery trailers, ground reinforcement mats and recovery training. KUNZ also offers specialised equipment, such as the Universal BeadBreaker, Universal Assembly Stand, Brake Test Stand and UTS Universal Torquing System.

Kupper-Weisser GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand G100

Kupper-Weisser is a winter maintenance specialist, having more than 75 years' experience and competence in modern de-icing technology. IMS (Intelligent Mobile Spreading) and Optiwet are the company's newest developments.

Kusch + Co Sitzmobelwerke GmbH & Co KG, D--Hangar 4, Stand A60

Kusch + Co specialises in working out high-quality seating concepts for offices and large projects, such as airports, administration buildings or health centres. Its 7100 terminal benche was awarded its first design prize in 1991, and since then, over 85 airports have been furnished by Kusch + Co.

L3 Security + Detection Systems, GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

A range of the latest L-3 Communications Security & Detection Systems (S&DS) products for aviation security applications will be displayed at the exhibition including the new PX-M x-ray screening system. Members of the L3-SDS sales team will be available throughout inter airport to answer any questions concerning products, applications and solutions.

LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand E108

LAMILUX is known as a producer of top-quality daylight systems for roofs. It has established its reputation by means of a wide range of smoke and heat exhaust systems for all sectors of daylight technology, but also by planning and installing the appropriate complex electric control technique for great projects and buildings.

Latchways PLC, GB--Hall 4A, Stand R46

Latchways is in the business of making workers safer during aircraft maintenance. The company focuses solely on the design, manufacturing and distribution of engineered fall protection systems and components, its Wingrip Lifeline System can be used on all aircraft types and gives the flexibility required by aircraft maintenance organisations without the requirement to limit overhead crane operations.

LEBRUN SA, B--Hangar 4, Stand E25

LEBRUN mobile PCA systems were specifically developed to fulfil the needs of aircraft manufacturers, handling companies, airlines and airports. Regardless of their own climatic conditions and constraints, LEBRUN mobile PCA units will safeguard the smooth operation of electronic equipment and the comfort of personnel and passengers, by maintaining the appropriate temperature inside the cockpit, the cabin and the electronic compartment of any aircraft type (Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Falcon).

Lincoln GmbH & Co KG, D--Hall 4A, Stand R40

Lincoln is a leading manufacturer of lubrication systems, tools and components for all mobile and industrial equipment. The company's customer service includes consulting engineering, and planning of customer-oriented systems for all applications, manufacturing of standard components, such as pumps, metering devices or control equipment, installation and start-up of Lincoln lubrication systems on site in all parts of the world, as well as customer training and after-sales service.


Lindner is an interior fitting contractor and supplier, which has more than 40 years of experience with airport projects. Its product portfolio offers design, planning, development, manufacture, supply and installation services.

Liquid Controls Europe SpA--A Unit of IDEX Corporation, I--Hall 4A, Stand N96

Liquid Controls, a unit of IDEX Corporation, is a recognised supplier of positive displacement (PD) flow meters, electronic registration equipment and fuelling systems for the aviation industry. Liquid Controls supplied its first PD meter to the aviation industry in 1957 and remains a pre-eminent supplier to this day.

Lodige Fordertechnik GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand D44

Lodige is a famous name in the field of materials handling systems that still manufactures in-house. As a result it provides the highest flexibility in assimilating its clients' needs and quality at its best. Currently Lodige is installing the AAT Terminal 2 at Hong Kong Airport, featuring the tallest ETVs ever built.

Lomma GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand M36

Lomma GmbH is one of the most important producers of baggage carts and container dollies in Germany. The trailers are manufactured in its own production centre, and further developed through working with its customers. The company has a comprehensive assortment of trailers for any requirement. Customers include FRAPORT AG, Acciona, Frankfurt/Main, Munich Airport and many other airports at home and abroad.

Losberger Intertent GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q70

Losberger can provide additional--temporary or permanent--terminal capacity through its flexible, fast and cost-efficient re-locatable terminal solutions, which do not take long to erect or dismantle. The mobile facilities are available in span widths of up to 50m, limitless in length and can be fitted with all the necessary terminal equipment and logistics.

LSG Sky Chefs Catering Logistics, D--Hangar 4, Stand A72

Gita Aviation and LSG Sky Chefs Catering Logistics is a joint venture to manufacture and distribute air cargo restraint equipment, such as cargo nets, tie-down straps, fittings, etc, worldwide. Its customised products and logistic solutions can help you to concentrate on your core business.

Lucebit Airport Technology, D--Hangar 4, Stand B04

Lucebit delivers turnkey airfield ground lighting systems in accordance with the latest technology standards that ensure safe and reliable operations under all visibility categories. At this year's event, the company will introduce new components for its modular system COSAL--the latest generation of constant current regulators.

Lufthansa LEOS, D--Outdoor, Stand J50

Interested in ground handling for the Airbus A380? Lufthansa LEOS's solution is the SIDECAT[R]--a forklift-based multi-flexible vehicle. Lufthansa LEOS is a 100% subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik. It has headquarters at Frankfurt, Munich and Dusseldorf International Airports, where it provides GSE and tools for airport maintenance.

Lufthansa Systems, D--Hangar 4, Stand A108

Lufthansa Systems is one of the world's leading IT service providers for the airline and aviation industry. Its IT portfolio of services covers all the processes involved in running an airline--from network planning, network control, revenue management, pricing, reservation, check-in, baggage handling and route planning--right up to logistics and aircraft maintenance.

Lyngsoe Systems AS, DK--Hangar 4, Stand C74

Lyngsoe Systems is a world-leading supplier of systems for monitoring and automating processes in complex environments. Lyngsoe Systems--Airport Solutions supplies turnkey control and track-and-trace systems for baggage, passenger, catering and ramp handling operations. The company specialises in improving operations, identifying bottlenecks, increasing visibility and capacity within logistics flows of the airport industry and reducing the amount of mishandled bags, trolleys, ULDs or any other assets. .

Mallaghan Engineering, GB--Outdoor, British Pavilion

Mallaghan is a leading GSE company, which supplies some of the leading airlines, ground handling companies and catering companies throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East and Far East. The company manufactures passenger steps, toilet and water units, baggage systems and high-lifts, including catering vehicles, cabin cleaning vehicles, medilift and maintenance lifts.

Megadoor AB, S--Hall 4A, Stand P28

Megadoor AB is a subsidiary of Cardo Door AB one of the world's largest door manufacturers. The Megadoor hangar door is designed for demanding environments and has virtually no size limitations. The company's flexibility allows innovative hangar designs. Megadoor AB is internationally represented by the Crawford Door network, and in Germany by Crawford Tor GmbH.

MIAG Fahrzeugbau GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand B12

MIAG Fahrzeugbau GmbH offers GSE on the basis of the Omnidrive Carrier System. Its well-known engine positioner TWW 75E is approved by Airbus for its A318, A319, A321, A330 and A340-200, -300, -500 and -600, and is also suitable for A380. The company also provides further equipment, such as the landing gear trolley FWW 45E and a hydraulic work platform, that can be used up to a working height of 10m.

Miloco, F--Hangar 4, Stand B32

Miloco specialises in designing and manufacturing ground handling equipment such as: container dollies, pallet dollies, storage racks and aluminium work stands for airline companies and airport authorities.

MULAG Fahrzeugwerk/Heinz Wossner GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand K70

Being one of the leading German manufacturers of GSE, MULAG will again be presenting new products from its Comet range of tow-tractors at inter airport europe: The Comet 3 E is a new electric towing tractor concept, the Comet 4 is gas-fuelled, the Comet 4 DK has a revised design, while the Comet 4 H has a new hybrid drive technology, plus the Pulsar 7 SL container pallet side-loader, which has a three-side loading option.

Multicar Spezialfahrzeuge GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand G78

The Multicar product range includes specialist vehicles and transporters for multi-purpose applications. Types include: M26, Multicar Fumo, Tremo Carrier (compact and narrow carrier/innovation). The airport range includes: Multicar tow-tractor with hydrostatic/diesel drive and team cab, Multicar chassis for a Lechmotoren ground power-unit, Multicar implement carrier for special constructions (cleaning, mowing, winter configuration, and maintenance). Exhibits will include the Fumo implement carrier with telescopic access platform and the Tremo Carrier in winter configuration.

Munich International Airport, D--Hangar 4, Stand B90

Almost 27 million passengers and 360,000 aircraft movements in 2004 established Munich as Germany's second international hub and Europe's eighth largest airport. In 2003, Terminal 2, a joint project with Lufthansa, which provides a capacity of 25 million passengers per year, became operational. This facility has the necessary infrastructure for continued growth. This year more than 28 million passengers and 390,000 aircraft movements are expected.

NEC Deutschland GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q38

NEC, one of the world's leading biometrics solution providers, will be showcasing a variety of innovative ideas. Highlights from its range include border control management products based on the fingerprint and facial recognition, SmartCatch[TM] system, an intelligent behaviour-based video surveillance system. Additionally, the company also provides diverse examples of biometric applications within smartcards, like a multi-functional employee ID card for network login, single sign-on, or cashless payments.

NEOMAN Bus GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand G76

More and more passengers in less and less time--that is the challenge faced by large airports today--and even more so in the future. With the new generation of NEOPLAN airport buses, the company is providing safe and comfortable ground transportation. The company's new airport-bus is available in four different dimensions (two different lengths and widths) and can carry more passengers than ever.

NERAK GmbH Fordertechnik, D--Hangar 4, Stand E106

NERAK provides S-shaped conveyors that enable the movement of a large quantity of goods between two levels. Its products are well known for their reliable 24/7 capabilities, which are combined with a low maintenance requirements and the ability to handle goods gently. NERAK has developed special S-shaped conveyors for luggage operating at several airports.

Netherlands Airport Technology Group, NL--Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

The Netherlands Airport Technology Group (NAT) is an association of reputable manufacturing and service providing companies from The Netherlands, who supply high-class products, equipment, systems and services to airports throughout the world. As the voice of the Dutch airport industry NAT serves as a useful tool in the promotion of companies or individual members in that sector.

Nexans Deutschland Industries GmbH & Co KG, D--Hall 4A, Stand P58

For many years, Nexans has supplied a complete range of airfield lighting cables, ie primary, secondary and remote-control cables worldwide. These cables are manufactured according to the European standard ENV 50213, the Spanish standard UNE 21 161-93 and the FAA standard L-824 C. They have PVC- or XLPE-insulation and an outer sheath of PVC- or halogen free compound respectively. Their voltage range is 1/2 up to a level of 6/10kV.

NIJL Aircraft Docking NL--Hall 4A, Stand Q10

Inspection and maintenance stairs, platforms and other equipment from NIJL Aircraft Docking are in use at many airports. From practical experience, the company is aware of the demands made on this type of equipment and produces safe and user-friendly products. At Munich, NIJL Aircraft Docking will present its designs for the new Airbus A380.

Nivatec/Swisel, CH--Hangar 4, Stand E78

Nivatec plans, manufactures and assembles lowerable lighting systems for indoor and outdoor lighting. Its floodlight carrier can be lowered to ground level for easy maintenance, and systems can carry up to 3,500kg. Any type of floodlight, video camera, obstruction light can be fitted. The company's products are used for lighting airport aprons and hangars.

NKI Group bv, NL--Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

NKI Group has built a reputation of quality and excellence in the airport terminal interior and passenger boarding-bridge markets. The core business of the NKI Group entails designing, engineering, manufacturing and project managing airport terminal interior schemes worldwide, as well as major signage projects for passenger terminals and railway stations.

Nuova MA.NA.RO SpA, I--Outdoor, Stand L50

Based in ItaLy, Nuova MA.NA. RO is a specialised and internationally-recognised company working on the design and manufacture of aircraft refuellers, hydrant dispensers, hydrant carts and refuelling equipment. The company is certified ISO 9001, AER-Q-120 and is a NATO supplier (code: A 4621). The company boasts a client-oriented approach, that provides availability, adaptability and products manufactured according to internationally-recognised safety standards.

OCEM SpA, I--Hangar 4, Stand B50

OCEM SpA from Bologna/Italy, is an airfield lighting specialist. At this year's event the company will exhibit a new range of LED lights, improvements relating to computerised control and monitoring systems, and its latest product that is designed to prevent unwanted runway incursions.

ODL (Optical Deposition Laboratory) SpA, I--Hall 4A, Stand R112

ODL provides dichroic filters for high-performance airfield lighting systems. The company has developed new 'zero thermal rift' colour dichroic filters. The advantage of the new filters is that their colour co-ordinates are not affected by variations in temperature.

Ooms Avenhorn Holding by NL--Hangar 4, Dutch Pavilion

Ooms Airport Technology Services, a division of Ooms Avenhorn Group bv undertakes airport projects worldwide. Besides providing advanced pavement products, systems and services, the main activity is carrying out turnkey airside projects. The company portfolio includes: project design, runway, taxiways and apron construction, together with lighting, markings, ATC tower/communication systems and maintenance and investment plans.

Orga by NL--Hall 4A, Stand Q46

Orga manufactures new standard, high-quality, aeronautical obstruction lights. All Orga's low-, medium- and high-intensity lights are developed and manufactured in compliance with the ICAO and FAA regulations and are therefore available for use in many different applications around the world.

OWR AG, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q12

OWR AG specialises in the NBC decontamination of personnel, equipment, vehicles, terrain and clothing, ranging from portable decontamination equipment to complete container solutions. Its products are used by military organisations and civil defence installations all over the world.

Pallard SAS, F--Outdoor, Stand H56

A manufacturer of steering axles with brakes--calliper disc or drum brake (KNOTT brakes). Load capacity: from 1,000kg to 12,000kg--turntable front and rear axles for GPUs. Their current applications include baggage and aircraft tow-tractors as well as belt-loader vehicles and GPUs.

PalNet Air Cargo Products, D--Hangar 4, Stand A68

Besides its standard air cargo pallets, PalNet has developed the strongest 20ft and 16ft pallets on the market. The company has also developed a multipurpose transportation device specially designed for the movement of high-class cars, such as the Maybach.

Parker Hannfin, GB--Hall 4A, Stand N90

Parker Hannfin's European Filter Division will exhibit a comprehensive range of filtration and monitoring equipment that has already proven itself in the aviation industry. Its range will include Parker Hydraulic Filtration, Contamination Control and Racor Hydrocarbon products. The New Global Particle Detector 'icount', which will be previewed at inter airport, takes 'particles in a system analysis' to a new dimension of 'information contamination'.

Patria Vammas oy, SF--Outdoor, Stand J70

Patria Vammas is a leading supplier of airport snow removal and ground support equipment. Its snow sweepers, snow blowers and friction measurement units are amongst the most modern designs available and are operational in Europe and North America. Windhoff-Vammas offers new Cargo Master loaders for the 7 to 30 tons range, including Transporter loaders from 3.5 to 7 tons and Transporters from 7 to 14 tons. Their main advantages are their speed, ergonomics, safety, modern technology, reliability and support services that are provided from a local sales network.

Peoples APS, DK--Hall 4A, Stand N110

Peoples offers the design, development, production and sale of in- and outdoor equipment, such as, tables and benches, waste bins, ashtrays and toilet equipment. Among its customers is Copenhagen Airport (CPH) which has taken delivery of specially-designed waste bins and ashtrays for terminals and platforms, plus a multitude of equipment used to equip the airport's renovated toilets.

Perrot-Regnerbau Calw GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand R100

Perrot-Regnerbau deals with the project planning, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of systems for the environmentally-compatible, nature-preserving and cost-saving disposal of de-icer effluent by means of irrigation.

PF Fishpole Hoists, Inc, USA--Hangar 4, Stand A12

PF Fishpole Hoists, Inc supplies aircraft maintenance hoists. They are designed to rigid aircraft OEM requirements that permit the precise installation and removal of aircraft components. The company has recently been approved by Airbus to supply aircraft maintenance hoists to airlines across the globe.

Philips Automotive Lighting, D--Hall 4A, Stand P88

Philips Automotive has achieved international success with its lamps (bulbs) for airfield ground lighting systems.

Pinon SA, F--Outdoor, Stand H130

Pinon has specialised in airport trailers and fixed rack installations for ULD storage for over 40 years. The company offers a comprehensive and innovative range of container dollies, pallet dollies (10 or 20ft), trailers for bulk baggage or cargo, and storage racks for ULDs. Its products have been sold to over 100 airports in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Possehl Spezialbau GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand C98

Since 1956 Possehl Spezialbau has provided paving construction services and products that meet ICAO/FAA standards. The company's products include: ANTISKID[R], a special high-friction surfacing added to take-off and landing surfaces that have asphalt or concrete sub-bases; PETROGRIP, a thermoplastic, fuel-resistant rough surface treatment for parallel runways, taxiways, aprons, and cds-Bautenschutzprodukte[R], a versatile range of epoxy resin coating systems and specialty products to be used on either new constructions or as a lasting repair.

PROAVIA--French Airport Technology Group, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

PROAVIA groups together companies specialised in equipment and services for Air Traffic Control. Its objectives are mainly to assist foreign civil aviation organisations and airport managers to source the equipment and services that will meet their requirements and to initiate international business contacts by participating in specialised exhibitions and symposia.

proveo GmbH Advanced Information Technology, D--Hangar 4, Stand D64

Modern information technology meets industry know-how: proveo originated from these two specialist fields. The result of combining its state-of-the-art information technology and its experience in the aviation industry is The Ramp Manager--a unique system designed for the optimisation of ground handling on the apron. It not only covers the control of all mobile GSE on the apron, but also the collection and analysis of all relevant information of current or future interest.

PSI Logistics GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand C70

Passenger, baggage and cargo handling products are the mainstay of the airport solutions from PSI Logistics. The company offers experience in logistics, consulting and IT to its clients, the airports and the companies represented there.

QM Group, D--Hangar 4, Stand B36

The RS Queue Management System GUIDELINE is a prerequisite for guiding public crowds, temporary barrier applications, presenting exhibits, etc. The company offers customised solutions including planning, equipping and service. New to its product range are: electronic call-forward systems, additional barrier solutions, baggage sizer, as well as merchandiser, and display systems.

R&M Airport Protection Systems, APS GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand E104

For over 20 years, R&M APS GmbH (a member of GATE) has specialised in the field of airport noise and exhaust-gas flow protection. The company has a large number of successful projects to its credit and is now internationally recognised as being a world leader in its market. The company boasts a comprehensive knowledge of acoustic, flow technology, hands-on experience with completed projects, continuous improvement and further development.

Rapiscan Systems, SF--Hangar 4, Stand D70

Rapiscan Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of OSI Systems, Inc, is a leading supplier of high-quality security inspection solutions utilising x-ray and gamma-ray imaging and advanced threat identification techniques, such as neutron and diffraction analysis. The company's products are sold into four markets: baggage & parcel inspection; cargo & vehicle inspection; hold baggage screening, and people screening. It has a global installation base of over 60,000 systems. Rapiscan Systems' products are marketed under Rapiscan and Metor brand names.

Reikotech GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand P126

Reikotech GmbH supplies high-quality TFT monitors (diagonal screen sizes 4.0in up to 42in), CRT monitors, IPC/panel PCs with customised solutions for your specific requirements. Its products are tested by first-class trained specialists and a well-equipped laboratory.

Research Engineers, AUS--Hall 4A, Stand Q80

Established in 1923, Research Engineers has a well-established reputation for innovative and reliable, well-engineered products. RE's modular PAPI was introduced in 1979. Compliant with all standards, and in service at hundreds of airports worldwide, it remains a current design. The company's WORKSTAR and TAXISTAR products are portable lights, with high output and contact-less recharging.

Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand M88

Rheinmetali Landsysteme develops and builds gas turbine-powered air start units, which are used to start aircraft engines. There are 200 of its units in service around the world and Airbus has purchased two units for its A380. The company's MSU 400 demonstrated its capabilities during the start-up and first flight of the new giant aircraft.

RHS, I--Hall 4A, Stand Ql16

RHS has been working for over 15 years in the baggage transport sector. The company specialises in the planning, installation and maintenance of BHS systems, conveyor belts, crescent conveyors, carousels, sorting, weighing, check-in desk, maintenance and high-level control. Its systems can be found in operation at the main Italian airports, such as: Rome Fiumicino, Rome Ciampino, Milan Malpensa, Ancona, Cagliari, Pisa, Palermo and Lamezia Terme.

Rofan GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand J106

Rofan GmbH, based at Gerlingen near Stuttgart, Germany, specialises in the design and development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of ground support equipment for airports. Rofan supplies all associated customer services as well. For over 50 years, the name Rofan has stood for sophisticated flight technology. Rofan transporters and motor tractors are available as diesel-, electric- and hybrid-driven vehicles. The range of products comprises vehicles for all purposes at airports.

Nutzfahrzeuge Rohr GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand M70

Nutzfahrzeuge Rohr GmbH is a certified DIN EN ISO 9001 manufacturer, with 180 employees and a turnover of 25 million euros per year. The company manufactures a complete range of aircraft refuelling units that can meet any international requirement, and can be equipped with PLC systems for aircraft controlling and monitoring with programmable logic controller 'PLC' upon the customer's request.

Rosconi-Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q60

Rosconi is one of the leading manufacturers of in-house-designed, modular indoor furniture production programmes. Its product range includes smokers' meeting points, with room air purifier systems; smoker tables; ashtrays, wall mounted and free-standing; planters; litter bins; litter separation systems, and customer guidance systems.

RUAG Aerospace, CH--Hall 4A, Stand Q132

For decades RUAG Aerospace has been known as a Swiss aerospace and defence company. At this year's event, the company will introduce two new products and services at its stand--SMR and COLOC. Surface Movement Radar (SMR) can identify all targets in the airport area, while COLOC reduces the risk of an accident between aircraft and ground vehicles, during low-visibility operations.

RUAG Aerospace Deutschland GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q132

RUAG Aerospace Deutschland, located at Oberpfaffenhofen airfield, is a holding company for the enterprises of RUAG Aerospace Services (maintenance centre of civil and military aircraft and helicopters) and RUAG Aerospace Structures (design and production centre of structural components for Airbus). The RUAG companies at the Oberpfaffenhofen site are part of the Swiss RUAG group and operationally under the control of RUAG Aerospace in Emmen, Switzerland.

SABA Dinxperlo by, NL--Hall 4A, Stand P50

SABA Dinxperlo bv, based in The Netherlands, has specialised in manufacturing high-performance elastic sealing materials for airports since the 1960s. Its products are used at Amsterdam Schiphol, Duisseldorf and Munich International Airports, as well as several military airfields.

Safeaero I Trelleborg AB, S--Outdoor, Stand L70

Safeaero, based at Trelleborg in Sweden, is a major producer of aircraft de-icers. The company has been producing its Model SDI for several years, and later this year, the programme will be further expanded with a smaller model of de-icer.

Safegate International--Hall 4A, Stand P96

Safegate supplies aircraft docking guidance systems that have seen considerable success across the globe.

SAGEM SA, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

SAGEM is an international high-technology group, which achieved sales of 3.6 billion euros in 2004. With a strong avionics involvement, working together with the aircraft engine manufacturer SNECMA, SAGEM is the only company to master ICAO multi-biometric technology (fingers, iris and face) in the airport environment. SAGEM supplies biometric access control systems as well as automated border control.

Sage Parts, USA--Hangar 4, US Pavilion

Sage Parts is the world's largest supplier of GSE replacement parts. It has an extensive inventory of parts and components available for shipment at a moment's notice.

Saisa Europa SA, E--Outdoor, Stand K100

Today, both the commercial and non-commercial aviation industry has been forced to dedicate more resources to ensure a quality response to the demands of a highly-competitive market. Salsa Europa is capable of providing new, second-hand and entirely refurbished equipment with a total maintenance and replacement warranty.

Salli Systems/Easydoing Ltd, SF--Hall 4A, Stand Q32

Salli Systems is a Finnish ergonomic furniture manufacturer, with over 15 years' experience in its specialist field. For terminal use it produces the original Salli Saddle Chair, which enables its user to move freely and painlessly when shifting between counter and the baggage handling belt.

Satco Inc, USA--Hangar 4, Stand C46

Since 1968 Satco has specialised in the design and manufacture of air cargo equipment. Headquartered in El Segundo, CA, and with five repair stations in the US, Satco has also become the largest ULD repair operation in the industry.

Scandinavian Airport and Road Systems AB (SARSYS AB), S--Outdoor, Stand K40

Scandinavian Airport and Road System AB (SARSYS) has a complete range of friction testers designed for airports. SARSYS builds measuring equipment into cars as well as into trailers. The company is well known for its development of touch-screen computer technology.

Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems Ltd, GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

Scarecrow Bio-Acoustics Systems Ltd produces bird dispersal systems of the highest technical standard for airfields and their surrounding areas. The broadcast of distress calls, as part of an integrated Bird Management Scheme, has proved effective against bird strikes, therefore playing an essential part in the role of flight safety.

R Scholz GmbH & Co KG, Leit- und Absperrsysteme, D--Hangar 4, Stand B36

The company produces the RS Queue Management System GUIDELINE and has sold more than 50,000 systems to date. Its portfolio also offers customised planning, equipping and services. New products include: a baggage sizer, electronic call-forward-systems, additional barrier solutions, plus merchandiser and display systems.

SCHOPF Maschinenbau GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand G86

SCHOPF designs, manufactures and sells GSE equipment for civil and military aviation customers across the world. Products include tractors in the 5,000kg to 70,000kg weight classes, and cargo equipment such as pallet loaders and transporters. The company has recently launched a brand new F300 tractor that operates within the 28,000kg to 43,000kg weight class. In addition, SCHOPF will be exhibiting its other new tow-tractor--the F396, and its 'Loadstar', 7t container pallet loader, will be on display.

Schrader--T+A-Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co KG, D--Outdoor, Stand J72

Schrader--T+A-Fahrzeugbau provides supply and waste disposal vehicles that are compatible with both small and wide-bodied aircraft. The company's strengths include solid design features, great operational reliability and low maintenance requirements.

SDA, F--Hall 4A, Stand P22

SDA is a French company--founded in 1992--that specialises in ground support equipment and with a special interest in cargo handling. The company designs, manufactures and markets transporters, storage racks, pallet/container dollies, baggage dollies, conveyor belts, water and toilet carts, self-propelled passenger stairs, towable passenger stairs, baggage tractors etc. It also markets secondhand equipment.

Seilern-Aspang Maschinenbau GmbH & Co KG, A--Hangar 4, Stand A64

Seilern-Aspang has been specialising in baggage handling for over 20 years and prides itself on simple installation and maintenance. Its product range comprises pre-assembled modular check-in units, mergers, vertical or horizontal distributors and diverters to collection conveyors. The company's check-in systems have been in operation at Frankfurt, Zurich, Geneva, Athens, Vienna, Stuttgart and Dresden Airports.

SEV Group Ltd, GB--Hangar 4, British Pavilion

The SEV Group, part of Tanfield plc, was originally established in 1927. Its core business is the design and manufacture of battery-driven electric vehicles. Its 'Jumbo Tugs' range of tow tractors and flat bed trucks is specifically designed for airport use. The vehicles offer capacities from 5 to 25 tonnes and are well known for their strength, reliability, ease of maintenance and comfort.

SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG, D--Hangar 4, Stand B44

SEW-EURODRIVE produces drive technology that has been used in such things as retractable stadium roofs, luggage conveyor belts in airports, and airport terminal escalators.

SHS Fordertechnik GmbH & Co KG, D--Hangar 4. Stand A22

SHS Fordertechnik, based in Darmstadt/Germany, is a specialist in the field of storage and handling of unit loads. Its main focus is on air cargo handling and its products range from small terminal equipment up to fully-automated high-bay storage systems. Currently SHS has two branch offices, one in London and the other in Dubai/UAE.

SIDES, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

SIDES was the first French designer and manufacturer of fire-fighting and rescue vehicles, for civil and military aviation protection (including design and manufacture of a special chassis for crash tenders), industrial protection and municipal protection. The company has over 50 years of experience working with firemen, and has an operational presence in more than 90 countries. Over 10,000 vehicles have already been delivered throughout the world.

Siegling GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand C96

Siegling manufactures conveyor and processing belts that have seen considerable international success. It has developed three new extremely heavy-duty belt types especially for the airport market. These belts, with textile tension member and coating made of synthetic material, are particularly stiff laterally and very robust. The special fabric structure provides excellent resistance, protecting the belts from damage due to sharp goods. These belts lie absolutely flat, so they track evenly and are very easy to adjust on the conveyors.

Siemens AG, D--Hangar 4, Stand D10,

Possibly the most famous name in the airport supply business, Siemens prides itself on being a one-source provider of integrated solutions. At Munich, Siemens Airports will be presenting products for the four most important requirements of modern airports: performance, security, convenience and profitability. Examples will include ideas for improved baggage handling, flexible check-in solutions via mobile phone, automation and security solutions for airport buildings. Based on common platforms all systems offer maximum scope for integration.

SIND SRL, I--Hall 4A, Stand P92

The Italian company SIND specialises in technologically-advanced DVRs, biometric face recognition, automatic licence plate recognition, and intelligent scene analysis systems.

Smarte Carte France SAS, F--Hangar 4, Stand A27

With operations in 17 countries, Smarte Carte is one of the world's most experienced operators of free, deposit and user pay luggage trolley services.

Smiths Heimann GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand A40

At inter airport europe 2005, Smiths Heimann/Smiths Detection will be exhibiting its combined business technology portfolio with a focus on people screening. On display will be the latest from the Smiths Heimann x-ray inspection range, selected trace detection system types, plus a brand-new millimetre-wave imaging device.

SOVAM, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

SOVAM is providing airlines and ground handling companies with a full range of GSE. The product range includes PBB (airport and maritime), catering trucks, ambulift vehicles, passenger steps, conveyor belts, transporters, baggage and A/C tractors, lower/main deck cargo loaders, maintenance platforms, container/pallet dollies and baggage carts

Sovis Optique, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

As a specialist manufacturer of glass components for the lighting industry, Sovis Optique is noted for its development work with prisms and dichroic filters.

Steeltrac AB, S--Outdoor, Stand M30

Steeltrac is a Swedish company located between Malmo and Jonkoping. Its business centres on the sale and servicing of tow trucks (both battery and hybrid driven) mainly for the airport and rail station markets. The company has recently launched a completely new vehicle for these markets.

Sterki AQG, CH--Outdoor, Stand L46

The company's rapid response airport sweeping system FOD*BOSS is used to clean all aircraft operating surfaces. Its design allows it to pick up flat and round-shaped debris, such as rivets, washers, bolts and pebbles. All it needs is a vehicle to pull the mat. More than 1,000 FOD*BOS systems are already in use.

Steril bv, NL--Hangar 4, Stand B14

At this year's Munich event, Steril-KONI will be featuring its hydraulic mobile column lifts, which are already in use at airport maintenance facilities worldwide. The Steril-KONI heavy-duty mobile column has a lift capacity of 17,500kg per column, and is typically used for lifting aircraft tractors and airport fire-and rescue vehicles for maintenance purposes.

Strarch Australia PTY Ltd/ Eurostrarch SAL--Hall 4A, Stand R86

Strarch deals with the design & construction of large clear-span aircraft maintenance hangars on a turnkey basis and has completed more than 80 aircraft hangars during the last 25 years.

Stratime Composites Systemes, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Stratime Composites Systemes has been specialising in airport furniture for many years during which it has completed many international projects.

Studer Cables, CH--Hall 4A, Stand N76

Studer Cables produces 400Hz ground power cables for supplying aircraft. Its product range also includes complete cable sets, including connectors and shielded 5kV cables for airfield lighting. The company primarily supplies the European, Middle East and Asian markets.

Taiwan Fylin Industrial Co, Ltd, TA--Hall 4A, Stand Q86

TFI is the first and only ULD maker in Asia. It specialises in the design and manufacture of a full range of FAA TSO C90c-certified ULD products, including air cargo containers, cargo pallets and pallet nets.

TCG NV, B--Outdoor, Stand K120

TCG engineers and manufactures a wide range of airport equipment for freight and baggage handling operations. Its towed equipment range includes a full selection of container and pallet dollies, baggage carts, crew and service stairs. In addition, its fixed equipment range includes container/pallet handling systems, truck-docks, build-up/ break-down stations and stacker systems.

TCR International NV, B--Outdoor, Stand K120

With operations at several of the main airports in Europe, TCR is a significant provider of total GSE management solutions, offering expertise in many areas.

Telair International, D--Hangar 4, Stand B74

Tetair International, headquartered in Miesbach/Germany, designs, manufactures and supplies cargo-loading systems and components for commercial and military aircraft. The company--a division of Teleflex Inc--offers a 'one-stop-shop' service for a wide range of cargo applications.

Telelift GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand P62

Telelift Corp, is a leading manufacturer of rail-bound conveying systems for the internal transport of light goods and documents within buildings.

Tensator Ltd, GB--Hall 4A, Stand P90

Tensator, a manufacturer of specialist queue guidance systems, will be exhibiting its newly-expanded Tensaguide plus system--a complete queuing, space division and furniture solution for airport terminals and all types of interior public space. Amongst the products of special interest to the buyers and specifiers in the airport sector will be the company's range of alarmed Tensabarrier[R] posts and alarmed wall units.

Test-Fuchs, Ing, Fritz Fuchs GmbH, A--Hangar 4, Stand B18

Test-Fuchs is best known as a manufacturer of GSE, test stands and components for the aircraft industry, but in addition, the company has established itself in other fields, such as the maintenance/repair of aircraft components, fuel and lubrication pumps, cryogenic valves and test equipment for the A380.

THORN Airfield Lighting, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

THORN provides airports and heliports with complete and customised airfield lighting solutions. Its products range from simple portable runway lights to full Cat.III addressable systems including associated services.

Timsan, TR--Outdoor, Stand G126

Timsan has been manufacturing GSE since 1982, producing tailor-made designs for international markets. Products include: catering trucks, maintenance lifts, ambulifters, lavatory and water service trucks, passenger stairs, belt conveyors, container dollies, pallet dollies, baggage trailers, towbars, deicing equipment.

TIPS doo, SLV--Outdoor, Stand K30

TIPS has produced aircraft ground support equipment since 1980. Products include motorised passenger boarding steps.

Titan Aviation, F--Outdoor, Stand L106

Titan Aviation has achieved international recognition for its design and manufacture of aircraft refuelling tankers and hydrant dispensers.

TLD Group, F--Outdoor, Stand H120

TLD is an international provider of airport ground support equipment. Its range of GSE contains 15 product lines, which include towbarless tractors for aircraft up to and including the Airbus A380. TLD has six factories and customer support capabilities worldwide.

Topsystem Systemhaus GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand C48

Since 1995 Topsystem has been developing information systems for the aviation and logistics markets. Its ground handling systems offer extensive modular software solutions for handling operations--from contract drafting, flight planning and service recording to the invoicing.

Tornex (Europe) Ltd, GB--Hall 4A, Stand Q120

Specialist suppliers of products for designated smoking areas, Tornex will be introducing its latest products, the Tower and the Cube. The company has more than 26 years' experience and over 45,000 installations worldwide, and can include BAA UK, AENA, and Frankfurt Airports amongst its client list.

Tradewind Scientific Ltd, CDN--Outdoor, Stand K40

Incorporated in 1980, Tradewind Scientific is a supplier of airport friction testing services and equipment. Tracr II, the company's touch-screen based airfield condition reporting system is now installed at over 50 airport sites worldwide. It will be exhibited at Munich in association with SARSYS AB.

Transnorm System GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand C100

Transnorm prides itself on providing conveyor modules with very low-life cycle costs. The company's key components include belt curve conveyors, infeed and outfeed modules, SmartSort vertical sorting modules and Safeglide[R] spiral chutes.

TREPEL Airport Equipment GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand J86

One of the most well-known names in the aircraft loader market, the TREPEL name can be seen on airport aprons worldwide. Together with its affiliated company MAFI TransportSysteme GmbH, TREPEL will be presenting three new support vehicles at this year's event.

Trip & Co bv, NL--Hangar 4, Stand A74

Trip, founded in 1890, is a manufacturer/supplier of air cargo restraint products. Its equipment range includes tie-down straps, ropes and oversized cargo strap covers. Its trading company also includes stretch foil, plastic pallet sheeting and suction material within its portfolio.

TUG Technologies Corporation, USA--Outdoor, Stand G130

TUG Technologies Corporation manufactures aviation GSE. With offices in Beijing and London, combined with an extensive distributor network, the company can provide worldwide after-sales service and support at airports around the world. The company has a well-established product line, which includes baggage/cargo tractors, aircraft tow-tractors, belt loaders, air start units, ground power units and air conditioners.

UBIFRANCE--France Information, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

As the French agency for international business development, UBIFRANCE's mission is to strengthen technical and business co-operation between France and its worldwide partners. The agency offers French companies a full range of products and services designed to support them in their efforts to penetrate foreign markets. It organises group participation for French companies as well as other promotional activities, and arranges multi-sector exhibitions of French technology and presentations of French products abroad.

UFIS Airport Solutions GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand B24

UFIS Airport Solutions has more than 25 years' experience in planning and delivering IT products and consulting services for the airport and airline business. Its Universal Flight Information System (UFIS[R]) is operating in many large airports worldwide. The company's customers include ground handlers, airlines and airport operators.

Ulmer Aeronautique, F--Hangar 4, French Pavilion

Ulmer Aeronautique produces airfield lighting for category I, II and III airports. Its portfolio includes elevated and inset lights for approach, runways, taxiways and parking. Its airport and heliport lighting equipment includes: frangible masts, portable airfield lighting, reflector lighting, windsocks, PAPIs, taxiway guidance signs and panels.

Unique Concepts Ltd, CDN--Outdoor, Stand M108

Since 1987, Unique Concepts Ltd has been producing portable fall protection equipment for people working on aircraft. Registered and standard products are CE certified.

Usimat-Sermees, F--Hangar 4, Stand B38

Usimat-Sermees has been involved in the design and manufacture of ground support equipment for more than 30 years. The company prides itself on its products' cost effectiveness and availability.

Van Riemsdijk Rotterdam bv, NL--Hangar 4, Stand 154

Nearly 60 years ago, two craftsmen, who had previously worked for an airframe manufacturer, founded Van Riemsdijk as a sheet metal shop. Today, the company designs, certifies and manufactures customised air cargo and ground support equipment for the aviation industry.

Veldeman Fabric Structures, B--Hall 4A, Stand R106

Veldeman Fabric Structures provides temporary or permanent aluminium or steel-framed fabric structures which can be erected in a short space of time and subsequently used as a hangar, baggage handling area, arrival or departure lounge, check-in facility, warehouse or construction facility. Each building is custom made, maintenance-free, re-locatable and expandable.

Vestergaard Company AS, DK--Outdoor, Stand K10 + K20

Vestergaard Company AS is a specialist GSE manufacturer that produces de-icing, toilet-and water-service units. Its most recently product is the BETA-15, the world's largest deicer unit for servicing the A380 and the new VTS (Toilet Service Unit) designed for increasing operational efficiency at attractive pricing.

Vetter GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand N46

Vetter GmbH, founded in 1964, has built a reputation as a supplier of rescue, industrial and environmental protection equipment. In January 2004, Vetter became part of the US IDEX Corporation. A wide range of aircraft lifting bags and accessories is produced, and new developments include rollable Scobamats and contour-adaptions for modern wing designs.

Via Guide GmbH, D-Hangar 4, Stand B126

Via Guide GmbH produces and distributes public guidance systems. At Munich, the company will exhibit the latest versions of its Beltrac[R] public guidance system, portable barrier system and traditional posts. Via Guide is the result of a partnership between the American enterprise Lavi Industries and the German company Julius Cronenberg oH in 2004.

Vision & Motion, D--Hal 4A, Stand Q42

V&M offers the automatic registration of statistical features in facial images. Isolated images may stem from already existing video surveillance systems or may be created by detecting people within a video stream. The images are analysed in terms of gender, age and ethnic membership. Inspection takes place in real time and the program module may be integrated in any existing video surveillance system.

VOLKgse, D--Outdoor, Stand H106

VOLKgse produces diesel, electric and hybrid tow-tractors and platform trucks for baggage/ cargo handling and prides itself on its innovative approach and high-quality craftsmanship. At this year's inter airport, the company presents a variety of its award-winning hybrid, diesel and electric tow tractors.

Wanzl Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand D96

Wanzl is well known as one of the world's largest providers of transport trolleys, shopping trolleys, customers' guidance systems and shop-fitting solutions, and its products can be seen in service at many major international airports. Its service company ACS offers a global service package for trolley management.

Warner Lewis, Jr.Industrie-Filter GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand A30

Warner Lewis Jr.Industrie-Filter GmbH has been supplying aviation fuel filters from Velcon Filters Inc and aircraft refuelling equipment from Carter Ground Fuelling Company in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for more than 35 years. Recent customers include Dubai, Madrid, Vienna, Warsaw, Munich, Frankfurt, and Antalya Airports.

Wartsila Finland oy, SF--Hangar 4, Finnish Pavilion

Wartsila primarily serves the power generation needs of the decentralised power market, focusing on intermediate load applications. Its installations can be used to provide the energy needs of either industrial units or local communities.

Weber Burstensysteme GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand L56

Weber, founded in 1894, is an experienced brush-producing company, which specialises in runway snow-removal products. The company offers complete systems, with axles and brooms that can be supplied with either plastic or steel bristles.

Weigel Hochdrucktechnil, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q90

Weigel's Trackjet, is a precision water-jetting device that offers a new method of runway maintenance. Trackjet is designed to remove all runway rubber buildup and paint marking, without damaging the surface micro texture, in an environmentally friendly way.

Weihai Guangtai Airport Equipment Co, Inc, RC--Hall 4A, Stand N70

Weihai Guangtai Airport Equipment Co, Ltd, established in 1991, has shown continual growth and is now a leading manufacturer of ground support equipment in China. The company is ISO 9001 approved and since 2004 is operating from a new state-of-the-art facility.

Werkstatten fur Behinderte Rhein-Main eV, D--Hall 4A, Stand P52

WFB Rhein-Main eV is involved in the conception and production of cargo securing systems for aircraft. Customers include Lufthansa Cargo and Fraport AG.

Weyer GmbH, D--Outdoor, Stand H100

Weyer GmbH is a manufacturer's representative for Charlatte, Douglas, Elstan, Guinault, Kahlbacher, Kilfrost and Loehr. On their combined stand, various new products will be displayed alongside existing equipment like aircraft marshalling wands.

WhereNet, USA--Hangar 4, US Pavilion

WhereNet offers wireless location solutions for managing mobile resources in aerospace manufacturing, automotive applications, transportation/ logistics, defence and healthcare. For high-value asset management, WhereNet offers total asset visibility through real-time wireless tracking. The company has offices throughout the United States and Europe. Customers include Ford Motor Company, BMW, Tchibo and NYK.

Whittaker Controls, USA--Hangar 4, US Pavilion

Whittaker Controls Ground supply manufacture fuelling products, providing a family of nozzles to satisfy the various applications, environments and user specific requirements. All nozzles are designed to mate with the international standard 3-1ug bayonet aircraft adapter and can be equipped with a full range of optional accessories.

Wingaway, GB--Outdoor, Stand L110

Wingaway manufacture bird and deer control equipment that uses real alarm cries. The company's equipment can be operated by hand, from a vehicle, or be fully automatic. The system not only provides an instant response, but also creates an environment to which the birds and deer do not wish to return.

WM Airline Services GmbH & Co KG, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q106

WM Airline Services is a trading concern with more than 20 years' experience in many sectors of the ground handling market. At this year's event, the company will exhibit alongside Stahwille, a supplier of tools to the aviation industry.

Xpiration bv, NL--Hall 4A, Stand P26

Xpiration is actively engaged in mobilising people with mobility problems through organising, development and advice. Its newest development is the XP BoardingChair, which extends the scope of mobility to a substantial degree, and requires only one person to embark and disembark the passenger.

Yara Formates AS, N--Hangar 4, Stand B10

Yara produces environmentally-friendly runway de-icing products. Its AVIFORM[R] runway de-icers are designed to de-ice runways in order to obtain maximum runway friction. Its potassium-formate liquid AVIFORM[R] L50 and sodium-formate granulat AVlFORM[R] S-Solid, fulfil all environmental and technical requirements.

YouYang Airport Lighting Equipment Inc, KR--Hall 4A, Stand Q50

YouYang Airport Lighting from Seoul, Korea, is a unique Asian company listed in FAA circulars as a certified quality control manufacturer. YouYang offers a complete range of products including low-protrusion inset lights, LED lights, taxiway signs, isolating transformers, CCRs and remote control systems.

Zacher Leiter--und Steigtechnik GmbH, D--Hangar 4, Stand B48

A supplier of GSE for civil and military aircraft, and structures for MRO-Services. Products include mobile fuelling ladders equipped to enable height-adjustment and appropriate for any type of aircraft.

Zarges Aluminium Systeme GmbH, D--Hall 4A, Stand Q108

ZAS produces maintenance and installation platforms that are suitable for exact aircraft-specific conditions. Industrial equipment includes defence technology, systems and components.

Zellinger Joh GmbH & Co KG, A--Outdoor, Stand K106

Zellinger offers water service units and toilet service vehicles. Its units and vehicles offer a diversity of additional equipment to ensure safe and rapid handling for all kinds of aircraft. A vertically telescopic lifting basket is mounted at the rear for servicing large aircraft.


This section specialises in the vast array of infrastructure, equipment, products and services used in terminal operations. It is divided into three main areas: terminal construction and installation, terminal interiors and services.

Terminal construction and installation

Baggage handling

Cargo handling

Parking (all facilities)

Passenger handling

Passenger information systems


Technical installation

Terminal infrastructure

Terminal interiors

Floor finishings


Promotional displays

Shop furnishings




Property management

Trade press, information



This is the Information Technology section, featuring the specialist hardware and software needed to achieve a modern, more interactive airport.

Information Technology / Software

Air traffic control

Airport management

Baggage management

Cargo management

Information Technology


Internet services

Passenger management

Traffic and operations management


While encompassing the key areas of ground handling and airfield facilities, this section is also divided into three main areas: airfield construction and installation, ground support equipment, and technical systems.

Airfield construction & installation (airside)

Hangar design and construction

Pavement design and construction

Planning consultancy, construction

Technical installations (ie fuel farm technology, cabling)

Ground support equipment & services

Aircraft handling

Airfield service equipment

Baggage handling

Cargo handling

Crash, fire, rescue

Passenger handling

Technical systems--airside

Aircraft maintenance

Airfield lighting

Environmental control

Marking and signage

Navigation aids
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